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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.

As chrysos laid in his car. Next to jewel. He rode out the Adrenaline trip he gave to himself to ignore the Pain. However, a pain he was not accustom too assaulted him the vision around him changed. "Wait jewel whats haapening!?" he said as they were teleported. Falling onto the ground since he was laying down anyway. He clotched his stomach as he gagged some, "oh....gods.... It feels like all my organs were just rearranged." He desperately held back vomit as The adrenaline was wearing off. Assaulting his chest with pain. About to reach for another needle He was stopped by the feeling of magic surrounding him. Slowly catching his breath as the mage healed him. He stood up once james was done. "Hey boss. Where are we?" Chrysos asked as he looked around Pulling an entire fucking Sawed off shotgun from Somewhere in his jacket. "and should I equip lethal or non lethal rounds? I wish ya brought the car with me. I had tons more weapons in there. I could of brought my M202, or my minigun. Pretty sure i had some napalm in the trunk as well." he was mumbling as he loaded Incendiary rounds in. "can someone explain why were here?" He asked as he didnt really understand what was happening. But Jewel had teleported both of them with no warning. It must have been important.

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The Sewers

L.A's sewer system was like many other sewer systems in the united states. Damp, horrid scent, and dimly lit by lights and natural light overhead from grates. The sound of people chatting amongst themselves could be heard from the busy street above raums head, silhouettes painting figures in the sewers that walked across the raven, only to disappear with their owners as they moved. A ways into the sewer, to the ravens right, could be heard the sound of heavy breathing and something crunching and snapping, the noises of water being disturbed and waded through. Then came the crunching again, a noise Raum would more than likely be able to identify as bone...and then the snap of jaws. Yellow eyes peered at Raum from the dimness of the sewer, the wading coming closer. A growl like bellow, like a large reptile, could be heard as the massive figure lumbered out of the darkness.

A bipedal alligator stepped out of the sewer ravine of water onto the land, half of a coyote in its maw, the creatures lifeless eyes stuck on Raum out of coincidence. The creature easily stood about nine and a half foot tall, snapping it's head back as it forced the rest of the dead canine into it's mouth, crunching it's jaws shut and summarily pulverizing the poor creature as it swallowed. The gator lumbered forwardly slowly towards Raum, puffing out a hot breath before simply...laying down beside it. It seemed luckily enough, like most large water dwelling reptiles, a small bird wasn't seen as anything relative as food or a threat. Like any other bird, Raum could probably chill on it's head and it wouldn't care.

The copper scent of blood and ichor hung heavily around the gator's maw, bone shrapnel stuck between teeth and shreds of flesh and meat mingled in. The gator chuffed air again, duo of eyelids blinking as it lay on the ground beside the demon lord crow.

HellsHaven HellsHaven

Aelia Aeldyne

Downtown bank robbery


The man gave Mazok a sneer and a measured look, before clipping his gun to the back of his belt and clashing his braces against one another. Within moments, the left brace whirred and stirred, and small scales of metal unfolded from there until the shape of a shield was entirely filled. There echoed a ringing "click", and the armor became inert again. He whipped the blood off his sword in three quick motions then pointed the blade at Mazok.

"Beats me", he growled still in that strange voice that was rough and old and yet young. 1602020790146.png
His eyes narrowed as he saw the other orks trying to bypass him. Striking at his shield with the flat of his blade, he yelled out-


-And there was a strange echo to his voice when he said the words. As if taken by shock, five out of the six goons moved around mechanically - albeit quickly - and activated their own armors, which were admittedly worse than their boss', but also looked cheaper. Each of them had various contraptions affixed to the body as well as a large scutum, those large shield-wall shields that the romans were so so fond of. None of the goons had armament, as far as it looked, but the stance they assumed behind their leader belied any amateurism on their part. Even if criminals, they were professionals. They stood between Mazok's boyz and the van, that was apparently readying itself to leave, after orders were given by the leader.

He stepped forward, only once. His eyes were sharp and aimed towards Mazok. His blade was grey with remnants of red, and his hand was steady. The man rolled his shoulders and fell into a dueling stance.

"You will not pass."

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ada.jpgAda and Sean
Ada grinned like a little she-devil that she had spoken for her dad, mischievous as all hell. Sean texted the other person back and got a quick response, "He says sounds good, and that he doesn't drink much either, though he prefers Pepsi over Coke."

"Not that common over here. California's a Coke state mostly," Ada mused, "Have to admit, though, guys standing around drinking soda sounds a lot less entertaining than them drinking alcohol. Probably best, though. They seem like the sorts that would want to wrestle when they're drunk."

