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Pro-Escapist of Reality
Hey there. Yes, another Supernatural post. I honestly haven't watched past season 6 but planning on diving back in. I really want Dean. I can play anyone really that's up to date with season 6. Spoilers are okay, but I'd prefer creating our own plots that are unique outside of Supernatural baseline!

I am semi-literate, I love details. Less length, more details. Drool. But I am not picky just as long as theres effort. Dynamic is everything
I love making it up as we go
Character sheets are fine by me, I'm okay with or without them but it's nice having even a basic sheet just to know in what direction I can nagivate your character.
I understand schedules busy. I am in college, I work and maintain a relationship, social life all that. So don't expect me to reply EVERY hour, but you will get a reply at the very least 4 times a week. Again. That's saying there is A LOT going on.
I am 18+ so I want my partners to be, just for creativity, or even a mature writer. :)


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I saw your post, not sure what character you were wanting specifically but I'd love to rp with you!


،̲،̲ 𝗮𝚗𝗱𝚛𝚎
Andre here - - I'm happy to tell you that I'm very much interested in this roleplay! I am able to play Dean for you, can you play Sam?? I'm a detailed advanced novella, if you're interested feel free to HMU.

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