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Suit gangs official demon king

Atom watched with glee as the men took cover rather frantically before they started to fire back. She was so occupied with her fall back to earth she didn’t notice the weird drones till she nearly came in collision with one. Letting out a grunt as she quickly avoided slamming into the drone she gave a push of force down as she landed bringing her to a soft land. Looking up she saw the drones started to fly away and glared at them. “What the fuck.” She grumbled as a ball of light appeared in her hand before she threw it at them in a little outburst of aggravation.

Hopping she hit one though she didn’t watch to see she looked back to her task at hand as men started firing back at her. Quickly taking cover behind a concrete barrier she sighed a little. “I just want my fricken buddy back!” She yelled out as about 4 more flowing marbles appeared in her hand which she blindly threw out at the enemy each exploding like a grenade on impact.


The father of the Worldbreaker.

The large screen in front of the strange shaped alien in orbit displayed the feeds from the sixteen drones he had in the field. An Atomosian, A Human, A hybrid Atomosian, and...his tendrils wriggled in excitement as the final drone squad actually found his Target. The Star being. Then he noticed as one of the screens went black, followed by another, then another, and finally when two droped at once the half dozen 9ft tall drones who stood idly on either side of him simultaneously raised their heads and their six eyes began to glow with purpose, but only for a fraction of a second before cosmo twisted a dial with one of his long arms and they went dormant again. "§μฯ¥¬" cosmo uttered before pressing several buttons and his ship seemed to come alive. Long robotic Tendrils crawled out of the outside gently grabbing a satillite and digging into it with smaller tendrils which creeped out of the tip of the metallic ones and connected to the satillite. When he plugged his tendrils into the ship the data transfer was immense, for such a young race these humans had accomplished much. The horrors they commited wracked him with sorrow and grief, but the moments of unity, the love and courage they displayed on a regular basis greatly dwarfed the darkness.

After about a half a minute he diconnected having learned much of the worlds history and all of its native tongues. He then plugged his tendrils into the ships production computer and began pumping the knowledge straight from his brain into the CPU. Once the informational transfer was completed he seemed to be tired but excited, his long arm reached behind him and pressed the button his hand was hovering over earlier. Immedieatly the CPU transferred the Mental signals into Celdon code. It took another half minute but soon the porduction was completed and his masterpiece was finally completed. The Diplomat stood before him. A considerable amount shorter than him as it was made to emulate the human publics favorite celebrities the heroes. Putting a hand on its shoulder he said in one of his newly learned languages "Go my son, send your brothers home, and save our world." leaning down he placed his forehead on the drones forehead in his peoples equivalent to a kiss before he nodded to the diplomat and it walked to one of the Drone launching tubes to be send carefully to the location.


The drones who scanned the Atmosian received the diplomats signal to return as he entered the Atmosphere and beeped once in acknowledgement before launching themselves into the air at high speeds. Atom Smasher spotted them as they rose but decided he had bigger fish to fry at the moment so he left them alone. His owm ship was on its way and now that he had beem snapped out of his blind rage he sent radiation signals to the ship giving commands to deploy a containment field around deadstar.


The drones hovering above the docks were watching the scene intently when two of the drones were caught in an explosion from an energy projectile from the Human giving off the radiation signature, they beeped in surprise but took to the air in the same moment after receiving The Diplomats Code. They rocketed away at the speed of a bullet straight up towards the ship in orbit. One looked back as it flew recording the womans attack on the other humans.
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The drones who went to the woods to find the Half Atomosian were shocked to find themselves under assault from the adolecent humans present. In less than a few seconds there was only one left which let out a shrill beep as it received the Diplomats retreat signal and shot itself away at highspeeds. It catalouged the recordings under Adolecent Human Behavior and fled as fast as a bullet.


When the Star being made contact with the drones they exclaimed with rapid beeps. As she moved them around and inspected them they continued their beeps and passed their scanning lights over her to confirm over and over again. The drones in the lobby and in the apartment heard the Diplomats call and went silent before gatering in the street outside and streaking off into the heavens.


As the Diplomat descended from orbit it did not burn up, it controlled the pace of its decent moving quickly but carefully. A few seconds after the drones left he arrived through the same damaged window the drones had gone through. It gently hovered through the ransacked apartment, down the hall, and to Blues now open door when it spotted her it placed the palms of its hands together and bowed slightly. "Peaceful Greetings From the Celdon race. We are in need of your aide, but we ask for nothung for free. I am The Diplomat and i am here to help my people negotiate your terms." his tone was calm with a hint of possible excitement as it spoke.


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"Mount Hood, called Wy'east by the Multnomah tribe, is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of northern Oregon."

Time: 15:40
Location: Mt. Hood, ~50 Miles East-Southeast of Portland
At Scene:
Supervillain Bells, Superhero Bastian, and Extraterrestrial Osuka.
Threat Level: Unknown
Known Threats: None

1540776278466.pngBells watched Osuka start heading off with a sigh. How was she to handle this? If she went into town, there was a chance she'd be recognized for who she was. That would make things... difficult. Well... no use really fighting against it. It sounded like the town was their only option, so to town, they'd go.

She held up a finger, "One moment, dear." Her tail came around and she took off the bell, tucking it into her pocket, "Alright. Let's go, but we should probably avoid flying. I don't want to abandon our world's little guest. He might get lost. So, you've been napping a long time, right? That's what you said? In November, it's September right now, in November, we have the ten year anniversary of the Occard Alliance attack."

Bells looked out to Osuka and shouted, starting to walk towards him swiftly, "Hey, you might want to hear about this. Big cultural thing."

"Right. So, the Occard Alliance attacked Los Angeles, a big city way south of us, full of millions of people. A lot of people got killed, and there's now a crater there in part of the city. It's something like 30 miles wide? I think? I dunno. But a lot of Superheroes died, a lot of civilians died, and a lot more people were injured. It was easily the worst disaster the US has ever experienced - that's the country we're in, by the way - and it shook people. We had no clue there was some group like that under our noses. After that event though, the OA just... disappeared. They hadn't been seen at all until they just started popping up a week or so ago in the nearby city of Portland. It's got people freaked out. Everyone expects them to attack LA again, not Portland of all places."

She looked up at the gap in the clouds as she walked along, "Our handsome dragon friend here is right, though... it'll be faster if he flies us. 60 miles isn't exactly a short walk at normal speeds. Whatever just happened to make that hole in the clouds is probably at least somewhat relevant... What're you here for, anyway? Like... why'd you come to Earth? It's sort of a strange notion, but perhaps I could point you in the right direction if you need something specific. We get a surprising amount of visitors from other realms here. Like me, for instance. I'm from Hell, so I'm not even a native... though if you ask me Earth is way better than Hell. Heh."

