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Fantasy Tales of Raeligard - Interest Check

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Legends speak of heroes who rose from humble beginnings, trudging through every obstacle with sheer will and might. Their battles shook the foundations of the world, vanquishing foes of grand magnitudes and monsters beyond the mortal mind's comprehension. Through effort and merit, they earned the graces of the gods and etched their very selves in the vast history of the world. With their aid, nations rose. With their might, empires crumbled. Many tell of their stories, some wrapped in embellishments and verbose fabrication, some barely scratching the historical icebergs of their truths.

But this is not about such. In fact, it is far from bearing any semblance of similarity at all.


Far beyond the reaches of the dreaded Mid-Sea, surrounded by the blessed waters of Fyndrima, is the Kingdom of Raeligard. A nation with a history so ancient that even its own people barely know of how it truly came to be. And yet, it is a nation beloved by its kin - a land rich with the gifts of nature, a land graced with the benevolence of its forebears.

Within this kingdom lie the renowned Kriegslöwe Guild - an organization with roots deep within the histories of the kingdom and its neighbors. With an oath of service not merely to the kingdom, but to the very land itself and the people that live upon it, this guild has been active for several decades and has shown excellence in not one, but a multitude of fields - from dealing with the threat of monsters to simple errands from the local townsfolk. And as a result of its stellar performance, its reputation has grown - enough to warrant a vast expansion involving the installation of numerous branches throughout the land.

To this very day, the Kriegslöwe Guild continues to grow. As its older members leave the organization, some taking comfort in their retirement, some pursuing greater heights, the aspiring dreamers and the eager youth readily take their place.

Deep within the Kingdom of Raeligard, at the city of Tylsen, lies one of the main branches of the Kriegslöwe Guild.

There, a group of individuals, newly recruited into the guild's numbers, finally take their first steps towards a future that not even the greatest oracles could foresee. Will they be able to reach the heights of legends? Will their names be remembered for ages to come? Or will they fall short and be forgotten in the annals of history, like the many nameless who came before them?

The answers to such questions, only time knows.

Tales of Raeligard, ironically enough, is a story that doesn't necessarily focus on the Kingdom of Raeligard, and rather on the mentioned organization - the Kriegslöwe Guild. It follows the story of this guild and its members, specifically, a set of recruits freshly added into the guild's ever-growing numbers.

This story is set in a fantasy setting and bears an aesthetic similar to most of the prominent game franchises, so if you're expecting something that bears the atmosphere of a classical fantasy novel, then you might want to start looking elsewhere. Additionally, for the purposes of story-telling, worldbuilding, and power-balancing, magic is tackled differently in this setting - which should be expanded upon in the RP's official lore page.

Finally, this project aims to go for a long-term run, and as such, will call for some level of commitment from the participants. There will be highs and lows, that's certain for any RP, and it would be greatly appreciated if you, should you decide to join, stick with the group for the foreseeable future.

As always, if this little project has garnered your interest and you would like to join, please let us know in this thread.


There is no limit to the participants, but we are expecting at the very least four (4) to five (5) applicants. The RP will be open to applicants until the end of November 30th (GMT+8). Applications beyond that date will have to wait until further notice.

Players are currently allowed only one character. This limitation may change in the foreseeable future.

Regarding the initial "power level" in creating characters, consider your character a novice adventurer. A zero-to-hero progression will be utilized in enforcing character growth.

Participants are expected to be able to post once a week at the bare minimum. Inactive participants will be given a warning, and continuous inactivity will warrant their removal. If a participant cannot avoid inactivity for valid reasons, they are expected to notify the group via the OOC.

Posts are expected to be at a decent level of literacy - at the very least, a paragraph of four to five sentences structured with enough readability should suffice. One-liners will not be tolerated.

The OOC will be held in a discord server for convenience and a faster means of communication - it will be where announcements shall be done, it will be where more in-depth questions will be entertained. A link to this server will be privately handed to interested parties.

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Ari Number Two

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I'm in too many rps to count than is good for me you can't just show up with an interesting one 😭😭😭

count me in jkdflsfdijkldsf


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Hello there, I find this concept interesting. I'll give your lore thread a good read-over here soon, but what I seen so far is great. I want to wait to see the character skellies and read a few more things, but for now interested.


If only I had more time but alas, I already signed up for 2 RPs recently I likely shouldn't have to start with so I'll have to pass for lack of time to dedicate here. Sad days.


Strategist of the Three Kingdoms
I was originally gunna watch and read this from the outside but after giving the Lore page a read I want to make time to be in this. Your work thus far puts my most recent DnD campaign to shame with how much pre established stuff you've got.


New Member
Oh wow! This looks amazing, color me intrigued, I'll be trying to get before that cut-off as best I can!
Thank you for everyone who expressed their interest in the RP. We will no longer be accepting further applicants, however, we may open up some spots in the future - any interested parties are more than welcome to wait until then.
We are now open to new applicants, however, we will only be accepting two (2) additions to the current roster. For any interested parties, please keep in mind the following:

- Participants are expected to post once a week at the minimum, though more frequent would be greatly appreciated. A grace period of 7-8 days between each post will be given. Inactivity will merit a warning - after two warnings, they will be effectively removed from the RP.
- Posts are expected to carry a decent level of literacy. The minimum is a paragraph of four (4) to five (5) sentences with good readability.
- Participants are currently limited to having a single character.
- The RP takes a zero-to-hero approach with regards to progression. Characters should follow this standard.
- Discord will be used for the OOC.​

Please post here if you are interested in joining. You will be send a discord invite as soon as your application is approved.


In The Mirror
Considering how the RP has been going on for a fistful of months now, are new PCs going to be starting at ‘zero’ or on par with the current cast?

Or does it not matter, as nothing significant in terms of progression has occurred yet?
Considering how the RP has been going on for a fistful of months now, are new PCs going to be starting at ‘zero’ or on par with the current cast?

Or does it not matter, as nothing significant in terms of progression has occurred yet?

New characters will start at a 'zero' state. Progression-wise, there have been no significant changes, so there would be no true gap between the current cast and new characters.


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Hello! If there’s still a position open, I would love to be a part of this as long as you’ll have me ! 👋👋

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