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Natalie Brenton
"Not to short, of course not. I like the long hair, looks good on you, love." Natalie flashed him a grin before going to get her own food. Joining Darren at the table with her own meal of a small plate of sushi and a Starbucks. Popping a roll into her mouth she chewed it thoughtfully before breathing a sigh of relief. "Thank God, I was worried they'd mess up Sushi...guess that's a point towards the food court." Taking a sip of the Starbucks she paused for a moment, setting it down with a shrug. "I've honestly had better coffee, but I've also had worse. The Director back home? Made a mean cup of coffee, don't know what he did, but it was good. Ah, I miss him....even if I was the biggest pain in the ass growing up." She smiled a bit to herself, taking another bite of Sushi.

Taking notice of the fact Shield was getting looks she frowned, flashing a security guard a death stare that seemed to have the desired effect, because he suddenly realized he should patrolling...anywhere but the food court. Returning her attention to Darren she smiled a bit. "Don't mind the looks. They'll improve, I promise. But if you want...just point me in the direction of someone, and I'll bend em like a pretzel for you." She flashed another grin before sipping her soda. "Alright, here's a quick test of your memory. What was next on our agenda, pup?"
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1593178704983.pngJupiter, Jenny, and a Captured Demon
It took a dance back and forth before the demon was suitably captured. He couldn't really hurt Shade, so there wasn't much he could do, and as such it was a losing battle. Hard to beat someone you couldn't touch. That said, perhaps "captured" wasn't the right word. He was beaten within an inch of his life, and all the while Jenny didn't take her eyes off of Shade. She had settled down, was no longer crying, but was still about as responsive as a doll as Jupiter tried to get the rest out of her bright, beautiful hair.

Jenny decided to move forward without a word after the demon was entrapped and she stared at Shade, then at Shade's chest before she softly rested her head against him and then her weight against him. She was disturbingly light, like a balloon without helium, but she was, at least for the moment, physically there. She would not, however, respond to any questions or words from either Jupiter or her husband. After all, neither of them were exactly spirit specialists - though Shade would recall that she talked to the strange wolf boy from earlier.

Though not in response to any comments, and nor did she say anything afterward, she did say one thing in a soft hushed voice that trembled, "Don't... torture him... I... don't want you... to... be like him..."

Jupiter sighed. That was a common sort of response, and it offered her the tiniest bit of relief though she was obviously not well. She didn't want someone she loved to torture like she had been tortured. "That's a good response," she said, mostly to Shade, "That means she recognizes that what happened to her was torture. Which... obviously doesn't sound good, but she doesn't want you to be like him in any way. That means that she recognizes, at the least, that she loves you. Possibly even that she knows who you are."

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"Well I thought the plan before lunch was to go to the hardware store, so maybe now we're going to go to it?" he asked, honestly not sure, especially since he felt a little put on the spot. He had no comment about the pretzel thing. It was sweet of her to say, but of course, she'd never do that to a civilian. He wouldn't want her to do it to a civilian... honestly, the looks she gave people seemed to put the fear of God in them enough.

"I need to build some sort of first aid kit. I'm no medic, but I have gotten some training in first aid... again from my parents," he explained, much more open about it now that he had spilled the beans about their nefarious activities, as it were, "Since I refused to partake, I instead was made to patch the victim up after each round. I suppose it was a bit cruel, seeing as it was only as a prelude to more torture, but I didn't argue with it much. I preferred they forced me to do first aid rather than to cause the damage in the first place. I know general things - how to stop bleeding, how to set a break, proper bandaging, etc." He finished his food as fast as he had finished breakfast, though he did seem much more relaxed this time around.

"So let's see... if I try to imagine a worst-case scenario, then it would be some sort of building collapse. I'd need a neck brace, probably something collapsible, some wound foam and glue, a tourniquet, a headlamp, gauze, and bandages, if worse comes to worst, perhaps a cauterizer - though screams with a cauterizer are awful, let me tell you. A collapsible shovel to move debris. A collapsible... ah... what's the word? A scoot. The backboards medics use to move people about easier. We can get a few of these things at Low's. The tourniquet, wound stuff, and cauterizer would be from a specialty medical store. There are a few super-stores that you have to flash your license to buy stuff from. They have lots of specialty stuff. I wonder if there's something like that around the mall... Either way, I'll follow you. I'm surprised Agas isn't chomping at the bit right now, truth be told."

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1593187109646.pngCar Crash
The boy squirmed but didn't fight the weird alien snake lady that was licking his face. His scratches were tiny, and the blood was just because of how much a cut on your head bleeds. He'd need a few bandaids here and there, but he was fine. He cupped the snake lady's hand and followed her to the van, much preferring to walk on his own now that he had calmed down a little. He was sniffling, but alert and inquisitive. Once in the car, he asked the driver lady, "Is... is my momma ok? The amban took her to make sure she wass ok, right?" He rubbed his nose and looked at the snake lady again, "Thank you -nake lady and doctor lady. Are we gonna go to my momma at the ho-pital?"

