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Elijah was relieved to hear that Chase hadn't been explicitly sent to do Ashley-May's dirty work... though he'd be surprised if that wasn't precisely what his girlfriend had wanted by broaching the subject with him in the first place. As the wolf mentioned compromise, he arched an eyebrow. "How do you mean?" he asked, following him toward the kitchen. "Somehow I don't think Ash would be satisfied with us getting a puppy," he said lightly.

Not a moment later, Mackenzie appeared in the threshold and promptly sussed out their topic of conversation. Eli watched, dumbfounded, as she spoke. "Et tu, Brute?" he murmured under his breath. It even took him a moment to be able to collect the platter from her. The tiny hunter had been suspiciously quiet about he and Ash's argument all this time, despite being Ashley-May's closest friend. In truth, however, Eli had always assumed Mac would take his side as a legacy and assume the natural precariousness of trying to raise children and keep them safe on the road.

Eli turned to deposit the platter onto the table, swinging back toward the kitchen door to give Mackenzie some kind of retort only to see that the redhead had returned once again with more food and instructions for him and Chase to not be so grim. As he helped her deposit the items, Elijah shook his head in disbelief. "Bloody hell, Mac. I can't decide if that's the most optimistic thing I've heard you say or the most nihilistic. Will is a bad influence. Look at the state of you." He glanced over towards Chase, gesturing towards Mackenzie. "She's gone all Zen ever since he knocked you up," he teased, his voice lighthearted. He reached out to swipe a grilled veggie and pop it into his mouth. "What happened to the emotionally maladjusted, murder-happy hunter who threatened to end me while I was crippled in a hospital bed?" he asked while chewing.

He swallowed and sighed, his tone now somber and serious. "I'll not be responsible for bringing more children into this world and the life we lead now, with Adam looming over the horizon. Trust me when I say it's not my happiness or my tomorrow that I'm concerned with."

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The man smiled back at Will, which did little to settle his unease at not being able to remember just who the hell he was. Ashley-May remarked that Mackenzie certainly would have a say on the matter... which was an understatement if he knew his wife. She would tolerate strangers at her dinner table just fine, so long as they seemed above board. But a strangers who seemed vaguely familiar to each of them loitering around the Inn... that would be a mystery she'd want to crack.

He dismissed the thoughts as he spotted Addy and Morgan speaking to another newcomer -- this man not at all familiar -- and Brody closer by. Will cocked his head, watching intently. The expression and body language from his friends didn't suggest casual ease. Once Brody explained the situation, the reason became clear. He had felt... something faint several minutes ago, like a spider feeling vibrations on its web his Grace had detected what he could only assume was the spell this stranger had cast on Brody. William cursed himself for not investigating the stimulus when it happened, for letting his mind dismiss it out of hand and trusting their wards so carelessly.

However, that was in the past now. Seeing Brody's very current embarrassment at having cursed in front of his niece and a boy he occasionally doted on like his own nephew, Will simply chuckled. "They've both heard worse. Let's keep an eye on our new guest, shall we?" he suggested before making his way past Brody into the restaurant. "Let's go find Mama, huh? See what she fixed us for supper," he cooed to Skye.


Chase Keaton

Chase grinned at the question, "That's for you to figure out. I'm just offering the promising Keaton advice is all." Chase winked at the man, turning to find Mackenzie bursting into the room. Offering her own take, clearly they hadn't been very subtle on the conversation's topic. Abruptly a platter was shoved into his hands as the woman started speaking with Elijah, and Chase took the hint. Wandering over to the table to set what he had on the table whilst she said what she needed to. Though as he returned his mouth went agape in an overdramatic fashion at being called pessimistic, but it faded as she continued to speak afterwards. Her words hit a little too home, "Ash works fast huh." His words a bit sheepish at the thought that Ashley had spoken to Mackenzie about what the reservations he'd spoken to her about. What Mac said wasn't wrong yet it was more than that even though Chase couldn't exactly pinpoint it.

Though he mused at Elijah's light-hearted retaliation. "And sent me into a den of wolves." He added onto the banter, nodding his head with a smile to affirm. But turned towards the other man as the tone shifted, it was an understandable position as far as Chase was concerned. Both Elijah and Ashley had their reasons, and he wasn't one to go telling either one of them they were wrong.
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Charlie, the Silk MagicianPage of Cups

...Man, this is a hard audience, isn't it?! Charlie was being his best self and introducing with some charming jokes and a little bit of a flair, like usual, and he's received with the most unappealing stares and stiff statements!... In fact, speaking of his introductions, that's usually what happened thus far across the States, is fun outlawed around here or something?! Not like it was any different back home, but still! It was kinda different... Sometimes...
Charlie wasn't being annoying though! He's being super friendly and entertaining!

In other news! Tough guy leaving! Hope he's ok, Charlie didn't mean to hurt him too much even though it was kinda funny.
Two gals still here and talking, one seems a little bit more open to his antics while one seems a LOT more against them.
Seems like he's getting a room though!... It's a little sad that he's gonna be suppressing his tricks, but it should be manageable!
If Charlie's correct, what he could find might be better than any trick he could pull off.

