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Fantasy Tales of Raeligard

King Crimson

Current Location: Tylsen Guild Courtyard

"Let's see, the first lesson is..." Cressey began, nodding with enthusiasm in response to Thal's question, before her voice began to trail off.
"Is..." her voice trailed off once more, suddenly far more uncertain, as her mind failed to come up with an answer as she ran up against an unexpected obstacle.
She'd never actually taught anyone before.
And frankly, she wasn't quite sure what it entailed, or where she should really begin.
Should she begin with strengthening his form?
Or should she just instruct him on the most basic of basics?
Maybe she should just jump straight to techniques, and leave him to figure them out himself?
It was quite a conundrum, and she found herself hesitating on how to answer.
To her 'teaching' meant long, mind-numbing lectures, and complex, headache-inducing equations, something she would normally staunchly reject taking any part in.
But, she couldn't deny her guildmate's expectations; that ovilkin's eager smile as he took up his lance.
And besides, she felt herself at a crossroads, having recently come up against a proverbial wall in the sewers, and now being awakened to a new manner of power in the strange device on her wrist.
Perhaps, it would do her some good to reflect on the fundamentals of her training? Maybe she would remember anew, some key thing she was missing, or a vital skill she'd failed to nurture.
But for that, she needed to think back.
Back to those early spring mornings, when the thin layer of frost crunched beneath her soft, satin shoes, as she snuck away from a dreadfully boring afternoon of droll book-learning to learn the far more fascinating art of the lance.
Her 'teacher' at the time was her house's head of security; a menacing tower of a woman, with a height that rivaled that of Thea's, and a fearsome countenance like an executioner's guillotine.
She seldom spoke, adding to her intense aura, and giving Cressey little opportunity to learn more about her.
What she did know, was that in her heyday, she had joined the Valgem military at a rather early age, and quickly made a name for herself as a brutal, and efficient slayer of men, until a debilitating injury took her out of commission. no longer able to fight, and with little other paths open to her, she took her father's offer for a warm, gilded roof over her head, and steady, reliable work hunting game, warding off bandits and highwaymen, and tending to the house's residents.
Very few could muster the nerve to approach her, aside from herself, her father and grandfather, and oddly enough; the charming, bountiful bundle of cheer that was Head Chef Flareze, who, when she wasn't working in the kitchen, always seemed to be found close by to the dour executioner.
What the nature of their relationship was, Cressey never learned, and as long as they were happy, she didn't bother to pry.
The frills and lace she wore, as was standard for the uniform of the house's staff, were an ill, almost comical fit for her.
As they should have been, the girl was a terrible maid; on more than a few occasions, Cressey had peeked into the kitchen to find her brutishly chopping slabs of meat with her greatsword.
But, she was a master when it came to two-handed weaponry, from glaives, to blades, to spears, and though her teaching methods could be...grueling, especially for a young, dainty noble girl,
They were doubtlessly effective.
Cressey rapped her mind, trying to picture the stalwart executioner, tried to remember the wisdom instilled by her gravely, husky voice, as she barked commands at the young noble struggling before her.
"...First...Form. we'll cover form," Cressey blurted, having finished her internal deliberation.
Yes, it was all coming back to her now, and like a broken sieve, she began pouring her knowledge down upon the ovilkin, and upon any of the other guild members who were within earshot.

"Keep your legs wide, and your spear up. Your grip should be a loose, but not too loose. You should keep yourself stiff, but malleable, ready to dig in your boots and hold your ground, or fly away from impending danger at a moment's notice..." she begins, taking up her familiar stance, guiding Thalgrukh with a far more composed nuance, that barely masked the enthusiasm bubbling within her.
"Spears are weapons of speed and precision, not strength!
"Your power will primarily come from your wrists, your elbow, and your shoulder!"
"Only commit your full weight to a strike when you're certain it will land!"
"Remember that you're at a disadvantage in close quarters, so wide swings thrown carelessly can you leave you wide open to counterattack!"
"Use jabs methodically to feel out the distance between you and your opponent!
"...And when your foe thinks they've figured out your range, let your spear slide in your grip, and catch them off-guard!"

As time went on, Cressey's teachings grew far more spirited, and soon, a small crowd began to form around the pair, populated by both novice adventurers whom had yet to cut their teeth on any meaningful combat, and some older, more grizzled guildsmen and women who had grown interested in learning some new method or technique that had eluded them in all their years.
With one last demonstration, Cressey finished her lesson, sending her spear forward, piercing her target from a range that seemed all but impossible for someone with such a short, diminutive stature.
Pulling her lance back, she wiped away the sweat that had accumulated across her brow with the back of her gauntlet, before turning her attention back towards the ovilkin.
"I think that's enough for today!" she sighed in exertion, craning her neck to look up at the orc
"Now just practice those drills I showed you, and find a spear or lance you're comfortable with, and you'll be half as good as me in no time!"
An appreciative smile she hadn't realized she'd been wearing beamed proudly on her face.
Honestly, she wasn't sure yet if this whole 'teaching' experiment had really taught her anything new, or given her any sort of epiphany.
But it was certainly fun.
And for that alone, she found herself feeling it was worthwhile.

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The lord of randomness and the warp
Location: guild hall
interaction: Thalia_Neko Thalia_Neko
Spider.. it had been some years since someone called Risax that was it derogatory, no not really was it a little Insulting to Risax personally yes due to the tone Hyss spoke in. It seemed like he’d offended her in some capacity. her further talking seemed to indicate so correcting his pronouncing of her name Risax quietly nodding along to hyss’s response. “I see perfectly understandable miss.. hmm hysydice” he’d say her name carefully to try and Get the name correct. “If you wish not to heed his words at least take mine into consideration I may not know what or why you’ve taken this path you may say it’s not for coin or fame or anything but in the end such things are always stepping stones to any more esoteric goal you might have“ he’d sign as he felt like he was talking to a brick wall or a rather persistent customer that thought they knew the correct price.

”as much as you might be uses to working alone a lone adventure is easy picking for anything persistent enough I only know this form a hmm friend of mine, so I do think you should at least consider tagging along prehaps it will help make you feel a little better even if the job isn’t all too spectacular connections are an invaluable asset for anyone“ Risax replied hoping to convince her in any capacity


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Lucia Corinna Edelgarde

Location: Tylsen Outskirts
Turning her head in the direction of the first to respond, Falco seemed to have taken her earlier advice somewhat. It wasn't perfect, given that it was an 'elf thing', but it was more charming than previous statements. Still, she frowned a bit at the lecture. She still felt this was being overcomplicated for such a meager task. They were here to ward off predators, not shepherd or handle the stock.

"I'm quite familiar with pleasantries, but I perceived our job to be guardians, not handlers, and no offense intended to the profession, but I do not predict sheep knowledge will aid me much in mine," Lucia replied with a light sigh. He did have a point of building connections with the locals however. Though she never did enjoy networking, it was important here as much as back home.

Moving onto the prospect of strategy, his sounded workable. It made sense that bandits were improbable, however Lucia wondered if the animals would be more keen. Not all predators wanted a fight, just a meal, and with the commotion the caravan would bring, the Caskarieth was doubting how eventful the quest could turn out. Even were she wrong, it wasn't likely the noble would admit they could've used the fox's help. Just the subject of her being brought up caused a visible cringe to surface from the silver-haired girl.

"I implore you not to, less you are interested in my losing of the contents of my gut." Honestly, Lucia wasn't sure how she didn't manage to follow suit with Razul in the sewers. "Besides, while we three make up the martial force of the caravan, any animal will just a lot of ruckus and people. Beasts want nourishment, not a struggle." Folding her arms, a smirk graced her features. "...Of course, if it brings you comfort, take over my post of pretty face and I'll protect you."

As the knight said, there was also the matter of heresy, although to Lucia it was simply common sense. She wondered if most or all foreign beast tribes were as barbaric. However, she would rather not think of that, less she actually wretch from the memory.