Sean had a moment of Vietnam flashbacks, "...yeah... yeah, spot on with that... though they'll wrestle sober, too. They really want to teach me how to fight better, but... they suck at teaching. I don't learn much when I'm on my back in half a second and everything they did was a blur. I am not a super fit macho man. I don't eat pullups for breakfast."

Ada wheezed, "Pullupsforbreakfastohmygod."

addison.pngAddison Soleil
Addison giggled, shaking her head at Mary and her usual chaotic-ness, "You are perpetually adorable. It must be like ten times better for those who can see how short you are, all that cute in a tiny package." She hopped up on the counter and tilted her head a little, listening to the oil gently pop. She had to focus, so she went quiet, eyes closed, not that it changed anything. She brushed the edges of Mary's mind, like a tickle of someone running their fingers along her scalp.

Then she was in.

Can you hear me alright, Mary? she spoke to her mentally, I want to try to talk to you like this for a bit, for practice. It'd be helpful for mute clients or the sort.

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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Casey Kemp

"Pepsi is fine as well, I'm not too picky on the two. And ada, you know I'm not 'entertaining', so it'd be that way either way." He glanced in the mirror at Sean as he had his brief vietnam flashback, eyes going back to the road. "Sometimes the best way to learn is the hard way...eat pullups for breakfast, really?" He gave sean a quick glance in the rearview mirror, the humor lost on him before he turned his attention back to what he was doing. "You don't have to be a 'super fit macho man' to be able to fend for yourself. But I suppose with your guards you don't really have to worry about it?"

Mary Moon

"Addison, if I didn't know I'd think you were trying to hit on me. Being short isn't always fantastic you know, I can't reach the top shelf at Walmart for instance. And I get mistaken for a kid half the time, which can make things weird at times. I had a grandpa come up to me while I was shopping the other day asking if I was lost. Sir, no, I'm just very short and trying to get a dozen eggs." Mary bristled a bit at the odd feeling of something being in her mind, or at least the fringes of it. As soon as Addison was inside of her mind, Mary flinched a bit, that was weird. "You're in my head? Weird. I guess it's better to do this while I'm at rest than zooming about...you wouldn't be able to process anything or understand me more than likely, since my mind functions at the same speed as my body when I'm running."

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Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
The Sewerage System | "You really ought to take better care of your hygiene..."

The stench of the sewer was quite unbearable, so much so that Raum had begun to tear up from the horrid odour. Amongst the various, repugnant stenches, there was the distinct smell of blood in the air. At first, Raum had dismissed it as a dead animal, or something of the like until he was alerted to a horrid crunching noise. Every feather on the raven's body stood up as Raum's head snapped toward the direction of the sound, noting the bright, feral yellow eyes staring at him in the sewer.

Then, from the water, the creature revealed itself, rising from the surface with an animal hanging from its maw. It looked like an alligator, if not for the fact that it was bipedal. A chimera, Raum reckoned. He hadn't seen bipedal alligators, not in his countless years on Earth, at the very least. Raum flinched in disgust as the creature crushed what remained of the corpse between its teeth, right in front of him. However, he didn't retreat when the alligator approached, eyes meeting the alligator's until it suddenly laid down, blowing a gust of putrid breath at Raum's face. Looking over to the creature's mouth, Raum noticed various pieces of flesh, bone, and various other bits of unidentifiable filth stuck in between the creature's teeth. "You really need to pay better attention to your hygiene," Raum said to the alligator, slowly approaching closer to it, hopping atop its head.

"Do you even understand me?" Raum then asked the creature. "You know what? If you understand, open your mouth. I'm no dentist, but I can clean an alligator's teeth just fine."

ManofManyRoles ManofManyRoles
the orks kept driving, one of them leveling a AK at the shields and firing in a continuous spray of lead as mazok watched. "huh... welp.. goons will be goons." as he ripped the door off a totaled car, using it as a makeshift shield after holstering his pistol and uttering a warcry as he charged the leader. seemingly going for a shield bash with the door before suddenly ducking the counter. and slashing at the warriors legs and uppercutting with the shield to knock him out of formation. his intent to end this quick but honorably.

