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Fandom Supernatural (Winchester Brothers RP)

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Action, Adventure, Platonic, Supernatural


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Hello! I’m looking for someone who’s interested in a platonic Sam and Dean roleplay. I don’t have a preference over which brother I play, so take your pick!

I’ve been writing for around 5ish~ years, and tend to write anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs. It really depends on what’s happening in the roleplay. I put a lot of effort into my writing, and try to fill it with as much emotion/detail as possible, as if it were an excerpt from a novel.

I have 3 plots that I’d like to discuss. I would post them here, but the explanations are pretty lengthy. All of these plots take place in the supernatural universe.

This is my first time on here, so I hope I’m doing everything right! :) Contact me if this sparks your interest.

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