Spoilers Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

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    Where did you guys watch the movie?
    What did you guys think about it?
    What do you think it did well?
    What did you think could've been done better?
    Are you excited for a 3rd season (Alicization Arc is gonna be super hype)?
  2. I can't even find a way to watch it T_T
  3. Yeah, I watched it in theaters, but I dont think any stream has it yet.
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  4. sadly it never came to theaters here
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  5. i haven't seen it yet rip but i think it is coming here soon?? idk i must check
    how was it tho? o: i havent watched sao in ageesss
  6. I saw it in Wilmington, DE USA. It's an hour drive for me and it was completely worth it. I had high expectations for it, and it blew them away. Then when it announced the third season, I cried of happiness inside. I still need to read the novels, but I heard the third season is supposed to be really good.
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  7. Sadly the novels for the supposed 3rd season aren't translated nor are the raw scans (if you can read Nihon-go) on English sites like batoto. So yeah sadly we just gotta wait or go to Japan lol.
  8. The movie is sort of a direct sequel to the Aincrad arc with characters from the other arcs of the series acting more as cameos with like 3 lines each. So as long you know names and what happened in the first 13 episodes you probably don't have to watch through the other 39.
  9. Project Alicization starts at volume 9 of the light novels. It's been translated. 1-12 are linked here: http://lnindiacommunity.blogspot.com/2014/09/sword-art-online-volume-7-12.html?m=1
  10. I personally made my significant other watch the whole series before seeing it. In my opinion, it makes it better because there are certain parts that refer back to old parts in the series, making it much more satisfying to know the stories behind each character.
  11. ahh ye i see. i might rewatch it beforehand then cx turns out it's coming to the uk in april, so i can watch it before exams start uwu
  12. I thought the movie was extremely well done. I enjoyed every moment of it and the plot felt really good. I won't lie, during the big fight at the end I was definitely sprawling some tears and sobbing. It was just overall, very well done. 10/10 would go see it again!
  13. well tbh, SAO screwed up with ALO. And GGO felt irrelevant. But eeeh, I haven't watched the movie, and I have some well...
    'expectations' for season 3
  14. What expectations would those be? If I may ask.

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