Aelia Aeldyne Aelia Aeldyne


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The Renewal Martial Artist

Interactions: ChazGhost ChazGhost

Jin reacted swiftly to the incoming bolt of energy so that he didn’t get hit. Shifting the focal point of his chi to his right hand, he quickly smacked the bolt of energy away and continued the spinning motion as chi built up around his right leg. He delivered a roundhouse kick while standing still, the motion sending a pressurized air wave towards the laser man. If this air wave hit the man and knocked him off his feet, Jin would follow this up by attempting to close the gap between them to bring the fight more within his range. If it could not hit his opponent or it didn’t have any effect, Jin would still attempt to close the gap between them.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
The sewers

The bipedal monstrosity gave a low growl, mouth opening wide to reveal a maw of sharp and jagged teeth. This, of course, resulted in a plume of horrid scent being released into the air, as a wild animal's breath is never lovely to smell, especially after it had just consumed a corpse. Whether the creature really understood what Raum had said, or rather it was relying on some base instinct that birds are good for cleaning teeth was unclear at the moment. Whatever the reason may be, it's mouth was now open as per Raum's request. The inside of the creatures mouth was caked in flesh blood, thick tongue flat at the bottom of it's mouth. There was of course bits of viscera stuck in it's teeth, but the inside of its mouth was spotless besides for the blood.

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Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
RaumThe Sewerage System | "I can't believe I'm cleaning an alligator's mouth..."

Raum recoiled in disgust at the new, overwhelming wave of stench that wafted out from the creature's mouth. He would have long regurgitated his breakfast, if he had eaten anything that morning. Fortunately, there wasn't much to eat floating around in a sewer. "Let's see now..." the Raven murmured to himself as he stepped inside the horrid, blood-coated cavern that was the creature's teeth-ridden mouth. Raum shuddered slightly as his foot sank into the creature's fleshy, damp tongue, but pressed onward nevertheless.

"Well, at least there's no infection..." Raum began to comment to himself, as he began to pick away at the teeth with his talons. Normally, it would be much less awkward and arduous if Raum had just used his beak, but unlike the garden variety birds, Raum wasn't about to let those putrid, half-chewed chunks of filth and much anywhere near his mouth. The cleaning process took roughly ten minutes, by which time Raum had pulled out the last piece of flesh stuck between the alligator's jagged teeth. "Should I do something about the blood?" Raum then wondered to himself, sitting still on the alligator's tongue. After a short moment of consideration, Raum finally decided against it as he lacked the materials and tools on hand to properly sanitize a beast's mouth. At least the viscera between its teeth were cleaned out. "That's that taken care of, I appreciate that you didn't shut your jaws on me," he chirped as he hopped out of the creature's mouth and perched himself back on its head.

"To be honest, I still don't know if you can understand me or not..." The raven sighed to himself as he sat on the alligator's head. Despite spending the majority of his time in the form of a raven, Raum couldn't actually communicate with animals. "Would you happen to know a way out of the sewer?" Raum asked the alligator, though he was half expecting the creature to not reply at all. "I need to fetch a bottle of Listerine, a cloth, and a brush to properly clean your mouth," he then added jokingly.

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St. Ka'alia
~Anne and Dietrich~

1602123655414.png "Goodbye!" Anne waved and felt a surge of pride when Aia did the same. She's really picking these things up well. Stroking her hand idly over the alien, the dark-haired woman frowned in thought at Morgan's question. Tilting her head down to murmur to her daughter, she asked, "What do you think?" Of course it was more rhetorical than an actual question. Aia was only just beginning to speak, she wasn't ready to answer questions yet. That didn't mean that Anne didn't hold out a little hope that Aia would reply. Glancing back up, she smiled, "We're alright with anything. We're still new to the area so anything's good." Climbing to her feet while coaxing Aia up at the same time was a challenge, especially since the younger girl was reluctant to let go of Anne for even a second, but in the end they managed to get upright once again.

1602123672427.png The blond was relieved that the Trevor boy left without a fight. Or suspicion. It really showed how naïve the child was but Dietrich wouldn't hold it against him. It was endearing. "You know, I think there's a diner a few blocks away." Small local places were always quiet and quaint. The perfect setting for Anne and Aia to feel comfortable. Maybe even open up a little and give Morgan the information she wanted. Looking towards the redheaded woman for approval, he shrugged, "What do you think?" Unlike the chain restaurants scattered around every few blocks, a diner was targeted more towards the locals and didn't experience the traffic that chains did. Less people meant less eyes on their little friends. As long as Aia doesn't create a scene, nobody should give us a second glance.

