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Takahashi Family Roleplay (Revival) One available position !

A family of eight living happily in Kobe, Japan in their lovely home. Everything going fine until Mr. Takahashi was offered a rather very well paying job. The only issue was that it was across the Pacific ocean. In the large bay area city known as San Francisco, California. Sure it took a month in moving to pursway his family. But as soon as they were able to he took his wife, their six kids, and moved across seas as soon as they were able too sell their home in Japan. Now they're living in a four bedroom apartment in a very large city there's so much new things for the family to explore so many new things for them to see! Almost anything could happen.


This is a family rp that mostly takes place around the kids, bonding as siblings.


1. Be active

2. You may have two characters.

3. If the child says either gender it is your choice to choose that character's gender.

4. At least 4 lines when posting.


Dad (age 39 - 41): @FabulousTrash

Mom (age 36-38): @Celina Seishin

Oldest child (Girl, Age 13-14): @SapphireSkylines

Second oldest child (Either Gender, Age 10-12): Taken by @Aesthetictrashcan

Third eldest child (Either Gender, Age 8-9): @Entity.Eclypse

Third youngest child (Boy, Age 6-7): Taken

Second youngest child (Girl, Age 2): Taken by me (child is named Namiko)

Youngest child (Either Gender, Age 5 months- 1 year): @Reiia silver
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