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The father of the Worldbreaker.
Sir glory

Allan was honestly at a loss here, his mind was still on the pacification wave and he was glad elementa was there to back him up. He listened to her questioning watching the mans movements as the ice behind the odd man shaped into a chair and he sat down to listen to them. The guy seemed to mull the words elementa had said over in his head before getting really excited. these out of towners are getting weirder by the day. he though to himself. "On it Ma'am" as he Did a brief scan for hammer and phoned him.


The man seemed excited as the two landed on his ice float but he contained himself the best he could. He nodded in seeming understandment as elementa told him about the hierarchy in this united states of theirs while a bit of ice formed into a chair behind him. A big grin spread across her face as she explained that she was an S rank. "What luck i must have, so you are among the most powerful in your world? I believe if such a ranking existed in my world i tok would be an S class." he added air quotes to the words S-class before he addressed her question. "I Am Atticus, and unfortunately no, i am from this earth, my realm is called Nyxia, and i am here seeking my little brother. I fear he may be in grave danger, one came before me, a very dangerous assassin by the name of Deucalion. I believe he too would qualify for your S rank assuming it is a measure of power and potency." he Rose to his feet as he heard her reference a base and watched her partner touch his ear and speak to someone far away. "I will gladly accompany you to this base on one condition...id like to spar with you, you pique my interests Elementa." he said adding emphasis to her name as if he knew it to be false. Despite his being compleatly out of his element and standing before one of this wprlds mightiest champions, he seemed to carry a confidence that was unnerving, as if this was all a part of his plan.


The father of the Worldbreaker.
The Delinquents

As the crew leapt from the plane only Feral did so without a parachute. The young man tapped his Comm and said. "Im gonna scout ahead, contact me when you touch down." he said befpre pulling his arms and legs to his side and streaking past his allies. Maggie and Toni pulled their Chutes at 20,000 ft and from their height they could see nothing over the debris.

Meanwhile Feral plummeted towards the cuty below at terminal velocity and was nearly startled out of his decent by what he saw beneath the cloud cover. It was a massive beast, akin to a frog but covered in armor plates and at least a hundred meters tall. Dad your a madman. he thought as he reached out for a flag pole on a building to slow his decent. It snapped off of the building but did its job slowimg him enough to land with minimal pain several hundred yards from the target. "Guys i see it...we need some bigger guns, or at least we need to get it outta the city. Lock onto my beacon and rendezvous with me on the top floor." he said gears turning hard in his simple mind.


He watched his crew strategize with a smile on his face, he was half expecting his boy to come in hot with a punch and get squelched, hell he could honestly say he was proud. But it was what blue had said that made him arch an eyebrow and turn away from the screen to look at her. "Heh, i like you Lady, straight to the point. Well im not gonna sugar coat it then. I want to turn you into a weapon for the united states army. Like the rest of these kids. It may not look like it but these kiddo's are gonna be the next great ones. One of em can control time, another is a super genius, and the third is an unkillable monstrosity." he grinned as he pointed at her "We need air support and you can offer that and then some. So, work with me and ill not only pay you enough to replace that appartment with a nicer one, but ill see to it that you get access to the greatest scientific minds our world has to offer, i just so happen to know one who is just as interested in that nerdy periodic crap as you are."

almost as if ppunctuating his sentence his communicator chimed in his ear. "One moment." he said opening the control room door and gesturing for her to leave. Once she had left he answered. "Wadda ya want moneybags?...
Portland army reserve why?...I am the C.O Numbnuts...Yeah i got room why?...who?...*Sigh* Whatever come on ill prep a landing zone for ya...Bring me a burger while your at it."
he hung up the phone content that he had insulted Allan enough before opening the door again and catching blues attention. "Good news my luminescent friend, one of those poindexter tyoes is on his way now with some magic weirdos. You picked a helluva time to come by."


The father of the Worldbreaker.

Devils den Club,Downtown portland

With a look of bemusement roarke watched his barbacks unload the delivery of alcohol and food. All it took was a promise of a few hundred dollars to get them to stay overnight to see to it that his shipment was ready for tonight. It was a rather large event he had planned for the night. As per usual it had no occasion, simply another of roarkes pop parties. Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, all would be in his club with heavy concentration. His mouth watered at the meal. But a wiff of sulphur caught his nostrils and the flood of demonic energy caused him to roll his eyes. He turned and walked across the dancefloor turning to walk past a pillar. The moment the pillar blocked the barbacks view of them he teleported to the basement and called out. "You'd better have a good reason for coming her Beguilous, i have no interest in giving you any of my time and i wont let your stench permeate my club."
his words were sharp and the disgust was obvious.