1593187913874.pngHe couldn't stop fidgeting, so worried about his mom and if she'd be okay. Characters in games lived through crashes and stuff all the time. He was really bad at racing and crashed lots but they lived and kept going. As he played with his shirt in nervousness, a med-kit appeared in the front passenger seat. It glitched into existence like static on an old tv and plopped onto the seat (or lap of whoever was there). The boy didn't notice, and continued to stress and ruminate on the state of his mom, which caused even more medkits to pop into existence. One after the other like someone had opened a trickling faucet that only dispensed medkits.

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Justice Served
Shade and the Grim

In a deadly dance the scene played out, no brutality spared for his opponent. Every ounce of rage and anger fueling him, each blow only driving him forward. It was an uneven fight, it always was. Even if he managed to land a hit, it did nothing, it didn't stall him. As the demon lay on the ground, clinging to life, Shade stood above him, the jagged smile still on his mask, and staff still in hand. "You're not going to die, not yet...Not until you answer every question, and for everything you've done." Any future action he may have done or may have considered, quickly came to a screeching halt. Jenny came to rest on him, and like that, a switch was flipped. The smile on his mask disappeared, the eyes returned to neutrality, and the staff simply shifted back into nothingness.

A hand slowly raised up, wrapping around her and resting in the middle of her back. A sea of emotions filled him, turbulent and crashing against each other. Relief, sadness, anger, compassion, all tossed into a great blender and set to the highest setting. The edge seeped out of his voice, the nature going back to it's smooth but deep nature, velvet. "...Alright. Alright, I won't touch him anymore. I'm not like him, I won't be like him." No...he was nothing like this demon. He did what was right, did what was right. When someone crossed a line, they lost their rights...he brought a true form of justice, that many wouldn't do. He wasn't like this demon, who preyed on the innocent.

His face turned to look at Jupiter, silence hanging heavy in the air. "I suppose I am grateful for that fact...now what? I left him alive like you wanted. I don't do it this way often...so what now?" There wasn't much else to say right now, he just had Jenny in arms reach, and that's what mattered to him right now.
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Natalie Brenton
She popped another sushi roll into her mouth, nodding along. "Right. I was hungry though, so I swapped up a bit. Sorry, not sorry. So I'll finish my food, and we can keep moving." She obviously wasn't in a massive rush however, slowly sipping her drink and chewing her food thoughtfully. There wasn't a ton of input she could offer to Darren, she wasn't a medical professional. Though some things of course got Agas going again, and back into the mental cage match she was thrown. "One lesson I'm going to give you is how to enjoy your meal. You still rush through it. Do you even taste it?" She flashed a brief smile, taking a long drink of her coffee.

Hearing him comment about Agas caused her to chuckle a bit, lowering the cup from her lips. "Right, first super important lesson. Never make assumptions about Agas. Think of it this way...she's constantly fighting to control the situation, always fighting my psyche and inner self. I'm always at war, always fighting, even when I sleep. She is always chomping at the bit, she doesn't tire, and when she does, it isn't a long rest. So yea, she's super ready to burn something or break a bone right now, but I'm keeping her in check. I hide it well though....good will power practice actually. I had a telepath try to come knocking once, he was right pissed when he couldn't make any progress on me." She stifled a laugh, relaxing back in her seat. "Right, just because you're a Hero Apprentice, doesn't mean you won't get personal time. What are some hobbies we can invest in?"

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Shard And Ruru
Devils tale Bakery

SHard 2.jpgShard breathed heavy as he listened to Seiva. She didnt resurrect Zuzu? then who did? and.... oh god she was right, why was he here, he left Zuzu with ruru and nadia, she was scared, but shard ran away. Why.. why did he go to fight Seiva, what was wrong with him. He-he tried to kill Seiva, he tried to kill probably one of the three demons that still cared about him. Shard looked down he felt even sicker now, he was almost on the verge of collasping. "She.... shes with Ruru and Nadia..... She was cutting up cars when I found her..... Seiva....shes a child. I need to leave now." He said shoving his broken ribs back inside his body, it hurt but he was use to this pain quite often. Quickly casting Grand dislocation for the both of them. Throwing them into Shards attic. "I....I'm sorry, I.....I will explain later why I attacked... Your right..... I need to check on her" Shard said as he changed his shirt quickly. He was about to walk downstairs before he felt lightheaded and collapsed, simple anemia, Shard was out of practice and with his mental state and how much magic he had used today, it was a miracle he was even able to change his shirt. He needed to rest after all this, hopefully Seiva understood.