"By all means, I have nothing else. Do what you must... I suppose I will converse until we are to depart."

Mentions: Sakura, Thea, Razul, Falco
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Location: Kriegslöwe Guild Courtyard, Tylsen
Interacting with: King Crimson King Crimson (Cressey)

The ovil-ken waited patiently as Cressey thought about the lesson plan. Must be her first time teaching something like this? Nevertheless, Thal didn't mind. There was absolutely no rush and it wasn't like he had the right to complain when he was the one who went to her for training after all. It wasn't that long of a pause— but it was enough that he began to look around the courtyard. There were more people around. He idly wondered if he would be able to team up with other guildmates someday and not just his fellow newcomers.

His attention snapped back to Cressey once she proclaimed their first lesson. "Form." He repeated with a nod before following her instructions.

As expected form a beginner, he was rough around the edges. It was definitely marginally different from the form he was taught to wield both a shield and his axe. With a two handed weapon, it felt like it was taking too much of his space. He supposed that was an appropriate exchange for longer reach. He struggled to maintain the form for a few times before somewhat getting the hang of it. He still needed a bit of work but it was definitely an improvement from his first time.

Cressey drilled in lesson after lesson in one go and Thal made sure to keep them all in mind. Perhaps the idea that he struggled with the most was the fact that it didn't require as much strength as he had initially thought. He should have figured it out considering Cressey's relatively smaller size but still, it meant that he truly had to drill in the techniques into his head. And his mentor certainly tried. The day was certainly spent well, he thought to himself as he couldn't help but clap at the very last technique Cressey had shown them. He'll get to work tomorrow. For now, he was eager to take a breather.

He let out a laugh at her statement. "Give me time and maybe I'll become a somewhat acceptable polearm user." He was sure that it would take a long time before he could reach a level that would put him on par with an actual long time user of polearms. Especially with the fact that he was juggling both learning polearm fighting and honing his skills with a shield and axe, it certainly would take him a fair bit of time.

"Thank you, again, Cressey. You were an excellent teacher. I hope we can do this again." He said, sincerity clear in every word.


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Location: Subterranean Cavern

The dank cavern was a far cry from what it had been two days ago. Manatech lanterns were placed at strategic locations, eliminating shadows. The gray stone walls now seemed a pallid, ghastly white, despite being bathed in artificial daylight. The cold ashes of a long-extinguished campfire lay at the center of the chamber. A cluster of barrels and crates were shoved against a far wall. Blood and the bootprints of various combatants stained the dirt floor. All was silent, except for the scratching of Maze's pen on her notepad.

Cephilia stood nearby, her arms folded, wearing a sour, impatient look upon her face until, at last, the silence became unbearable: "Integra, are you sure you don't want something to eat or drink?" the Caskarieth asked. "I know of a few places in town. My treat."

"Negative," the diminiutive beastfolk said, her voice a flat monotone. Her pen did not stop, nor did her amber eyes lift from the scene before her as she sketched everything she saw. "Your concern is appreciated, Lady Valdergeuse, but my work sustains me. Seven times, you have asked. My answer remains unchanged."

The Caskarieth sighed. "Suit yourself, but I just think you're pushing too hard. Two days on the land ferry and you chose to head straight here, to the crime scene? You need rest. Your luggage will get dirty."

"The world is a crime scene," Maze said flatly. "This is merely one small corner of it."

"Right..." Behind her back, Cephilia's shoulders sank. "Anyway, your habits make me feel awful for summoning you. At least let me bring you something or offer you a room in my home."

"Recompense of any form can taint the integrity of this investigation. Neither your hospitality nor your kindness can sway me, but it can sway the perception of my verdict. As such, I must decline," Maze said as she flipped to another page. "If it is any consolation, you need not feel anything for me, Lady Valdergeuse. I am merely a lens through which the truth reveals itself."

"Oh, Goddess, she's gotten even worse than I remember..." Cephilia muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

Meanwhile, Maze completed her sketch and walked over to the grouping of wooden barrels along the wall. Their lids had been removed and set aside. "Your doing? Were these open at the time your people encountered the suspicious persons?" Maze asked as she stood on her tiptoes to peer inside one of the larger vessels. Her pen went to work once more.

"Our people opened them when securing the scene, but their contents --or lack thereof-- haven't been disturbed," Cephilia said. "I believe they're zauberite containment devices, obviously homemade. They don't match the designs of any manufacturer I know. We should be thankful these 'bandits,' or whatever they were, didn't fill these vessels. The results could be catastrophic."

"Indeed... no reputable company would transport so many zauberites in such a shoddy containment," Maze said as the image on her notepad took shape.

"Unless safe transport was never their intention," Cephilia remarked.

Maze's pen stopped for a moment. "You did well to contact me," she said after a pause, and slowly moved away from the barrels to begin tracing footsteps on the floor, in an attempt to reconstruct what had happened in this room. Her steps were slow and methodical. Her soft-soled shoes barely left prints of her own. "In your letter, you wrote that the missing map was your greatest concern," Maze asked, still focused on her work. "Its disappearance lends an element of premeditation which you found troubling. Is that still the case?"

"Yes, though it is no longer my primary concern. This is much, much more dangerous," Cephilia said, gesturing to the containers.

"More dangerous than a potential traitor within the guild?"

"Let's not jump to conclusions. I see no reason to assume that yet."

"Yet, here I am. One does not call upon Integra Masri to investigate a missing map," the beast girl commented as she circled around a pattern of blood spatter on the ground and pantomimed the stroke of a slender blade, such as a rapier or jian. A severed hand lay nearby. "Interesting." She thumbed her chin for a moment before beginning to scribble on her notepad. "Lady Valdergeuse, the sewer map was stolen from the guild library, yes? The library is under your care, is it not?"

"Unfortunately, I'm not there as often as I'd like," Cephilia replied, her brow rising slightly.

"Indeed. It is often under the care of one 'Renavari Quaeliss,' yes?"

Cephilia's eyes narrowed on the woman. Though Maze didn't meet her gaze, she could surely feel its intensity. "Rena's records are impeccable. You can check them yourself," the elf replied. Meanwhile, the beast girl knelt to begin closely following a pattern of rather large hoofprints in the mud and begin to sketch them. "I think you know whose prints those are, Integra. That won't be necessary," Cephilia said sternly.

"Everything is evidence. Everyone a suspect, until proven otherwise," Maze said as her pen danced across the page.

"Including me?"

"Affirmative." The beastfolk stood, after having completed her sketch and flipped to a fresh page. Her piercing golden eyes fell upon Cephilia. Despite her small stature, there was something unnerving about her. Those eyes peered right through a person. Cephilia didn't buy the nonsense about Maze being a 'conduit of the truth,' or whatever sanctimonious drivel she uttered. But those eyes... damn those eyes!

"Anyway, I would like to see the body," Maze said as she began to walk toward a cavern leading deeper into the sewers. Cephilia followed... at a distance. "I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable, Lady Valdergeuse. These matters can be ugly," Maze said and both women knew she was not referring to the sewer or the corpse they would soon be viewing. "This is all procedural. It is nothing personal."

"Of course not," Cephilia said, icily. "I called for you, after all. I have nothing to hide."

"Indeed," was Maze's deadpan response. "You are an innocent woman."

Cephilia breathed a sigh of relief.

"Everyone is... until proven guilty," Maze said as they walked. "Anyway, I would like to discuss your security measures in greater detail, Lady Valdergeuse. Who goes in? Who goes out? What protocols are in place? And I would like a moment of Miss Quaeliss's time."

"Rena's time is not mine to give."

"Isn't it? I was under the impression you are her caretaker."

"The guild is her caretaker."

"On paper, yes. And, on paper, the sewer map is still safely in the library. Paper is a funny thing is it not?"