"Hmm... It's an alright from me! I think I can pull my end of the deal!" Charlie happily and firmly nodded, his hands positioning themselves on his hips as he puffed his chest out, trying to seem satisfied, completely ignoring their complaints, if a joke didn't work, you pretend it doesn't exist in the first place. "...Gotta say that the no magic thing might be a little bit harsh for me and you though, if you plug an everlasting flow of liquid, it will eventually blast in a much more powerful force... Though I assume you mean affecting other people with it, which, as I have said, is fine by me!" One of his hands shot up towards the two, pointing upwards as a stern expression formed... Until his hand formed an open-handed motion towards them, smiling cheekily.

"So! Morgs and Addy-" His gaze pointed towards them both as his open hands reached forward, as if offering a handshake, already calling them by nickname.
"It truly is a pleasure to meet you!" Charlie brightly grinned, his teeth might be a little dirty, but that's fine! He's sure this meeting will be one for the books. "...Ooooh, serving! Is there a free table for a starving guy like me?"

NanLia NanLia Safton Safton

Quietly, guided by instructions he did not fully understand, a stranger was approaching the motel. He wore jeans, marching boots, a white shirt and a dark leather jacket. A large backpack was slung across his back, and bulged as if it was packed to bursting. The stranger was young, tall and heavily built. Travelstained with dust and looking weary, he had the look of a cross-country backpacker. Nothing about him stood out particularly at a mere glance, but to those who were sensitive to supernatural presences, it was clear that he was not normal.

There was the sense of a great, unbridled power, that lay latent and mostly asleep, akin to a slumbering dragon. There was something about it, that seemed wrought akin to a storm building out at sea, slowly rolling inwards toward a jagged coastline, yet had not yet grown into a raging thunderstorm. It was distinctly pagan, old in nature akin to an oak that had stood for centuries, deeply rooted in the earth... Yet at the same time it did not seem ancient. In parts, it seemed rather human.

The stranger, frowning slightly at the motel sign, advanced towards a door that he had at once seen before, yet had never laid eyes upon. Lights blazing from a window, voices within. The one place he hoped to find answers in, and thrice, he knocked upon the door that held one that his father had grown to trust...

Safton Safton NanLia NanLia Crono Crono

Morgan sighed with relief as it seemed that Charlie, as it turned out was his name, was at least willing to listen to her terms for him staying at the Inn temporarily. “It’s nice to meet you too, and yes - we have more than enough room for another person for dinner; I'll have another table set up for you for dinner.” That was at least the truth; she was thankful for another guest at the Inn. “Let’s go then,” She said, clutching her notebook to her chest as she turned to lead their guest and Addy back towards the main office.

She was surprised to find that Brody was no longer posted at the doorway and she wondered what would have drawn his attention elsewhere but she guessed it must have been important. She opened the office door and waved Charlie and Addy inside. "We have a set menu for dinner, it's whatever our ... chef decides to make for the day. As for accommodations we have rooms with a kitchenette or just regular rooms. Laundry on side, the pool is open starting tomorrow and we're not too far from the town over."
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Ashley-May followed Will into the restaurant with Brody behind her, the big wolf cooing at Liam as her son called back over her shoulder. With a quick glance to the three already waiting for them she could feel the tension between them and she could only hope she wasn’t the subject that had created it. Mac seemed to be well on her way to being drunk - not a new thing since leaving Vitae; her drinking had become more common and she wanted to broach the topic with Will but never had the time.

“We’ve got two hungry eating machines.” She called, plastering on a smile in the hope of breaking the awkward silence between the Trio. “And the kids.”
Crono Crono


Brody was relieved to hear Will dismiss his cursing - he did his best not to be the bad influence; he didn't doubt that Mac didn't temper her vocabulary around the kids but he still felt that there were some things they shouldn't hear .. at least not before they knew it was wrong to say. He murmured at Liam as the boy squee'd back at him but lingered behind as Ash and Will made their way into the dinning area. He wanted to go back out and check on Morgan and Addy with the new guy - when he had left it looked like they had a handle on it, even if he still wanted to wring the guys neck. Part of him considered still telling Mac about the incident, even if it was 'innocent' but seeing her with Will and Skye he decided to keep his mouth shut.

He frowned as he heard a knock at the door to the restaurant, glancing back to the confused faces by the tables; no one knocked here, even in the short few weeks he'd been back with Morgan; he hadn't from the first day. "Maybe it's the weirdo." He grumbled to himself as he pulled the door open surprised to be face to face with a tall stranger. "Uh, hi?"


Mackenzie raised an eyebrow at Elijah's scathing commentary, she shrugged it off - maybe she was both nihilistic and optimistic all at once? She didn't want to get into it further with him, plus Chase quickly turned the table on her mentioned the one and only time she'd ever put his life at risk. "I'll kindly remind you of our Doc Benton hunt when you nearly died to a hex bag and I saved your ass too, thanks."