"Well Pariah, i am here on offical business, my lord offers you a position at his side. He intends to bring an end to the nuisance of Johnny D. If you..." his sentence was cut short when a wave of Roarkes hand caused his physical form to melt away and his essence to condence into an orb in Roarkes palm. "Petty demon lords can keep their problems to themselves, and lesser spawn such as yourself would be wise to remember why i am banished...why you fear me." as he ended his sentence he engulfed the orb of Beguilous essence in a black fire and tossed the demon back into hell. He rolled his eyes as he bent to straighten his shoes laces, teleporting as he rose so that he appeared to stand up from behind the bar. Pouring himself a glorious concotion of alcohol and fruit juices, complete with a cherry and a tiny umbrella. "MATT. CHAD." He said calling out to the two young men. "Wrap this up and get outta here its high time you went to sleep. Big night tonight." he said sipping his drink at the end and making hisbway towards his office.
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Time: 09:08
Location: Armed Forces Reserve Center, Portland, Oregon
At Scene:
S-Class Superhero The Hammer, Intern-class Superhero Feral, Kid Clock, Maggie the Magnificent, Blue, and lots of troops
Threat Level: None
Known Threats: Hammer being in charge

1546672260655.png Blue thought about what Hammer had to say, floating on out of the room once he got on the phone. It was an interesting proposition... and she wasn’t sure how it would mix with what Cosmo wanted. Maybe she could just give him a piece of herself and leave it at that for the time being? It was still something she had to debate. This, however... being trained to be a weapon while getting knowledge? It was an easy choice.

She idly floated while he was talking, uninterested in whatever was going on. She didn't even have the screen to stare at out here, so she was stuck with just looking around the base. Where was she, anyways? Like... where was this base? She only knew she teleported to Hammer, but not where Hammer was in relation to everything else... like jumping towards a sound with a blindfold on.

The door opened again and she smiled big, "I just have good luck like that, I guess! So... I'm fine with being a weapon as long as you guys are making it worth my time to do so. If you aren't, then I stop caring. As for the apartment... wouldn't I be like... living on base or something? Isn't that how recruits and stuff do stuff in the military?" She floated until she was in front of Hammer again, albeit upside down, "So where do we start? Some test or something? I really don't know anything about all this junk."



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Time: 09:08
Location: Pacific Ocean, approx. 99 miles off coast
At Scene:
S-Class Superhero Elementa, A-Class Superhero Sir Glory
Threat Level: ?
Known Threats: ?

1546728369390.png Oh great... he was one of these sorts... She sighed and looked back in the direction of the mainland. "Ah... yes," she started, looking back at the strange man, "Yes, Atticus, I am considered one of the most powerful Superheroes on Earth. There are some beings stronger than me, but I have a... rather useful skill-set, shall we say. So you are from a place called Nyxia? It sounds interesting... But ah... Deucalion... I feel like I saw that name in a report..."

She looked to Sir Glory with a furrowed brow, "Glory, didn't you meet someone like... last week? They were with a bunch of elves? When you had them make a report, they stated that was the interloper's name, didn't they? I think they are housing him at their kingdom."

Elementa sighed again and looked at Atticus again with renewed concern, "Yes, we can spar once we get you settled and figured out at the base. Okay? As for this assassin, we cannot do anything about it, as they're on Elven territory. They're a sovereign nation, similar to the Native Americans. Plus, we can't exactly take your accusation at face value. We will look into it, though... especially if he'd be similar to an S-class."

She rolled her eyes ever so slightly, "Also... Elementa is just a moniker. My codename. It's not my given name. My name is Rose, but while I'm working, I'm Elementa. Some Superheroes keep their actual name secret... people like myself and Glory, however? We're in the public eye a lot. For us, there's little point to hiding a name. Anyway... how about we get going? Are we going by ice-boat, or do you have a ship or something on the way, Glory?"