"You're a real piece of work...." Cephilia grumbled, her mask of kindness dropping a for moment but she quickly composed herself and said, in a gentler tone, "Perhaps we can discuss all of that over lunch. Your treat, Integra."

"Deal." The beastfolk said before promptly coming to a halt. They stood at a bend in the tunnel. A few feet ahead, was a corpse. Maze scribbled a few notes on her pad. "Have you disturbed the body?" she asked. Unlike the Caskarieth, her professionalism never faltered.

Cephilia cleared her throat. "Yes. He was lying in the stream, about a dozen paces that way. Had we not moved him, he would likely be covered in detritus and filth by now."


"Is that a problem?"

"One can never know what is important until it is important," Integra said as she knelt before the cold corpse. "Lewllyn Randall. Also known as 'Black Knife Lou.' Later, 'Lou the Jackal.' And, more recently, 'Lou the Raven.' Estimated age, 32. Former Raelgardin military. AWOL since 411. Wanted for desertion, murder, conspiracy, and various acts of banditry and illegal trafficking, human and otherwise."

The man's cold, glassy eyes stared at the dark stone ceiling of the decrepit sewer tunnel, where he met his end. Manatech lanterns had been placed along the path, casting the scene in a pale, sickly white light. The black-clad young detective fetched another small notepad from a hidden pocket of her vest and began to sketch all that she saw, while scribbling messages in the corners of its pages.

Cephilia stood a safe distance away, arms folded, with an increasingly sour expression on her face as if she would rather be anywhere but here. "You knew him?"

"Personally? No. But he is well-known in the criminal underworld... and I never forget a face," Maze replied, without lifting her eyes from the subject of her sketches. Her monotone delivery made every word sound like the ceaseless ticking of a metronome or an old clock, more machine than human. Few had ever seen her smile or get angry or show signs of tiredness. Maze was, in a word, steady. She never hurried, but she also never slowed.

As the daughter of a watchmaking family, Cephilia respected such consistency and precision... but also found it intensely annoying, at times. Now was one of those times.

"That party of F-Ranks is lucky to be alive," the young beastfolk commented after a lengthy silence. "You underpaid them."

"You're really trying to piss me off today," Cephilia whispered with a roll of her eyes, before deciding to change the subject: "Awfully fond of his animal monickers, isn't he? And what of the rest of his menagerie, hmm?"

"Based on your tone, may I safely assume you mean his human companions, not the literal use of the word?" Maze inquired. "The Raven works alone. He has only taken accomplices a handful of times. They often end up dead -- by his own hand, if my theory holds true." She flipped to another page of her notepad and began to write. "I will interview the captives tomorrow, but I do not expect to learn much from them. They are disposable assets, cheap labor to move the containers. This man is known for his discretion and secrecy. It is my theory that only he knows the true nature of his mission here."

"If he's so secretive, why did he give the newbies a chance to turn back?" Cephilia said, thoughtfully. "They encountered him, in diguise, and he told them to leave. If he wanted to keep a low profile, he should have killed them outright."

"Nothing is ever so simple," Maze said, "Have you considered the possiblity he wanted Kriegslowe to know he was here? The Raven is slippery enough to completely elude a couple of F-Ranks and, as you said, also skilled enough to silently eliminate them. He could have gone undiscovered, if he wished. And, if he really is behind the theft of the map, could he not have copied it and returned the original, before anyone noticed? Professionals make mistakes, yes, but these 'errors' could be the strokes of a greater plan at play."

"Indeed. And what of his dogs?"

"Likely something new he's trying. I would like to inspect those, as well," Maze said as she rose from a crouch. "I may glean more from their corpses than the living humans. You suspected they were warhounds, yes? If so, I may be able to trace them to a breeder or kennel or place of origin."

"Yeah, you should follow that lead," Cephilia said as she approached the woman.

"...As well as interview Miss Quaeliss, Miss Yvarra, and yourself. I would also like the written reports of all adventurers involved in this incident. The originals, not copies," Maze said as she turned to face Cephilia. "There are certain truths hidden in the stroke of a pen. I want to see them as they are."

"You gonna interrogate them, too?" Cephilia said dryly.

"If their reports satisfy me, I see no reason to do so, but I will remain in town a few days to observe their movements," Maze said. "I will leave no stone unturned, Lady Valdergeuse."

"That's what worries me," the elf said, meeting Maze's eyes. "There is no harm in keeping a few secrets, Integra. I'm warning you now, these new recruits have secrets. Respect their privacy. Unless it's connected to this shitshow, just leave it be." She wagged a disapproving finger at the woman: "Turn over too many stones and you'll turn the world on its head."

Maze turned aside to consider this for a moment, before facing Cephilia once more: "Negative. Aurelia has given me a gift. I will use it to its fullest extent, even unto death. Sacrifices must be made in pursuit of the truth."

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Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen

It is now the 7th day of the 3rd month, 422 AC - the start of a brand new week. Several days have passed by as the guild continued with its unending work - dealing with a myriad of requests that spanned from something as simple as rescuing a cat from a tree to investigating a rumored conspiracy. For the new recruits, however, a vast majority of their time went to either training at the guild's grounds or handling whatever mundane task that had been given to them.

The chirping of birds filled the air as people began to rise from their slumber and leave their homes. The streets were mostly empty, besides a countable few early risers and sleepless folks that roamed the streets. The cool air breeze swept the currently spacious paths scattered all over the city of Tylsen, with the light of the rising sun slowly illuminating the once dark roads. To many, it would be quite too early to conduct any sort of business, but the guild operates on its own rules and standards.

On the night before, a message has been passed to the new recruits, instructing them to arrive at the guildhall's premises early in the morning, specifically at one of the many meeting rooms provided by the establishment. A few Manatech lights have been switched on to provide enough illumination within the guildhall, and in the event that any of the recruits are unable to locate the specified location, a small feathered friend currently perched at the reception table would guide them towards the said room - a strange sight, but not entirely perplexing, especially to people who have delved in a profession that is cloaked in eccentricities.

Location: Meeting Room 4

At the end of the first corridor past the reception desk was a wooden door bearing a large surface engravement depicting the number four - this is the destination specified by the instructions. Light seeped through the tiny gaps and seems of the door and its hinges, indicating that the room was being used. To further drive the point in, a sign was hung on the doorknob, that carried a message saying "ROOM IN USE", with a small text under it that welcomed those who were invited.

Within this room, is the same layout used for the other rooms in the same corridor - a pinboard attached to one of the walls, accompanied by a small desk that bore numerous supplies such as pins, empty parchments, and writing tools. Opposite this was a small platform, with two podiums on its sides, and the crest of the guild hanging at the center of this area's wall. A number of chairs were arranged and grouped on opposite sides of the room. At the center of the room was a large round table, with a small clock embedded at the center of its surface, which was slightly covered by a small stack of papers that were placed upon it, and to the side of these papers, were a number of nondescript sticks grouped together in a small metallic cylinder. Right behind this table, facing the door, was a face that would be rather familiar to the recruits - Arien Bermille.

A few steps behind him was someone who bore a seemingly perpetually grumpy face, sitting on a wooden stool, and appeared to be not quite interested in being there. A few more empty seats could be found behind Arien, and within the same vicinity as the grumpy-looking man.

"Why am I here, Arien?", the man grunted.

"That shall be explained later when everyone has arrived.", the blond responded. "For now, try to exercise some patience that you clearly lack."

"Fuck off."

Arien shook his head amusingly as if expecting that exact response from his companion. "Worry not, I believe they will arrive soon, so you will not have to wait long."

"Hopefully before Miss Vivianne and the others get here.", Arien added. "Makes the surprise better."

A small huff was the only response from the other man.

