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Fantasy Tales from the Neon sands:: a sci fi apocalypse story

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Hey welcome to the apocalypse.fantasy-art-city-apocalyptic-ruin-wallpaper-preview.jpg
Its ya standard sorta wasteland deal what with the world mostly fucked due to science resulting in a abundance of sci fi weapons, mutated flora fauna and people.
You might be wondering what's the hook here?
"What's keeping me from clicking away from here and joining a fallout rp or some super powered highschool shenanigans?"

Hopefully a mixture of the plot and a yearning to create a character (withn some parameters I'll lay out below) is what keeps you here to read on and potentially join said collaborative writing hobby.

The roles I need filled is below, mind you the role is very much open to interpretation...
You can make almost anything so long as it isn't ridiculously BS/OP/cringe worthy.

The Bunker inhabitants,
vault dwellers/Wasteland virgins-- need between one or three of these to begin.
These are the true protagonists of this story.
Choosing to leave the safety of the underground where they have lived all their lives, to brave the wastelands in hopes of rescuing a dear friend whose not only tied to the survival of your home... but their genius is hunted after by many factions which decide the fate of the many civilizations in the wastelands.

The Bounty hunters,
Badass sort whose accustomed to the wastes-- Need two or three of these, preferably unique to each other.
These badasses grew up tougher than your average sort, tough enough to make a living in the wastelands and survive long enough to become known for the work you do... Be it hunting bandits, hunting for tech or scrap, plain old hunting and odd jobs if it's the right price.
Point is these particular badasses uphold their word, long story short this leads to them having to escort/ help some bunker people in a kidnapping case that will test their mix is in more ways then three.

The Tank,
mechanic, handyman, smartie pants type with a knack for technology/repairs.-- one or two at most
These sorts usually create, wear and know how to get power armor running. Can fix almost anything put infront of them provided they have the tools and parts needed.
This role can easily tie into the bounty hunters crew but can also join from any contrived reasons like empathy or a sense of adventure and discovery...

The Doctor,
don't really need flavour text for this do I?-- one should do it.
This person is designated healer, bonus points if they came from a bunker.
Be it a venomous sting, a laser burn or even some sorta flu, this person has a decent idea of what to do when it comes to fixing others. Generally given a free pass from combat, but that doesn't stop the enemies from attempting to eat/murder you.

The summarised plot.
Deep within bunker 187... a awkward genius named Jarred Tert walks in his late fathers footsteps, creating weapons and technology from recovered alien machinations. This was until a team of mysterious uniformed men showed up. These invaders had the tech and knowhow to silently inflitrate the bunker and kidnap it's top scientist.
The only evidence left was a number of dead security guards and visual footage from one of Jarreds destroyed bots.
It's sad to say but jarred tert basically kept that bunker running. From maintaining robots and weapons to jury rigging the water and filtration systems. With him gone the bunker will quickly fall into ruin...
Luckily all hope Is not lost, uncle Tert has some connections in the wastelands... from a story to long to write here,
A famous team of bounty hunters owe Bunker 187 a favor.
Uncle Tert would have gone out himself but the wasteland took his legs years ago, while most of the bunker has given up hope... Its Jarred's friends who find the courage to brave the wastelands in search of their kidnapped friend.

The bunker inhabitants would travel to the nearest town looking to cash in uncle Tert's promise with the bounty hunters.
It is the hunters who then gather the rest of the party/needed equipment to track down the genius and rescue him from a infamous technology cult.
As I implied though it's more than one faction after jarred and his big brain, soon rumours spread and many people are involved. Maybe you can determine how the wastes end up...

extra shit
As I said before you can take these roles and run with it, you want your bunker inhabitant to be the largest slab of muscle and violence who wears robots like clothes and refuses to use a gun? K then.

You want your tank to be scientist who invented microbots that fuse into a wearable humanoid death machine? Orright.

You want a bounty hunter whose more post apocalypse tribal than cowboy painting their face with oil and throwing spears with plasma burning on one end? It can work.

So long as your character follows the plot it can most likely work.

If your keen let me know or ask questions here,
Like all my shit post requirements is two paragraphs or more twice a week.


"Heck, my lunchable"
Awesome! I was interested in doing one of the regular vault dwellers or doing the doctor role if that's ok.

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Yea, any is fine but I'm not sure how long it'd take to get a auidence haha


"Heck, my lunchable"
Well hopefully since we've gotten the ball rolling maybe there will be more interest :3 either way this is a neat idea


I pull levers
Definitely down to play a mechanic of sorts (hope that fits into techy category). Even have a vehicle idea that could help us traverse the waste.

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