There wasn't an opportunity - thankfully, for either to counter her at this point as Ash, Will and Brody arrived with the kids. She smirked at Ash's comment, knowing it was very true; she had never once considered how much people could put away until she was responsible for trying to feed them all. "Good thing I made extra." For hours now she'd had a light buzzing in the back of her skull; she had chalked it up to the wine and just not drinking it fast enough to get ahead of the inevitable headache that came with drinking but over the past few minutes it had grown strong and stronger.

She turned to look at the door as, almost everyone else did too at the knock. The door opened and she knew immediately the buzz wasn't from the drink ... "It's a god." she hissed, feeling adrenaline race to her heart. She raced through the dinning area towards the front register and stumbling behind it. Beneath the counter she slipped free her bronze knife, keeping it in hand but concealed below the counter. "What are you doing here." She growled at the god who still stood, looking rather stunned, in the doorway.
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Eli Looking Up.jpg

Elijah chuckled at the continued banter between Chase and Mackenzie, knowing better than to speak more now that he had managed to turn them against one another. He wasn't able to enjoy the moment for long before William, Ashley-May, and Brody barged in -- along with the aforementioned "gremlins". Immediately he stopped what he was doing to head over to Ash's side, planting a kiss on her cheek before reaching out to take Liam from her arms, hefting him up. "Hullo there, scamp. How was your nap? Are you ready for some supper?" he cooed.

William 2.jpg
William stepped into the kitchen, smiling upon hearing that Mackenzie state that she had made extra for the "unexpected company". He approached her, opening his mouth to reply when he noted the nearby bottle of wine and felt her intoxication through their link and pursed his lips. Mac had never been one to shy away from alcohol, but in the past few weeks her drinking had steadily increased and any attempts by Will to broach the subject with her had been steadily deflected by her. Will began formulating a plan to surreptitiously dispose of the bottle and whatever wine might remain in it when he felt a presence drawing near -- an intense humming sensation that made his Grace flare up in alarm.

He saw Brody moving toward the door and he held out one arm to stop the man -- to no avail. The door swung open and Will saw a figure standing on the other side, framed against the low evening sunlight. He looked... more than familiar. And the power that radiated from him certainly felt familiar, though in much the same way getting shocked by static electricity felt vaguely like getting hit with a Taser. William saw a flash of movement as Mackenzie dove for the counter, brandishing a bronze knife at the stranger. Will turned towards Ash, carefully handing Skye off to her before approaching Mac. "It's not Thor or Hypnos," he said, cautiously -- his tone neutral as he stepped protectively between his wife and the newcomer, laying a gentle hand on Mac's wrist. "Doesn't feel like them." He turned his attention fully on the young man. "Which begs the question: who are you?"

Adelaide nearly let out a sigh of relief when Charlie not only agreed to their terms, but seemed interested in a meal. Her sigh very nearly became a wince as she imagined the magician rubbing shoulders with their chef... that could only end one or two ways. None of them positive. However, she followed Morgan's lead -- the woman was the manager, after all -- as they walked back towards the restaurant. She listened idly as she laid out the "speech" for most new arrivals, only for them to stop in their tracks as they realized that the entrance was occupied by a tall, broad man with their back turned to them. Addy hadn't seen him arrive and she didn't recognize him as having already been staying here... but more than that, she felt something emanating from his form.

Something she hadn't felt in some time.


Charlie, the Silk MagicianFive of Swords

Things seemed to be going well! The two ladies don't look AS threatened and mostly irritated with Charlie now, they seem more calm even! And he now is heading towards having a room around here! Honestly, best thing that could've happened to him! Hell, it's the polar opposites of what he thought was about to happen!
This night's gonna be one of sleeping soundly and not the eternal kind of slumber, that's a win on his book!

"Ooooh, if that's how things are with food, bet me and the chef are gonna be golden! Love someone who's like that!" He giddily clapped, taking some time to get his own stuff together and followed the duo soon after, looking forward to things. Charlie's interest is keeping in mind that particular chef too, you don't find someone like yourself usually... But one finds that the usual is the unique in a life like this. As for the further insight on the hotel itself, Charlie should probably not be on the kitchen-thing or he'll end up blowing things up somehow... Laundry doesn't really matter to him, but the pool sounds super fun! Most importantly though, he's in, an important step to figuring things out... To see if he has hit a wall or if there's finally a trail to a target that always changes.

"...Oh?" Charlie appears to have been upstaged as it seems the Inn is receiving yet another peculiar creature within it's halls other than a magician like him... It's easy to recognize a power when you see it, and so, his eyebrow raised, stopping his steps as well...
Doesn't seem to be familiar unfortunately, so chances are, this isn't what Charlie's looking for... That doesn't mean this isn't intriguing though! Power is always fun to look into, no matter how weak... Or how dangerous and foreboding it could be.
But hey! Charlie might just need to break a rule before even entering the damn hotel because of an unforeseen development! It's still exciting!