Interaction/s: Razul (@Ari Number Two), Thalgrukh ( AI10100 AI10100 ), Sakuranbo ( Topless Topless ), Risax ( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 ), Thea ( RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun ), Lucia ( EmperorsChosen EmperorsChosen ), Cresselinde ( King Crimson King Crimson ), Falion & NPCs ( AnonyMouse AnonyMouse ), Hysydice ( Thalia_Neko Thalia_Neko ), Morgan (@The Prophet)
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Thea Schuerer
Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen
As the following days passed, Thea would keep hard at work earning what small coin she could as she got a feel for the city bit by bit. Her training continued if not restructuring back to herself alone as she went with her basics and continued them till, she noticed an improvement and then continued some more. With the two she found scant time to spend with most of the others, though she made it a point to check up on those that she could stand or had form some sort of contact with, which was fewer people than not. Otherwise, it was work, work, work, broken up with training, prayers, washing and eating.

And yet still she did not have the amount to find a place just yet but had made use of a portion of what she had so she could intrude upon the kindness of the Guild as little as possible. So far, she had met a few people, as important or unimportant as they may be and found what merchants that were outwardly honest.. Or at least not overcame with greed. From these merchants she could haggle or do simple jobs to get on their good side and most of them, they in turn helped her with some modest deals so she had her own food and places to bathe. It could be better, but it also could be much, much worse, so in turn Thea gave the Goddess thanks.

Having received the letter the night before, Thea had no place to be and was not one for sleeping in, so getting up in time was a simple matter. Eating an apple, a small bit of goat cheese and some bread, she would outwardly sigh, wondering what sort of trouble she would have to deal with today. Heading out as soon as she finished the knight was fully geared and ready for what may come, Thea walks with purpose and clarity. Upon reaching the designated meeting room, she grips the handle and enters, casting her gaze across it, Arien was the first face she noticed and knew, the other was an unknown with pagan tattoos. Letting out a sigh of sorts she finishes her sweep of the room, some sort of metalic cylinder sat on the table with papers stacked and strewn about, the room was like most of the other meeting rooms she had caught a glimpse of before now.

Not wanting to learn more of the mystery man for a wish to not deal with any possible bullshit, the knight takes a seat at the opposite side of the room, her sword left to rest against her shoulder as she removed it from her back to take said seat, a shortsword at her side.
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Sakuranbo Suzui
Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen
Sakura had forgotten how many days have passed. She had been living in the thickest forests outside of Tylsen, honing her archery skills, hunting for prey as target practice and performing jobs to get by. Yet she still doesn't forget her connections with the guild. She had grown used to sleeping on the grass under the shade of the trees to avoid viewing the moon, but there are times that let it slipped with dire consequences. On the night before, she had received a message that calls out all new recruits to be present at the guild early in the morning. Sakura suspected to be a very important meeting.

The very next day, before the sun would rise, Sakura had bathe in the clear waters of a nearby lake to remove evidences of her hunts. She wanted to look clean before the others. She had her fill of yesterday's prey beforehand, her belly now full of enough protein to at least last the whole day. As she bathe, she began to remember about her clan, thinking that they thought she has died. Sakura cringed at the thought knowing that her clan would not think of such. After her bodily cleanse, she puts on her gear and set forth. After some time had passed, Sakura would arrive at the guild and went for the designated meeting room where she saw Thea, Arien and another recruit. Sakura gulped out of sheer nervousness, though her face doesn't want to show.


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Lucia Corinna Edelgarde

Location: Kriegslowe Guildhouse
Lucia had gained a few completed quests under her belt, and after recuperating from the loss of a beloved lamb the noble had amusingly became attached to, she continued in her endeavors of training. She noticed steady improvement, though it was hard to truly gauge while devoid of a real opponent. They were adventurers, however, so the Caskarieth was sure they would eventually meet such challenges. Eventually being the key word.

The letter left on her bed gave her a modicum of hope, grinning a bit as she read through it. However, Lucia was quick to stifle her expectations. Could this be a sign that her proficiencies were being recognized? Mayhaps. However, given the last meeting that gave way to a mission, mayhaps not.

Lucia was punctual as usual, waking early and readying herself for the day ahead. Cleaned and groomed, hair combed, and of course she equipped herself with her typical armament. Even if this was a dull congregation, she would spend the day's remainder fulfilling quests or bettering herself.

As she made her way to the door, Lucia paused at the sign before entering. Within the room, she noted a few familiar faces and one not so. Arien, Thea, and Sakura.

She was earlier than most.

Then there was the other man. His most prominent features were his height and the tattoos on various parts of his body. Lucia wondered if he was a pagan, though her main concern lied with being potentially bitten. He was large enough; Lucia surmised he could eat a full person if he wanted.

"Good morning all," Lucia greeted to those in the room while addressing none in specific. Making her way to one of the various chairs, the noble seated herself before crossing one plated leg over the other and her plated arms under her chest.

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Training with Vivienne. Doing jobs. Training by himself. Doing more jobs. After a few days, Thal was falling into some sort of routine— and he was thankful for it. He had a few rough nights before. The introduction of the Arcanizers and seeing his fellow guildmates practice with them had brought upon terrible memories. He had managed to barely push through the day without snapping at a client or another guild member. He didn't want to seem rude or break relations with his allies after all.

Mingling with the other high-ranking guildmates gave him a bit of enlightenment— whether it be through techniques or tricks and tips on doing certain jobs. He was glad that most of the members seemed friendly. Of course, he was much closer to his fellow new recruits. He tried to tag along with them on jobs when he was invited over.

He had received an order the night before, calling what looked to be a briefing in a meeting room. So, Thal went to sleep early that day. He couldn't be late this time around like last time; well, he wasn't exactly late during their first meeting but most of his fellow recruits had already been there.

The night went by well and he was thankful for that.

He woke up earlier than he intended, but he might as well start the day. After grabbing his equipment and wearing his armor, Thal made his way out of the room and into the guild. He came to realize soon enough that he wasn't sure where exactly the meeting room was. Thankfully, however, a bird at the reception desk led him straight to the room. Fascinating. "Thank you." He told the bird, wondering idly if the bird could actually understand that, before opening the door into the meeting room.

He dipped his head. "Good morning." He greeted as he took in the room. Thea, Sakura, Lucia, Arien, and another guild member. Perhaps he would take on the role of briefing like Cephilia did in their previous mission? He noted the markings across his body but didn't say anything. Nevertheless, Thal took a seat and waited patiently for the others to come and for the meeting to begin.


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Hysydice "Hyss" Maliss

Currently: Waiting for the meeting to start
Thinking: "Hmm... Excited and impatient, c'mon let's go.."

Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall; the meeting room
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Hyss lowered her head and smiled beneath her hood when the spider attempted his best to pronounce her name. For some reason, she did find herself appreciating it when people did that, and amusing as they tried. Then, when he said that such things were stepping stones for other goals. In other words, even some innocuous things could prove fruitful towards her goal in the long run. Hmm. She considered it, and thought that it made sense. She gave a little affirming huff and subtle nod. "You have a mild misunderstanding. I'm not against 'tagging along' on missions, nor am I a 'lone wolf'," she corrected his misunderstanding. Anyway, after their conversation, the rest of their day went by doing the usual.

As did the rest of the time Hysydice had till the meeting. When she got the letter specifying a meeting date, she looked over the note front and back, trying to spot any hidden information on it. With a smile to herself in her little hideaway, she held the note close to herself, feeling excitement fill her tummy once more.

On the day of the meeting, Hysydice entered the guild hall that she was quickly becoming quite used to. She spotted the bird nearby that had a very interesting appearance. Though she made her way to the meeting room, without needing the bird's aid. A moment later, the hooded girl slipped quickly into the room, and took her spot on one of the chairs. Beneath her hood, she scanned the others. Noting the guild staff and her fellow recruits, but like usual, remained quiet. Maybe this is what Risax was talking about? Hyss wasn't a loner in particular, she was just so often very quiet and kept largely to herself. Which is what she did until the meeting started -- unless anyone deemed to interact with her beforehand for whatever reason.​


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Location: Tylsen Guild Hall, Meeting Room

Five days. Five days since he had become a Kriegslowen. Five days since he'd explored the death-defying depths of Tylsen's most dangerous dungeon and bested a world-class assassin in combat (sort of). Five days since he'd officially 'made it.'

