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Realistic or Modern ~ T H E W E S T C O A S T (Closed)~

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I'll tell the stars about you
The West Coast .
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I'll tell the stars about you

I Express all my emotions by saying "Fuck"
in various tones.

The West Coast

The Class clown

The early summer sun beat down on the coast
of Santa Barbara. Alone in a big house Oliver lit a blunt, Inhaling and exhaling. He was getting
high in preparation for camp,There was no way he would survive without either being drunk or
high. A limo honked outside and he quickly put out the blunt. Because of his money status
he wasn't worried about wasting the weed, he could always buy more by the pounds.
Oliver grabbed his luggage and put it in the limo shortly before getting in himself.
"Is there anyway You could drive me to the airport instead? I could take you to Capri."
Oliver raised his eyebrow at the Limo Driver. The driver just shook his head
"Normally i'd say yes, but your Father is paying me a great deal of money to take you
to that camp." The driver said as he pulled out of the driveway. Oliver slumped
down into his seat, "Fuck" He said groaning loudly. The driver rolled his eyes.
Oliver sighed, He didn't know if his friends would be there or not.
Oliver didn't do well with new people, especially the nerds that
he assumed were going to be there. The Limo driver
sped to the camp tapping the dashboard with his fingers.
When they arrived Oliver peeked out of the window immediately smirking.
He loved the nature and a part of him was excited but, he knew it was going to be
Hell. He got out of the car grabbing his luggage and waving to the driver.
He got out and went to the reception cabin, it was a small wood cabin that wasn't to
impressive. "Oliver rockwood" Oliver murmured to the receptionist trying to hide
the smell of pot from his breath. The receptionist looked over her files before
handing him a guidebook, "Your cabin will be the Southwest cabin" The
receptionist pointed. "I know which cabin that is, i'm not that fucking dumb."
Oliver said scoffing as he walked to the cabin. He sat his things down before
crashing on a rickety spring mattress. "Oh god these are fucking uncomfortable."
He said out loud before covering his mouth.

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Aspen was not too keen on going on to the camp. She was only going because her parents wanted her to. She had not made any friends' since moving to Santa Monica and she wasn't too keen on it. In her mind, she was going to go to the school for a year; and then move on to college. It was kind of ironic in her opinion. the one time she knew they were going to be staying a place for some time and she would not have enough time to make lasting friendships. At least Jay would. She did not want to get too invested in something that wasn't going to last. The camp was going to be a drugfest and Aspen did not want any part of it.
"I know you did not want to come here for the summer," her mother said while dropping her off at the camp. "But your dad and I feel like this would be a good experience for you. You have not made any friends since you moved here and I think spending some time with your peers will be healthy for you."
"Yes mum, whatever you say." Aspen smiled at her mother. Her mother helped her grab her bags from the trunk and she was off. She waved at her mother from the door-sill of the reception cabin and let out a sigh as her mother drove off. She walked towards the reception desk and saw a guy leaving the desk in a bad mood. "Someone is not having a good day" She thought to herself and walked up to the desk.
"Hi, how are you?" She said in a tone above a whisper. "I'm Aspen Zimmerman. I am supposed to be staying here?"
"Hello, Aspen. I am good." The receptionist said in an awfully cheerful tone considering that the guy before Aspen had almost yelled at her. "You will be staying in the Southwest Cabin."
Aspen thanked the receptionist and lugged her stuff to the cabin. She saw the same guy from the receptionist's desk in her cabin lying on one of the beds. She had never been one to initiate contact but she had promised her mother that she would try to make some friends so she set her stuff down on one of the more comfortable looking bunks and went over to the guy's bunk, extended her hand and said, "Hi, I am Aspen. Lovely to meet you."

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