Bells continued to walk unless Osuka and Bastion agreed on flying, in which case, of course, she'd tag along.

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1540777200436.png~ Hades ~
Hades sighed and followed Ares's exodus, his own form dissipating with a simple, though intimidating, wisp of shadow that thinned like smoke until it blinked out of existence. He grimaced at the fanfare that signaled his arrival, same as Ares. That was always irritating. He was used to it, but he much preferred the quiet of his own territory in the Underworld, his home. A small smile touched his lips as he watched Ares in front of him, waving off the younger Olympians, each and every one of them so eager. They moved on to bother him, but they were met with only a wave and a short, "Here on business, not pleasure."

He didn't feel the need to shift his form to anything different. This was not his native form, but it was the one he often used, even at home. He saw no reason to change this only for family. It seemed rather dramatic to him that Ares was so large and over the top. He took a seat in the same area he did and leaned an elbow on the arm of the chair, eyeing the seats of Zeus and Poseidon with distrust that lingered even still. The two of them had a penchant for being massive assholes.

The seat he had taken was dramatic, looking as though it were made from shadows. If you looked at it long enough, it seemed as though distorted faces drifted in and out of the wisps. He sighed, waiting for his family to appear, and began to speak to his nephew in ancient Greek, "Before you ask, Ares, I see nothing of the person who attacked you. They must not have been truly dead. I checked, am still checking to be certain, and they are not in my records."

In a dramatic splash rivaling his nephew, Poseidon was one of the first to arrive. The flow of water rippled out and made a fine mist in the air, his classic trident making a loud tak sound on the stone floor as he walked forward to his seat. He was taller than a human, though not the twelve feet Ares was at, instead, he was at a "modest" eight. His form was unnaturally beautiful, long blue-grey hair flowing as though it were still underwater, skin shimmering with a sheen as miniature waves rolled down his arms, a small koi fish making its way around and around his chair like a satellite. His clothing was simple, something he had adopted from the humans, a wetsuit that looked like it was form-fit to his body, seafoam green and light blue colors donning the fabric.

His brother Zeus was next, and he couldn't help a tiny grimace touching the corners of his mouth as he watched. The two of them were alike in their flare. Flash of lightning as though he was trying to blind the room, and the ten or twelve-foot god was as golden and pompous as ever, by his side the vengeful Hera, as usual.

Hestia and Demeter came in together, talking to each other about something or another. Honestly, Hades didn't pay attention. They weren't as flashy and were only slightly taller than the average human, though they were still paragons of beauty. Athena came next, then Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis, and finally, Aphrodite. She was as beautiful as ever, though there was a fat chance in the Underworld that he was going to remind her of that and stroke her ego.

All these family members in the same place... it almost made him feel sentimental... almost.

Zeus spoke up, clearing his throat like booming thunder before he spoke in ancient Greek as well, "Ares, this better be good. I swear if you're freaking out over some nuclear missile crisis again, I'm not going to be pleased. Speak your piece."



St. Ka'alia
~Dexter Heidrich: Digerati~​
Location: Providence Park, Main Building

The supervillain breakout? He had gotten the alert when the incident happened, but it hadn't directly impacted Portland yet so he didn't pay it much attention. Maybe I should have... He couldn't blame himself too much though; exam season was approaching and it wasn't even his job to monitor all of these villains. He had thought that it was mostly taken care of at this point though. He glanced at his mentor to gauge the man's reaction. He had been pretty quiet so far, which wasn't something Dexter usually minded but without his mentor's guidance he felt a little unsure of himself.

Johnny was the first to respond to Elementa. "Well damn that does sound like a pretty shitty party. And most definitely more up my alley than dealing with kids...that's the teddy bears routine. All that said, I won't be doing anything until I play my concert; I've got someone special coming to see today." Dexter narrowed his eyes at the musician's flippant remarks. Teddy bear routine? What was that supposed to mean? Does he consider the job below him? That was a problem with some high ranking heroes; they were so used to huge disasters that they saw common threats as beneath them, thus refusing to help and leaving villains to run amok until someone else came by to stop them. For as much as the idea that Johnny didn't care enough to help Ida Lessen made him angry, it stung to a certain degree as well. She was a child.

Watching Johnny leave in silence, Dexter's previous concerns surfaced once more. Is Johnny still going to help us? Can we even handle this without Johnny? The whole point of coming in here was to recruit the hero's help, and if he left them for Elementa then they were back to square one. Well, not quite. His gaze drifted towards Muse, whose civilian clothes were now dirtied from their fighting. Her musical powers were valuable, but she was still only an apprentice. Now they had three apprentices and only one mentor to corral them all; the odds were not in their favor, especially if the OA really was involved. .

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Time: 15:42
Location: Forest Park
At Scene:
Superhero Sir Glory. An unknown Supervillain. Princess Dayira and her Entourage. Deucalion.
Threat Level: Unknown
Known Threats: Unknown Supervillain.

1541139579191.png~ Dayira ~
Atrida Resaeleon:
Kayi Entrimainis:
Ozza narrowed her eyes and stepped forward, grabbing one of the small boy's horns with a hand and pulling him firmly toward her, "Sir Glory, you neglected to answer me. I had asked what case you're on. I'd like to know now that I've so unceremoniously been involved. Besides, shouldn't you be able to finish capturing a small child such as this with ease? With finesse instead of ripping up a tree from its roots? Do you realize how long a tree takes to grow to full size?"

She tugged on the none too happy kid's horn again, "He doesn't seem particularly difficult. Scaring him only does so much, and I can assure you, once his guardians get ahold of him, whether they be his parents or other family or the state, he'll have more than enough fear put into him. You heroes have an image to uphold, and swinging trees at children is not part of that image. Can you imagine what your PR department would say if they caught wind of that? Or if someone caught that sort of action on camera?"

The child was grumbling under his breath about being difficult enough as he attempted to pull free from her grasp, having gotten completely side-tracked from Glory's request to hand over the object.

Ozza hated people like Sir Glory and so many other Superheroes. They were... well... glory hounds. They wanted to be famous and rich and loved to flaunt it. Being so cocky and happy go lucky while a child, a mere child, was clearly coerced into making ridiculous decisions that could change the fate of the rest of his life. This was not a time to be grinning, it was a time for concern.

1541139793103.pngShe looked at the child again and sighed deeply, "What's your name, young one?"