((Interacting with ManofManyRoles ManofManyRoles 's Morgan and Daniel Reaving Daniel Reaving 's Aia))


The Phantom Hexblade
Rex Plasma
Splend Gem
Thawne Thawne

"Wait what the hell?!" the man said surprised as the hero before him deflected his laser with their bare hands. Then as he was surprised by the first trick, the strange man pulled a second one sending an airwave at the man in armor, knocking him mildly off-balance. "Okay, who are you and what sh*t are you pulling," the man in armor said regaining his balance as the strange man ran up to him. As he waited for an answer, the armored man tried to punch the strange man in the face.


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ada.jpgAda and Sean
“I thought it was funny!” Ada chirped, grinning as much with her voice as she was with her smile, like the cute little bird she was, “Dad teaches me self defense pretty roughly. It makes you take it seriously though, if there’s a consequence to messing it up. Still way less of a consequence to it than there would be in real life.”

“I do still have to worry about it a little...,” Sean muttered, a little defensive now, “but... yeah. They handle most threats so I don’t have to. I’d... like to learn self defense. Like I said though, they’re not great at teaching. Yeah they’re rough but they don’t even explain anything well.”

Ada did a half turn to look at him, her grin turning downright malicious, “I could teach you a thing or two.”

“R-really?” He stuttered, squirming in his seat as he looked out the window to avoid any and all eye contact, “I... I mean, you can try... I’m not gonna tell you no. Just... go easy on me?”

“No chance! If I went easy on you, you wouldn’t learn!” Ada said in return with finality, turning forward again. By this point they were already nearly there. She thumbed the anti magic talisman in one of her bag’s pouches nervously. He wasn’t intimidating at all. Honestly, Sean seemed like a little bit of a pushover, but in a cute like... hedgehog sort of way, or maybe a small snake. Still could bite, but generally just wants to hide. No, she was nervous about the whole idea of it. She had no clue how a date even worked, much less how to act on one. She was gonna act like herself, of course, just... ugh. She was mentally “ugh”-ing a lot today, it seemed. Being out of control of a situation was unpleasant.

Once they were parked and out of the car and all that, Ada gave her dad one of the tightest, most sincere hugs she’d ever given.

“I’ll text you when we’re on our way back over,” she said, smiling a little. She felt like crying. This was kinda a big milestone for her! She could only imagine how her dad felt...

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The Sewer

The gator, luckily for Raum, had no interest in closing it's jaws shut and eating the poor bird slash demon lord in one bite. It simply lay still as he cleaned its mouth of viscera to the best of his ability. Once Raum had vacated the mouth of the beast, its jaws slowly shut, teeth simply hanging out over one its bottom jaw on full display. Still bloodied and smelling of corpse, but at least they were 'cleaned' thanks to the thoughtfulness of the demon lord. At Raum's question at a way out, a rumble escaped the beast as it stood up onto its hind legs, making an about-face on the way it had come. Lumbering forward it slunk back into the water, the top of its head above the current of filth so that Raum had a free ride on his newfound reptilian raft.

The journey took all of eight minutes, usual horrors of the sewer all too apparent. Sewer gas that threatened to melt the mind, unspeakable things that had been flushed down toilets both organic and inorganic. And the further they travelled, the all too apparent fact they were entering the creatures 'lair', the walls splattered with blood and claw marks, piles of bones and shreds of corpses laying about in no real order. From coyotes and racoon's, to the rare cougar corpse and...what was almost certainly a full grown black bear that hadn't really been touched yet, save for some bites out of it's side to reveal its ribs. Climbing out of the river of sewage and onto the 'land', the creature lumbered further into the dark towards a ray of light, rounding a corner to reveal a crevice in the side of the sewer that scaled upwards on an incline, going from concrete and cement towards natural terra.

HellsHaven HellsHaven


Demon Lord of the Diabolic Spuds
The Sewerage System | "Oh, how thoughtful."

Again, the alligator made no sign or attempt of speech, leading Raum to the conclusion that it was incapable of human speech. It did, however, stand up in response and began to walk. Raum made no attempt to leave the alligator's head, until it began to approach the filthy water. "Well now, I have no intention of touching that liquid filth," Raum told the creature. To his surprise, when the alligator entered the water, it paid heed to keep its head above the water, so that the raven atop its head wouldn't touch the filth. "Oh, how thoughtful," the raven commented, settling back down as he sat still and took the free ride.

With nothing much to do whilst on the alligator's head, Raum took the time to take a survey of the sewer system. This was, after all, his first time ever having to enter one, and it exceeded Raum's expectations. Not only was it filled with the usual human waste and whatnot, but there were also other, revolting things poking out every there and then: a severed limb, lingering, toxic gas to name a few, and at one point, Raum could've sworn he saw some creature's brain submerged in the water. "This place is worse than I thought..." Raum mumbled to himelf.