Each morning, Falco awoke and squinted at the rising sun filtered through the grimy window panes of his tiny one-room apartment. He counted each day, never looking back, only forward to the next chapter in his legend. Eventually, those 'five days' would be 'five weeks,' and then 'five months,' and 'five years.' And, maybe after five decades, he'd retire, build a cottage for his many, many, many beautiful children, and say 'see what your dad did? You can, too, kiddo.'

And then bang his hot wife. Or wives. Or whatever.

Heh... nice, he thought with a giddy grin as he rolled out of bed and stretched. Each morning brought a new daydream, a new vision of his future. And all he had to do was get up, get out, and grab it. However, each day also brought him closer to the rent coming due. Falco had come to Tylsen with his meager savings and, despite working his ass off, he was aware that those savings continued to dwindle. Packing in as many quests as possible slowed his financial losses, but it did not stop them entirely. In short, the cost of living exceeded his income.

Nevertheless, his smile remained. He'd figure something out. He always did. Maybe he could crash at the guild hall, like some of the others. Or Viv's house. He dropped by almost every day to train and grab a free homecooked meal, so why not? Or maybe get a roomate. His tiny apartment only had one bed and most of the people he knew were girls, but Falco's many, many, many future kids had to start somewhere, right?

Nevermind that. Everything's gonna change today, Falco thought as he vigorously scrubbed himself clean in a rusty washbasin. He wanted to be spotless today, fresher than ever. He had even cleaned his armor and Because today is the day I move up in the world. E-Rank, here we come! he thought. Why else would all of the new recruits be summoned to a meeting? Surely, it was to promote them for their stellar performance in the sewers and their tireless contributions to the town afterwards. E-rank quests would boost his revenue and his reputation. He could make rent each week, easily, with cash to spare! Everything was coming together!

Dressed, armed, geared up, and ready for another day of adventure, Falco departed the building where he lived. He strolled down the street, past a drunk taking a piss in an alleyway and a cluster of young men loitering on a corner. He was used to it by now. Even Tylsen's darkest corridors were nowhere near as bad as Achelreide's. If drunkards, thugs, and the occasional purse-cutting were the worst this city had to offer, he could live with that. Things became noticeably better as he neared the market square, where most of the shops were only now opening their doors for business.

The guild hall itself stood proudly. Falco pushed through its broad doors and into the main chamber, presenting himself to any and all within as he made his way past the receptionist's desk and toward the meeting rooms near the end of the corridor. He paused in the hallway to brush some nonexistent dust off of his attire, slick back his unruly hair, and broaden his grin ever-so-slightly before strolling inside, with the swagger and clout of one who was not only expected, but anticipated.

"Oi, good day my people!" he said, spreading his hands gallantly. "Top o' the mornin' ladies!" he said, sweeping his eyes across Lucia, Thea, Hyss, and Sakura. "You too, big fella," he added, with a brisk snap of his fingers in Thal's direction. Falco's eyes did a quick sweep across the room, noting those who were missing.

Damn, guess we didn't all make the cut, he thought, sadly. Not everybody's ready for E-Rank, I guess. Razul doesn't surprise me, but Cressey, spider, and the old guy seemed legit. Geez. Heh, I can't wait to rub it in her face. Ya boi Falco's goin' pro, baby! Mwahahaha!

He did a quick two-step jig before plopping into the nearest seat he could find and focusing on Arien, like a laser beam. Falco anxiously rubbed his hands together, imagining all the feln he was about to make. The thought that he might have the wrong idea about this meeting never crossed his mind.

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Sakuranbo Suzui
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"Greetings..." Sakura replied to everyone who came into the meeting room in the friendliest tone possible, even though she is very aware of the negative reputation she had brought herself to since day one. It's not her fault that her culture greatly clashes to those of modern society. But then Falco came in with a bright positive aura around him. For Sakura, he is the only person she is comfortable having conversation with. He is the only person who sees her as no monster, but a person. "Falco, you seemed to be in a good mood today." She complimented before she asked him "Has anything significant happened?"

This is something so unexpected for someone as stoic as Sakura. Normally she wouldn't strike up conversations, but somehow with Falco, she felt pretty comfortable having conversations with him. For what cause did he done to bring about Sakura's more good side? "You wouldn't happened to find the girl of your dreams, right? Or have you met someone that is famous and got an autograph from them? Or...?" She kept asking. What is going on between her and Falco?

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Risax moved as fast as his frame could conceivably allow he’d been somewhat late form his accomodation owing to a jammed door and his inability to get through it he’d keep the letter in hand legs weaving through the groups of other people he hand to pass to get to his destination on time. Tho thar conversation with the hyss girl the other day was… fine to say the lest it didn’t seem he got through to her, oh well all that mattered right now was that he wasn’t unreasonably late. Finally making it hair a bit of a mess he’d open the door walking in without saying hi as not to raise suspicion quietly “seating“ himself to listen in on what was going on hopefully he’d not missed anything important but it seemed like it was just greeting for now.
Arien Bermille
Location: Meeting Room 4 - Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen

Arien's gaze darted from one area of the room to the other as the recruits arrived, though there was no audible cue, it was rather evident that he was counting those that were present. After a short while, a sound escaped from the clutches of his lips. "Hm.", he breathed, as he turned to his companion, whose gaze matched his.

"What?", the man said.

Arien raised a finger but swiftly put his hand down. "You can go, Van. It seems that you probably won't play much of a role with some unexpected changes."

With a grumble, the man left the room.

Upon his departure, Arien called upon those in the room, gesturing them to gather before the table - and once they have done so, he grabbed the cylinder filled with sticks, and reached it forward to the gathered recruits. "Everyone, please take a stick from the container.", he said. "I will explain the purpose of this gathering after this process is done."

After all the recruits have followed such instructions, Arien placed the cylinder back onto the table - its contents down to a mere count of four. His gaze turned to the recruits, and with a snap, he spoke a few words. "Reveal the seedling which bears promise.", and in that instant, a verdant glow resonated from the sticks for a few seconds before swiftly fading. All but one remained the same - the stick that the young armor-clad lady took now had leaves that emerged from its wooden surface.

"I see. Well then, let us proceed to the purpose of this meeting.", Arien nodded upon witnessing the results. His gaze was placed firmly on the group of recruits. "You have all done well, fulfilling your duties as newly established members of the Kriegslöwe. I commend your patience in dealing with nothing but mundane tasks for the past few days - in many cases, that was more than enough to warrant a recruit to leave the guild. After all, they do not bring the glory that is so heavily sought after by many."

"I have discussed with Miss Vivianne and Miss Cephilia about giving you a little reward. You may consider this as such, but you may also consider this as part of your training as F-rank Kreigslöwen.", he placed his hand over the small stack of papers placed atop the table. "What I have here are quests that would bring you away from Tylsen's grounds - a change of scenery, and with comes difficulty and complexity. Consider them the same level, but do not underestimate them."

"Now, before I present the list of quests that you can select from. I would like to point out a few things.", Arien grabbed the stack of papers and put them closer to his person.

"I know that you all have your own principles and beliefs to live by, but a Kriegslöwen does not live on his own. You will all be in the same group, and you must learn to work as one.", he pointed to Thea and the now-leaved stick. "Thea Schuerer will serve as the leader, but remember, the job of a leader is not to impose authority, but to represent, to mediate, and to unite their fellows."

"Next, you will be doing these quests alone and without supervision from a higher-ranked Kriegslöwen. You must all keep each other in check.", his eyes darted over to the young fox maiden."Especially your carnivorous beastfolk companion."

"And finally, always remember that as long as you possess the guild badge, you represent the guild.", after finishing his reminders, Arien then laid out the papers on the empty pinboard and gestured the group to begin with their selection.