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Kyle watched as more people seemed to disappear into the restaurant portion, and he shuffled his feet slightly as dread kicked in. He was going to have to walk through those doors himself if he wanted to get something to eat anytime soon. Then again... Was he even that hungry?

His stomach grumbled, cutting his thoughts off. He sighed in defeat, folded his knife, slipping it back in his pocket. He simultaneously tossed his can on the ground and crushed it, making sure to pick it up and toss it over his shoulder into the passenger floorboard. It made a pathetic clink against the accumulation of cans, fast food wrappers, and a random pair of beat up shoes. Huh. Could've sworn he tossed them ages ago. Eh. He'll deal with it later. First, food.

Entering the restaurant portion didn't help calm his nerves. There was a sort of commotion near the door, which Kyle wanted nothing to do with. Judging by the hostility he heard when coming in, there was some bad blood between the man and cashier. Quietly slipping past them, he stood just out of the way, trying desperately to blend into the wallpaper. The way his luck was going, he wished he had just slept in his truck another night and lived with the stale river smell.

Erik blinked as he caught snippets of words from within, evidently somewhat taken aback at the reception. He had been about to answer Brody, when he caught Mackenzie's words. His voice was calm but there was a hint of nervousness about it, as though he realised the precariousness of the situation, the young man raising his hands in a gesture to show he meant them no harm "Only half-right, I am afraid." At William's words, his eyes snapped over to the Nephilim. The young man gazed at him, and something akin to a spark of recognition passed between them, the young man sensing that there was more to William than met the eye. Evidently, his words had surprised him in a manner that the claim that he was a god had not. He asked "You know my father?" Gazing around, having the air of a man that had something difficult to say, and just wished to get to the point.

"Look, I get how this sounds, but I'll hazard a guess by your reaction that I'm not the weirdest thing to show up. I'm Erik and... I'm the son of Thor. I'm looking for a man called Elijah." His voice was deep, and had an inner force to it, though one that was coupled with relative inexperience of youth, lacking the assurity that only age could bring. There was a hint of a germanic accent to it.

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Chase Keaton

Chase nearly shivered at the reminder of the hex bag incident. It had probably been some of the worst pain he'd ever been in physically, and had taken it's toll on him in the weeks after. If nothing else it made him a bit more cautious when going after the really nutty variety that might know how to put hex bag's into play. "Fair enough." He replied without rebuttal, turning his attention to Ash and her retinue in tow with a smile. "I promise I'm potty trained." He joked, in an attempt to twist the woman's words even further than she'd done herself.

Though everyone's attention was soon drawn to the door, and Mac's call out. Tension wasn't really optional when a god was involved, not since he'd first stopped in Vitae. Just about any and all of those incidents was nearly a catastrophe for someone or other. Chase opted to remain where he stood though, given Brody and Will were already at the door. He simply crossed his arms over his chest and listened from across the room, noting the fact that others seemed to be lining up behind the stranger. A select few he didn't recognize, turning his head towards Ash he nodded towards the entryway. "How many guests do you guys have currently?" He asked, unsure of who might be already checked in and who were the complete strangers.​
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Morgan put on a smile; she wasn't certain Mackenzie would feel the same way about Charlie but she wasn't going to try and stop the man - he'd deserve whatever he got from Mac if he decided to push her too much. She trusted that Mac wouldn't kill him but maybe he was in need of a good maiming to teach him a lesson about casting spellings on bystanders. She wouldn't lie; the idea of Mac maiming him bemused her more than a little bit, even if he was a customer.

She moved through the transaction quickly, giving Charlie the keys to his room in the same block as their other guest and a map of the facilities. Given he was much more powerful than Addy was she doubted he'd have much use of them but it was a package deal all the same. "I'll get you a table set up for dinner and a place for breakfast as well."
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Mackenzie bit back every urge within her to attach the god standing in the doorway of their restaurant. Every fiber of her being screamed as killing him; if the others were gone, dead or in hiding he had to be working with Adam and his children - how else could he have survived?! She clutched the dagger in her fist until her knuckles were white, glaring at the man as he explained himself.

Dark eyes trailed yet another newcomer as he slipped past the god and made his way to an empty table waiting to be served. Something about him was also very familiar but she could only deal with one problem at a time. She slipped the bronze dagger into the band of her shorts wanting to keep it close but she still had a business to run. She grabbed a clean plate and a set of wrapped cutlery from beneath the hostess desk and moved back through the restaurant to where the new guest had seated himself. She nearly tripped as the god asked for Elijah but she bit her lip to keep herself quite. She wasn't about to reveal Davenport's presence and risk him or anyone else.

