Other Take A Favourite Game And Make It Sound Awful.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Organic Mechanic, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. torakiji

    torakiji Awkward turtle, derp

    Teenager is told he's real important and has to eradicate little black monsters and these shady dudes dressed in black who want everyone's hearts with a blade that looks like a key. Has a really annoying, yappy duck and a dog that can barely speak English as sidekicks to go on this long adventure that takes two years to complete. But we actually don't really know if it's complete because it's taken 13 years and counting for the third sequel to be released.

    ~Kingdom Hearts series
  2. Dundin

    Dundin S1NgULAriT, Calculator, Verbose

    Seriously? I was told this is strategy? Hokay, so my buddy mentioned this game that apparently has my goal to get big, so I start as France, whoop England to get back hold of the bits of my country that he has. Did I mention that France starts like, 1/4 the size of France? I mean, what's with that? So I go and declare war on Burgundy, this lil' guy is 1/4 my size, how can he match my army? whatever. So I finally get that land back, and now I guess nobody liked that, as everybody near me has declared war on me. I mean, geez, how am I supposed to do anything if I just get shut down like that?

    ~Europa Universalis IV.
    I feel so dirty after bashing EUIV. <3 Paradox Interactive
  3. Jetstream

    Jetstream Well-Known Member

    "Old 2007 Sword Art Online"

    .Hack// (Franchise)
  4. Calcifus

    Calcifus My name is cool. I am cool.

    A weird knight smacks a bunch of other equally weird knights with a shovel because his girlfriend might not have died in a tower a while ago.

    Shovel Knight (Specifically the base game.)
  5. dame_de_mort

    dame_de_mort Member

    Trapped under the sea with junkies and daddies that only wants to kill you, while casing after small girls for more wonder drugs.
    Also fly away little moth!
  6. John RipFist

    John RipFist *shrug*

    Roadtrip Simulator.

    -Final Fantasy XV
  7. SomeFakeUsername911

    SomeFakeUsername911 Well-Known Member

    Donald Trump/Eggman/Pringles Guy invades your home planet. You need to go on a quest to save your home by murdering everyone in sight, beating up your friends, destroying property, solving puzzles that causes PTSD, and finally, straight up destroying Donald Trump/Eggman/Pringles Guy's soul when fighting a machine that wants to kill everyone in the universe by taking the form of a planet-sized space station that's part cat.

    - Kirby: Planet Robobot
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  8. Imaginiaria

    Imaginiaria Well-Known Member

    Run around, mash the same button to kill enemies over and over and over just like another game that does the exact same thing but this time has a Legend of Zelda skin.

    -Hyrule Warriors
  9. NextGenRolePlayer

    NextGenRolePlayer The Not-So-Futuristic RolePlayer

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 but even worst

    -Sonic Boom
  10. Rantos

    Rantos The man with 1000 waifus


  11. Lethal Charges

    Lethal Charges (Stares in Aesthetic)

    A man is betrayed, blamed for the murder of his lover and sent to prison. He escapes and is gifted powers by a black magic genie, he uses these powers to kill everyone and give the throne to his ten year old daughter and save the city?

    A father and daughter are betrayed, their city is taken over by a black magic voodoo bitch. One is frozen in stone, the other saves the city by going to other cities and murdering countless people, including the black magic voodoo bitch and her voodoo clones.
    -dishonored 2
  12. Debonaire

    Debonaire Born of the ashes

    A 100+ year old man with no friends - whose job is pretty much medieval pest control - wanders around the world, taking money from the poor and fornicating with sorceresses.

    - Witcher 3
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  13. RiversEdge

    RiversEdge Relaxation is a choice

    Group of mercenaries fight each other over a pile of gravel that two really rich old brothers inherited from their father, who hates them both. The brothers didn't want to share it. Then a third brother killed them both and sent robots to fight the mercenaries and some how can't kill them off even though there's only nine of them.

    - Team Fortress 2
  14. DemetrioMachete

    DemetrioMachete Everyone's Sitcom Nemesis

    Two Asian guys going around beating up people from other dimensions.
    -Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
  15. Birdsie

    Birdsie The King of Memes

    Local half-demon nearly kills his brother over sibling rivalry, but in the end everyone cries because HOLY SHIT THE ENDING IS SO SAD ;-;
    - Devil May Cry 3
  16. Collidias Rex

    Collidias Rex Some kind of Zombie-Protean-Werewolf thingy

    "Read the reviews"
    - Mass Effect: Andromeda

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