"Keep in mind, you can only take on one quest at a time since you are leaving the city's premises.", he added, before returning to his seat behind the table.

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The Rocky Road
Due to a current lack of workforce, Mosse Supplies, a local company, is left unable to send a set of farming supplies on its scheduled delivery date. The recipient of these supplies has sent a request to the Kriegslöwe Guild, seeking their aid - asking them to retrieve the said supplies and deliver them to Dhai’Nir, a mountainside town, located northeast of Tylsen.

Client: Elder Dhai of Dhai'Nir

Notes: Please look for Elder Dhai when you arrive in the town.

Reward: 2 gold feln to each participant, and a basket of mountain-grown vegetables
Wooden Woes
Oyten, a small town that mainly lives off lumber trade, has recently had its logging businesses put to a halt due to numerous reports of a ferocious beast preventing entry into the Oytenrand Woods - attacking anyone who comes close to its territory. The town mayor has called on the Kriegslöwen to deal with the problem.

Client: Oyten Town Mayor

Reward: 2 gold feln to each participant, and some wooden products
Stolen Sanctity
An artifact has gone missing, and was supposedly stolen from the Aurelian Church’s temple in the city of Ruben. An Aurezian diplomat has sent a request to the Kriegslöwe Guild, asking for assistance in investigating and possibly resolving the issue.

Client: Ariadne Lenz

Notes: Please look for Ariadne Lenz at the temple for further details.

Reward: 3 gold feln to each participant
Finding Fins
Fish vendors from the portside town of Lohrof has been reporting that their fishes are disappearing from their market stalls for the past week. A concerned investor has sent a request for the guild to investigate the matter before any further revenue is lost.

Client: Samael Peries

Reward: 2 gold feln to each participant, and some products from the fish market
☆ Let's Have Some Fun! ☆
*This paper seems to change color for every person's perspective.

"Hello Kriegslöwen! I heard you got some new folks added to your numbers! Lend them to me so we can have a little party! Meet me at Tylsen's city gates! Yes, I'll see you there!"

Client: Emarizadeel, Envoy of Chaos

Reward: ???


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Thea Schuerer
Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen
Following the instructions, Thea made note that four sticks were not claimed, for four did not show. The offer was sent to all of them, the words of Arien confirmed as much. Did they give up? Not get the message? Were away on another job? Either way this seemed to be where fates split. And speaking of fates, Arien spoke a phrase and the sticks glowed with an enchantment of some sort, a bit pricey to see who had the shortest straw. And she had it. Looking at it a bit she was sure anything she had just won was a double edged knife. A reward and a curse... So be it. Steeling herself for the truth at hand, the truth of the matter was very much a mixed blessing.

She was in command. Initially and immediately the human side of her that was always just lurking from the shadows knew she had a chance to rid herself of the troublesome beast folk before she clenched her jaw. Such antics would be beneath a knight, even if former, a knight was what she conducted herself as, chivalry, glory, honor, fidelity. She would not stoop to the actions of a common rabble and chided herself for even considering it. Should they fall or fail it would not be as she designed it to be so. Gripping her Icon neckless, Thea banishes that darkness and listens further to the bowman's words. The faith was a core part of who she was, she could not banish it as he seemed to suggest, but for now she would, tolerate, yes, tolerate the situation, it was important they upheld the reputation of the Guild. As she had spoken to the Elf noble, well, the blonde one, she had her own view of the Code that was far away from her own.

With that he gave a solemn reminder to her of note, the job of a leader is not to impose authority, but to represent, to mediate, and to unite their fellows. She mostly agreed with these words and brokered no dissent against it, though she did speak up once he was done, presenting the job board to them. "My father told me there is a difference to lead and to rule.. And how far men would follow both of those.."

Turning her attention to the job board she reads them one by one, movements here and there on her face as her emotions were betrayed bit by bit. "...hmm." Eyeing the jobs up she motions to the rest and points at the board. "I would like to regain the relic but should we do this I ask that I do most of the talking.. as I don't trust some of you to not enflame the situation or to not show the proper respect to the clergy. This also may take time and is an investigation, minus our Merchant friend and Falco none of us are suited to that per see, especially I."

Looking at the others she points them out. "I would also say these other jobs are as important if not slightly more so than the relic.."

Pausing for a bit she points to each one by one breaking her speech to allow for time to process, while a military slant was in all that she did another thing was shown, a connection with the people or at least an understanding how these quests could be rather vital for them.

"Supply orders to the mountains, a far journey, they are due these supplies, but we know not the situation they are in, they may have time or may need them soon.

The Town of Oyten has a problem that may expand to other travelers or disrupting local supply. It, whatever manner of beast it be is a threat, though one content to it's territory for now.

The Artifacts of the Church... well that could wait for last or we do it before we leave, I've stated my reasons to do it, keeping in the good graces of the Church should be taken more highly than some in here may wish.. My own preferences aside.."

The Fishermen, while it is unfortunate they are losing fish to thieves more like than not, this isn't too urgent for now. Though in the long run it effects prices and hurts the bottom line of the merchants and poorer people in the region and cannot be ignored.

This last one... Is some sort of fool that I rather not speak with.. Though we do have to see this Agent of Chaos, she or he will see us when we leave the city more like than not. What say you all?"

With that she did seem to have at least one more thing to say, but was holding her tongue for the time being.

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Thal watched as the other man, Van he was called, was dismissed. Did Arien expect them to have fewer members? He made a cursory glance around. Well, some of their previous companions weren't there at least. With the current members of the party, it really did seem like it was a mission for the newcomers. But Thal didn't pay it too much mind. There was a possibility that the others were simply sent on other missions and whatnot. They had a solid number of people already, after all.

Obediently, he reached over to grab a stick when ordered and settled back down to his seat. The sticks began to glow for a moment before fading, except Thea's which sprouted leaves. Interesting. Arien steered the conversation to commend them for sticking around for so long. Thal honestly didn't mind the quests as much as others— they were simple and easy to do. They didn't yield as much money as other quests sure but they were decent. It allowed for him to have some time off to train as well.

He went on to explain what the quests would be and who their leader was— Thea which revealed the purposes of the sticks from earlier. Could this be considered being one step closer to ranking up? If they did well, maybe they'll get another prize as well. It was a nice thought to keep in mind before they were presented with the actual quests. Overall, they seemed pretty interesting.

Thea laid down her reasonings on the quests. He generally agreed with all of them, nodding along with each explanation.

"Personally speaking, I'm interested in the quest in the Town of Oyten. We don't know what exactly we're up against but we know that it's some manner of beast. We can plan ahead of time." He paused for a moment before letting out a huff of laughter. "It'll be just like our first mission together. Go in, search and exterminate." Not that it ended with just rats anyway. Hopefully, this wasn't actually just a bunch of bandits in the mountains.

"As for the last one, it's a little... uh, how do you say this..." He tapped his fingers against the table. "Interesting? Does every batch of recruits receive this kind of quest? Because it's kind of... odd." Still, he shrugged it off. Maybe it was just some old eccentric. Maybe it would just be an enjoyable party or it could be a trap, who knows really.

Thal leaned back on his chair. "I won't mind any of the quests, though. Whichever you all feel like is best, I'm up for it."


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Location: Meeting Room #4

"Falco, you seemed to be in a good mood today. Has anything significant happened?" Sakura asked, once he had settled into his seat. Falco turned to her, slightly surprised she was speaking to him. "You wouldn't happened to find the girl of your dreams, right? Or have you met someone that is famous and got an autograph from them? Or...?"

Falco had barely interacted with the fox girl since that day in the sewers, mostly because he almost never saw her. And, when he did, she seemed to be keeping to herself. While he neither supported nor condoned what she had done, he did feel slightly guilty about not speaking to her when given the chance, or trying to rebuild the bridge she had so badly burned on that first day. In short, she needed a friend and he had failed to be that. And it seemed unlikely anyone else would try.