Primarch of Terra'Avenia

Well, if it wasn't for the situation they were in, he probably wouldn't have gotten to soak in the sight that was before him. The one and only Jupiter, naked, out in the open, in shock, and probably not paying too much attention let him get peripheral glances at a body he would absolutely kill a man to explore. It was always that way, though, what with him being into her since he was a teen and very much open about it. She never really responded much to his advances, if he remembered correctly, but if that woman said a single word, that one word would have his full attention. To be fair, though, his need of her wasn't only carnal. Sure, it was quite a bit, and he wasn't going to deny that ever, since that would be stupid and cowardly, but there was a level of overprotectiveness there. There was a sting to his pride knowing that she got hurt - that he could've done something to stop it: Knock her out and haul her ass out of the area before things got too crazy, or maybe talk her out of staying. The former would've been easier than the latter, and wouldn't have hurt her reputation, though, since the second would've been flat-out damning.

But she would've lived.

She would've had some time to get over what happened and move on. Keep living, learning, laughing, and crying. He couldn't stop a group of psychos that were trying to rip that from her - from everyone else, but mainly her. The only thing that he could chalk it up to was something more than a crush, but he couldn't say for sure if she felt the same way. She never really made a move in return to his advances - maybe some slight teasing, but it wasn't enough for him to be sure. Then of course, there was Good Boy Rover not more than twenty feet away, and he was sure that, in the boy's presence, a cockblock was only a second away. Well, maybe not a second away, but he was a good boy, and some liked to tease him for it. Caesar's was more good-natured, to be sure, since that's just how he operated; if he didn't like you, he didn't tease you.

But it was back to work. Caesar let himself stand in the nude to think as Rover went over the details. A somewhat formidable terrorist group had initially shown up at the protest against Supers and forced those who were undercover to blow their disguises. The first wave was just some B-class villains and maybe a couple of Kingpins, but they were the easy part. It wasn't long after that a much more pressing, and damning, threat had appeared to turn the tide of battle before blowing what had to be a nuke to destroy a thirty mile radius. From there, they were suddenly alive, were given names to track down, and no one really knew much of anything after that, so they were all on the same page. They had at least that going for them, but not much else. After rubbing his chin for a good thirty seconds with every inch of his naked (and... Oddly impressive) body on display, Caesar kicked the bag into the air, caught it (since he wanted to be lazy and avoid bending over), and donned the last of what was in the bag: A black undershirt, a Lakers hat, and jeans with a belt...

But there were no goddamn shoes.

He liked being barefoot anyway! Screw shoes - only the weak needed protection from the elements!!! And... Broken glass... and rubble... And maybe some used syring - okay, maybe it wasn't just for the weak, but he wasn't going to let on that it bothered him, and that was that!! Tossing the bag aside with a bit more oomph than he meant to use after he had clothed himself, Caesar scratched the back of his head and shrugged, then turned to what he thought might be the easiest way towards their old homes.

"I figure the best place we could be right now is back with the families to let them know we're alive and what the creepy, disembodied voice had said to us," he grumbled. "That way, we'll be able to get more inside information rather than some wacko conspiracy bullshit more quickly. After all, every one of us has 'That Person' in our families that are way too much in the know about things, I would think. After that, we'll link up after we've gotten some rest and better-fitted clothes."

Afterward, he looked over his shoulder to the two and lowered his eyebrows.

"No using abilities - we'll see if we can't pass off as Civvies so as to not attract too much attention, then, if we think we weren't followed, we can drop our cover once we reach our destinations. Dunno if the group that hit us before is still around, and we don't know how much time has passed since we kicked the bucket. If something happens, get out of there instead of being heroes - it might get us killed before we even started our little 'Investigation' of sorts."

With that, he began to walk. It was going to suck, since even with thick skin, rocks still had a tendency to be painful, but he'd act like it didn't bother him just to make a point:

Only wussies needed shoes, and it made his pride feel a bit better.

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The father of the Worldbreaker.
Red rover

Once everyone was dressed rover was worlds more comfortable. He listened to lord Caesar speak his points and agreed with most of them. But 15 miles was a long way to walk. "I can agree with you on finding the family and laying low...but are you sure you dont want me to fly the two of you to the edge?" he thought about his parents, then his younger brother, how would theu have fared in his absence? Did a new Red Rover don the suit? He figured it would be hard to do what with it being in the direct blast radius. However they couldve made another one. After a moment of silence he added "Do you think they caught whoever did this?"

