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Other Svist's Trash Can - the sequel

Shhh, yesss I know I have another art thread but this is where I'll be posting and such now. The old thread was a tad cluttered (to me, at least!) and I kind of wanted a fresh start! I think half the reason I'm doing this is to be able to see where I need to improve (and if I'm improving any), but also sharing art is really fun even if part of me dies every time I post lmao.

Uhhh, I guess expect both traditional and digital art (though of late I've been doing more of the latter)! I mostly do fanart, both of things I really like and of people's characters.

Also, I really don't expect anyone to, but please don't use anything I post here without permission. Boring text aside, here's some art probably fitting for Oscar the Grouch!

The hair for this character was incredibly fun (yet painful) to do. I would tag the friend the character belongs to, but sadly they aren't on this site <3 If anyone's curious, she's from a Marvel based RP.

A slightly fuzzy (thanks printer) pen drawing I finished today of my character Irvi Tills. I've been slowly trying to work myself up to doing full body drawings and I think this was a good step towards that goal. Also... attempted to do a hand. Truly terrifying. The rp is she is part of is here if anyone is interested!

Something I did in art class a year or so ago of Chester Bennington, kind of as a tribute for his then recent passing. Working with charcoal was really fun and I'm looking forward to working with the medium again!
gross sketch thing of link from BOTW gjabrjbuajg

I'll try coloring it and adding more actual details to it hopefully maybe but been kinda busy of late so *shrUG*



travelling satelite
OO I can see yourself pushing to do full bodies and man that's a real feat. I BELIEVE IN YOU THOUGH. YOU CAN DO THIS!
lil messy sketch of one of my rp children gjanjrby <3 (because i lack the time to... make full on clean pictures... woops)


EDIT: i tried coloring it oh mann

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FORGOT TO POST THIS but I ended up coloring the above picture a coupla weeks ago ^

uhhh I probably shouldn't have tried doing it while my glasses were broken buT it was fun and stress relieving to do anyways <3
also! i hope whoever is reading this is having a wonderful day <3

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