Ruru 2.jpgRuru sighed as she looked up, shard had returned yet again. With someone else as well, just what was happening, first Ruru got in this pact. Then there was a random maid who knew her mom and dad, and now Shard was acting even weirder before. Sure, Shard was always a bit broken... he put her through literal and metaphorical hell with his training, but never forced her. If Ruru had anyone to call a father figure it was Shard. But... why had Shard gone through all this for her, Ruru had thought about this many times, but had always brushed it off as repaying a debt to her parents but.... Shard had at least talked about Zuzu to some amounts, but never once mentioned her father. She always thought it was weird but.... the way he was looking at Zuzu, like a man who just saw his loved one after years. Thinking about it.... Shards plan has always been for Ruru to become the new Heir to the Lucrum blood throne. But, didn't she need to be of the same blood to do that? Ruru always thought the weird ritual shards been researching was for that but.... "Nadia...... You've known my Father and Shard for a long time....So, you don't need to tell me the answer but.... is Shard and My father.......the same person?" She asked weakly, but even though she asked, she felt like she already knew the answer everything was connecting, it made too much sense. She.... why didn't shard tell her? Why had Shar- no... Why had her father never told her?

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1593214173901.pngJupiter, Jenny, and a Captured Demon
"I'm not sure, truth be told. Demons can be hard to get information out of, especially if they're resistant to torture. The best person I know of to get information out of someone is a Demon Lord, Lady Xilivel, but... well she's a demon... and her morals are questionable at best. Getting into some deal with her will almost always end being dipped heavily in her favor," she explained, "From this point forward I'm a little out of my depth. I'm a fighting hero. I'll get people out of a situation, but recovery... unfortunately isn't my specialty. Neither are... erm... spirits and resurrection and all that. I... I don't even know if she's really alive."

Jupiter looked at Jenny, who was still pressing her face into his chest. She seemed more relaxed with his arms around her. Her eyes darted to the demon next. There was no end to possibilites of what he shot Angela up with... and likely he did so to Jenny as well. She sighed, "I'm not a medium or a therapist and I don't know if she needs both or neither. I could always try to manipulate her into answering questions, but that's not... exactly... something I'd want to do to her. She's innocent and a victim. I'd hardly want to traumatize her more."

"Hey demon dick. Guess what that means? You get to be in his shadow dimension thing until its decided what we do with you. Like a prison, except less everything,"
she sneered. She had no remorse for the man... the monster. The demon's response was a mix of slurs and curses, but nothing useful.

''So. Three things I guess we need to do. Find someone who can get her to talk and feel better. Find a demon that we can trust a bit more to get information out of this monster. Check up on Angela at the hospital," she said, counting off the tasks on her fingers.

"Angela...? She... she's at... the hospital...? We... need... to... she can't... I don't... want her hurt... the hospital... she's... she's hurt?" Jenny said, voice still a whisper, which was now marred with the concern of a mother as she looked between her husband and Jupiter. Even with everything, the thought of her child at the hospital, injured or who knows what, had her taking small panicked breaths, her eyes darting around as she tried desperately to get her mind to work properly. The fog that encompassed her was all-consuming, however, and she just... couldn't... seem to.

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Primarch of Terra'Avenia
Fay D. Fluorite
AKA: Celesteon
Location: Park

She was trying to slow him down, but honestly, Fay wasn't going to take his time just to risk more casualties if things had turned violent. Instead, he found himself more or less moving more quickly, shoving mana through his body and then ejecting it behind himself in bursts. The effect was less of a sprint and more of a quick jump while his body was leaned forward, and though while normally it wouldn't actually do well to run with one's body leaned forward, it did lend itself well to the sort of propulsion he was going for. The muscles of his thighs and calves would coil like a spring strained under a heavy load before the mana would thrust his body forward, and the muscles would do the rest of the work as they sprang him forward. For now, Aiko had actually swallowed his staff whole and burrowed into the hood of his cloak to be out of his way and to hold his staff, and once he had made his way to where he needed to be, he found himself very abruptly halted.

He didn't need to be too close to tell what was going on - the smell of death as it wafted along the wind had been enough. Departed souls mourned as they drifted from the mortal coil, and the ruined, crumpled bodies of innocent men were piled upon one another as if some sort of pyre of trash ready to be ignited. It turned Fay's stomach, and the chirping of his Filigree couldn't pull him from the thoughts that flashed past his eyes.

It was only for a moment, as the saving grace of a sensation atop his head had pulled him back to reality before the memory train to pain-town could get along its tracks. Jewel had kept up, obviously, and this time - again, she wanted to take the lead. A sigh passed through Fay's lips as Aiko had crawled from the hood to press against his cheek and do its best to put a smile on its Master's face, but for now, it wasn't exactly possible given the situation with the pile of corpses: Some of the souls weren't departing. Tied to the mortal coil with duties and obligations, regrets of promises broken and loved ones lost to them by their deaths, the souls were at risk of becoming Shades and Wights. Malicious mages could bend such beings to their will and cause havoc - even just one or two at most could cause enough problems with a skilled enough Warlock (though he guessed maybe people like Starfinger wasn't exactly bad, per se) to warrant S-class intervention, and nipping that in the bud would save everyone the trouble.

"Excuse me, both of you," Fay called out with a wave of his hand. "You can carry on with your discussion at your leisure, but I wanted to make sure that you know what I'm doing so that there's no confusion.