"Funny. Try again."


"And a last name for us, Issac?"

He looked away, "Issac Bhruthaich."

"Good. Now then Issac, how old are you?"


"So young. I'm surprised. Issac, you must know you're in quite a spot of trouble, yes? I need you to answer some questions that I'm sure Sir Glory here would have for you as well. They're obvious ones. Why were you a part of the robbery? What's the plan with whatever was stolen? And, though not a question, I need you to hand over the object in question."

Issac continued to look down for a moment or two, thinking it over before glancing up at Sir Glory with disdain, and then looking to Ozza, "Yes. I know I'm probably gonna be in a lot of trouble. I was hired as I said. All five of us were. I dunno what the plan was with the thing though. We were just supposed to steal it. We split up to try to make sure it actually got to the person who hired us... Khan... she's intimidating. If we split up, there was a much smaller chance that it'd actually get recovered..."

He looked down at his bag and sighed, tugging it off his shoulder and over his head, "Fine. Whatever. I surrender I guess. Pale elf assassin McGee over there is terrifying and I really don't want Sir Dick to decide to deforest the entire park. The stone is in my bag. You picked right. Hopefully I don't get killed for failing or however that works."

Ozza looked to Sir Glory, "See? Just a kid. Thank you for cooperating. Sir Glory, I'm assuming you'll take him in from here?"



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Time: 15:45
Location: Apartment complex
At Scene:
Blue and Cosmo.
Threat Level: Zero?
Known Threats: None?

1541141807640.png~ Blue ~
"Oh I'm sorry little dudes, I don't understand beeps," she said in response to their scanning and noises, still inspecting them until they decided it was suddenly time to ditch. They were fast little buggers too, it seemed. She watched them dart off, but her attention was soon caught by another individual.

"Today just keeps getting more and more interesting, doesn't it?" she muttered, watching the "Diplomat" bow to her and speak. A humanoid robot? There wasn't a whole lot of those on this planet... was he an AI? What race did he just say again? Celdon? Celdon... Celdon... that sounded familiar. A more common race? Why would they want her help?

"Uhh... hi... Diplomat. Is that your name? That sounds like that would be a weird name. I go by Blue, but that's just a nickname," she overexplained, peeking around him to look at the lights on his shoulder, "Huh... so... What in the world would you need my help for? No offense, but I'm not exactly what most people would be looking for. I'm a bit weird, you know? Oh, of course you know. You'd have to know considering you probably looked for me in particular. That'd be quite the coincidence otherwise."

She suddenly disappeared, reappearing behind him, "So what are you made out of anyway? I can't tell, and I can't tell if I can't tell because I'm too frazzled to tell or if I can't tell because I haven't encountered the alloys and whatnot yet. That aside, I really am curious. If you were looking for me because of what I am, the only really unique thing about me of course, then you should know that I'm quite young for my race. At least, I'm pretty sure I am. I'm only like 300ish, and if I work how I think I work then I can live a really long time, like, longer than this planet long. So... you might want to look for some older person... though I've never actually met another person like me, that's a different issue. I doubt I can do whatever it is you're looking for."



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Time: 15:40
Location: Train Tracks near Columbia Distributing
At Scene:
Superhero Siren and Superhero White Knight. An unknown Supervillain.
Threat Level: Unknown
Known Threats: Unknown Supervillain.

1541147196103.pngFuckin' hell these people were actually pretty good. The wall didn't seem to even slow them down all that much. He covered his ears in pain and stumbled forward at the screeching sound she produced, grimacing. His left hand barely caught his fall as he cursed under his breath, palm thoroughly scraped up by the gravel of the tracks.

"Right! You're a quick one, aren't ya?" the Kiwi man shouted out, scrambling back to his feet as he continued his run down the tracks. He had to find some way to get out of this. The water? It was further away. How good of swimmers were they probably in suits like theirs? He had to imagine it was heavy. They'd probably get bogged down... but they were also Superheroes. They likely had something planned for that eventuality. Did he have another choice though?

Nope. It didn't seem so.

With that in mind and his choice chosen, he veered to the right, sprinting with a purpose to the nearby river. If he could make it there without somehow being caught, he'd dive in.



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A "sports & events venue with stadium & field hosting Major League Soccer, college football & more."

Time: 15:45
Location: Main building of the stadium
At Scene:
Superhero Intern Muse (as a civilian), Superhero Edward, Superhero Elementa, Superhero Johnny D., and Superhero Intern Digerati
Threat Level: None
Known Threats: None

1541147800871.pngElementa frowned, watching Johnny D. walk off after his less than nice response to her detailing of the situation. He really could be a pain in the ass, couldn't he? So strange that people actually liked him... though, she supposed they didn't like him. They liked his music. Two very very different things.

She turned to look at the others in the room. Two kids and a man. Could they really deal with this kidnapping? She was second guessing her decision, but... Gravedigger was a far bigger worry, unfortunately. Elementa threw on a confident smile, "Well, I wish we all could have met under better circumstances, but ah, that's the job. I'm the Superhero Elementa. Pleased to meet you. Try not to let his terse response get you down. Rescuing that child, whatever the situation is, it's extremely important. He's just an ass. That said, he is very good at what he does. I hope he was able to help you all satisfactorily. I wish I could lend a hand... unfortunately, given Gravedigger's Level Four label, as an S-class I really can't ignore it, no matter how much I'd like to for a poor child. They must be terrified, wherever they are."

She shook her head, "Well. They won't have to worry much longer, I'm sure. You lot are on the case, after all. You'll do wonderfully."

"Now then... I do believe I'm stuck here until after his concert... I might as well try to get a ticket or something, or just listen from here, I suppose. Might as well enjoy the downtime while it's forced on me," she said, chuckling. Her life was a busy one, but she really wouldn't want to do anything different with her time.

1541147965857.pngMuse was a mixture of awestruck and concerned. The mood totally shifted, they almost got killed, and now Elementa was here? Of all Superheroes, Elementa?? She was one of the best of the best. One of the top rated. Creme de la creme. While Johnny D. was more of her idol given what he does for a living, Elementa was pretty high up on that list as well.

Because of this, she was quiet the whole time they were talking. She watched Johnny leave and listened to Elementa talk. She was going to stay for the concert? They were probably going to have to stay as well... What could they even do right now anyway? They could inform the police of the new information, have more eyes out, but until anyone reported anything strange, it'd be useless. A wild goose chase looking everywhere and anywhere wouldn't do them any good.

