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Fantasy Tales of the Remonai (Check of interest)

Want this to be a thing?

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Just an oddball bouncing through life
Is there a Roleplay thread already? Or is it still only this idea pitch? (I might have missed it if you have a roleplay thread already)


Just an oddball bouncing through life
I would like to reserve a spot for a male character. I really want to play him properly for a change.... (RP's I've used him in on another site always died...)

The Rogue Bro

The average magical guy
Ok. And for all those planning to ask me to reserve a slot for them, I don't plan for their to be a cut off. So just apply whenever and you will likely be accepted.


Cross my Heart | image from kaiyamon
I did have a question though about something, I posted it on the OOC if you didn't see

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