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Fantasy Tales of Ayoth

Arthur grinned at the girl's response, especially the way that she got all too hasty herself and revealed her purse. "I'm not too keen on upfront payment.", he said, as he rose from his seat. "Let's just say you owe me...a favor."

"In the meantime, why don't you go enjoy the festivities tonight.", he gestured as he opened the bar's doors slightly. "I'll get the results back to you soon. With enough luck, I might be able to gather it after the celebrations."


"Yes. He doesn't look like it, but Mr.Dun is a nice person.", Ameerha nodded, as she finally got to finish the bread she purchased. After a short pause, she turned her head towards Zashi and looked at her silently, then averted her gaze towards the darkening skies. She took a deep breath, then answered the reptilian-Median's question.

"You're the only Median I have met in my whole life.", she said. "They say there are a lot of us, but I haven't seen anyone like me in this city. I wanted to know that I wasn't alone, and when I saw you, I finally knew that it was true!"

"Mr.Dun always talked about sending me to a Median tribe, but he also said that it's very dangerous outside the city. Especially for someone like me, and that if I were to travel alone, I wouldn't make it."



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Zashi nodded in agreement that he didn’t seem very nice. In fact, Zashi had thought by his demeanor as well as his looks that he wasn’t a very morally sound fellow. Oh well, it was certainly a good lesson on not judging a book by its cover as they say.

Zashi waited patiently as Ameerha struggled with herself to produce the answer to her question. She felt a little bad about asking if it was this difficult for Ameerha to answer, however, she could tell the catgirl was mustering up the courage to say it and thus the Lizard-like Median woman patiently waited, her eyes wandering up into the night sky in the direction her Feline companion’s vision had wandered. When she heard the deep breath Ameerha had taken, Zashi then found herself smiling at the girl, trying to lighten the mood, but only before the loneliness expressed in the catgirl’s confession reached her. The look in her eyes softening to one of deep empathy, she found herself reaching out to place a scaly hand gently on the catgirl’s shoulder.

Zashi found herself tearing up near the end of her little speech, a warm smile on her face that matched the warmth growing in her heart.

“Ameerha…” she said fondly, looking her in the eyes with a wistful expression. “I am… glad I was able to do something of such significance for you. I could not imagine…”

The lizard-woman then found herself smiling wider as she leaned in closer. "You know, if you want… and I’m not saying it won’t be dangerous but, well… you could travel with me. I know my way around the wilds and I’ll teach you just in case we’re separated out there. I’m also aware of the location of several Median tribes, as well as that of one rather friendly feline tribe that I’m sure would love to meet you and teach you of your people’s culture.”

She smiled warmly, a bit surprised that she was making such an offer to someone she had just met. However, she found herself unable to simply leave this girl living the life she still was after hearing her story. She saw a way to help her that the feline may have been waiting for something close to all of her life. Besides, there was more to it for Zashi personally. There was a certain connection she could feel between them that Zashi had not felt the likes of before, and wanted very much to experience more of.
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The festivities have began. People have gathered in the main street, various large crowds blocking the different roads connecting towards the town square. Different mercantile stores are scattered around the area, some selling food, others selling wares. Guards are posted all around, but most of them aren't even paying attention to the crowd - they're quite distracted the events of the festivities.

An elevated platform was set up, a few meters away from the crowd. Here, various folks from all over Alnwich and its neighbors would do various performances - from enchanting songs and mystical dances, to magic shows and the like. About after every hour, these shows would take a short halt and let the performers take a break, while the people enjoy the rest of the things that the celebration has to offer.

The group of three from the black market have managed to flee from the guards that chased them, along with those who were handling illegal merchandise. They have found their way to the town square and melded into the crowd. The pair from the slums didn't get much out of their investigation, and have proceeded to head to the town square for a short rest from their troubles. The Median pair have secured a rather luxurious spot in the town square, and are enjoying the festivities together.

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