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Realistic or Modern Sweetz Café

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Anime, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

Wandering Spirit

Queen of the Damned
Sweetz Café

Welcome to Sweetz Café !

The place where one can come to relax from work, school and anything else that’s been on their mind. With the skilful staff, they can create miracles from only the slightest things. Taking you into a world of sweets. Also offering weekly sandwiches and soups for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. Served with all kinds of beverages to choose from. Events are also organized regularly to keep the place interesting. Such as food trucks, staff dressing up, bento boxes, etc.

Due to the increasing popularity of the café, it put up a poster on one of the windows which said they were hiring people. So maybe, if you are lucky enough, you’ll get chosen of the numerous applicants. Do your best and maybe we’ll see you there !


It’s set in Tokyo, Japan. More precisely in the Harajuku area so many fashionable people pass by here. It’s also one of the hotspots for tourists to visit !


1. Minimum of 300 words.
2. Max. 2 characters per person.
3. Keep the drama out of the ooc.
4. Real life pictures.


> 1/5 males
> 2/5 females

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