"The bodies here could attract villains who would be very interested to collect the bodies of the departed and the souls that have yet to. If you'll allow me, I'll deal with those. I would dislike our discussion being interrupted by rude individuals who don't understand the meaning of patience and civility."

It was almost as if Aiko had sensed its Master's intent before he even spoke, and when it had hopped from Fay's shoulder to plop to the ground with a little bounce, its mouth opened, bringing from it the crystal staff that he used to do the voodoo that one would do. Fay was quick to take it up and hold out his hand, allowing the chirping little ball of glee to bounce back into his hand and at its rightful place upon his shoulder. He wouldn't waste even a second longer after his staff was summoned to his hand, and after stepping away for twenty or so feet, with a bow to the mechanical menace to show a gesture of at least somewhat peaceful intent, Fay lifted his staff high into the air and pointed to the dirt at his feet.

"Lord of the Fallen and Mother of All," he began, his voice no more than a murmur as the souls that lingered, for those who could see them, turned their attention to the boy. Mana of many hues began to coalesce around his body, a gentle whirlpool of power that held within it pure and innocent intent. "Lo, has thy Children been Lost, and have they ever longed for thy embrace in their time of death. Peace upon thy children, I pray thee, that they may know comfort in Finality. Claim ye thy children, that the Wicked may never lay hands upon their purest of souls or sacred of bodies.

"Sanctis Vitae!"

The final words of his chant had been called, and as the souls of the departed who could not begin their journey had come to him, their hands upon his cloak and their visages wrung with pain, the area beamed in a gentle blue light. The bodies that had once been piled were now contained within their own coffins of Earth and the audible sound of a collective sigh would be heard, though only those who could have witnessed the departed would know it had been from them. Within the area, one could feel the comforting balm of Hallowed Ground, a thing that Fay personally didn't think he had the ability to do given the state of his own soul, but even as he had become tired, something within him had felt.... Not as it once was. Maybe it was the peace that the Sanctification had brought to mind, but perhaps it was something deeper. Maybe the Souls that had went on their way, called home by the God and Goddess, felt the same?

He didn't know, and for the most part, he didn't care, since his aim was to make sure that no one could corrupt the souls, but it was a nice bonus, even if the grass at his feet had died and became nothing more than a patch of dirt. He'd have to come back later and fix that blunder, since he was sure that it couldn't have just been his own condition that had caused the affliction, but getting himself fully awake again and replenished just in case a fight broke out was more important.

Aiko swallowed his staff once more as it simultaneously popped out a flask for him, and Fay's hand splayed with his palm downward, beginning his ritual of absorbing mana once more as he drank down the contents of the flask. They weren't done, and the Metal Maniac wasn't going to care if he was tired if they decided they wanted a round or two with a Hero and her "Protege."

"Sometimes being a mage sucks," Fay grumbled, wiping his mouth clean and handing the flask back to Aiko. "But at least I can get part of a job done."

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Aelia Aeldyne

Gorzob family - Cypress hill goblin cemetery

Unusual - interesting, unexpected, but not excessively eye-catching. The human associates of the family were pouring in the cemetery, either lining up on the sides of the alley or scattering among the trees. Those two, Chupacabra had never seen. Subcontractors, maybe, or relatives. He'd keep an eye on them anyway. The redhead was pretty, he thought, and if he wasn't all bones he definitely would've slipped her a few sweet words. The blond man though... Reeking of magic, pure and clean. The birds felt it too, and more than one passed their gaze over him. What made them truly stand apart from the other guests was the suitcases they had with them. Chupacabra leaned towards the FBI agent, asking in a hushed voice.

"Know them ?"

Whittaker replied with the same tone, casting an intrigued glance on the duo.

"Unknown to me. Hmmm. Blondie's the muscle. Look at his stance and his frame."

"Trained, exercises. Yeah, he's trying too hard to look like he's not what he is."

"Given there's only him and her, I'd say he's an "all-in-one", or maybe one of the Butlers."

"They're still in the business ? I thought they had more or less stopped after Domovoï retired and Juliet went down another path."

"The second branch, they're still going."

"Makes sense then. Well, this is promising."

The skeleton swiveled his skull to the other side, seeing one of the family's allies coming to greet him. A tall, dark-haired man in a nice suit, though one of his legs was in a cast and he had a crutch.

"Huygens. Thought you were hospitalized ?"

"Bones. Yeah, I was, but the doc said I could move around a bit if I wasn't going to run a marathon, so here I am. Thanks for the invitation, by the way. Who ?"

Chupacabra dipped his head a little, the full question concerning the deceased.

"Two of the inner circle, Kazus Gahat and Szado Lobek. Knew them ?"

"Condolences. No, I wasn't really acquainted with anyone in the circle, Chup. My old man croaked three months ago, I didn't really have time to meet new faces."

"I see. Well, thanks for coming anyway. Left someone back at the Red House to keep things in order ?"

