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  1. (He's an AI... So once you make one for yours then I'll make one for mine? As for invincible no but I mean he's more than likely more advanced than anything 0eter can make)
  2. (Hell yeah)
  3. Vanessa leaps clean over Sans and conjures a wind blade. She does a front flip and slices the ground, raising up a wave of sand.
  4. (Keep in mind Thor is the most advanced AI in this thread, lol)
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  5. (You are just as bad as Dana if not worse)
  6. (WHO DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT?! is what I asked)
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  7. (what makes that so?)

    (How so? My characters reach their strength through the story I don't just pop in things to be the strongest. You just sound salty RN)
    (well who's in the yellow bracket?)
  8. (I'mma take a nap, wake me up when everyone has taken a chill pill)
  9. (because once again you assert the fact that none of our characters need to exist my characters at their best all fighting against one of your characters wouldn't be enough to even scratch your blissfully OP characters. You literally have Five personal One Punch Men in different categories you think I sound salty. Yeah I'm salty. Nothing could be more advanced than Yan ever. Nothing could be faster than dash ever, nothi g could be more power than FUCKING DRU OR CHUCK EVER!)
  10. (Because that's what I intended, he constantly evolves, so there's that, also the one in yellow is just a random character I made for the sole purpose of the tournament)
  11. (Chuck can be beaten, Dash can be beaten, you say that all of your characters against one of mine wouldn't be enough to win and that's where you're wrong. I use my characters fully is that a crime? As for Yan he's advanced for sure but not the most advanced.)
  12. (Your right I'm sorry my blood's been boiling all day) "Yan?" He asked. "What is she doing anyway." He said.
  13. Sans teleports out of the way of the sand. As he plummets to the ground he teleports onto her back.
  14. "You'll have to ask Dru if you really want to know, all you need to know is that he wants a flash drive plugged into the servers."
  15. (I'll fight that random Yellow with Zadock)
  16. (Ok)
  17. Zadcok heard his name being called and stood up pulling on his duster and adjusting his sword on his back. He had planned to take it easy and hoped he wouldn't have to kill anyone.
  18. Zafock had heard his opponent was named Undergrowth as he made his way to the arena
  19. "Dru? Who's that?" Peter asked. (He hasn't met Dru since Dru made him forget who he was)
  20. Zadcok smiled and cracked his knuckles once he made it into the arena. "nice to meet you?"
    (right right forgot about that) "Exactly, just know he made me and employs your girlfriend so chop chop." With that Yan faded away and MJ woke up from her forced nap.
  21. "Webhead get lost your making my nose hurt." He said. "And yet you're fine with how you smell." He said.
  22. Vanessa uses the sand as a veil to hide her location as Sans teleport out of the way of the sand.
  23. " okay come on." She said walking
  24. Dru smiled and kissed the back of her hand and they began to walk past her memories in order of recent past. As they got further some of the colors began to fade.

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