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Fandom Tea Time (Calling all Fandoms)

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Anime, AU, Harry Potter


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— 1x1 Partner Search—

Salutations & About MeWelcome to my partner search thread! To start off, I figured I'd give a little info about myself and what I can offer in an rp! My name is Tabby, I'm 19 years old and I have been in the RP game for about 7 years. I'm always looking for new rps, and I'm all about Aus. I love popping characters into situations you wouldn't normally see or even doing crossovers. I'm in a plethora of fandoms so if I don't have a fandom up om list check-in anyway, RPs for smaller fandoms can be hard to find, so I'll jump on it if I know of the fandom. I'm not particular about OOC Chatter, I do like to have a rough idea of what theme and direction the rp is going to go, but if you're not into OCC talk we can keep it to planning and necessities or if you like to talk OOC we can talk all the time, it's totally up to you. I can play just about any character from the fandoms I'm in, so just lemme know who want me to play! I work during the week so my replies can vary on Thurs.-Sat. but during my days off I should reply at least once a day. I do have stuff to do in my life though, so I may be out of touch sometimes, and I try to let people know, but oftentimes
I don't know in advance when something's going to keep me preoccupied from rping. I will post on page however if I get a chance, so check in there if you're curious what's taking me so long:closed eyes open smile:

What I would Like from you♦Be willing to double up, but maybe you could convince me
♦Be willing to play OC x Cannon on my end, but I'm ok with OCxOc or Cannon x Cannon for you
♦At least a paragraph for response.
♦I use BBCode for my Ocs so you need to be ok with that.
♦ Grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but proofread or spell-check.

On to the Fandoms!Here's a list of my fandoms, however, feel free to offer other suggestions. Bolded Tiles are Cravings, Series I haven't completed have what I'm up to next to them.
♦Avengers(Age of Ultron)
♦The Breakfast Club
♦Harry Potter (Marauders or Golden Trio)
♦The Hobbit
♦Lord of the Rings
♦The Outsiders

Tv Shows:
♦Bates Motel
♦Skins Uk
♦Stranger Things (Season 2)
♦Supernatural (Season 12)
♦Teen Wolf
The Vampire Diaries (Season 3)
♦The Walking Dead (Season 8)

♦Assassination Classroom (Aged Up)
♦Death Note
♦Ouran Highschool Host Club
♦Soul Eater


Pm me or comment bellow if interested!

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Au revoir, Shoshanna!
Hello! I'm interested in doing a Harry Potter, Marauders Era roleplay with you : )

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