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Multiple Settings Take two! (updated 8th July)

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I get distracted, please poke if I don't respond

Howdy there!

I didn't really like how my first thread came out, so let's try this again. This thread is kinda long, but detailed. I'll probably code an index in the future. I'm Matamoja, but call me Mata. I have been RPing for a few years now, but have been writing for far longer. Also, this thread is a WIP and I'll add more plots and such as I come up with them. But enough about that, let's jump right into the good stuff! Also, this was written on phone, so sorry if the formatting sucks on pc

~~~~;~~~~<What I can offer you>~~~~;~~~~

I usually write anywhere between 150 and 1000 words per post. Starting posts are usually kinda long or kinda short. I mirror the style and length of the one I'm writing with.

Ghost friendly! Feel free to drop the RP for any reason, no hard feelings I promise ^w^

On that note, I'm super patient. Don't feel pressured to respond every day, I can wait months for a reply.

I love to come up with plots! So there is no need for you to worry about coming up with a plot by yourself, it should be a collaboration ^w^ Let's bounce ideas off of each other.

Any gender characters. Male, female, neither, anything works.

Realistic characters. One of my favorite parts about RPing is making and developing characters.

NPCs. I enjoy making and playing NPCs. There have been times when NPCs became main characters.

Open minded. I love everything from tooth rotting fluff to dark murder plots. I will probably say yes to whatever idea you throw at me.

LGBTQ+ friendly! Not sure if this really needs to be stated, but LGBTQ+ characters are more than welcome. Hell, a lot of, if not all, my characters fall under that umbrella as well.

clichés. I love clichés, sue me. But, I also love doing the opposite of a cliché if that makes sense?

~~~~;~~~~<What I'm looking for>~~~~;~~~~

Age. I prefer writing with people over 18, but I'm not going to ask for your age. If we get along well as writing partners then that's all that really matters.

Platonic. There is no need to include romance for the main characters. That being said,

Romance. I tend to lose interest in pure romance plots quickly. If characters naturally head that way over time (a long time) then that's fine. I prefer F x F for romance. Never been comfortable with M x F for main pairing for some reason. And I'm not doing MxM at the moment.

Something dark and gritty. I am a sucker for truly dark subjects. Murder, torture, mental illness (if well researched) , taboo subjects... I have no triggers or anything and of course I'll ask for yours.

I can be an absolute sadist to my characters. It's just no fun to have them be happy all the time. I want to torture them mentally and physically, push them to their breaking point and beyond. And maybe, just maybe, give them some fluff and happiness. Because after all that torture they probably deserve it. Looking for someone with somewhat the same mentality. Let's torture our characters together ^w^

Fluff. OK, so in contrast to that last paragraph, I love fluff. Give me all the small domestic and cute moments scattered between the suffering.

Communication. Both during the setup and after we have started the RP. Let's continue talking about new things to add and include.

Patience. Sometimes I respond multiple times every day, but sometimes I get in a weird mood where I can't make myself do anything. I'll let you know if it happens, it just means I'll take a break for a few days to recharge.

Poke me. I have a terrible habit of starting something and then getting distracted. If I don't reply one of these things happened: 1. My anxiety makes my arms feel heavy or makes them cramp up, which makes it really difficult to write. Especially since I'm on mobile 2. Your PM just got buried under everything and I forgot to reply. In any case, send a poke if I forget to reply ^^ That said, please please please don't poke me every few hours. Please.

Come with an idea! Don't just post saying that you would be interested, be more specific or come with at least a semblance of an idea that we can develop further.

Plot with me. If I wanted to make plots and drive the story by myself I wouldn't be Role-playing.

Lenght. I don't expect a lot, really. Different circumstances in the story require different post lengths after all. That said, I lose interest very quickly if I'm only given a few sentences.