"Aye. Little sis, the eldest. She got it under control, and she said she didn't really want to be here because of the gloomy atmosphere."

"Heh. Well, she ain't wrong. 'Til it gets to the feast, it's pretty depressing."

"Looking forward to it."

The man cocked his head to the side, eyeing the gate.

"Don's coming. The hearse should be here in what, four-five at most ?"

"Something like that, yeah."

After exchanging polite nods with Whittaker the man went away, claiming a spot against a cypress to lean against. A car was parking outside the fence, the roaring beast of an engine quieting down to a mere purr and then silence. And what a car it was... Fitting for the don of a mafia family. A Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, a seven meters long metallic dark red monster larger than basically any other car that was parked there. The mere arrival of it was enough to silence most of the crowd. Seamlessly and without a sound, the passenger door opened.


A striped green suit, tailor-made with the finest cloth on this side of the country. A dark green coat, the lower edge tattered and pierced with bullet holes. A black hat, with a rim wide just enough to hide the eyes of its wearer. An old-fashioned revolver, its stock made of solid polished wood, the sturdy metallic barrel hidden in the holster. A casual stroll, a leisurely pace, carrying from the door of the car through the open gate of the cemetery to a position between Chupacabra and Whittaker. A recently-lit cigar, the tip red and fiery, smoke billowing and dispersing into threads in the air. The gate creaked slightly in the silence. The Don was here.


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nadia.jpgDevils tale Bakery
Zuzu looked up as Shard teleported back in the house, the soft thud of his unconscious body resonating concern through her, though she didn't understand why. She squirmed out of the pouch and plopped down on the ground, but not before giving Yami a firm pat on the head. Nadia watched her do this, then walk off towards the attic. She didn't stop her, just watched and sighed.

"I'm a bit surprised it took you this long to figure it out, dear," she said softly, giving Ruru an apologetic smile, "Shardaken Lucrum is indeed your father. I don't think he ever saw himself worthy of being your father. He wanted to protect you, keep you safe from what he no doubt feels was his greatest failure. The death of your mother. It's why he trains you so hard. He doesn't want you to die... Though, he himself would like nothing more than to be dead. To be fair though, that may change given recent events. Who knows?" Nadia gently rested her hand on Ruru's knee, "Seiva didn't know who her father was for about as long as you, you know? Hades never told her, though he actually had other people raise her. She never found out until he disappeared, and she spent a very long time after that looking for him."

"What I'm trying to say is that he cares about you so much. You're the only thing that matters to him in this world. His methods are flawed, and I certainly think he should have told you, but please understand that he is a broken man. He truly didn't think he deserved to be your father," she said, squeezing her knee for a moment, "Now with your mother here, I hope things will get better... assuming she can be... erm... pardon the harshness, but assuming she can be mended."

Seiva, meanwhile, was grumbling to herself about being teleported, and about how much of an idiot Shard was. She was about ready to do an impromptu little vampire move and force some of her blood into him to give him a boost (her blood was potent, after all), and it wasn't something she'd do lightly, but Zuzulian walked in and Seiva froze. "Holy shit," she muttered, "Fuckin' hell it's actually you... Why the fuck are you a kid? Why are you HERE of all places? LA. What the everloving fuck?"

Zuzu actually recognized Seiva really well. She was an important figure in Hell, but her focus was instead on Shard. She plopped down at his head and pulled it into her lap. Before Seiva could stop her, she chomped her hand HARD to make it bleed considerably and plopped it against his mouth. No words.

Seiva's mouth opened, finger going up, and she paused for a long moment, "I... uh... he... really won't like that you just hurt yourself when he wakes up... erm... I guess you remember some stuff, huh?"

She nodded, "Kinda. It's blurry, Lady Seiva. I remember you cuz you're old."

"Oof. Nice way to word it," Seiva laughed, "We need to get you to a doctor that specializes in demons and get you checked over. Maybe Shard knows someone local."

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St. Ka'alia
~Anne Beaufort~
Car Crash

843BA779-BB51-450C-BEF6-FBF85F1317F8.jpeg The kid was adorable, and if the situation weren’t dire she would’ve loved to fawn over how cute Aia looked as she was led by the smaller boy. Shit, she was turning into one of those Moms who were obsessed with their kids. Focus Beaufort! Regaining her focus, Anne smiles sweetly at the little boy, “Yup! We’re going to take you to see your Mommy in the hospital. The nice ambulance people had to take her really fast so they can help her really fast.” Digging in her pocket for the keys for a moment, the doctor continued, “We’ll probably have to wait a little since the doctors will be busy helping your Mommy, but I-.” She jumped as something materialized on Aia’s seat. Then another, and another. Quickly more red first aid boxes were filling up her car. “What the fu-,” her eyes snapped over to the red headed boy, “-dge.” No cursing in front of someone else’s kid. The boxes were appearing in a flash of pixels. Like a video game. Eyes widening in realization, Anne’s head whipped around for the source. Was this some sort of fucked up prank? Unable to identify the source, the dark-haired woman opened the van’s passenger door and watched as the red kits spilled out onto the street. Kicking one, she couldn’t help but ask, “I wonder if these actually work?” Inappropriate timing for an experiment, but damn was she curious. Shoving the other kits out of the seat, she gestured for Aia to climb in while ignoring the sound of another kit plopping itself into the van. “Let’s go kiddos.”

