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Fantasy Tales from the Bulwark City: The Speedle Sneedle Case!

St. Clover

Break-ins! Assaults! Mysterious figures spotted at the windows in the dead of night! These headlines and more have captivated the readers of the various news outlets across the Bulwark City for nigh a month now. From seemingly nowhere, a fresh wave of unexplained (and often violent) strangeness has erupted across the downtown neighborhoods of this bustling seaside community. Conspiracies abound, and people are growing uneasy about the prospect of taking to the streets at night over fear of being the next victim of this unseen force. And that's where you come in, dear reader. There's a price out for information on this bizarre phenomena, and plenty of people willing to pay if something concrete can be uncovered. Think you're up to the task?

Hello there! This is a plot that's been burning a hole in my subconscious for quite some time now! The setting is one of my own creation, a passion project in the works for close to four years now. It focuses on the port city of Bastion, frequently dubbed the Bulwark City for the protective walls surrounding the original settlement. The world is a blend of mid to late-20th century inspiration with an industry of commercialized magic forming the backbone of modern infrastructure. We may not have phones, but we've got wage-mages and convenience wands!

There's plenty to explore and do in the city, and stories to be encountered before you even round the corner! From hooligans with fighting belts to man-sized bully birds and more, this place is packed with potential. Best of all (maybe), it's somewhat isekai friendly! Don't feel like making a character specifically for the rp? That's fine! There're cracks in the world to facilitate visitors from other realms!

If any of this tickles your fancy, feel free to drop me a line! Just looking for one partner currently, so it definitely won't be first come first serve. Also can't guarantee how long this'll run, but I hope to keep it going for at least a while! Post size and such doesn't matter much, so long as I got something I can reply to without frying my skull biscuit. Opting out at anytime and for whatever reason is fine, too!

Hope to see you here!
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