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Fantasy tales from nvoem ; dark fairytales

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Historical, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical


transphobes do not interact

who’s in your shadows?
who’s ready to play?
are we the hunters?
or are we the prey?
there’s no surrender,
and there’s no escape.

↓ ↓ ↓​

There was a sullen numbness settled into every kingdom in Nvoem, as the blood moons sat in the sky. Three blood moons, a prophetic sign of the end of days. The war was coming.

The babies cried as the moons lined up. The sky took on a deep red.

Seven princesses born under the aligned moons. Seven kingdoms cursed, beginning that night. So the prophecy said.

Darkness will destroy the light. Only the seven princesses can bring it back, on the eve of their twentieth birthday, they will lead the final war.

That is their destiny.

The curse turned their lives into tragic cautionary tales. Heroes are never happy. Darkness always wins.

All seven are presumed dead.

All seven would be glad if they were.
the seven princesses are each to be based on a princess from popular fairy tales/you know disney or whatever. they’ve got to be a bit darker though because of the curse. they also will not be in power currently as their families were all overthrown or infiltrated within five years of the curse on the land. they’ve definitely all been nearly killed due to the villains wanting them dead to maintain rule. kingdoms will be built by me with the players’ help once the princesses are chosen. it’s totally up to you who you play and how you take the story.

i will expect one post a week unless you clear it with me
realistic fcs required
this is not first come first serve it’s going to be based on finished sheets and my favorite concepts
make sure to use trigger warnings for anything that could trigger someone in your backstories!
be nice and respect others
no bigotry allowed from players

snow white
sleeping beauty




will turn your insides into your outsides
hardly being rude (that's the problem with text as a medium of communication. Mood is often projected and not explicitly given). Anyways, I copy/pasted the text over to a doc. nvm ;-)

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