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--Blaise Veleno Dragonis--
Location: Genies Cafe
Supervillain Shield has reportedly been seen at Genies Cafe.
Blaise was already on route to Genies Cafe as a customer when she heard about the Villain Shield being in the area. The Fire wielding Heroine was simply there to take a nice cup of coffee after her training with Gong, but now that she's here, she might as well stake the area to see if she can apprehend the villain herself. She would have to call Gong if things get out of hand. After all, he's officially her mentor--being a Class B hero...

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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Time: 09:08
Location: Los Angeles Crater, Los Angeles, California
At Scene:
S-Class Superhero Lord Caesar, A-Class Superhero Jupiter, B-Class Superhero Red Rover
Threat Level: Zero
Known Threats: None

1547262304195.png Jupiter smiled sadly for a moment, thinking about what Caesar had just finished saying. It was... disturbing... thinking that their family might have no idea they were even alive. Who knew how long it had been? Her mom... gods... her entire family would freak out. She glanced at Red Rover as he spoke, nodding along to what he said.

She kind of agreed with both of them, but moreso with Red Rover. There was no way she was going to walk that far. She wasn't exactly the exercise type, and... well... she didn't want to have to walk past miles of rubble, and probably at least a few homeless colonies.

"I... don't think that I'm okay with not using my abilities. I agree we need to go to our families though. Maybe we can talk to the Keatons too. They've got that whole clairvoyance thing going on, after all. We should stick together for the moment, I think. After we get back to family, then... whatever, but for now... honestly I'm really freaked out. But this place, this whole thing, it looks old. Look at the rubble. It's been a while. I'm not exactly an expert on that sort of crap, but I'd guess maybe even a year or more. Whoever did this, even if they weren't caught, they're long gone... and I don't know if they caught them. The people in the middle of this... this mess? They'd have to be dead. Made into people soup. Now, the people responsible, the mastermind behind it... I don't know. It can take years and years to catch a really adept killer. We'll definitely find out once we get out of here."

"Flying won't be necessary. I'll call for some help. No need to get us all tired. We don't know if we need to be alert. You flying us would put you at a disadvantage," she explained, smiling meekly at him before looking around. She picked up a particularly sharp-looking piece of glass from the rubble and drew it without hesitation across her arm. Latin spilled out of her mouth as she uttered a short spell, a glowing golden ring forming at her feet, "Conjuro te daemonium luminare minus, ut mihi praeberetis auxilium et facere iussus in necessitates. Sicut veni vocare vobis fructum, et erit in tempore illo tenetur ad me ad te requiro. Non tenetur meum sanguinem in me animam meam et voluntatem meam. Mea require tibi."

She sighed heavily as the river of blood ran down her arm and onto the floor, tainting the golden circle until it became blood red. The man who appeared, however... that was one hell of a surprise. They were definitely NOT a lesser demon.

I summon thee, lesser demon, to do my bidding and assist me in my needs. Come forth as I call you and be bound to me for the time that I need you. Be bound to me by my blood and my soul and my will. I require you.

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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Time: 09:08
Location: Genies Cafe, Portland, Oregon.
At Scene:
Supervillain Shield, Apprentice Superhero Pele
Threat Level: Two?
Known Threats: Supervillain Shield

1547271041844.png Darren looked absolutely exhausted. Sleepy eyes gazing down at his cup of coffee with a hint of reverence but a whole lot of annoyance, he took a long sip. There was someone who had clearly recognized him. That meant that he was going to have a bit of trouble here soon... but if he was honest, he didn't care. He wasn't awake enough for trouble. Trouble didn't exist for him before noon.

He brushed his extremely long silver hair behind his shoulder and over the back of the chair, the tips brushing the ground. Hardly anyone expected him to be a villain when they saw him. He was a skinny, 5'9" guy, only 19 years old, and he was told he had a gentle, albeit tired-looking face. Despite his choice of profession, he even had some fangirls. Ridiculous children, but they were pretty cute. He half enjoyed the admiration, but the other half was irritation and annoyance. It was hard to be taken seriously.

Darren sipped again at the cup, savoring the warmth on his long fingers, the taste of it on his tongue...

"Coffee truly must have been made by the gods," he muttered to himself, not even looking up.