"It's an honor to meet you, Elementa," she finally managed to eke out, sounding about as shy as she felt. Muse turned to the other two, offering them her phone, "Here. Put your numbers in. I'm going to go see if Johnny needs any help setting up. Maybe after his concert, he'll help us more as well. You guys should probably go get in contact with police stations. Maybe you can get the surveillance footage of the place where the girl was taken too? We could get a height and maybe even a face on the people who took her. A lot of parks have cameras."

"Good idea," Elementa chimed in, smiling as she leaned back a bit.

Muse froze and turned bright red, blushing hard, "Ah... uh... I'm gonna go see about helping Johnny set up now. Thank you." She darted off in the same direction Johnny had left, more than happy to get out of that incredibly awkward situation. Elementa was more intimidating to her than Johnny was for whatever reason, even if it didn't really make sense to her why.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​
"Johnny!" Muse called out after catching up to him, "I wanted to see if you needed any help setting up. We were having a nice chat before everything went sideways... and I also don't really know where the VIP ticket people are supposed to go from here. Heh. So, I figured I might as well see if I could be of use."

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"Parents & kids flock to this sunny square with funky totem polls & a wading-friendly fountain."

Time: 15:40
Location: Pearl District
At Scene:
Superhero Pharaoh, Superhero Helios. There are a number of police on-scene.
Threat Level: None
Known Threats: None

1541282729508.png"I'm... I'm not sure what's happening. I don't remember much, and I feel very confused," Amphitrite said, looking at the spot where both gods just were, "I know that I know of Poseidon. I don't know how, though. I can hardly think of his face. I don't even know why I'm here or how I got here... I'm scared..." She teared up at the sound of the prayer, an odd sight for a water being, but she rubbed the tears away quickly. Despite the response, she seemed just as confused as she was before.

A police officer walked up to the three of them cautiously, looking the water woman up and down. "Helios, Pharoah, sirs, we really need you three to vacate the area. It's fairly clear at this point that whatever's going on is in hand and you've got the woman responsible in custody. We need to be able to clean up, and can't be sure we can do so safely while you're still here. I'm not sure where you'd head off to, some base or something? Regardless, please try to get moving as soon as possible."

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The father of the Worldbreaker.
As Ricardo walked towards the four men he quickly decided who was gonna be first. The man who had leaned onto the black van was the only one on his feet still, the others were dazed and struggled to make it to their feet. The man who leaned on the van quickly seemed to realize he was the target as he promptly raised his gun and emptied the clip. Even at close range, his disorientation and fear made the man a poor shot. Of the nine rounds he fired only 3 hit. Two colliding with Tombstones chest, and one catching his left eye socket and blasting out the back of his jaw. But to the horror of the man Ricardo didnt even flinch beyond recoiling from the impact. In fact he seemed to smile even wider, either due to the pain or due to the fact that the man who fired at him had dropped his gun and was begging to be taken in. A request which seemed to infuriate the pale vigilante. "Sixty four...Thats how many people have begged you for their lives...did you listen to them?" the mans eyes widened because by now Ricardo was face to face with him and looking into his eyes the man could see how F**ked he was. He tried to rush past Ricardo but found a strong hand close around his throat , then felt the long knife plunge into his diaphram and poke a hole in the bottom of his heart. With his hand holding the mans throat Tombstone forced him to look into his intact eye. "This is the prize for your Wicked works." he said before hefting the man over his head and tossing him at the other three who were just managing to get back to their feet.

The mans dying body landed hard on the Kid who Ricardo deemed was worthy to live still and knocked him back on his butt. The other two were quick to level their weapons on him. But the more experienced man watched as his eye grew back and his chest spit out his partners two rounds and decided that running was his best bet. The crooked kid in the hoodie unloaded his pistol and surprisingly hit ricardo with all nine shots, seemingly undeterred by his walking through them all. By now he was no longer on fire as his jacket and shirt had burned away. His body shook and shuddered as the rounds pumped through him, tearing through fleash and splintering bones, dead black blood dripped out of his wounds and he breathed shuddering breaths partly on account of his pleasure, and part on account of his now collapsed lung. When the boys gun clicked empty he actually threw it at him and made a dash for the bigger guns in the back of the black van. The kid mustve been and athlete because he made it to the crate and picked up a modified M16a7 but he wasnt quick enough. As soon as he spun to fire it at tombstone the vigilante stabbed at him with inhuman force slamming the knife through the guns receiver and into the boys shoulder. He let out a shout that was cut short by ricardo stuffing his 44 magnum in his mouth and pulling the trigger opening the boys head like a Pez dispenser.

The older man had already gone down to the ground floor by now and was fiddling with the gate. Meanwhile the younger man had pushed the now dead man off of him and Ricardo looked at him and said. "Sit tight kid, we need to talk." as he calmly grabbed a high powered rifle out of the back of the van and loaded it as he walked towards the northern face of the parking garage. Sure enough before he made it to the open ledge he heard civilians scream about a gun as the armed man made it into the street. Humming an undertakers tune he made it to the ledge and took aim down the scope. He let the man get about 300 yards away before he fired the rifle and the bullet hit him right in the back of the neck blasting his throat onto the streets like a chunky soup. After seeing the shot and looking around at the carnage around him tge young man decided that running was obviously not gonna play out well. His fear grew even more as ricardo returned and leveled the gun at him. "the man i threw at you has the keys in his coat pocket, grab them and get in the drivers seat...we are gonna go for a ride." his smile was anything but reassuring...but the huge rifle he toted was plenty of reason to do as he said. So without needing to be told again the boy fished the keys out of the mans pocket and climbed into the van after the pale red eyed vigilante.

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Seeing the water woman tear up , tugged on his heart but he was still thinking hard on what he would do next. However luckily his thoughts were interrupted by the policemans approach. He met the officers request with a smile and a nod. "Of course Officer thanj you for your help in keeping the civilians out of harms way." he turned to Helios and Amphitrite, "I believe i have a place we can go if you two do not. My pyramid is never far." he kept the sweet tone in his voice and made a point to not show any aggression or disrespect lest he offend either of the two, it was rather strange to him having to work with beings from other pantheons. However he imagined it would be a new common thing for him.
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Siren carefullly watched the Perp as she landed, the sound wave had only clipped him with its outtermost reverberation, and she was just about to unleash a second one when she saw his scrape his hand from the fall. no durability augments? she thought to herself switching her sidearm to stun but rolling her eyes when her visor let her know he was outta range for non lethal rounds. Groaning she charged ahead tapping her com link "He's a soft target dear, best to use the bean bags, and try not to let him make it to the water, i don't feel like having to go for a swim."

