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Realistic or Modern Syndicated Revived - An Organized Crime RP (OOC)



you are. stealink... my nuts...
I understand. Firstly, figure out what you wanna be in charge of, and that which you CAN manage. Like I said, highly recc you divide the story into chapters to RP different factions (Chapter 1: Iron Tundra, Chapter 2: O'Hallorans, etc.). This will be less straining on your area of management. Build the world first before ya throw yourself into the whirlwind.

And then, maybe someone can be your co-GM along the way once they've figured out your schedules and wants to lend a hand.
I definitely agree with you about breaking the story into chapters, it would certainly make things easier to run.

I'll give it some thought. I was in love with this RP and the original so I'd probably be up for giving it another shot. Though I have to admit that whether Soviet is still interested will influence my final decision on bringing this back. He's one of the originals and I don't think I'd want to start this again without him (or at least, bring the O'Hallorans back without him)

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
I feel ya. Maybe someone will lend ya a hand in this one or just pick it up whenever ya feel like. It's mostly about cohesion and communications. We players will do the rest. Ya can't control what people wants to write, so it's more so about how big a scale you want going. We could get back into this, but I highly recommend prioritizing a family to keep the interactions tight. If you want some competitions, then an antagonist will do the job just right. Explore each faction by chapter, build up depth for each family/organization rather than pit everyone into diff factions against one another. Otherwise it'll be a clusterfridge to handle a battle royale. The less work for ya, the better, I reckon.

That's just my opinion. I'm willing to head back into the game if Soviet Panda Soviet Panda is willing.
I'll do it.

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