--Blaise 'Pele' Veleno Dragonis--
Mission: Apprehend Supervillain Shield

Blaise entered the cafe, not knowing what to expect but a peaceful scene with absolutely nothing shady going on inside. It looked like the Villain had already left, or he had yet to arrive. She wasn't exactly sure what the villain looked like this morning. From her experience with Gong, villains typically show up during the noon to around midnight. Mornings would've been hell to them. However, one suspicious looking individual was there within the customers; a young man, about her age but slightly younger, wearing an improperly worn uniform with very, VERY unkempt silver locks. He must've seen the villain walking in...Or perhaps this was him?

Blaise remained silent as she approached the tired looking youngster, talking about his coffee. Blaise recalled what Gong taught about seeing a villain who was in peace; do not call them, but instead, speak with them. Negotiate about turning themselves in without agitating them, but prepare for the worst.

"Supervillain Shield." Blaise stood in front of his table. "I must ask you to come with me." She said, trying a passive route of leading him towards the police station first.
~Dexter Heidrich: Digerati~​
Location: 5 Freeway at Burnside Bridge, headed southbound, Portland, Oregon

The apprentice made a tsk noise as the suspect summoned a few unknown objects around him. His helmet's scanners gave a few low beeps as an error message came up. Magic. Although magic was a thing he encountered on a daily basis as a hero's apprentice, it wasn't his field of expertise and it showed. Maybe I should try reaching out for information. Actually knowing what spell was being used would be much more useful than the vague identification of 'magic'. A loud alarm sounded as his scanner immediately recognized the gun that the suspect had pulled out. The thief only had time for a quick glance before he blindly shot at Dexter. The cars around them immediately reacted, with most swerving out of the way and all of them slamming on their brakes. The young hero was also able to dodge the bullets, but his frown deepened. I need to end this. The magic would be a problem though. He eyed the magic surrounding the thief critically, but couldn't identify what it was. If he's using a normal weapon, then it's possible to assume that he's not a powerful mage...or that he's trying to lower my guard. Bracing himself for a counterattack, the apprentice preformed a rapid series of actions. With a quick command, his suit updated the assignment to include the model and license of the stolen bike, that the thief was a magic user and was armed with a gun, and a somewhat blurry picture of the suspect on the bike. Not like I can do better during a high-speed chase. Next, with a swift arc of his arm, six rubber bullets were shot at the thief. Let's test that magic of yours. Hopefully, the suspect would be too distracted by that to notice Dexter angling his other arm higher to shoot out numerous multi-pointed spikes onto the road ahead of them. If the thief didn't notice them in time, then they would certainly pop the tires on the stolen motorcycle. It might damage the motorcycle, but it's a simple fix.



The father of the Worldbreaker.

Devil's Dance nightclub>L.A Crater

The ancient demon watched the men set the last box of beer in the cooler before they closed it up and came to him to report they were done. He smiled congradulating them on a job well done as he pulled two wads of cash from his coat pocked and tossed each one of them one. "Be back here tonight and be ready for a busy night." he said as they profusely thanked him on their way out. He poured himself another fruity drink and was about to get started on some reading when he felt the strange tug of magic pulling upon his essence. At first he though Beguilous boss had taken his message a bit harshly. But closer inspection revealed the source pf magic to be a human's, with a bit of something...extra added in. It was enough for his curiosity to get the better of him. He let the magic grip him and pull him to the summoner.

The words she spoke echoed in his mind as he slid out of reality and then back into it in a different location. Feeling like a grand entrance was needed he allowed his magical energy to flex upon his arrival causing the ground beneath his feet to crack and ignite with a smell of sulphur. Still he maintained his human form and the restrictions that came with it. Yet he made sure to leave no doubt as to who he was, any infernal mage worth their salt would recognize the old lord of pride. He immediatly raised an eyebrow at the summoner and breifly regarded her cohorts. Lord Caesar was interesting, and certainly powerful, but not at all as impressive as the strange summoner. The other young man reeked of virtue and was clearly not gonna be useful in any way. "I am no lesser demon, and i care not for your blood, soul, or will...However your Body, mind, and Power now those may carry some weight. If you pledge them to me, then i will put my power at your disposal. Keep your free will, Keep your soul, be an asset to me in your life, and i shall be one to you in both life...and in death." he held his hand out to Jupiter and it seemed to glow with otherworldly magical energy. "Of course you can still decline, no hard feelings, ill leave you with this Daiquiri and be on my way." he said showing the hand he had up until now kept behind his back which held a red fruity drink with beautifully sliced strawberries in it.
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