After several minutes, the duo reached a section of the sewer littered with corpses and caked in blood. "So, this is your 'home', is it?" The raven asked as he hopped off the alligator's head. Taking note of the large crevice that lead to the surface, Raum first flew several laps around the alligator's hideout, seemingly examining the animal corpses scattered around. He stopped at the corpse of the black bear, eyes widening in surprise for a moment before commenting to himself: "yes, this seems fresh enough." Glancing back at the alligator, Raum began to fly toward the crevice. "I'll be back momentarily," he told the alligator before heading off toward the surface.


Walmart | "Holy shit I shouldn't have taken acid last night..."

The Walmart cashier blinked several times, wide-eyed and expression painted over with disbelief as he attempted to comprehend his current situation. There was a shopping cart in front of him, filled to the brim with all sorts of items, from hygiene products to general groceries... But it wasn't the shopping cart that caused the Walmart employee's head to spin, it was the fact that it was being pushed by a Raven on the handlebar. "I must be tripping..." The young man groaned to himself, to which the crow replied...

"Not at all, friend. You seem perfectly sound of mind at the moment."

Wait... The crow fucking talked? Mouth dropping almost to the floor, the employee's brain went into repair mode. "What... what the fuck?" In the time that the employee was done having a mini mental blue-screen, the Crow had perched on top of the checkout screen, holding a credit card in its beak.

"Hello? Are you alright? Shall I call an ambulance?"

Finally snapping back to reality, the employee finally accepted the world for the way it was, and let out a tired sigh. It seemed as though he had finally come to terms with the fact that he was serving a talking bird. "That'll come out at $499.65..." the employee told the crow before taking the credit card and scanning it. Whilst he did, he also took note of the name on the credit card, out of curiosity. Apparently, it was issued to a gentleman named 'Raum', with no surname. "... I'm going to see a doctor and ask for a week off after this..."


The Alligator's Lair | "How can you possibly stand eating filthy carcasses?"
From the crevice through which Raum had left the sewers half an hour ago, several plastic bags filled with groceries came tumbling down, followed by a familiar, four-eyed raven flying in, carrying a can of air-freshener in its talons. Before Raum made a landing, he flew around the alligator's lair, thoroughly bombarding it with the aerosol can before discarding the emptied can into the filthy water. "There, slightly more tolerable," Raum chirped to himself before landing down near the groceries he had dropped down the crevice. In one bag was an assortment of cleaning goods such as shampoo, soap, a bucket, a towel, listerine, and so forth. The other bags seemed to contain all sorts of random items, including a portable gas stove, cans of gas for the stove in question, a pan, a baguette, bacon, and all sorts of common grocery items.

Then, without any explanation, Raum began to set up the stove and pan, before flying over to the bear carcass and tearing off several strips of meat from the corpse. Then, the raven began to expertly fry the pieces of meat and bacon, flipping the meat dextrously with his talons. "I had a mind to get breakfast after I got out of the sewer, but it seems you've been eating nothing but raw carcasses," Raum said in midst 'cooking'. "I may as well make extra. Consider it thanks for getting me out of the dastardly place. By the way, would you please split that baguette in half?"

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addison.pngAddison Soleil
She could feel Mary flinch and chuckled a little, I'd like to try that when you are zooming about, as you put it. It might be an interesting research topic. I'm pretty sure it'd be interesting enough to get class credits from it. In general, I'd love to document the effects of powers on one's mind, and how different powers have different effects. I could do a whole master's thesis on it.

Addison couldn't make sense of Mary's sense of sight. She had no reference to base what the information meant. That said, with the smell of the oil, she had a general idea that some of the lines she could sense were lines of steam, or maybe smoke?

"Are you watching the chicken AND your noodles?" she asked aloud, "I feel like something is steaming a lot..."

She sighed, "It's interesting. I can tell what's coming from your sense of sight, but I have no way of knowing what's what or how to make sense of any of the information. Like getting fed a stream of braille in a different language or something. It's weird. That's something I'd like to work on too. I doubt I'd ever be able to see using that method, but that's not my goal anyway. It'd be good for me to be able to make sense of certain thoughts, though, especially since sighted people picture things visually so much. I could help a little abused child someday with that technique. At the moment though... mm... imagine walking through one of those beaded door things, but the beads are infinite and are moving based on whatever you're thinking... ah... no, that's no good. Mm... maybe a water analogy would be better?"

