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Fandom Supernatural/Voltron/Overwatch/Star Wars, anyone? a one x one search !!

Kemii Lu

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Hello. You can call me Kemii Lu ~ And as you may be able to tell, this is a twin ( trio, now? xD ) search for the CW show Supernatural, the Netflix animated show Voltron the Video Game Overwatch and Star Wars!
I simply love each of these fandoms and I'd really like to find a few partners to role play them with. Yes I realize they may be two very different movies, shows and a game; but I really enjoy them all for their own reasons ~
Obviously this threads a quickie and please don't hold that against me. xD It's just I'd really rather get around to plotting and role playing than spending time on spiffing this up.
With Supernatural I'm right around season 7-8 and with Voltron I'm finished with Season 7; but I'm terrible at keeping myself away from spoilers, and I know pretty much everything that happens.
I prefer to role play over threads though you may be able to convince me to take it to conversations or discord. I'm sorry but I absolutely won't do email or other messengers, though I will chat on them! ( Does anyone even use msn, aim or yahoo any more? Haha.)
I'm pretty ditch friendly, I admit I've done it before. Life happens, and that should always come first. If you're interested in discussing another idea later on, just let me know ~
I'll do canon x canon and canon x oc pairings, I'm fairly equal opportunity when it comes to those. I prefer male slash all the way but with a good plot or if we're doubling I think I could fit in some het or fem slash, too. c ;
I'll do a setting at any point in the show or even an au setting, heck, even modern au voltron could be a lot of fun if done right (or fantasy au Voltron? xo).
I'm not committed with Overwatch lore considering I'm not super up to date myself, I just love the Hero's. <3 And with Supernatural I prefer more Hunter based adventures, before all the apocalypse and Angel stuff.
Also with Star Wars I'm pretty much only interested in the most recent cinematic universe, since while I've seen the older movies, - it's been a while. I don't know anything of any of the animated universe, sorry. 3x
I'd prefer a partner whose literate and laidback at the moment, though I am more than capable of semi literate or advanced literate as well, I just want it to be fun!
So now onto the pairings. PM me if you're interested! c :


Lance x Keith ★★★★★
Lance x Shiro ★★★★★
Keith x Shiro ★★★★
Keith x James ★★★★
James x Kinkaid ( Based off These , Beauties , and Bonus!~ ) ★★★★★ (< 3 , < 3)

Sam x Dean ★★★★★
Sam x Lucifer ★★★★★
Dean x Castiel ★★★★★
Lucifer x Michael ★★★★★
Castiel x Sam ★★★★★
Castiel x Lucifer ★★★★★

Hanzo x McCree ★★★★★
McCree x Genji ★★★★★

Lance x oc ★★★★
James x oc ★★★★★
Shiro x oc ★★★★
Anyone You'd Like x oc

Dean x oc ★★★★
Lucifer x oc ★★★★
Anyone You'd Like x oc

Genji x oc ★★★★
Hanzo x oc ★★★★
Anyone You'd Like x oc

Poe x oc ★★★★
Kylo x oc ★★★★
Anyone You'd Like x oc

Ask about Riverdale, might be interested if you're open for Supernatural elements ~ (Meaning the Supernatural, not the show. xD)
Or Teen Wolf ~ Depending on the plot.

Note; I will stay play characters for you, even if the oc part is bolded. Just means that's also someone I'd like you to play. c :

I have a few different characters I use for both fandoms. I will post them below ~ ! : 3
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Kemii Lu

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Character Profiles

I'll post some of my characters for different series here that I may or may not use. Some parts of their stories are adaptable to crossover series and settings.

Name: [Dakota Lee Coons]
Age: Twenty-Three
Vehicle: Custom 1996 BMW M3 with 300k well worn miles.
Height: 5'10
Gender: Male /Raised eyebrow
Sexuality: Gay, got something to say?
Race: [Human]
Weapons: [Mainly his trusty Heckler & Koch USP though for a little more firepower his Winchester 1887 comes in handy, too. Also has an assortment of hand knives along with other hunting equipment.]
Likes: Warm weather, Scarves, Rock music, Venti coffees, Shooting as a sport, A clean kill and Driving for long periods.
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Anything too sweet, Insects, Arrogant douches, especially of the hunter type. Monsters, especially vampires...The idea of being bitten is scary as fuck. Sleeping, Alcohol and Bad music, in his opinion.
Bio: Dakota is the adopted son of a well meaning middle aged woman of Navajo descent; and the best friend of his late Mother Catherine Coons. He knows very little about his biological parents, only that he was left in the care of his mother as a baby. Most of his growing up was done in the Big Apple which was where his Mother had taken them to avoid her life back home, but every single summer Dakota and his mother would head back to the reservation to spend a month or two with "their" family, and it is these times that he remembers best. There is no history of hunting on either side of his family, at least not in the traditional way. His Step-Grandmother, an old but wise elder of the tribe was a respected medicine woman or to use a less correct term 'Shaman'. Through her years she learned much about the world of monsters and demons and how to ward them off and treat their wounds. Young Dakota often made the day long rounds with his Grandmother to every person in those rural towns on the reservation, helping to administer treatment and take care of the sick.