OCs. I really don't like using Canon characters for RPs. I prefer to butcher my own characters, not someone else's, thank you very much. I would prefer if both of us used OCs and just used the fandoms as pre-established worlds and lore that we can tweak.

~~~~;~~~~<Current craving>~~~~;~~~~

What I currently really want to write. All other ideas are still open of course, this is just the thing that will get me the most excited at the moment.

A slice of life FxF slow-burn romance set in the 1920-1930s, with all the external and internal homophobia that that would entail. Because for some reason I need my characters to suffer before finding happiness.☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙


Number of stars (*) is how much I'm craving at the moment, from * not interested at the moment to ***** seriously craving:

Cats (1998 movie)***
Tokyo ghoul***
Death note*
Tokyo mew mew*

Ansatsu kyoushitsu**
Ace attorney*
Book of Mormon***
Legally Blond*
Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of fleet street*
The librarians**
Harry potter
Anne Rice's vampire chronicles***
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva boss**
Rick & Morty*
Jekyll and Hyde**


Pairings only serve as a springboard for ideas, not necessarily for romantic pairings. If you have any ideas of your own do tell me, I'd love to hear them ^^

Musician x musician*
Assassin x assassin**
Criminal mastermind x detective*
Detective x detective**
Killer x Killer**
Street rat x rich girl*
Omegaverse (ONLY because I find the social dynamics interesting. Also a lot of world building opportunities here.)**
Priest x demon***
principal's daughter x rebel kid**
In the closet x out*
Vampire x werewolf/human/vampire***
Ghoul x dove****
Alpha x Alpha****
Omega x Omega****
Demon x Angel***
Demon x Demon**
Angel x Angel**
Demon/Angel x Human*

~~~~;~~~~<Plot ideas>~~~~;~~~~

Some actual plots. These aren't very detailed because I prefer to come up with things and brainstorm together. Therefore all of these are incredibly flexible.

Something based on this article would be fun. We could make it an enemies-to-lovers thing.
Muse A is a cop that goes undercover to investigate the most dangerous mob/Mafia in the city.
Muse B is the crime/mob boss.
Well, that title is a tad misleading... Anyway, Muse A and Muse B are soulmates. Depending on the type of bond they either know it or they don't. Muse A is a detective and Muse B is a serial killer or mob boss.

Plenty of options to toy around with here.
First day of Heaven, and Jesus had kicked her in the shin and stolen her milk. It was going to be a long eternity.
The typical 'we send our OCs into Hogwarts, shenanigans ensue' story.

Is it cliché? Yes. Overdone? To death. Do I care? Not in the slightest!

Note: haven't read the books in ages, and that wasn't even in English. Would prefer if it was set in the 'pre golden trio' era.
Two friends stumble across a death note. What happens next?

Will one betray the other? Will they work together to conquer the world? Will one use it Nilly Willy and the other shake their head in disappointment, but make no real attempt to stop them?
Two grim reapers (possibly new ones or older ones) have been assigned to work together.

Do they get along? Hate each other? Hidden love? Or just plain enemies forever?
OK, I'm an absolute sucker for the whole 'undercover as married and end up actually getting together' trope. I adore all the 'loves me, loves me not...' and the pure drama and pining.

Oh, and of course there's actual police work to be done on top of that.
I love the universe in general, but I really want to explore the black market more.

Let's do a really dark rp centered around the black market. Maybe as herbivores waiting to be sold off, shop owners, club owners/workers....
A group of characters tuning a circus. The ringmaster is threatening them all so they all perform perfectly. And if they don't, well, there will be consequences.

Looking for something really dark and messed up on this one. Emotional and probably physical abuse galore.
~~~~;~~~~<Word bank>~~~~;~~~~
These are just words to give an idea of what I might be interested in.

Vampires|Tradition|Runaway|Care|Fluff|Music| Werewolfs|Assassins|College|Crime|Secrets| Reunion|Innocence|Detention|Backstage| Enemies-to-lovers|New and unexpected|Slavery|Social dynamics|Soulmates|

~~~~;~~~~<Starting posts>~~~~;~~~~

Some pre-made openings that we can build a story around.

This was written a good while ago, I have improved since then. Also not proofread.

Vera Daise was beyond bored. That in on itself was not an uncommon occurrence, but usually, she would be able to find something to amuse herself with. That was unfortunately not an option at the moment, she mused as she stared out the window. She was currently on a bus with about 20 other soon to be inmates.

The bus was taking them to the local jail. It wasn't the most high-security jail around, but the security wasn't anything to scoff at either. Now, she could claim that she was wrongfully committed, that she was innocent, but that wouldn't be the truth, now would it? No, it wouldn't, and Vera made it a point not to lie to herself. Even a web of lies and deceit was strongest with a few strings of truth weaved in.

Wondering what she was convicted for? Well, too bad. It wouldn't be any fun if I just told you. I am sure you can piece it together yourself. And if you can't, well... I suppose you don't deserve to know then. Back to the story, Vera was bored. To anyone else it would look like she was looking out the window, contemplating something or admiring the view. In truth, she was merely staring at a fixed point, not seeing or thinking about anything.

It was awfully quiet. You would think that a small space crammed with criminals would be noisy, banter, extortion, trying to annoy the guards, anything. But, no. It was like they were all appreciating the few minutes of peace they had left. Soaking up as much of the silence as possible to carry around. It was the calm before the storm, to use an overused phrase.