"Hmm, lemme think..." Falco said thumbing his cheek as if deep in thought. "Sun's shining. Birds are singing. Most of my future harem is present," he said with a grin. "Feels like it's gonna be a good day for me. I hope it is for you, too."

He was about to go on and stir up some conversation, maybe ask how her week had been, but movement from Arien seized his attention. The mild-mannered veteran Kriegslowen dismissed the large, gruff-looking fellow whom Falco had seen around the guild hall the last couple of days. He hadn't bothered to make his acquaintance, nor did he want to. The guy seemed like an ass-and-a-half. Probably even more of a troublemaker than me, Falco thought. Thankfully, the man departed without making too much ruckus.

Arien had them each come forth and choose a stick, which he then cast magic upon. Thea's sprouted into a small seedling, indicating she would be their leader, which earned a small round of applause from Falco. He listened, with only mild disappointment, as Arien explained what this all meant and laid out their quest options. Despite believing this would be a day of promotion, Falco wasn't one to turn down work, especially when there was gold to be made. However, he couldn't help but feel a little sad that some were missing. He wished he could have said goodbye to Cressey, and even Razul. But at least they were alive, somewhere. Perhaps their paths would cross again.

As Thea made clear her opinion of each quest placed before them, Falco couldn't help but smirk. He totally agreed with her coices and her reasoning. And, it seemed, so did Thal. Falco continued browsing the papers until the ovil-ken was done, at which point he spoke up:

"Legs- erm, I mean 'Lady Schuerer...' as usual, you're overthinkin' this," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "Our big green friend here has the right idea: keep it simple." Falco pointed at the fourth option, from the Envoy of Chaos: "Fuck that guy. We're here to help people, not have fun or party or whatever. And he sounds like a right knob goblin, so that's a big 'nope' from me." He pointed to the Church's request: "Aurelia's a big girl. She can take care of Herself. And I don't think I wanna do any more 'find this,' fetch that' quests. Thanks, but no thanks." Next, he pointed at the fish quest: "Nope. Boring. And that other one is just another fetch quest. Lame," he said, pointing at the supply delivery.

At last, he pointed at the Oyten monster hunting quest: "That's where we belong. Classic hero shit. It probably won't be easy, but its straightforward, like Thal said. Get in, kill it, get paid. I'd chose that over runnin' around town lookin' for fish or artifacts or whatever. And I don't know about you guys, but I wanna get my blades wet. Actual combat is something we ain't gonna get much of at F-Rank, so... yeah."

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Lucia Corinna Edelgarde

Location: Kriegslowe Guildhouse


Lucia waited as the remnants of her cohorts filtered into the room. First was Thal, who as usual greeted everyone. The elf gave him a small smile and returned the civility. Slipping in behind him was Hyss, who scurried into the room and quickly took one of the available chairs. Quite the loner, that one was, though Lucia didn't dislike that aspect of her. In contrast to the sneaky beastkin, Falco entered the room next in similar fashion to how he always did--with a confident saunter and wasting little time in making his high spirits known.

At the very least, it was always amusing. The Caskarieth smirked at his antics and as he seemingly slipped into a daydream. Though, the curvature of her lips dropped at the next entrant. It was the carnivore. Lucia said nothing, though was eager to turn her attention elsewhere. Thankfully, as Risax arrived, the meeting began and it became clear that their little group had shrunk.

This quickly...? Lucia pondered if she simply held a strong will or if the others just lacked one.

The young noble eyed the tattooed man as he took his leave before turning her attention back to Arien. She lifted herself from her seat and took one of the seedlings along with the others. Watching as it glowed, Lucia was taken aback a bit before it ultimately dimmed down. Pursing her lips as she studied it, it seemed everyone else's had done the same save for the knight's. She was unsure if she should feel insulted that a plant found her lacking or laugh that one was being used as a tool of measurement at all.

Regardless, of all present, Thea was one that had Lucia's respect. She certainly didn't mind the woman taking the lead.

Afterwards, the purpose was made clear. It seemed that they were being congratulated and offered a series of special jobs, not quite a promotion, but perhaps an acknowledgement of their abilities. They would additionally be acting autonomously and without aid from the guild, hence a designated leader. It seemed like a good deal at a glance. They were being acknowledged and offered better paying, as well as more challenging, quests. However, Lucia could only question why. The last quest made it even more suspect, and the girl shot a glance at their proctor upon looking it over.

Turning her gaze back to the quest parchments, Lucia waited for the others to speak their minds.

"Well, I for one don't have particularly good feelings regarding any of this... However, I have to agree with Fallion. I've said this time and time again, however this party consists of fighters, not investigators or detectives. The beast is not only a fitting challenge, but presents the greatest impact on the area at large," Lucia spoke up, narrowing her eye in suspicion. "...If it can be taken at face value."

Falco was right in that regard as well. Actual combat wasn't something F-ranks were offered. So, why them and why now? Between the sewer incident and the anarchist, Lucia held great distrust of the situation.

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Sakuranbo Suzui
Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Meeting Room
"I'm just glad you're doing very well Falco. Me, not so much really. I've been taking a lot of solo missions after, well, you know. But in doing so, I've met some incredible people, both here and outside." Sakura spoke after Falco answered her questions. Soon after, it was time to draw sticks and the one who got the longest ended up in the hands of Thea, one of the recruits who strongly dislike the fox beastfolk. Sakura, while proud of her, is going to have a hard time getting along after what she had done many days ago.

After being present with the quests, Sakura too kthe time to read and analyze each of them and it seemed that some recruits have agreed with the monster hunting one. "I have to agree with both Falco and Lucia." She said "If there is anyone here who are good at playing detective, then let them do the other quests sans the last one. We are all born and trained to the arts of combat, and I'd say that hunting this beast down would be the best quest that we can take. It's not like any one of us is as smart as, well say, the fabled "Iron Lady of Tylsen"."

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Hysydice "Hyss" Maliss

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Hyss peered at the stick that she chose, then watched as it glowed in her hand. It was as intriguing as it was enchanting. She cast her silver eyes to the side and observed as Thea's bloomed. So, the knightess would lead them then? Fair enough, Hyss had already acted under her, though in a much less formal capacity.

With her own glimpse over the quests in question, Hyss had her own minor thoughts. She figured most in the guild would probably wish to go help out the town and slay some monster or beast to better raise up their reputation -- while having an adventure to boot! She figured Falco, undoubtedly, was the type to go for this type of job. And, seeing as how it was offered, it was a worthy a choice as any of the others. No shame in it. With that being said, it honestly seemed probably the least of the guild's worries. Surely that town had its own hunters that could solve such a problem? Regardless, Thea obviously brought up the job that related to her faith. Again, to be expected. And, while Thea had her own few choice words on the matter, Hyss understood. If something were to happen that involved her own faith, she would also probably feel compelled to act. That being said, she spoke too soon, finding some bauble or fancy trinket that some church lost seemed to definitely be the least of the jobs they should consider.

Except for the... very unusual last notice. It was less of a job, and more of a request. Personally, it sounded like a joke. Like some sort of prank pulled by some bored hooligan taking the piss out of the guild they didn't really respect. Although, would they really present such an obvious prank at a meeting like this, if it wasn't legit in some way? At the very least, Hyss found herself mesmerized by the strange colored parchment of that particular job.

Regardless of what was chosen, Hyss felt she could provide use, as well as, learn from each of these tasks. Although the church request seemed largely inconsequential when compared to some of the other jobs, Hyss did figure it would provide her ample opportunity to hone her investigative skills. Despite what Thea said, Hyss felt that job was in line with her skills.