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"Huh, neat," was Vice's only comment to the massive maw of teeth that surprisingly didn't end up munching on her hand along with the meat. James seemed... concerned about the meat, but he didn't ask anything, so she didn't explain anything. "I'm actually quite neutral with most everything at the moment, though I do appreciate the thought. I look forward to meeting you out of chains later."

She looked to James and started towards the door, "Which one is Sophia?"

Once they had their target location in mind, she made the door to it appear in that same, blank, in-between space. "After this one, I need a break. I've not used this much energy in a while... and I'd really prefer not to start sweating all over my clothes. Perhaps Sophia can help make the other doors? If she's amenable to it, of course." She had little comment though, truth be told. She was simply along for this little journey, interested in meeting the others, but that was all. So far, Pydir was nice. Her dragon form was pretty cute, very spiky, lots of teeth. She had a weird obsession with dragons, that much was clear... but she would be easy to manipulate if she needed to, or to truly befriend if she turned out to feel safe here with James and crew.

"After you," Vice said, motioning to the door as she opened it for James.

ManofManyRoles ManofManyRoles Cam E. Leon Cam E. Leon


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Mochonna MacAlasdair.pngUnconscious Mochonna
As willing as he was to accept punishment, and as much as he tried not to fight her, and fight the overwhelming sense of terror... once the stare began, the pain that wracked his entire being forced his arms to move and grasp and claw helplessly against her arms and wrists. Even if he could think right now beyond blinding pain, he was sharing his powers with her, so there was no way to fight against her. He screamed despite her saying otherwise would be more likely, an absolutely agonizing sound, as his eyes streamed tears down his face.

No sooner was she done than Mochonna was in a heap, completely unconscious either in her hands or on the floor. Even still he was shaking a bit like he was cold.

His soul, interestingly enough, looked clean now, as though doing such a thing as the penance stare or similar was an intended part of their blessing's design. That God had even thought of the potential for his little blessed children to lose their way. Alas, Mochonna falling unconscious severed the connection that Natalie could feel, as well as SoulFlare's ability to see that film over his soul. Both of those things faded out like a special effect on a computer screen. Losing that warm, comforting connection was kind of... sad wasn't the right word, but it was like stepping out into a cold room from under your favorite blanket. Jarring. Unpleasant. And everyone knew how addicting your favorite warm blanket was. Natalie was lucky she had her own personal pup of a warm blanket - whenever Shield figured out how to do share his powers, let alone anything else about them.

Shield would definitely want to explore more about that connection. How could he not? It was mesmerizing and he hadn't even interacted with it much, himself. Speaking of him, however, Shield walked back into the house shortly after the deed was done.

"SoulFlare...? Is uh... is everything okay?"

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1602252720455.pngThe Tunnels
The dark paladin's head turned slightly as if in pain at the idea that those he was defending were not truly of a holy cause, his use of words noticeably changing to be a bit more modern, "I... They are... I... must... defend this place. A graveyard is a place of God as much as a church... and this a graveyard larger than any... sir... It is sacred. You... are blessed by Michael? None other than Michael himself...? I cannot let even you disturb it..." His sword was faltering even as he spoke, however, a headache clawing at his mind as he tried to make sense of things.

Axiom, barging through paramedics that were working on the young man and soldiers that had shown up to restrain him should he wake up, found rather quickly that the young man was indeed still breathing with a functioning heart.

"What in the hell are you doing? Back off!" a woman snapped at him, glaring as she went back to healing his wounds just enough so he could be moved without trouble, "He's fine, crazy. He's part of the OA, right? They've proven to be tough. Why do you care if he's dead anyway? He's scum... worse than scum, really. We're going to question him, though. He's the first we've been able to capture."

She sighed, "Sorry I snapped. This is stressful all around, huh? The reminder of what they can do right there in front of us... Are you alright?"

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dunnie human.pngSylvia and Dunnie
Dunnie made a guttural little high-pitched whine at Adam's berating her behavior, staring at Enzo still.

Sylvia nodded, yawning, "Of course hun. Have fun with your new buddy in the meantime." She looked back at Enzo, "Hey... you sure you don't wanna call anyone? It's kinda sad seeing someone have no one they can lean on or talk to... As for Dunnie, that should be fine." She smiled at Dunnie before turning to face forward again.

