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"Let there be light." Rang chuckled, pulling open the curtains, allowing the morning light to leak into his dark, disorderly office in which he spent the previous night in. The surgery had taken longer than expected, Rang remembered, but the outcome was inevitable, he had saved yet another car accident victim. He could picture it in his head even now, how he sealed up the victim's wounds, how he performed the tasks with absolute precision and speed. The patient bled more than expected, though, which was quite annoying, but it proved to be no trouble in the end. He was on break from the military, and had obtained a temporary job as a surgeon in a hospital. He was by far the best, and could do a lot better than the head surgeon, but he did not really care about the position, as this was just a temporary job. Rang stretched his neck, making a circular motion with his head as he exited his office.

"Morning, doctor, you're still here?" He heard, looking towards the direction of the voice to see a female nurse hustling before the day even started.

"Yeah, I'm going home now." Rang replied, monotone as always. "Mhm, have a good vacation!" The nurse exclaimed, hurrying past him, probably to get morning procedures done (checking on patients, getting administrative things done) before the hospital opens for the day.

Rang planned to take a few days off. He had been invited to join an expedition to the Appalachians as a paramedic, and had been informed that there could potentially be danger. It was exciting, and he could be part of a team that discovers something unknown to mankind. There was no doubt that the genius himself would join the expedition - it was far better than the boring surgeries that he was doing at the moment. He arrived at his tiny apartment, and grabbed his backpack, which had a few changes of clothes, and a whole lot of first aid. He had a few bags of chips, and water too, but it wasn't really his responsibility to provide food for everyone. He arrived at the airport, got on the airplane, and as soon as he got off the airplane, he could smell the musty, rusty smell of the mountain region.

By 4 PM, he was on site - the meeting place that the team had arranged. "Seems like I'm the first one here," he remarked.

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