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TL;DR: Looking for a Critical Role RP, mostly Campaign 2. Infrequent but quality posts.

I'm Noam, and like the title says, I love the internet show/podcast Critical Role, and would be super interested in doing an RP set in Exandria. I'm 24, live in the EST, and use they/them pronouns. I work a demanding job, so I post every other day, but my posts are high quality.

I'm caught up on Campaign 2, and would be interested in playing Jester, Beau, Fjord, Molly, Yasha, or Caduceus. I'm also slowly working my way through Campaign 1, and would mostly be interested in playing Vex or Grog. I'm happy to play with any character you're interested in playing, including your OCs! I love meeting other people's characters!

I enjoy action/adventure type RP with lots of room for character development, and occasionally some darker moments. I'll ship basically anything, but also really enjoy playing platonic relationships--siblings, best friends, etc. I'd love to come up with a plot together, and am totally open to AUs!!

-Gay, trans, and generally LGBT friendly.
-Literate, usually posts 2-4 paragraphs.
-Loves cheesy tropes and AUs. Single parents? Lay em on me. Arranged marriages? HELL yes.

ABOUT YOU: (hopefully!)
-Over 18! This is a must.
-Active/semi-active and willing to put up with my schedule.
-Literate. I’m not asking for perfection, and don’t be afraid if English isn’t your first language! Just as long as I can read what you’re saying without too much trouble.

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