She set the cutlery on the table. "Any dietary restrictions?" She asked the guest; while she didn't make customer orders for any meal - what she made was what was available - she knew every ingredient in every recipe and could avoid giving someone something they couldn't or didn't want to eat.
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Ashley-May smiled watching Elijah take on Liam and coo at him it was behavior like this that made her not only want another baby but made her believe that Elijah did too. She took up Skye as Will handed her off, frowning at the doorway as a man came in and flustered Mackenzie. She hadn't see her partner this up in arms in months; Ash knew better than to try and get directly involved - Will and Brody were already on the case and would (hopefully) handle whatever it was Mac wasn't happy about.

She shook her head at Chase's question. "I had thought one and then saw Morgan with another just before coming in. But I guess three?" She was careful not to say more; if their visitors were civilians unaware of the supernatural the last thing she needed was to bring closed off hunters down on their heads. She set Skye down in one of the two highchairs, standing behind it and between the strangers and the little girl. Even if the others could handle this Ash wasn't as naïve as she once had been. She reached over the table to grab a dinner roll, splitting it up to drop on the highchair tray to keep the hungry girl busy. "How long until Emile joins us?"
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Adelaide barely managed to stifle a laugh as Charlie expressed his excitement to meet the chef with the expectation that the two of them would get along wonderfully, but didn't comment on it. She was content to let the man discover otherwise at his own peril. Besides, she was more concerned with the presence she was sensing from the kitchen. She eyed Morgan silently, cocking her head -- curious if she (or their visiting magician, for that matter) had picked up on it as well.

William 2.jpg
William cocked his head as the newcomer got around to revealing who -- and what -- he was. "I'm William," he said quietly. As gods went, Thor had been the one of the few that their motley crew had benefited from knowing and working with. He knew there was a chance that this stranger was lying, but doubted it: the young man acted the age he appeared and nothing in his demeanor suggested deception. The aura he gave off felt similar in nature to what Will remembered from the Norse god, even if reduced in intensity.

Will didn't react outwardly as Erik asked after Eli. He wasn't ready to throw his friend out to him without knowing a bit more about his sudden appearance. "Why don't you clarify exactly what it is we can help you with?" he asked, hoping to deflect the conversation.

Elijah 4.jpg
Elijah stiffened as he heard the stranger reveal his identity... before speaking his name. Eli was convinced that any trace of his impromptu patron had been scoured from the planet by Adam. To have his son turn up... that was new. He pursed his lips, leaning down to set Liam in his highchair alongside Skye before stepping up alongside William. "It's all right, Will," he said quietly before nodding to Erik. "I'm Elijah. I knew your father well. I had the privilege of his friendship," he said, his tone slightly somber.

He looked the young man up and down. "A Demi-God... I must admit, that's a first, even for me."


Something like recognition seemed to flash in Erik's eyes as he saw Elijah, words caught in his throat for a moment, before the young man's eyes turned back to William. Erik was somewhat surprised at the readiness with which these people had accepted the truths behind his origin, though the visions he had received made all the more sense when Elijah stated that they had once known eachother. The bonds that tied both Erik and Elijah to the Norse God, seemed to resonate faintly in their proximity "I... I don't know exactly, my condition, if you can call it that... Isn't exactly something you can ask a doctor about. Its growing as I get older, maturing, and I haven't seen my father for over a year and he was never the most present to begin with. And since its only been getting stronger. I had some visions a few months back but that's been it, they showed me you and where to look."

As though casting around for words to describe his problem, he stated simply "I short-circuited a TV by touching it last week, and last time I got pissed, several streetlights exploded. I can't fully control this god-thing. Being strong, I can handle, not being an electrical conduit of some kind. My father said he'd show me how when the time came, but now he isn't here and whereever he's gone off to its beyond where I can call a phone number. I'm loose like some walking EMP, I don't want someone to get hurt. I was hoping you could help." The young man's voice rose slightly as he described his plight, and though he kept his composure, the underlying stress of the last few months were evident.

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Charlie, the Silk MagicianTwo of Swords

There you have it! Charlie is officially a proud customer of the Mountaineer Inn! Isn't that neat? He now has some right to loiter around the hotel, he did pay for his stay here now, after all!... It did make him a little bit iffy to use his cash, maybe not as limited as many would consider given what other people would think about the magician, but again... Something's up around here, it's hard to explain, perhaps it's a particular memory close to unveiling itself across Plato's world of thought or perhaps it's a trail just barely visible to his senses, he could spend all day making speculations about just what that feeling is, but Charlie isn't one to let things go, momentarily perhaps, but he keeps his perceptions!

"Aaalright! I'll check out my room for a minute and deal with my usual shenanigans, harmless, of course!... Air smells little funky, if I waltz in there, I may as well be igniting an explosion, won't I?" Laughter sounded soon after his induction considering what his guts is telling him... Maybe both Charlie and the Inn itself need to decompress the dancing eclectic energies within, hm? "I assume you'll have quite a deal to solve! Heheh! Looking forward to breakfast!" And thus, Charlie exists stage left... Or maybe right- I mean, left- Oh, pfft, not there, this way! Misdirections aside, the magician leaves for his room in his lonesome, leaving his introduction to the Inn for it's employees to ponder.