Dunnie huffed through her nose, "I don't exactly know what a normal human child is like..." She looked away from Enzo for a moment, "I'm also with mister Adam right now because I kinda committed a crime... but mostly because he wants to hunt down the cult that raised me. They're into eldritch and stuff. Do you know how to be a normal human, mister thief?"

"Technically, Dunnie, none of us are normal. We're all powered. That means we're about as rare as heterochromia. One percent or so of the population, though in a big city like LA you'd think it was way more than that. People come here from all over. Adam just means that you need to not let any of that... void stuff show, or whatever you'd like to call it. That should be an okay metric for now. So that means for the moment no portals or extra eyes or mouths, okay? I know it's hard to remember not to. It's like breathing to you. If you do it around Adam it's okay. If you do it around me I can handle it, but it does hurt my head. Other people don't deal with eldritch stuff every day so they don't have any resistance to it."

Dunnie pouted a little, "Okay... I'm sorry mister thief. I didn't mean to hurt your head and stuff. Why are you alone though mister thief? Mister Adam has Miss Sylvia. Do you have a girlfriend? You don't wanna lose her."

"Hunny people don't just get lost if you're not around them..."

"Oh... Well, that's good."

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Kameron Esters-

Fear my godly wrath!

"Nothing I can't walk off, ma'am. But thank you for asking." Axiom looks to the kid one more time "But...To answer question as to why I should care...You see a villain. I see a kid. I get it. Guilty by association. I don't blame you for feeling the way you feel. I guarantee, the whole world feels the exact same way...But even still, I don't want to demonize everyone associated with O.A. until I know everything. We don't know what he's done or even whether he had a choice. I had to hurt plenty of good folks who fought for the wrong cause...Either they manipulated, threatened, or desperate...There was always something more to what I was fighting...I don't know what role this kid plays regarding O.A. yet but we ought to keep in mind that he's only but a fraction of a bigger problem. Until we find his superiors...I'm reserving my hatred for them...Sorry for holding you up. I'll let you all get back to it." Axiom turns and begins to walk away "And thank you for tending to him!"
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Casey Kemp

"Suppose someone had to find it funny," he replied as he glanced at Ada. She was offering to tutor him with some sparring?...That sounded somewhat amusing actually, he might have to see that at some point. "Going easy negates the point of training. In a real fight, you can't ask someone to go easy on you, why would they? Better to learn the hard way than getting hand-fed your victories." Once they were parked, Casey stepped out of the car and stretched out a bit, giving Ada a very tight hug, even lifting her off the ground a bit. "Take your time. If I'm not here something came up...but I doubt anything will. All you have to do is call, and I'll be there for you, alright? Have fun. I love you. I'm so happy for you." There was that old saying that 'men don't cry'. That was bullshit. Casey though, casey didn't really cry. He got sad, sure. But he didn't cry. He offered Ada a small smile, kissing her atop the head. He was proud of her, extremely so. He was wary of Sean though, he didn't really trust the boy just yet...trust was hard to earn from Kemp. But if it was a chance for Ada to be happy, he'd be taking risks for her.

Once the kids were on their way, Casey stepped back into the car and flipped out his phone, locking the car. The entire vehicle was soundproof, a minor aftermarket modification to detour would-be listeners. He crossed his arms across his chest, hand holding the phone up to his face as he called a recent caller...he needed a pair of talismans made, and how fortunate that someone who could make them for him had just called.

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Fay Fluorite
AKA: Celesteon
Location: A little place called home

Despite the fact that there were multiple fragments of glass embedded deeply into his flesh that made just about every nerve in his had scream and rage, Fay felt he was keeping quite a decent amount of composure compared to James. In fact, at the moment, he'd say they were the polar opposite at the moment. Fay had forced himself to calm down before speaking to James considering the goings-on within the past hour, and as he felt the coalescing of soothing warmth around his hand which nullified the sensation of glass slowly wedging out of his palm and fingers, he found he had just a moment enough to get his head back on straight. There was no need for him to have gone off on Jewel as he had, and what panic he might have felt earlier on his hunt for Phoenix - red herring as it was, ended up unjustified. The man had to be dead after the failed Siege on the academy, right? Sure, the man wasn't confirmed dead, but the body count he had been told on the enemy side was an overwhelming amount after the explosion and what the heroes who showed up after could round up. It only made sense that Phoenix fell in the climax of the battle...

But for some reason, that just wasn't satisfying him. The dead didn't get vaporized - they were able to count the bodies after instead of simply estimating, so....

"Fay, darlin', ye okay in there?" Came Aquilias's voice, her tone betraying absolutely no worry at all. "Sounds like ye had a fight with one o' those glassblowin' machines or somethin'."