Vera had spent some time at the beginning of the trip studying the others. There were mostly males, but with a few women mixed in. Apparently the jail they were going to was a mixed facility. Whoever came up with that idea should get an award. What is the opposite of the peace prize?

In any case, no one really stood out to her. There were some that looked nervous, hyper-vigilant, eyes darting everywhere, never resting on anyone for too long. Probably first-timers, maybe some innocents mixed in too. Much as the legal system had improved after the dark age of the law, it was still far from perfect.

Naturally there were also some who looked like they were born for prison life. The cocky attitude was hard to miss for someone as observant as her. It was clear that his was not their first, or last, time behind bars. They have strength on their side, but not much else. They are harmless if you know how to deal with them.

Inside the iron walls it wasn't the strong ones you had to watch out for. It was the spiders, the ones weaving a complicated web of traps, either for their own amusement or for sustenance. Of course, anyone could be a spider, most often people who looked harmless.

By now the bus had arrived at it's destination and the guards were ushering people out. Vera waited as long as possible to exit, prefering to trail slightly behind the group. Whoever said that there is safety in numbers had obviously never been in prison. The ones who are allies today are more than likely to, literally, stab you in the back tomorrow. It was better not to risk it.

"Alright now, form a line so we can get y'all placed properly." Hmm, seems like the guards are getting impatient. Wonder if they don't get paid by the hour. It would explain the attitude. Then again, that could also just be from working here too long. These places have a way of sucking your soul out and absorbing what little is left of the rest.

~~~~;~~~~<Writing samples>~~~~;~~~~

I know some people like to see a sample of someones writing to decide if writing styles match up and such. For those people, here you go:

Context: MC is a werewolf and her neighbour is having a party. This was a starting post.

Hera Bellemonte was laying on her couch, slowly flipping through the case file for the case they were going through in school. She was mindlessly scanning the pages, not really paying attention to the words. It had been a few hours now and it seemed like her mind was protesting by not cooperating. It wasn’t important that she wrote up the summary any time soon, they had two weeks to get it done, but she wanted to be done early for once. Clearly, that wasn’t going to happen.

With an annoyed sigh, she closed the file and put it on the table next to her, not particularly gently either. She managed to hold back another sigh as she sat up and put everything in its proper place. No need to make any more problems for the future her than she needed. She laid back down with one arm and one leg dangling from the edge of the couch, pondering what to do now.

Going outside was out of the question. She was dressed in her most comfortable clothes and had no intention to get changed any time soon. She was snuggled up in a super fluffy and poofy purple hoodie that her mother had bought for her as a joke thinking Hera would hate it. Well, joke’s on her. This was pretty much the only hoodie she would wear for the rest of her life if she had any say in it.

She hadn’t bothered changing out of the pants she had been wearing earlier, some black slacks. They were a tad too long, so the bottom edges always ended up covered in mud or otherwise dirty from Hera stepping, and almost tripping, on her own pants. She debated sowing them to fit better now that she had some time to spare but didn’t really feel like fishing out all the necessary supplies. Whatever, she would live with it for now.

Hera ended up dosing off right on the couch. It was just too comfortable, and she was a tad tired from reading for hours. She woke up to the dull thumping of music and to prickling in her arm and leg. Right, sleeping like that probably wasn’t the best idea. She stood up on wobbly legs and tried to shake the sensation out of her arm. She knew she was fully awake when the sounds of music were no longer muffled by her sleepy haze.
The sharp melodies made her ears hurt and the dull bass gave her a headache. She just barely managed to hold back a growl as she tried to massage the pain away. It was moments like these that she cursed her sensitive hearing. Her senses were better adapted to the silent countryside than the overwhelming sensations of city living. They weren’t smack dab in the middle of the city, but it sure felt like it sometimes.

She set about ransacking her bedroom to distract herself. Surely it was around here somewh- aha! She had no idea how her phone had ended up underneath a stack of books with some clothes thrown over them, but at least she found it. One piece of the puzzle completed. Luckily, finding the other piece, her headphones, was slightly easier. They were on her desk in plain sight.

She set about untangling the wires. Gods, everything was working against her today, huh? After a few agonizing moments of nearly giving up she managed to untangle them and plug them into her phone. She would listen to music with headphones, LIKE A CIVILIZED PERSON. She knew that her neighbor couldn’t hear her thoughts, but it was still gratifying. Her own silliness put a smile on her face as she scrolled through her music playlist. The headphones alone weren’t doing a lot to muffle the surrounding sounds after all.