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Chase moved when Ash did, lingering nearby as she and Eli set Skye and Liam in their seats. The answer to his question only made things more curious. A sudden uptick in guests? Was it always like this or was there more to it? Chase knew that paranoid thought process was a hole he wouldn't climb out of. Still, the one who took a seat at a table looked vaguely familiar, and the other was proclaiming to be the son of Thor. Something Chase was inclined to believe the young man given the fact that he felt the hair on the back of his neck standing on end, he could practically feel the static tingle in the air. It was difficult to not listen into the conversation even from across the room given his heightened hearing. He registered Ash's question on some level, but stayed silent with his attention drawn to the other conversation.

It was difficult for the Werewolf not to sympathize with the demi-god's words, an understanding from a similar experience of his own. Having your body completely betray you, and being forced to learn to control yourself and your emotions. Well, let's just say puberty hadn't been fun. But Joe had been there to get him through it. Finally Chase turned his head to see Ash looking at him expectantly and he flashed her a sheepish apologetic smile, "A few days, at most a week. Depends on how the weather and the traffic treats him on the way down."

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Kyle sat at an empty table, attempting to keep everyone in his eyesight. He struggled to keep from rolling his eyes at the conversation happening in the same room as him. Granted he only caught snippets, but could still got the gist of it. He drummed his fingers atop the table, humming softly as his mind raced. "Of course. Life can't let me be, I just  have to happen across a supernatural halfway house." His humming faltered as his fingers stilled, realization (or at least an assumption) dawning. He had to have walked right into an active hunt. That would explain the hunter he recognized, and the supernaturals walking in. Now he didn't know wether to leave or stay.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a question. Glancing from the small, but seemingly growing, group to the woman who addressed him, he gave a sheepish, yet mildly cocky grin. "Not unless the cook has a habit of frying up arachnids." Ok, he makes bad jokes when he's stressed, sue him.

NanLia NanLia
Morgan kept a passive pleasant smile as Charlie burbled his excitement about both the room and then the meal to follow. She nodded but said nothing as the man exited the office and headed down the sidewalk towards his room. Only when she was absolutely certain he couldn't hear her she sighed with relief casting a glance at Adelaide for the first time since she'd joined her and Brody at the edge of the property.

"How long do you think it'll take for one of the Cannonach's to kill him?" Really, she thought it was an even split between Brody or Mackenzie, depending on the day and just what the magician decided to get up to.
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Brody frowned at the interaction between Thorson, Elijah and William. He hadn't much in the way of knowledge about the former pagan god; they'd never interacted personally while in Vitae together and Brody knew that Thor had made promises to save the people of Vitae when they thought the pack had sought to kill them. He kept a close eye as the young demi-god went on to explain his plight to Elijah not wanting to distance himself too much; the Brit might trust the newcomer for what he was Brody was far more skeptical.

Even know he could feel the tension rolling off of Mackenzie as she went about serving the newest guest; even at this distance he could sense just how ready she was to act if need be. He hadn't seen her like this in months; he daresay maybe not even since the early days of Vitae.

Mackenzie frowned at the new guest as he mentioned not liking spiders. She thought the whole thing more than a little odd as she couldn't tell, for a moment, if he were joking or serious. "Right." She started but paused, dark eyes roaming his face. "Why do I know you?" She asked but truly didn't expect an answer from him. She glanced back to Ash and Chase, neither seeming to notice him and she wondered for a minute if maybe she was wrong? Maybe she was over sensitive because of the sudden appearance of the demi-god and it was triggering her? "Were you in Vitae?"
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Ashley-May nodded and smiled, uncertain if the space between Chase and Emile now was a good thing or a bad thing. She knew that she didn't like being apart from Eli for any length of time; he was her other half and frankly he best friend and when he was away she always felt lonely, even if she wasn't alone. She knew that Mac wasn't nearly as co-dependant on her husband and while Mac still missed Will while he was gone, she didn't seem to suffer as much as Ash did.

"That's good." She offered instead, not wanting to tread on either side of how he might be feeling about it all. "You'll have a few days to get everything settled before he gets in." She smirked. "And then we can have another feast - I'm sure Mac won't mind making another, you should give her a list of his favourite foods."
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Adelaide watched Charlie disappear into his room, exhaling slowly as if a weight had been lifted from her chest -- though whatever was going on with the restaurant still glowed strong.

As Morgan approached and spoke, she shook her head, blowing out a breath. "I'll take the under on whatever you bet," she muttered, running a hand through her braids in an exasperated motion. She turned to look at the woman, the edge of her mouth quirking upward. "Speaking of which, guess we should be off to see what they're up to. I feel... something," she remarked with a frown.

Elijah and William exchanged glances, the former pursing his lips and nodding as Erik explained himself and how he had come to find himself at their happy little home. Elijah could scarcely imagine the potential danger posed by someone with even an ounce of Odinson's power but none of the will with which to harness it. But how on Earth could he of all people be of assistance?