Meanwhile below the tracks.

Otto Smirked as he thought about his wife diving into the river. Much as he sometimes hated it he couldn't deny her dedication was admirable. Finally making it back on the tracks well behind his wife and her target he switched to his beanbags with the press of a button. His three barreled rifle turned once to a wider barrel with an aggressive looking tip. He lined up the shot in under a second and let fly a three round burst of heavy fast moving beanbags. While they were slower than bullets they packed just as much of a whollop without any of the penetration. As he fired he watched his wife continue sprinting towards the suspect shouting at him to "Stop Right Now!" with a voice as loud as a megaphone.


The father of the Worldbreaker.
The Robot waited patiently as she asked her questions, and rather than exclaim at her teleportation he silently catalogued the information and spun quickly and efficiently to face her. As he organized her questions and statements he ordered each one in the order that they came and answered each one as soon as she finished. Despite not needing to breath he took an audible deep breath before starting.
"Diplomat is my model designation, i am the first of my kind. A prototype if you will, i have been authorized to give myself a Native designation, does Proto sound like a adequate "nickname"?" he paused briefly befpre starting up again. "The Celdon homeworld revolves around a dying star, we have been seeking a Being such as yourself. We call your kind Celestials, and the fact that you are a young one as you claim is a very beneficial trait for what we need. We require the formula for Young star matter. As a living Star being you possess that formula within your core. If we are able to aquire the formula we can create the star matter and revitalise our home star. We do not ask of this for free either, we are a wealthy and advanced civilization and are willing to offer your hearts desire for your service." as he spoke he utilized his hands much in the same way a politician would even moving his head as he spoke. His shoulders were back, his chest out, his head up. Showing confidence without a hint of pride or misgivings."As for the alloys, i am afraid that information is withheld,until further relations develop.
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Plague Carrier
Helios smiled at Pharaoh. They'd never been close, and they barely knew each other, but he appreciated the gesture. He thanked him for his offer, before glancing at Amphitrite, then turning to answer the officer.
"No, we don't..." Helios began, landing before the officer. "Something bigger is going on here, but perhaps, until we know who's responsible..."
He turned to Amphitrite and whispered to her a promise: He'll free her. Helios and Amphitrite weren't close at all; they were barely acquaintances, but not only did he pity her at the moment, he was also afraid of Poseidon's rage; a rage that should never be provoked at all costs, for then even Zeus can not stop him.
"Be gentle with her. She's the lady of the Sea, you really don't want to anger her."

The sun god then turned to Pharaoh once more. "Can you use one of your clones to keep an eye on her?" He asked him in a low voice; Amphitrite was powerful, and he wanted to make sure nothing would go horribly wrong. "Amphitrite," Helios called to her one last time for the time being, "Go with these people. It's for the best."

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Primarch of Terra'Avenia

There was something about night-time. The blanket of false security that people thought they had when they decided they were going to act like beasts. Foul beasts. The kinds of beasts that needed to be put down instead of "helped." There was no excuse to keep a rabid beast alive, and the only way to put them down is via the same lack of mercy they show their prey. The Law was slow, and it was far more interested in flaunting its illusion of "Control" and "Morality" to show how much more "Cultured" it was than those who defy the layperson their right to live. If it was up to him, everyone would be trained to fight and kill, and as a reflection of it, down the line, there would be far less of those who would harm the sheep that made the many flocks in this world. The many various... So very individual...



Blessedly ignorant sheep.

He didn't mean "sheep" as the political term that was followed with "Wake up," but literal sheep in a world full of wolves and wretched dogs. The sheep that were helpless at the feet of the beasts that roamed the streets and the woods. The sheep that had no chance against the powered that used their abilities for themselves and themselves alone. The powered that decided that taking from others without any regard for the lives they affect doing so. The only thing that could kill a foul beast, as well, was one of their own.

There were, of course, beasts like himself in the world. The kind who cut down the rabid and the wretched. The kind who didn't care for the idea of "civility" and the notion of "Due Process" or even "Honoring thy enemy." For instance, the man who he watched now: One who didn't mind cutting down a few in a garage and then sniping one through the throat, which inevitably drew attention to himself. Blood-Drunk, as the media has come to call him, much preferred a quieter approach, deigning that the weak do not know about the things that hid in alleyways and dark corners. Of course, that didn't mean that he was particularly quick or clean with his kills, either.

It sent a better message when the police found mutilated bodies with a lantern on a pole impaled in the chests.

He would follow this one for a bit. The person he was watching had decided to use a vehicle, which wasn't a problem if you were running roofs and keeping your target in view, and with the lack of many overhangs in Portland that could obstruct a vehicle from his view, it wouldn't be very difficult at all. So he would wait for the man to make a move.



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!

Time Skip: One Week.
The current date is now 26th September, approximately 09:00, and it's the start to a beautiful sunny day.
Overall it's been extremely eventful. A good number of Superheroes have been nonstop busy with (mostly) petty crimes, and there have been some real crime events, some of which are being investigated as related to the OA.

During the last week, the following notes have been made apparent to Superheroes across the Portland area:​
  • There was a robbery at the University of Portland. The object in question was returned by the Superhero, Sir Glory. Four of the five suspects have been apprehended and the whole thing was believed to have been orchestrated by the well-known Supervillain, Khan. One of the individuals responsible has already been sentenced and will serve as a probationary intern under the codename Spade. The other three individuals caught have not yet been sentenced.
  • A Hellbeast found to have some association with the OA attacked Portland, but at the conclusion of the fight, it reverted to a pup-form akin to a phoenix. This pup has entered the care of a probationary hero, despite some protests against the idea.
  • The Victoria Powered Detention Facility in Victoria, Canada had a breakout. The Supervillains Tempest, Khan, Shield, Bells, and Illusor have escaped, as well as the Threat Level Four Supervillain, Gravedigger. It seems as though the majority of them have headed down to Portland. Please be on the lookout for them, but approach with caution.
  • The goddess Amphitrite was found at a Portland park without much of her memories. The Greek pantheon is handling it to the best of the media's knowledge.
  • Astrella's school is having a field trip at the coast. Superheroes are advised to be aware of this in case the staff there require assistance.
  • Of most interest, there was a kidnapping of a young child that took place a week ago. Superhero Johnny D. managed to get a visual on the child through scrying techniques. She was, at that time, dirty but uninjured, held somewhere underground. The parents are wrought with concern as the OA's involvement was confirmed. An APB was sent out for the child, but as of yet, there has been no luck finding the girl. All active and available Superheroes are advised to keep a lookout for the child. If found, call for backup. Do not approach alone.
1543102884605.pngDescription: Seven-year-old girl, brown hair, light brown eyes. Last seen in an off-white dress, brown shoes, an oversized peach-colored jacket, and a red scarf. Her parents are divorced and both of them are Powered.

