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Realistic or Modern Syndicated Revived - An Organized Crime RP (OOC)



LowkeyLovingLoki LowkeyLovingLoki I have an external hard drive full of faceclaims I can look through and post some of if you need help!!

Some things I need tho:
genre (which I assume is dark modern( -> Perceived gender (m/f/other) -> race -> vibe (intimidating, kind, etc)

That's an open offer for yall, lol!


New Member
Do any of the groups still need more people? I originally had my character affiliated with the Iron Tundra, but they have a lot of people, so I can just switch her to a group with fewer people cuz she should just fit wherever.

Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds

THE IRON TUNDRA - 6 people
Aleksy Yenin - Leader
Nicholai Milkovich - Lieutenant
Lidia Zhurova - Informant
Viktor Kuznetov - Body Double
Lyosha Yenin - Bodyguard
Veronica Rothchilde - Intermediary

O'HALLORANS - 4-5 people
Connor O'Halloran - Boss
Ada O'Halloran - Spy Master
Lottie O'Neil - Broker/Actress
Dulce Cabreras - Murderdeathkill
O'Halloran Male (WIP)

ANTONELLI'S - 3-4 people
Vincenzo Antonelli - Don
Gloria Goldie - Icon
Emilio Venturi - Drug Dealer
Character by Vale? (WIP)

HIGASHI-GUMI - 3-5 people
Hamada Tenshi - Oyabun
Zhou Shui - Dealer
Lilith Falciani - Assassin (provisional)
Yakuza Lieutenant (WIP)
Medic (WIP)

UNAFFILIATED - 5-6 people
Martin Klint - Serial Killer/Cop
Atlas - Private Investigator
Esme Byrne - Bartender
Astrid Haralson - Coroner
Peggy Falciani - Student
FBI Agent (WIP)

Looks to me like it's evening out now


Shadow Prince
Nicholai can play the piano fairly well.
can play a variety of instruments.
A great singer, though only her family knows this secret.
a surprisingly good pianist and baritone
She's a decent Contralto singer but doesn't sing often enough
Murder School Musical. Death Direction. Murder 5.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a band over here.

Sushi Muncher

Fyuri's Retired BBCultist
Hello everyone.
My name is Sushi. I'm a (twenty years old grill) looking for a (gangster) to sweep me off my feet.
A little info about me: I sometimes roll around in my blanket and pretend I'm a sushi.
I shall have a CS up and running as soon as I am able. Looking forward to RP with y'all!

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