She finally settled for Mahler Symphony no.5. It wasn’t her favorite piece in the world, or even one she particularly enjoyed, but it was soft and melodic. Something calming was exactly what she needed right now. Even with her volume turned up she could still hear the music coming from the apartment next to hers. She knew she was fighting a losing battle, but she wouldn’t go down without a fight, dammit!

With her phone in her pocket and soft violins blasting in her ears, she ventured out to her living room. It wasn’t difficult to find an abandoned Skein of yarn, they were scattered pretty much all over the place. She picked up one in a pretty green color and went back to the couch. This one was a work in progress, so she just continued where she left off, hoping to get lost in the calming motions. And for a while it worked. She was fully focused on what she was doing and had a calm backing track.

Or at least it worked until the sound of drums assaulted her mind. This time she did growl as she put away her work to be continued another day. She threw away the blanket that she had drawn around her at some point and stood up to pace the Livingroom. She knew she had been fighting a losing battle against the noise, but the loss still stung her pride slightly, which was utterly ridiculous of course. She drew a hand through her hair, blunt nail scraping her scalp as she formulated a plan. Clearly just sitting here in agony was out of the question.

She summoned up some energy and made her way towards the neighbor’s door. She hesitated for a few seconds before her hand seemingly acted on its own. She knocked on the door three times, before knocking a few more times to make sure she was heard over the noise. She crossed her arms and waited for someone to open up. And if they didn’t, well, she was pretty persistent.
Context: MC is an assassin. This was the second post in an rp. The content style is mirrored from the other person's starter, hence the huge amount of information.

Hera Bellemonte was bored. A common occurrence really. She is currently in the park next to her house. Well, more of a place to drop stuff off and get some sleep than a proper home, but you get the picture. She is laying on a bench, one arm and one leg dangling off the ledge. It was more than big enough for her to lay on, but the back had been recently painted and she didn't want to get her clothes dirty. White paint and black clothes really don't mix well.

She was tracing patterns in the sky with one finger and contemplating her life, like she always does when she is bored. There is a reason she likes to stay busy. Hera is 23 years old. 23. Most people that age probably had a decent job, maybe already a family. Too young to have their life figured out, but old enough to be able to have some true fun.

Unlike most other people, Hera had none of that. No family, no job. Well, no proper job anyway. Once upon a time she wanted to be a teacher. That was before she discovered that she really hated working with children. She shakes her head slightly and moves her thoughts down a different path. Too many memories. How she ended up as an assassin doesn't matter, she is happy with her choices and loves her job.

Her phone ringing startled her out of her thoughts. She almost fell off the bench, but caught herself on the back. Which was still wet with paint. That would take ages to wash out… With an annoyed sigh, she sunk down to the ground to sit comfortably and answered her phone.

Speaking of work… “What can I do for you Greg?” Greg wasn't her contact’s name, not exactly anyway, but it was a good enough cover. At least it was a common name.

“I have a job for you, Myshka.” Straight to the point, as usual. With how much she needed the amusement right now she really didn't mind. She did Greg a favour and pointedly ignored the nickname as well. Had it been anyone else they would be bleeding out from their throat by now, but Greg was a family friend.

“Well, do tell.” She could have switched over to Russian to make things easier on Greg, but people had a tendency to be too nosy and wary around here. It would draw too much attention.

Hera lived in, and grew up in,
London, yes, but her family wasn't from around here. Her father was Italian and
her mother Russian. It really wasn't so surprising that she ended up as an
assassin, she grew up more in the criminal underworld than the overworld after
all. At least her family had good connections.

“Lucien Morris, Wembley stadium, you know the drill.” She sure did. She sat up straighter, carefully keeping her face neutral and pushed down the smile that threatened to erupt on her face. The name wasn't familiar to her, then again she was terrible with names so that didn't say much. “On it.” She didn't need to know the payment. She had complete, mostly, trust in Greg. Besides, she didn't do this job for the money.

She turned off her phone and stood up and stretched. Laying on a hard surface for so long was terrible for her aching muscles apparently. As she was walking towards the location she realized that she really hadn't asked for any information. Oh well, it was more fun with surprises anyway. She idly stroked the knife on the right side of her hip. This knife was a fake, she got it from a toy store in fact, the knife on the other side of her hip was very real though. She very much looked forward to seeing it covered in Luciel’s blood. Lucien? Whatever, the name wouldn't matter for long.


I delete comments periodically, so just be aware of that. That said, feel free to post here if you want to~
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