Abilities: Ida has been checked over by medical professionals in regards to her abilities. She is indeed powered, but it's uncertain as of yet exactly how her abilities will manifest. At the moment, she has displayed some impressive outbursts. When a temper tantrum occurs, as it has in the past (she is a child after all), she has managed to overload all lights and other electrical sockets in a block, violently exploding the light bulbs themselves. The doctors say she has the ability to store a vast amount of magical energy in her.

It has been determined that the OA may be using her as a magical battery.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

09:00 - Portland, Oregon
On the police scanner, the following can be heard for any Superheroes looking for potential jobs: (colored by urgency)
  • Powered break-in reported in an affluent neighborhood at 625 NW MacLeay Blvd.
  • Stranded, injured hiker SOS call from Top Hill Trail Vernonia / Banks Trail.
  • Supervillain Shield has reportedly been seen at Genies Cafe.
  • High-speed chase on the 5 freeway headed southbound at Burnside Bridge.
  • Intense spirit activity reported at the Voodoo Doughnut on W Burnside St., heroes without associated abilities are advised to avoid the area. S-class Superhero Grave Speaker is already on-scene.
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Primarch of Terra'Avenia

Free time! Free time to roam and free time to play, and today, the furry ten-year-old decided it was a great day to go out and stretch his legs, his arms, and his capabilities. Of course, if he wanted to keep doing this, he couldn't just leave and not have a plan for how he was going to get away with it, could he? For the past few days, our fuzzy little boy had been working on a project, stowing it away in a very secret place in Portland just for the occasion. What he was working on, to be perfectly clear, was a mask and an outfit - like the Heroes who like to keep their identity a secret. There were plenty who did so - mainly to either keep their private life separate from work, or just for the PR boost, but it was a cool idea and he was going to do it as well.

Why, you ask?

Well, the Sisters were scary when they got a hold of a ruler, and he didn't feel like rubbing the backs of his hands when they were done with him. So the mask and costume would be a good idea, at least for a while. He'd have to get more creative later, but the thought hadn't really occurred to him in the front of his mind since, at the moment, he was running through the alleys to get to his special hiding spot. The way there was a series of alleys and road-crossings, but once he found the secret hiding spot next to a restaurant building that had a few bricks loose in the foundation, he was quick to disappear behind a dumpster next to a wall, change into his outfit, and immediately climb up the wall behind him.

Yes, climb. He climbed a vertical brick wall, because he didn't feel like entering a building and disturbing people to get to the top of the building. This was the product of one of his abilities that had manifested not too long ago - maybe a year at most. Xasura, the fuzzy little pup, could climb walls and create spider-silk, just like his favorite Marvel character Spider-Man, which was odd since it was a comic book power and also a real power. To be honest, the power was the only link he thought he had to his parents, whoever they were. He never got to meet them or find out any information about them, which was odd to him since everyone else in the orphanage knew. Then again, it was best that he didn't, maybe, since the other kids seemed even more sad that they knew rather than not.

The wall, to be perfectly, honestly clear, was very tall, and with climbing it, it took a little more than a few minutes. In fact, after having sprinted from the orphanage, through alleys, across cross-walks, through traffic, to here, a mile away from the orphanage, and then climbing up a vertical wall as quickly as he could, it was entirely acceptable that he was a little sweaty. It was nice, though: It meant that he was getting a good workout, and that's exactly what he was looking for - well, okay, it was half, since he was also looking to exercise his abilities, but that just meant that he was halfway there already! So, without further ado, he took one deep breath, held it, and charged for the cliff of the building opposite to him.

It didn't take him very long at all with his sprinting speed, and Xasura was flying through the air before he knew it. There was fear in his chest, but with it came an overpowering exhilaration. He was doing something dangerous, and he was throwing all of his caution to the wind. It, in his mind, was probably like the thrill of base jumping or skydiving, but he wouldn't let himself get carried away with it. Only a couple of seconds of falling later, Xasura held out his hand and pushed his fingers into his palm, letting forth a long thread of adhesive silk from the edge of his palm, then gripped it tight and felt himself swing like a pendulum. He didn't have to push his fingers into his palm, but it's what Spiderman does, and the Wolfspider - a name he came up with on the fly - would do the same!! After all, web-slingers had to stick together, didn't they?

Only a single swing into his web-slinging antics, and he was absolutely howling in glee. His suit was keeping together, the mask wasn't coming off, FLYING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE SPIDERMAN, and for the first time in a few months, was absolutely free of any of his worries. Did he care at the moment that his voice would carry? Absolutely not. Was he worried about falling and splattering across the street as a furry red stain? Nope!! All that mattered right now was that the Wolfspider was flying through the air at ridiculous speeds thanks to Centrifugal force and he was absolutely loving it. The only question was how to stop, since the only references he had was from the Marvel comics - and yes, he had been reading all of them from the first issue at the back of another comic the author had placed as an experiment to see if it would catch any attention.

Thankfully, it did, and now he was learning his powers just like the web-slinging beacon of hope in a big city.

But enough about that!!! There was an event going on below him, and his curiosity was too much for logic to handle, so now he absolutely had to try out Spiderman's cool flip landing. Once he thought he was close enough to the top of the building in question that he could've sworn he saw only one person enter, the Wolfspider re-routed to an alley, let go of his rope of adhesive silk, and made himself do a backflip.

The result was him having too much momentum, which as he landed from the backflip pitched him forward and sent him into a roll that ended as his body sprawled across the roof.

"....OOooooowwwwwwwwwww....." he found himself whining as he laid face-down across the roof, only picking himself up thirty seconds later. "Okay... I need to work on that... My... Everything hurts right now."

After dusting himself off and looking around, Wolfspider decided that the best way in was, of course, to climb upon the walls and find an open window, which is exactly the kind of fun thing he could think of to do in this kind of situation. Aching aside, Wolfspider made his way to the edge of the roof and began his descent, not having to take long to find an entrance that he could slide open and close behind him, keeping perched to the roof for now.

"Now where did they go...?" He wondered to himself in a whisper.

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(Xasura/Wolfspider is unknowingly responding to the intense spirit activity at the aptly named food-place.)