Hyss found herself mildly surprised Thal suggested the one with the beast. Then again, with a cursory glance at him, maybe she shouldn't have been. It was true he was a big strong Ovil-ken. Maybe Ovil-ken enjoyed that sort of thing? That had been her underlining impression of them, anyway. But that was stereotyping, bordering prejudice, that she knew she should repress. Furthermore, Thal had been so soft-spoken and mild this entire time, so her entire view of them had been thrown off. But here he was, suggesting to go slay some beast, confirming her original thoughts on them. Strange. She was confused once more. Actually, another note on that particular job; hadn't they been spurned by this exact mission type before? Weren't any of them wary about it? Even a little? Whatever the case, she held her tongue on her worries.

Naturally, Falco fit her assumption like a glove. It was almost so predictable that it even made the generally affectless and indifferent-appearing Beastkin sigh and roll her eyes. She very nearly face-palmed at his words.

It seemed -other than Thea, who obviously wanted to take the religious job- they were all in agreement about the monster-slaying one. Hyss felt dejected. Perturbed even. Were they all so simple-minded? Was she really surrounded by total novices and idiots, and she hadn't even realized it? Aside from Falco -had she been giving them all too much credit?.. They were new recruits.. just like her, after all.

She felt it was about time to speak up. So her voice carried from under her hood. "We already jointly went on a 'beast'-slaying quest. I'll have you all remember. It went... fine, but not as expected. You all speak of being combat-trained, for this, and that. But is that not the point of multiple job choices? Of.. all this? Why go with the familiar? Why go with what you're confident in? I'm not saying put undo stress on the clients, but shouldn't we choose a job that we can better learn from, rather than reaffirm what we're already strong at? I for one think the beast quest -ahem- except for Miss Schuerer's choice- is the most mundane of the choices. Let someone else quell a beast, if it is simply that. Any archer, hunter, or trained armsman can accomplish that much. An F-rank beast-slaying mission doesn't seem to require an entire group from the guild, does it? At this rate, we might as well just pick the wild-card mission." She pointed to the one from Mr. 'Envoy of Chaos'. "If it's thrills you seek, or glory, or just aren't thinking about anything at all."

She sighed. Maybe she came off too harsh. The Beastkin rarely meant to sound so, but her voice and choice of words often could come off as such, despite her intentions. "Anyway, I do not much care which mission we go on," Hyss ameliorated, lowering her hand, and quieting once again. "As long as the mission helps me learn and grow."


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Risax lined himself up with the table removing the subsequent chair that might be in the way As his form made chairs a bane to his existence as instructed Risax took a stick from the Center of the table wondering what it was all about but trusting in the guild to have their reason for such. of course, their was a talk of how what they’d been doing for the past while was hardly glorious or adventurous tho Risax just took them all as stepping stones to a bigger more interesting adventures and it seemed today was the day that they would be branching out further then Tylsen. Risax could not withhold the smile on his face and the excitement brewing within himself. Thea having been selected as the leader for their current assignment and well selecting it as well, Risax turning to thea to see what she had to say on the matter.

”I’m inclined to agree with Thal In this situation the town does seem pretty pressing I’d not like to see anyone innocent get hurt by such a creature though I understand well if anyone else would rather do something else that’s just my two coppers “ Risax would say with a small nod looking over to see what the others would say.

attention snapping to hyss speech. It was mostly about.. well the beast slaying being mundane en the like frankly it seemed a bit rude to say as such but oh well Risax wasn’t gonna respond to it lest they make themselves all look incredibly unprofessional by extension. Tho personally falco had definitely grown in Risax as a competent person a showboat yes but he’d often agreed with Falco in a lot of regards, and today was no different honestly. “Again I’ll have to agree with falco here“


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Thea Schuerer
Location: Kriegslöwe Guildhall, Tylsen

Listening to all of those around her, it seemed battle was what they yearned for. Technically the battle they had completed was well above the ranks they should have had doing the job. It had challenged them, tested them, well up to a point, some of them almost died and one seemingly lost his dramatic flair and steam. While all of those seemed to be gung-ho with the possibility of another combat mission. Thal, then Falco, who chastised her a bit in over thinking it. Then Lucia and Sakura, next was Hyss to chastise them and calling her own choice the most mundane, she seemed to be rather in a hurry which gained Thea's attention and furor. And finally, Risax spoke, making his bulky frame through the room as best as the spider could, voicing combat as well.

Pausing to think on it for a brief bit she turned her attention to Hyss first of all. "Did you even read the booklet they give members? Do you expect a titanic foe? I wish to move up as well, but I cannot say if it is coin, power or glory you seek, but you seem to be chasing something to such a point that you forget or see the role of the Guild much different than I. However, ignorance aside on the matter of the Church you are correct on a mission not to our specialty. I am first among us to pick battle and have the armor for it too, but that is not the only skill and use I have..." Before she continued, Thea shot an advanced glare at Falco.

"And if you say my legs or figure I'll belt you one across the back of the head like the Holy Sisters.. But in terms with knowing how to speak with or among the Nobility, Knights and Clergy was I schooled in. I rather not leave just a trail of blood behind me for the realm to remember me by."

With that she crossed her hands behind her back and says one thing ominously; "While I hmm, yes, value the input of all here this is not the Republic.." With that her eyes fall upon the most senior guildsman in the room. "...not all voices are equal. Ser Arien, I would ask you, though I am sure there are rules in place of what you can do or say and that the town didn't mark a more dangerous beast as a lesser as Hyss seems to think in agreement with the quest, what say you about these jobs and the words passed here? Is there aught you can pass along to us? I wish to move up through the guild same as they and I know doing the same thing will only get so far."

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Lucia Corinna Edelgarde

Location: Kriegslowe Guildhouse

With that seemingly decided, it was only when the snake girl spoke up that Lucia's mood soured even more. Thea made good points, though still the young aristocrat felt the need to speak up and elaborate on just what she had been insinuating if her feelings weren't already made incredibly plain. Apparently, they weren't.

"Ah, was that a beast-slaying quest? It was, hm? Why, I suppose I owe a great apology to Lady Cephilia then," Lucia remarked with words laced in sarcasm and a roll of her visible eye. Turning on a heel, she made her way back to an empty chair and sat herself in it, crossing one leg over the other and both arms under her bust as she looked on with nonchalant contempt. "That was not a beast quest. All have made it clear, that mission was a nonsensical rat chase through waste and refuse intended to break our pride and ego. Our opportunity for glory, if you can call it that, was a mishap on the part of our superiors; an accident."

Bringing a hand up, Lucia held a clawed finger up, going point by point through Hyss' remarks, her eye narrowed all through her speech.

"Now, lets move onto your other critiques. Why approach assignments we have confidence in? Why would we not? I find it rather tactless to view these missions as simple opportunities for education. Though I still disagree that all are equal, those requesting aid are still expecting success, not a simple attempt or for one to stumble around merely to gain experience. Furthermore, we all I am sure wish to progress and advance toward various specialties. Expanding our repertoire is intelligent but at the same time... what is the expression my uncle would use? Jack of all trades yet master of none?"

Humming at that, Lucia tilted her head to the side a bit as she raised a second finger.

"Second, onto the difficulty... That is precisely why I do not trust any of these requests one bit. Our mentors have made it quite clear where F-rank stands. We do not receive direct assignments from our betters typically, and we certainly do not receive a quest demanding the defeat of a vicious, unknown, creature. As I said before, our first combat encounter was a fluke. Whether they believe we are capable due to our actions during that fluke, or if this is some kind of test or prank, I do not know, but none of these should be taken at face value. Additionally, and obviously, if an ordinary archer or hunter could deal with the beast, why in the Goddess' name would they ask for us to do it?"

Lucia opened her arms, as if to accentuate the question of 'why', before crossing them under her chest once again. With a light scoff, she casted her gaze down slightly before continuing on.

"Then there is that party invitation... That alone should race plenty concerns. Each of these quests was vetted by our mentors to some extent, after all. Do you believe they would give us an easy celebration or the option of it? Address me as a pessimist, however I do not. Indeed, address me as a glory-hound as well if you wish. I do believe I have put more thought into this situation than some others in this room."

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