On one particular visit a man was gravely ill with his skin peeling off and his head thrashing back and forth with a cold sweat. It wasn't long before his Grandma begun to act a little off with the patient and ordered Dakota to grab some water, when he came back into the room the man was up on his feet but thrashing his arms and screaming in a voice that wasn't his own -- with jet black eyes. An odd pentagram-like symbol was drawn on the floor in clay and his Grandma was speaking in a mixture of Latin and Navajo ~ Soon his mouth burst open and a black smoke came flying out before the man dropped to the floor dead.

That was the first time Dakota had ever seen a demon and after that his Grandma didn't hold anything back, knowing there was no way to go back after what he'd witnessed. He begun to learn about the ways his mother's people had fought monsters and demons before the hunters and white men arrived. Soon after these events his mother made the decision to move back to the reservation, with his mother working full time to support them Dakota continued to learn from his Grandma after that and even snuck off the reservation to lurk around Hunter's Dens, where he endeared himself to the owners and passed himself off as a budding hunter, learning from them too.

At the age of nineteen working with his Grandma like any other day -- they were preparing to head out on rounds when someone walked in, complaining about a headache. When she turned to grab some medicine his eyes turned black and before Dakota could say or do anything he'd grabbed her by the neck ~ And Dakota watched as the life drained out of her eyes. He grabbed a blessed knife and thrust the knife into the demons back. Screaming but still alive he turned and threw Dakota into the wall with a laugh before kneeling down eye to eye to say that this wasn't the first time him and Dakota had met before leaving.

The police and local news stations covered it as a lunatic who'd decided to go and murder a respected elder on a whim for attention. But Dakota knew better. Day's later they'd found the body of the man in the middle of a forest ~ And assumed he'd simply bled out from the wound. Fear soon turned to anger, and after holing himself away at a local hunters den for the next few days he knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to become a hunter, a monster killer ~ And take as many of the bastards as he could off the face of the earth.
Personality: Dakota is a fairly mellow and easy going person as far as life goes. He doesn't like to get into arguments with other hunters and avoids conflict at all costs. Though he mostly travels alone, he loves to learn new hunting techniques from other hunters and get's quite excited when it comes to learning about new ways to kill a monster. Dakota is fairly handy when it comes to making do with what he has, and has had to learn how to be clever with limited resources. Dakota can be a little socially naive since he never hung out with people his age really growing up, since he wasn't really Navajo the boys use to pick on him -- though he does enjoy the company of others.

Plus another pic of Pakku ~

Name: Kohaku 'Ko' Kuzunoha
Age: 24
Eyes: Fox-Like and glow with an amber aura in the dark.
Height: 5'8

Unique Appearance: In addition to his fox like eyes, Ko usually has red face paint under his eyes and black lines that look like whiskers on his cheeks, the traditional marks of his family.
The third youngest son of the Kuzunoha Ninja Clan, Ko was a sweet and kind hearted young boy growing up whom loved to play sword-fight with his older brother and sneak out of the family compound with his fox familiar, Pakku.
The Kuzunoha clan are well known throughout the criminal underworld for their assassination services having never been caught nor failed a mission. The first time Ko was forced to take a life in defense of his brother during a mission he was only twelve, the young boy returned home only to seclude himself in his room for days not even summoning his familiar to comfort him.
Shortly thereafter the Kuzunoha were summoned to assist a much larger clan called the Shimada with a problem they were having with a rival clan. Ko was forced by his father to accompany his older brother on the mission despite his protests. During his time with the Shimada family Ko took a particular interest in an older boy named Genji often following him around and watching him train with fascination. One day while Genji was training he called out to the young concealed ninja who thought he was so cleverly hidden and invited him to train with him "let's see what you've learned watching me, fox boy". The two spent much time together in the time following, Ko often sneaking out with Genji to explore the city and try many new things. Genji taught him that you could both make your family proud and still be true to yourself, a lesson he took back home with him even if he never met the green haired ninja again.

Years later and shortly after the Omnic crisis as the former days of glory for Overwatch passed to make way for scandal and accusations of human rights abuses and corruption, Ko was given a mission by a secretive group whom put up a large amount of money upfront for it to be carried out. In truth this mission was a sting operation by the corrupted Blackwatch group and Ko was caught off guard and kidnapped, thereafter being subjected to days and weeks of torture under the guise of intensive 'interrogation' in order to extract information on his family members and their operations.

While the steely willed boy managed to hold his own for as long as possible and even attempted to take his own life, - even the strongest have a breaking point. With the information of their compound, operating locations and major family members in hand Blackwatch was ordered to conduct a full assault on the Kuzunoha Ninja Clan and in the ensuing battle there were hundreds of casualties including many innocent family servants and civilians in the surrounding town. What became known as the 'Kagoshima Incident' was international news and a leading reason for Japan to support the Petras Act that outlawed Overwatch.

