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Anime & Manga Sword Art Online: Good or Bad?


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im not a fan of anime in general but i quite liked sao
the concept of it was enough to let me get over its super anime moments

after sword art online/season 1 it was never as good


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Love the premise but hated the characterization and how kirito became the idealized perverted self inserts of anyone who wants a harem...

Hell they got some of the mmo culture right but badly executed the roles and characterization of each and everyone of the cast. The author pretty much made the women in the series either A. Admire Kirito because hes their Hero or B. Dislikes Kirito at first before Falling madly inlove with him regardless of age, relations or even appropriate scenarios.

.Hack series had a better performance than SAO honestly


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I actually started SOA a few days ago and so far it's been pretty good. I love the story, it seems to be moving very fast, at least for now, the characters aren't entirely dull, so it's definitely not bad. But then again, it didn't suck me in entirely. I'd say it's something that I would watch because I have no other thing to watch atm -- not bad, but not making you go crazy over it.
I really liked SAO. Sometimes I'm in the mood for an OP character that just manages to overcome damn near anything and they made Kirito more human because he was affected the friends and companions he lost towards the beginning of the show.

I won't lie and say I think it's the perfect VRMMO anime because I don't think any anime is absolutely perfect. It also doesn't help that becoming trapped in a VRMMO isn't an original idea. .Hack did it way before SAO.

But I loved the story. I loved the love triumphs all theme between Kirito and Asuna. And I liked the music as well. Overall I would say I liked SAO a lot. Enough to watch it at least twice all the way through and I bought the newest movie of it as well

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