I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!

Ten years have passed since these three Superheroes have seen the light, and now they do again, naked as babes in the center of the massive crater that was once eastern LA. They awaken in the middle of rubble that was once called buildings and concrete and roads, each of them with no memory of the passing of time. The last thing they would have seen would have been blinding light. The last thing they would have felt would have been impossible heat. The last thing they would have heard... now that was a different story. Waking them was this bright, soft voice that sounded almost like it was singing her words through their minds, calling their names, bringing them gently from their slumber.

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Primarch of Terra'Avenia

Well, court was fun, at least. Alexandria got to keep her new "dog" Fido, and some kid with a professor who's name reminded her of Arugula was going to be giving him regular checkups. At least, if you could call Fido normal at all. Fido, for all intents and purposes, might as well have been a dog the way he acted, but was in fact a kind of Hellbeast which name she couldn't pronounce to save her life, and it was currently gnawing on one of her weights, which she had gotten recently. He was cute, if a lava-slobbering denizen of Hell could be called as such, and the little meeting with the Judge gave her a reason to let herself be the only rational one in the courtroom, and by rational, she really meant sarcastic, but who said rationality couldn't have a bit of sarcasm?

As far as what she was doing, if one was ever curious, she was currently pounding the stuffing out of a bag, in her suit, with what looked like guns that were supposed to compensate for something if she was a male. Instead, what they were, were two over-sized, heavy-caliber handguns whose grip swiveled upon a neural activation from her helmet. They were meant to give an extra bit of oomph to her close-range, hand-to-hand combat capabilities while also remaining durable enough to take blows and be able to fire without bending the barrel. The railings atop the weapon were specially designed with making the hit as painful as possible, meaning that they both shocked and sucked when you were hit with them. She even had to make a custom bag just to be able to test them without ripping or charring the poor bag itself. Fun part was, during testing, she found out that it was pretty fun breaking things like swords when the railings caught them, and after adding a small energy spike that ejects a few inches outwards around the hammer, punching things with the barrels under her forearms just got a whole lot more fun.

This didn't mean she didn't hear her police scanner over the heavy, rapid-fire thuds as her punches and forearms rained punishment into her stuffed sparring partner, however, and stopped when the call came over concerning some hiker out in the wild. There was also some kind of break-in, Shield out doing what he did best, which was sucking at his job (in her opinion as an ex-villain), a car chase out on the streets, and a spooky ghost doing spooky things because they were edgy like that or something. She didn't pay too much attention, but knew that it was about time she got paid again.

Fun part was that it wasn't hard to figure out which ones were on the priority lists as far as the police were concerned: Usually, the most important task was put out first in APB, and everything else fell in order until the least pressing situation was issued. She could, actually, deal with the break-in and also get to test her new toys out on some thick-skulled, powered thugs that deserved it, but if it got her too much attention, it'd just be annoying. After all, she didn't need some random paparazzi following her to her base since it was supposed to be a Secret, but she didn't want to deal with something like some sort of "Ghosts."

Did they exist?

Sure, otherwise there wouldn't be people who have abilities they literally had no way of getting out of the blue, and there wouldn't be exorcists and the like that could draw out the geist - see, she knew spooky words, too - and prove that the person never had the power in the first place.

The second problem was less likely to get her paparazzi, to be honest, and she didn't feel like dealing with Shield, car-chases, or ghosts, so it was the hiker out in the woods. Fun part was that, after she repaired her armor and made some modifications, she didn't have to change any kinds of loadouts. Her jetboosters were more efficient, the chassis was augmented to make more room without being unsightly or bulky - or as weak as it was, and the enormous pistols she had now integrated themselves into her armguards, so she got to take her new fun-time bang-bang shoot-a-booty toys with her without causing too much of a scene.

"I'm heading out, Fido," she said with a smile behind her visor as she gently took the heat-resistant, metal weight-made-chewtoy from the pup. "You stay here and listen to Namina, okay?"

Just like in the courtroom, his response, which was a tail wag and a plop of his bottom on the ground, was adorable to her, and she couldn't help but scratch behind his ears before jogging out and to the main entrance of her hideout.

"Namina, let everyone monitoring the APB that I'm heading out for the Hiker, and to hold off on sending assistance until they get the signal," she called out to the VI. "Oh, and please keep Fido off the kitchen counters this time? Not everything here is able to resist his destructive drool."

"Understood, Ms. Norman," came the VI's response.

Namia was something special to her. She was programmed to be a companion and assistant of sorts - like a friend, but unlike the AI's that were used by government bodies and some military branches, she only had a pre-set personality, which was one of the things that made her a Virtual Intelligence and not Artificial. It was one of Alexandria's goals to get her hands on the blueprints and code that she could use to turn her VI into an AI, and though she was hoping that this job would land her the information, in all reality, she was probably just going to have to make it.

"Also, Ms. Norman, I was reviewing the battle footage from your outburst against Ares-"

Alexandria couldn't help but raise a brow. "Again? What are you so hung up about with that? I got pissed he broke my armor and pushed everything to it's limit."

"That's the problem, Ms. Norman," came her response, but Alexandria held up a finger.

"Please, not again, Namia. I'm a strong, independent Mundane who don't need no superpowers."

Just to accentuate it, she snapped her fingers at the end, which was a feat in gauntlets, and rode her base's elevator up to the surface, where she took off towards the Ping that her HUD was displaying. The hiker had gone out quite far into the trail from what she could tell, but it was odd that there wasn't any responses to the APB about them yet considering Air Rescue was usually sent out as soon as the SOS came in, and it was obvious that they had sent out an SOS or else they wouldn't have heard about the poor bastard yet. Still, it meant that she was going to get a full check from the rescue mission instead of having to split it with some other hero unless she got her rear into more trouble than she could handle.

"Namia, link with the Hiker if they have something more than just a ping device and let them know we're on our way," she began, her voice more professional than before. "If they have a phone on them, force a signal via burst-transmission to their device and push a notification telling them our ETA. If they have visitors they're hiding from, we don't want them to know - Oh! And change their settings to make it silent. I'm giving you permission to hack their device."




Primarch of Terra'Avenia
Caesar Alexander Aphera

There were quite a few, quite unpleasant sensations that came to Caesar all at once, and the very first was pain. There was pain to be had, and it was in the form of him being quite aware that his atomic structure was being slammed back together, which felt almost as great as the explosion that happened just a few seconds ago. There were other things, like the gut-wrenching sense of vertigo that you only got going mach-four while barrel-rolling as a passenger in a fighter jet, everything - and he meant everything itching like a bitch, the feeling of sharp, pointy rocks and grainy dirt everywhere all over him, and then, of course, the sensation that he was, to be clear, not very well-equipped to be outside.