Ko managed to escape shortly after the battle of Kagoshima though there was little for him to go back to. After being held captive and undergoing intense torture by the hands of Blackwatch and with his family now dead; Ko's personality changed drastically. He now cared little for the future pledging to crush those whom had taken his family from him. Ko was still capable of showing his gentle nature in front of people he cared about, but instantly turned merciless against his enemies. He yearned for the strength and power to achieve revenge and blamed his own weakness for what happened to his family, therefore becoming more arrogant and cold inside.

Ko begun to believe that the world as it was should no longer exist and when he heard that Overwatch was being reformed a rage grew inside him. The now skilled and underworld famous assassin was contacted by Talon and offered the chance to exact his revenge by becoming a spy for them, and while Ko had little trust for Reaper or Talon he considered them a means to an end, accepting their offer to join with his eyes set on the destruction of Overwatch once and for all.


Weapons / Abilities: Ko specializes in the use of modified tanto, - traditional Japanese knife weapons. He has multiple blades on him at any time with his families seal. He can use them offensively as projectiles, or raise them from the ground and send them flying to impale his opponents. He can also use the blades defensively by forming a shield around himself or others.

Using a prototype teleportation technology from the Vishkar corporation, he can instantly move to any location of anything marked with a special tanto of his. He can even bring others with him, though it's extremely exhausting as the modified tanto use his own energy to transport people and things.

Ko also wields the sword of his deceased older brother when necessary, Raijin. The sword is modified to flow with electricity and can even be used to send bolts of electrically charged currents at foes from a distance.

Finally, Ko can summon his familiar, Pakku, at will - a skill passed down along his family line for generations. Pakku has two forms, one in which he isn't much larger than a regular small fox and another in which Ko can quite literally ride his familiar if needed as Pakku transforms to the size of a large bear.

Ko can also call upon Pakku to 'become one' with him in which both Pakku and Ko join their spirits and fight together. During this time Ko grow's fox like whiskers, ears and tail and his hands be come more 'fox' like while his canine teeth get much sharper and all his senses become exceptionally enhanced including his sight, hearing and speed. This is exceptionally tiring on him and the effects (and appearance) of this don't wear off for days and sometimes up to a week ~

Name: Eran QilCil
Age: 18
Eran has a tall, lithe build which is common among Men in his noble line. His face is accented by sharp features with soft lines, and he has soft pure white medium length hair like his mother. Like many royal Altean Alchemists in the empire he has many golden piercings along his ears and can often be seen wearing much golden jewelry which act as ‘amplifiers’ for his alchemic abilities and quintessence.
Abilities: High-level Altean alchemy, particularly in time warping, healing and elemental control. Lengthened life span. Ability to shape shift (Altean ability). Skilled swordsman as most Nobles in the Altean empire are.
Short Bio: The Great-Grandson of the late Empress Allura, Eran was recognized as an Alchemic prodigy early on in his childhood. Hailed as perhaps one of the best Alchemist’s of his time and a possible future Emperor, Eran began to question the Emperor’s judgment when he was sent to lead a mission and conquer a planet on the far reaches of the empire ~ The mission went terribly wrong and resulted in the deaths of many innocent people. The young Prince was never the same afterward, and after a staged kidnapping by the Gun’s of Gamora he fled Altea and vowed to fight the Altean Empire and its cruel methods of persecution in whatever way possible. Nevertheless, a Prince without a Kingdom can only do so much.
Personality: Having grown up with many tutors who taught him to represent his culture and people with dignity — Eran was brought up very strictly, and only very rarely allowed to have fun as a child. He isn’t very warm to open up to people, but despite this is loyal to a fault and very protective of those he cares about.

Name: Peter Richard Calhoun
Age: 17
Height: 5'8
Gender: Male (he/him)
Sexuality: Pansexual (closeted and questioning in canon present verse; identifies as pan later on, but for right now he’s questioning)
Residence: Riverdale, USA. Northside
Family: Janine Calhoun (mother), Mark Calhoun (father), Minerva “Minnie” Calhoun (oldest sister), Nora Calhoun (second oldest sister), April Calhoun (youngest sister)

Bio: The second youngest and only boy born to Janine and Mark Calhoun, Peter is a quiet, reserved boy. He’s very nervous, but curious. He doesn’t like to get involved in the scandals of Riverdale, but he does like to observe them. Tends to stay in the shadows. Because of everything going on, he is immensely protective of April (as she’s not even 1), and Minnie is immensely protective of all her younger siblings. Very awkward at first, but a sweet boy. His parents almost seem to ignore everything that goes on in Riverdale unless it involves them, which causes the siblings a great deal of stress. He can play the guitar and has a cat named Paisley, and Minnie has a shih tzu puppy named Daisy.
Despite maintaining a low profile, - the Calhouns are one of the most powerful families in Riverdale, some say the most powerful since the fall of the Blossoms. However they prefer to exert their control from the shadows. The young Calhoun children are all kept to very strict standards in terms of their academic performance and extracurriculars, including Peter who is involved in the soccer team, and was on the lacrosse team until an incident that involved him being bullied and getting into a fight.
The Calhoun family are unknown to the great many capable of things that normal humans are not, -- call them what you will (warlocks, witches, monsters, demons) Janine and Mark Calhoun have done their best to keep their abilities under wraps, but rumors still swirl. (still a wip)
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