Elijah cleared his throat. "I see. I'd like to help any way I can -- we all would, I'm sure. But I admit that I'm not sure any of us are experts in this field. There must be some reason you were sent here."


Erik's gaze flickered over Brody briefly, before it returned to Elijah. The young man's face fell ever so slightly at the pronouncement, as though he'd been hoping that Elijah would have held the answers he sought. For months he had clung to the hope that this man would be able to tell him what he had to do, maybe even where his father went. He seemed to ponder the situation, speaking with a note of uncertainty "I can feel something about him imprinted on you, and you say that you were friends, that is my best guess as to why. I know a bit of what is out there, but I've tried to live a normal life as best I could and ignore it all, though that is past me now. Just judging by your reactions I'm willing to stake my life on that you know more about this than I do. And I know that there are things out there that would want to kill or use me for their own ends."

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Kyle noticed that his joke fell flatter than a sheet of paper and his grin turned slightly into a grimace. "Yeh, bad joke. Sorry." His mouth opened to refute her question, probably with a bs answer of frequent road trips through, but he saw the not so subtle glance towards the back. He should have just shut his mouth, he really should have. "Sorry, but whoever you've mistaken me for, I don't swing that way. Don't swing either way." He gave a nod towards the two she glanced at with a foux apologetic expression.

In all honesty, he was pretty bad with faces, but he recognized one of the two. What was his name again...? Did he even hear the dude's name? Kyle didn't remember, though Alex called him wonderwolf and fido the few times he met him...

At her last question, Kyle raised an eyebrow, all jokes gone. His gaze settled into a serious and suspicious expression. "Depends on who's asking? Do I need a lawyer or backup?"

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Chase gave the woman an amused look while reaching for one of the dinner roles himself, "Cookies and feasts. Ashley-Mae if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to fatten me up so I can't go anywhere." With that he took a bite out of the roll with a smirk on his face. Even with all of the scents mingling about the building, Chase couldn't help but hone in on a specific one. The man paused in his munching to try and connect it with a memory, because he knew it was one that he recognized yet hadn't smelled in a long while. Despite his forgetfulness, Chase's nose remembered more than his brain did. It was truly good at registering down the scents of both people and things, even if he'd only managed to catch a whiff once or twice. Still though, there was the connection of deciphering why it was familiar.

Briefly he glanced towards the others, knowing full well it wasn't anybody he'd been around recently. And he'd already picked out the scent of this godling, it really only left the man Mackenzie was speaking to as well as the one who'd gone to his room. Chase stared at the man's face from a distance, now continuing to eat the roll while trying to decide if it was someone he should recognize. "Does he look familiar to you?" The Werewolf asked casually, leaning to the side towards Ashley while not looking away from the possible stranger. Ash was probably better with faces, not only that but she would help him decide if this was someone he'd run into before Vitae. Still it was uncomfortable thought to think that someone from that far back might have ended up here, and a mild case of the paranoia was starting to creep in.

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Morgan chuckled quietly, smiling at Adelaide but it quickly faded as she suggested something was going on next door. It seemed that their troubles aways game in thirds and she’d spied a third ‘guest’ at the restaurant door when they’d come in to register Charlie and get his agreement to keep the shenanigans and his magic to himself.

She inhaled deeply and nodded, turning back to the desk to grab her log book before nodding towards the door. “After you.” Once Adelaide stepped out, Morgan was behind her, closing the office door and locking it up with the closed side flipped. She didn’t doubt that she was far from done work for the day but at least she could conduct any further registrations from the restaurant’s cash rather than the stuffy office alone.
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Mackenzie’s frown never lifted as the new patron seemed to make this a lighthearted situation and suggest that she was interested in him. Any other time she’d take this as a learning opportunity on how to read people's expressions and tones better and try to puzzle out just how she should react to him but the further he pushed the more he irked her.

When he questioned if he’d need a lawyer or backup she knew she’d been right. “You won’t get to either fast enough to save you.” She very nearly growled between clenched teeth. She was vaguely aware of Ash and Chase speaking in hushed tones behind her but she needed her focus on the stranger seated before her. “Who brought you in the gates at Vitae?” The answer to this alone would help identify when he’d been at the colony prior to the collapse and whether or not he could be trusted.

Already she was trying to puzzle out just how to subdue or dispatch him if he got out of hand without traumatizing their kids sitting only feet away.
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Ashley-May smirked at Chase, giving a shrug as he suggested she were being manipulative in fattening him up. “Is that such a bad thing? Given your occupation did you ever think you’d find yourself in the position - no - opportunity to get fat and old with the person you love?” Truthfully it had been something she had hoped for for years on the road with Mac, despite Mac being very clear she wouldn’t be that end for Ash. She chalked it up to her very normal childhood and only having been exposed to anything non-human as an adult; hunters, especially those exposed as youth, couldn’t seem to see anything but death and decay in their futures; she was determined to break them.