Which was odd, because he was sure what he was wearing was pretty resilient fabric, but all of that was pushed aside with the voice that was pervading every single nook and cranny of his mind telling him what to do. Funny thing was that he was the one to give orders, and the voice could shove it up its non-existent ass if they didn't like the fact, even if it did obviously present leads to who just attacked LA. One of them he knew already - the Headmistress of the nearby Super academy, but the other two were something other than Greek to him.

The first thing to do in situations like this was to check oneself. The fact that he could feel at all meant that he wasn't dead, which was great, because something like an explosion couldn't possibly have killed him. He was too skilled, too tough, and way too good for a death like that. He had his fingers and toes, which means he had his arms, his legs, and obviously his head since, scientifically speaking, it wasn't ripped off and up his ass or else he wouldn't have been able to feel his limbs. After a moment of going through all this, Caesar slowly hefted himself to his feet and looked around to find...

"Well holy shit," he said out loud, putting his hands on his hips. "That was quite a party, wasn't it?"

(I'm gonna leave this here to be open-ended. He doesn't actually know he's naked yet, and I don't want to give away what he does next. xD)

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St. Ka'alia
~Dexter Heidrich: Digerati~​
Location: 5 Freeway

It'd been a week since the OA had been confirmed to be a part of the Ida Lessen case and so much had happened. Most importantly, Dexter's mentor, Edward Woodsman, had given the apprentice more freedom and was letting him take on solo missions. The man had claimed that it was practice for when he became a full-fledged hero, and that if the genius ever needed help he could call for his mentor or other nearby heroes. It's essentially a trial period. This was the time to prove that he was competent and could handle minor problems on his own. Less notably, Dexter had redesigned his suit again. The genius was always creating, remodeling, and scrapping designs in an attempt to make the most efficient suit, so sporting a new armor was pretty regular for the apprentice. While this model couldn't fly, it had retractable wheels on the bottom of his feet with a smaller propulsion system that would allow him to travel quickly on roads. While wearing this suit meant that he lost certain advantages that came with flying, his armor was a bit sturdier and had the potential to be faster on land than he was when flying. The wheels on the suit were reinforced to withstand the burden of high speeds and had been able to safely reach about 120 miles per hour in his laboratory. Field tests are different from lab tests though.

Dexter had a constant feed of news updates and police reports that popped up on a monitor near his desk. It could be distracting at times, but he'd rather know if there was something important happening than not know. Speaking of which, the young hero adjusted his glasses as he leaned forward to read the new notification on his monitor. A few new problems had appeared, but what caught his attention was the moderate level high speed chase that was recently reported. It was not only the perfect opportunity to test the viability of his new suit, but a chance to test his abilities to work alone. With an eager grin, Dexter stood up from his chair and turned to stare at the armor on one of the many work tables. This should be interesting. Gently, he took off his glasses and laid them on his desk; he had made the mistake of wearing glasses in the suit before, only to have them break and leave glass rattling around his helmet after a hard blow. Luckily, he was near-sighted so he could see perfectly fine through the monitors in his helmet. Donning his new suit, the helmet's monitor flared to life. More reports were coming in, but he quickly forced them aside. There. A map appeared on-screen with the fastest route to Freeway 5 already put in. Making his way towards the door of his small lab, Dexter sent a quick update to his mentor. It's best to keep him updated in case something goes wrong.



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Time: Approximately 09:00
Location: Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Oregon
At Scene:
S-Class Superhero Grave Speaker, Orphan Child civilian Xasura "Wolfspider"
Threat Level: Three
Known Threats: An Extremely Agitated Spirit

1543819532830.pngThe small doughnut place was well known throughout the community of Portland. It had been at the location since 2003. 55th anniversary this year, congrats to them. Most companies don't make it that long. Their theme is... entertaining. The occult, voodoo, doughnuts in the shape of various icons... it was all very cute. In most places she visited, Grave Speaker would stand out like a sore thumb. It seemed as though Portland was a little bit different in this regard, however. Her "witch" outfit was par for the course in this town, as it was not uncommon to see teens running about in full cosplay or furry gear, despite no con being in town.

She wasn't in town to fend off poltergeists or help unfortunate spirits, but that's what she was doing while she waited for her real goal to come back from their school field trip. Might as well spend time doing something productive and helpful to the souls of Portland. How long had it been since she was last in town? It had been quite a few years. Her job took her all over, kept her busy, but recent events beckoned her here. She wasn't sure how long she'd be here for either.

The day started out (primarily) normally. She woke up at the crack of dawn to survey the situation. Studying the location, the history, possible reasons as to why they could be there, who the spirit could be. Unfortunately, she didn't have as long to study for this job as she normally would like to. She'd prefer to plan out things weeks in advance, but ah well. She couldn't be picky in this case. It did, however, mean that she didn't know who this particular spirit was. She couldn't find any deaths that matched the description. Her surveillance of the place the day before made it clear that the situation was only getting worse and couldn't sit for any longer. So, today, she was handling it... hopefully without a fight.

1543824394563.pngShe headed in just before nine in the morning and cleared the place out, as she had told them she was going to do today. Her significant other, Phantom, a B-class Superhero, was floating in his spirit form up near the ceiling, sitting as though he had a chair beneath him, legs crossed. She had asked him not to get involved with this job, to only watch and learn techniques more.

He was... not enthused, but he listened, clearly in a bit of an annoyed huff as he watched. If she didn't want him helping out, then fine. Her stubbornness was only going to hurt her in the long run, not him.

Come nine a.m., attempted talks had devolved considerably. As he snuck in, Xasura would be able to see Grave Speaker get flung across the room into a rack of doughnuts with incredible force. She seemed completely uninjured, though thoroughly miffed that talking hadn't gone well. Phantom was still in his corner, nodding in fake approval, "Great going hunny. You really showed them. Mm... Time to zap?"

"Oh just stay there! But... yes," she shouted back at him, righting herself as she started messing with a pouch on her belt.

The spirit, an ethereal blue figure with frayed edges that seemed barely human at this point, floated on the other side of the room from where she landed. It looked like it was going to continue coming for her, but suddenly turned at the presence of Xasura, zipping off to slam its form into him with the force of a body-sized fastball.

"Shit...," Grave Speaker muttered, eyes darting to where it was headed, but unable to really do anything about it yet.


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