((Interacting with @Daniel Reaving’s Aia and @Deathkitten’s beautiful baby boy | Nearby Linkle’s Scile))

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Shard and Ruru
Devils Tale Bakery

Ruru 2.jpgRuru just sat frozen. "so....my mom is zuzu, dad is shard. And mother died when I was very young, so shard raised me without telling me I'm his daughter... All to plan to have me kill him and become the new Heir to the Lucrem throne.... Nadia... please teleport some whiskey to me... i need a shot... or five after hearing all of this" she was lost in her own world as she tried to make sense of everything. "nadia... I don't hate him for all the training, for as much hell as hes put me throw hes shone just as much compassion and care. Its just..... I need to repress some memories of when i was very young now..." She groaned as she currently was trying to repress them. She had lived with shard he whole life, it was only natural at one point of her life she grew... admiration for him. She quickly grew out of it. But it was very unpleasant to remember and now even more unpleasant. "So.... you think shards gonna get better now? what was he like before....all of this?" Ruru asked

SHard 2.jpgShard slowly opened his eyes as the blood improved his condition. The first thing he saw was Zuzu, safe and sound. That helped him relax a bit. Groaning as her sat up he looked at Zuzus hand and saw blood all over it"ughhh.... how long has it bee- Zuzu! Your bleeding!" quickly he casted a healing spell on Zuzu. Of course her safety was the most importance. He then turned to Seiva. "See what I mean.... sorry I lost my control....but at this current situation... perhaps you can understand why." he murmured, still focusing on Zuzus hand. Her memories were all a haze, yet she remembered blood healed Shard, and from the looks of things, it seemed she also recognized Seiva. Just how jumbled were her memories. What exactly could she remember. "Seiva, Sciles in town, we need to show her this as well." Shard said remembering his daughter in law Scile was in town.

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He grinned, "You say don't make assumptions about her, but so far she's pretty easy to guess about. Kinda one-track-minded. And yes I enjoy my food just fine. Unless it's insanely spicy or another very strong flavour, though, I can barely taste it. I'm not missing much by eating fast, I assure you. My tastebuds are so not the biggest issue right now, though. Agas needs a damned Xanax or something... whatever the angel equivalent is... or maybe a metric ton of weed. She must be so popular with her angelic siblings... being such a workaholic. I'm happy you know how to chill."

Darren hemmed and hawed over the question of hobbies, "Well... I enjoy reading... mm... parkour... and general exploration, like urban hiking. I don't have a particular craft that piques my interest, but I can respect craftsmen. I enjoy the science of geology, but I'm not very good at it. I think architecture is fascinating, but it's meh to work in. I suppose I like fashion well enough, I'm certainly picky with my clothing choices. Does that count as a hobby? Oh, one thing I've always been curious about is a magic aptitude test. I've had... one before but... mm. That's a topic for a different day." His sentence faltered, but he managed to keep his smile.

"Anyway! The Council has always been the optimal choice, but they don't serve people like me," he shrugged, "It'd probably be a waste of time anyways." He reached across the table and stole one of her remaining sushi rolls with a devious grin, "Yoink!"

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Yami had managed to Scarf down the treat in no time. Licking her lips happily with an accompanying mmmmm of happiness. Lifting the class up to her mouth she put it around her lips and started to lick around the inside to get as much of what was left as she could. With the deal made and the bond finished Yami was happy to sit in the pouch through the ride. When she was set on the couch Yami was content to rest there till the other girl got out. Watching her leave before her eyes set on Ruru. Slowly a big smile crept onto Yami’s face as she set the empty glass next to her. Huffing and grunting adorably as she climbed out of the bag. Falling out of it onto the couch Yami smiled happily and got up onto her feet. Slowly she waddled her way over the couch to Ruru. Climbing onto her lap Yami smiled excitedly up to her with a few cute babbles of toddler speak before Yami sat down In Ruru’s lap, holding her hands together as she nuzzled into her chest wanting attention.​
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Zuzulian.jpgDevils Tale Bakery
"Oh that'll be a shit show," Seiva grumbled, "Scile. Kukulian is... excitable at the best of times... but yeah, we need to inform her... To avoid casualties in between wherever she is and here, maybe we should just ask her to meet us and not tell her why."