"I'm fine, Merlin," was his only reply before looking to James.

"To answer, the tall woman in the main room is Merlin Aquilias of the Council," he continued, his voice now somewhat quieter. "She took an interest in my case post-Siege and I guess she's here to keep an eye on me. I've had to do some work for her here recently that had to do with Resurrections, so Council's probably already working on the details concerning what this means for you. Next, the other woman is the hero Jewel, my Mentor, and a combat mage married to the Aphera family's second-oldest Oscar. As for the blonde, I'm not entirely sure. Met him the same time you did."

Once James's self-assigned task was done and Fay's wounds had closed, all that was left to do was to clean up the mess in the sink and get on with the day, which meant having James relocated to the Council to have him checked over. A gesture of Fay's hand through the air had a drawer opening and a flask hurdling towards his open palm, and when caught, he offered it to his friend and gestured.

"It's a bit of a pick-me-up after all the mana you've already used," he noted. "If you think you need it, go ahead and use it or keep it for when you will."

Back in the Main room, Aquilias had lighted herself upon a counter - which now held a surprising amount of weight compared to what it would appear to normally, hood down and golden locks spilling over her shoulders. She had made sure to sit aside her staff and take off her rings to pocket them before she started speaking.

"I think I get the jist o' what's happened," She started, looking to Jewel. "Tha' boy's supposed ta be dead, n' now he's back. Much like how the Three Heroes from not too long ago ended up waltzin' around th' crater after ten years, but bringin' a Fledglin' like him back makes not even a lick o' sense if what I was hearin' 'bout yer little spat between ya is true. With his consent, I'll be takin' him to th' Council ta have 'em looked over by people my equals an' if he's clear, we'll be bringin' 'im back ta live with Fay. Though with an OA member loomin' about when James was brought back makes me feel like neither o' 'em should be in th' city, even if the lad would fight me tooth n' nail o'er it."

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A crow and his sewer-gator

Without the raven present, the gator plopped down on the sewer cement again like a log, closing its eyes and drifting off to a light slumber. After the thirty-minute shopping trip and Raum's return with products that he somehow managed to get from the store to the sewer crevice and then set up everything, the alligator opened its eyes, reptilian yellow regarding the demon lord in silence. Hauling itself into an upright position, it lumbered towards Raum and his baguette, a large taloned hand reaching out. Pressing the 'index finger' talon to the baguette, the gator split it open with relative ease. The carving was obviously messy and it wasn't a straight line, but the fact it was following requests so seamlessly bespoke of some sort of intellect in the creature's skull.

With Raum cooking food, this seemed to remind the giant reptile that it was hungry as it proceeded to lumber over towards a cougar corpse and lift it up, taking an unsightly massive bite out of its haunches, effectively consuming an entire quarter of the poor feline in one bite. As a gator, it didn't chew it simply...swallowed. And after swallowing, it ate the other haunch, dropping the bloody mess onto the ground as it swallowed the rest of its meal. Moving back to Raum, it settled down on the ground in log fashion again, eye level with the bird as it gave a low bellow, throat bulging a bit to indicate the noise being made.
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Mary Moon

I mean if you want, I can start zooming around the dorm flat? Promise I won't knock anything over, I'm very good at my environmental awareness. MMm...you know, you have the makings of a good paper with what you have in mind. Do keep me filled in on it! "Course I"m watching both I'm not stu-Oh my gosh the noodles are boiling over." Her comment about not being stupid died as she quickly moved to rectify the situation, removing the pot of boiling noodles off the heat and off to serve them. "Alright, so now just the oil to worry about...I mean, I guess that makes sense. You have no reference point on any of the information you're being given, the brain has nothing to base it off of. It's like colors. You can probably tell me about green, like how it feels in your head. But if I showed you green by granting you sight for a few seconds, you wouldn't know what it was."

She wandered around the kitchen for a few moments before coming back to the stovetop with ramen in hand, silently slurping up some noodles and enjoying the hit of happiness it brought with it. "Y'know, for cheap stuff, I can't say I dislike it. Anyways, keep going. Work through what you have in mind. So it's not beads, work with your water analogy. Piece by piece, tell me what's going on in your head, I can't go in there y'know. Sometimes it helps to vocalize your thoughts, right? There are a few biological studies that say vocalizing your thoughts can result in better ideas and plans help stimulate innovative and creative solutions and it boosts your confidence. So no harm in trying that!"

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