She glanced back over her shoulder to the patron Mac was chatting with and nodded stiffly. “Yeah, I asked Will if he recognized him too. I know him from somewhere but I’m not sure where. I do know he’s never been here before but now that you might know him … “ She mouthed the word Vitae to Chase, not wanting to draw attention to their conversation. “I’m not sure if that’s a positive or negative thing, though.”
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Kyle held his hands in front of him, trying to look placating. "Oi, oi... relajarse, bro. I ask in jest. I have no beef with you." Then again, steak sounded awesome, but he kept  that comment to himself, finally learning that keeping his mouth shut would be best.

His expression soured with her next question. "Technically I brought myself through the gates, given I drove there alone. Although... Christine and Liam Hartnell told me where it was initially, if that's what you're asking. Was about half a year I think before they died."

Kyle's right leg started to bounce slightly as his fingers resumed tapping a rhythm on the table, betraying his unease. He shifted his left foot onto his seat, resting his chin on his knee. He made sure to stay facing the girl, while hoping the maneuver kept his right hand out of sight as he slowly pulled his phone out to dial.... Who exactly was he going to call? Alex wouldn't pick up, the Hartnells certainly weren't either. Couldn't even call the police since he was technically a missing person, and he did  not want to cross that bridge ever.

He groaned inwardly and pushed the stupid brick back into his pocket, letting his arm hang limp by his side instead.

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Adelaide nodded, stepping past Morgan through the threshold -- her throat tightening and heart rate picking up at their brief albeit close proximity -- and she hurried along into the openness of the parking lot, taking a deep breath as if she was emerging from underwater. With Morgan's sense of hearing, she was well aware the wolf could likely hear her making a fool of herself... and couldn't bring herself to turn around and look as the woman locked the door to the office. She hurried along to the restaurant, that strangely familiar presence growing stronger.

Addy paused at the door, Morgan behind her. She swallowed hard before glancing halfway around, turning to look at the asphalt to her left. "I really am glad to see you again, you know," she said, in little more than a murmur over her shoulder. With that, she threw the door open and moved inside... stopping wide-eyed in her tracks at what she saw. The young man before her didn't look familiar, but now, this close -- with no walls between them -- the aura emanating from him hit her like a ton of bricks... and there was no mistaking it for anything else... despite the subtle differences in intensity.

She turned, giving Elijah a questioning look.

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Elijah nodded slowly. He could hear the disappointment in Erik's tone. He was sorry he couldn't give the man the answers he sought, but it was better than propping him up with false confidence spurred from half-truths or conjecture. "Well, that much you're not wrong about," Eli agreed readily. His tone lowered slightly. "The things we're fighting -- that ran us out of our home, that your father fought against -- they wouldn't hesitate to end us or worse."

He paused as the door opened to admit Adelaide, the woman clearly shocked by Erik's sudden appearance judging by her current slack-jawed state. Eli smirked. "Adelaide, meet Erik, son of Thor. He's come to us seeking answers."

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William heard Mackenzie's tone and immediately whirled around to see her addressing the man seated in a booth at the side of the restaurant -- the one Ashley-May had been trying to identify earlier. Mac hadn't been particularly loud, but her low hiss told him all he need to know. That tone was potentially even more dangerous than any shout from the woman. Immediately he began moving, crossing the restaurant floor in a few long strides before drawing up alongside his wife and sliding an arm around her shoulder. "Hey... let's try not to kill this one unless he really deserves it, huh?" he remarked softly with a smile.

He turned to look at the young man. "Will." He said, offering his free hand to him.


Erik's jaw clenched at this, and he nodded. Frankly, he was surprised that they had so swiftly come to accept that he was indeed the son of a god. Though young, he was not unintelligent, that alone told him that these people were no strangers to the unnatural. And that made him all the more glad that they had not attacked him on the spot. He turned to regard Adelaide, there was something about the woman that gave him pause, as if he recognised something. Then, as though blurting it out, he said simply "You have magic." He could feel it even though he could not explain fully how he knew, as though it was a feeling of his gut, an inner sight that simply told him that she had. He seemed to realise that this was perhaps not the most pleasant of greetings, he amended "Uhm... It's nice to meet you."

He looked between Elijah and the woman. Up closer, Adelaide could feel the latent spark of divinity that was unmistakeably pagan. It was less potent than Thor's and seemed to largely slumber, though she had the idea that if it was ever fully roused, it could be very powerful. Like a sapling in spring that had sprouted from a towering and ancient oak. He spoke "I do not know what you or my father fought against, but I was attacked by some fanged creature in Kansas on the way here, it tried to take a chunk out of my arm. Looked like a human, far stronger though. Is it them?" He rolled up his sleeve, showing what seemed to be the scars of the bite-marks of a vampire on his forearm, though faded and largely white, though he appeared very much alive to them rather than having been turned into one himself.

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