Zuzulian was quietly watching Shard as he fretted over her hand. He was being weird. Was this because she was dead before? She wanted to give him a hug and just hold him for a long time. She felt like she'd like his smell, that she'd remember it. Her head picked up at the mention of Kukulian. "I know that name too! She's mine!" Zuzu squeaked, gripping Shard's hand with alarming grip strength, "Kuku. She's mine........ I'm really not as young as I think I am, huh? My head's all confused. Is she okay? Kuku didn't die with me in... the... Is this... I mean, if I'm supposed to be older... then what am I supposed to look like?" Her little brow was knit so tightly into a ball of concern. She felt like her thoughts were spiraling.

Seiva grinned, a rather concerning thing to those who knew her well. "Well, Zuzu, you're pretty cute," she started, moving forward and leaning forward with her palms on her knees, "Shard here really likes how you look." She stood up again and as she did so snapped her fingers. With the flashy snap, a wave of magic spilled over Zuzu and changed her form to one that Shard would be much more accustomed to. Still sitting, the now-adult Zuzu in non-human form was promptly rather naked again (the dress she was previously wearing now in Seiva's arms). She was a sight to behold, huge and very, very spiky... not to mention her top-half was rather well-endowed and traditionally attractive.

Zuzu blushed hard at the sudden change and proceeded to futz with her breasts, "These are so big!!! What do you even do with them? I'm so big too! Lookit all my pretty horns and spikes! Shard lookit how pretty!" Seiva was, of course, trying not to explode with laughter.


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Giving a silent nod to her companion she stepped out of the car, giving herself a quick once over to make sure she looked fine. Content with this, she reached inside to grab the suitcase that had rode along near her feet. "Go ahead and grab the other case, we'll get moving then." After Dietrich did so she started forward with him, giving a small nod. "Excellent. I had suspected we would, I made sure we left with enough time to account for traffic...but I couldn't account for the hearse having absolutely no traffic. The laws of the road, fickle beast it is." Keeping an even pace, she had a way of walking that suggested she was confident with her presence, but not overly confident. A woman who knew where she was, but only because it was allowed. Eyes scanned the crowds and faces, trying to put names to faces. Some success here and there, but just like any organized group, most where well hidden. She hadn't put in an excess amount of work into learning every face and name...would make her stand out if she did so, and she had no reason too. She knew who she was here for, who accompanied him, and other pieces of information that were valuable to her.

All at once, the crowd fell silent as a vehicle came into view and opened up, Morgans own interest piqued. There would be the don, and correct she was. With him came the deceased in their hearse, their final beds. No words escaped her lips, only a silent tap at Dietrichs hand to draw his attention towards the scene. The don strolled into place beside a skeleton and what could be identified as an agent, quite easily in fact. May as well have written it into his suit and held a banner that said it. Mind raced to put a face to a name, and shortly, it did so. Agent Whittaker...hadn't been in the area for too long, but skilled...skilled enough to gain relationships with everyone in his two years' time here. She hadn't expected to see him here, interesting. Something to keep a close eye on then. That was all to take note of at the moment though, just the don and his guard, and a federal agent being present...it was a beautiful car he had arrived in, however, she had to admit.
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Shade and The Grim

He paused for a moment, glancing down at Jenny, and then towards the demon, voice soft. "Angela is fine, I promise. She's just getting checked up, make sure she's tip top. We're going to make sure you're okay too." He gave her a soft pat on the back, attention going to Jupiter. "You said there were powerful demons in LA, correct? If we want this one to talk, we need a bigger fish...there was one you mentioned at a bakery. We can either go there, or we can try to get in contact with it remotely...as for this one." Tendrils shot out from his back, grabbing the demon and slowly dragging him forward. "We'll see if he's not more talkative after some time out..." Lifting him into the air and behind him, he shoved the demon who was currently cussing him out into his back, consuming him whole.

"Now then...our first order of business." Pause and think...he was a rescue hero once. Think back, what were the motions? "She seems stable for now. We should get her cleaned up and then dressed. From there, I can....look a little less noticeable, I can't risk someone else recognizing this face. If you can open a portal, It'll be appreciated....if they've been living here, there's a shower here. Let me get her cleaned up, and we can go." Taking jenny's hand gently, he led her around for a few moments before he found the bathroom area. A warm, careful shower later, and she was redressed. Walking her back to where Jupiter should be waiting he gave a nod, form shifting to plain clothes and shadowy mass for a head. "We can go if you're set."
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Natalie Brenton

A small grin covered her lips. "She is a bit one track, but she's got her reasons. Think of it this way, her sole reason for existence is to be a bringer of vengeance, yea? Plus, if it's what she loves to do, why change?" She covered her mouth, suppressing a laugh. "Oh God, that's good. No, it's fine. I think it'd be weird not having her try to steal my body, I'm used to it now. I can't tell you about her siblings thoughts though, outside of the others like her...which is, safe to say, just like her. But I'm happy you're glad about how I act. I can be relaxed, but I'm also a massive adrenaline junky and I've always been a bit of a 'troublemaker' as the Director called me. I called it having fun. And standing up to bullies, I think that's what he took offense to the most actually."

Listening to his list of interests a Chesire cat grin spread across her face. "Parkour, huh? Yea, I can work with that. Can't help with the rest, personally, especially the magic stuff. Parkour though, that I can do. I think-" Her eyes narrowed a bit as he grabbed a sushi, causing her to angle her chopsticks at him. "I sure as hell can't hurt you, but taking my food is a quick way to start a war." She wasn't completely serious, though she was frowning. "Right, we'll finish up here, then get moving. You can lead on this time, you know the area better than me." Finishing her last pieces of sushi she casually tossed her trash away, glancing at him. "All good?"
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Car crash


Scile just stood there confused as most of the situation, was handled by the strange woman and the lady in a white coat. Seeing them handle the situation better then her stabbed her pride a bit. "H-hey! im coming with!" she said quickly running to the trio. "I'm scile the demon of justice! on my word i promise to get you three to the hospital safe and sound! trust me. Im not a bad demon!" she said smiling, holding all six of her hands open to show she meant no harm. She was quite use to humans running in fear form her, so she took to always showing she didn't mean harm when introducing herself. "I don't know whats up with you guys. But you seem good people, and don't worry kid. The wee woo took your mom, shes gonna be A-ok! " she chimed. She didnt really know what thye were called, but those big metal white and red vehicles always made a wee woo sound, so wee woos they were! "and don't worry, you cant really transmit demon disease. Besides, demon blood has healing and strengthening properties... or at least my step dad says so!" She added sounding proud. She didn't know much, but any knowledge she was taught by her mother and stepdad she held dear to her and was proud to share.

She looked at the strange vehicle they were getting in. "so uhhh these are.... cars? I think. I'm a pretty big person.... ya mind if i just.... sit on top or something?" she asked looking inside, she was indeed a big woman, and with six arms. She was worried it might be crowded in the van. She looked at the kits and said. "hey! I remember these. The uhhhhh doctors! They carried them all the time back during that war! It was filled with weird bandages and booze!" she said laughing trying to open one, not understanding they were form a video game.

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nadia.jpgDevils Tale Bakery
Nadia did as requested and teleported a bottle of whiskey into her hands. She didn't know where Shard's was, so she instead picked one from Seiva's personal stash in Hell. She poured a glass of it with an ice cube and offered it to Ruru, "Sweetheart, you don't have shots of whiskey you have a glass of it." She sighed and thought about her answer for a moment, "Shardaken is a powerful demon. He was... and technically still is because Seiva's a softie at heart... the fifth-highest ranking general in her military. He can clear a battlefield in short order, and is a force to be reckoned with. He can be a socialite with the highest of Demon Lords, or hang out with some low-ranking peons. He's flexible and capable."

She paused to pour herself a glass of whiskey, "I doubt he'll ever be exactly the same as he once was... he... ah... your mother died a rather violent death. She burnt to death in holy fire atop Shardaken. As Shard is rather difficult to kill, he survived, but your mother did not. He had to experience that. Afterward, he searched for you in the rubble of their home. These situations change a person. I think he'll be far more cautious than he once was, but other changes I cannot say for certain. First and foremost, we must ensure that your mother stays here. Since we do not know the mechanisms that brought her back, we do not know what will happen next. At worst, I could imagine she would be used as a sort of catalyst. A magical ingredient in and of herself due to the energies of such a resurrection. My other concern is that the angels will notice her return. Once we ensure her safety to a reasonable degree, I imagine you'll see a different side of Shard. One much more confident and capable."

A soft chuckle left her lips, "You've probably smacked him so many times. I think that's quite funny, now that you know he's your father."

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Darren actually laughed at her chopsticks-pointing-half-anger, his eyes showing life to them that they hadn't as of yet. This soon turned to him rolling his eyes as they cleaned up and started moving off, "I already told you! I don't know about the mall. I couldn't exactly wander around in here, you know. If I did, that'd go about as well as a flippin' riot."

He froze a little as he noticed some civilians on the edges of the food court videotaping him. If... if the police hadn't gotten the memo yet... he didn't want to cause problems. He didn't want a hero coming in here and starting a fight... Darren took a deep breath and gave Natalie a weak smile. She was here. Even if a hero did show up, it wouldn't come to a fight, because she was here. He needed to relax more... but still, it'd probably end up on news sites. Ugh.

He hurried his pace a little, "Right. Hardware store. Do you think you need anything from there?" It wasn't a long walk, after a short glance at a map of the mall for directions. Low's, as in low prices. Fun. That actually piqued his interest as they entered the store. He looked to her, "So... do you have to maintain your weapons and bike and whatever? Like, all the stuff when you're flame-on. Do you have to put gas in your bike? Or oil? Do you ever have to clean it? What if it hits a bird or something as you're whizzing about? Wouldn't the fire just bake the stuff on? Oh god, and your skull. Do you have to clean it sometimes? What happens if you go underwater while you're on fire? Do you stay on fire?" Silly questions and quite the barrage of them, but he was genuinely curious and the line of questioning just kept going in his head.

As far as the store went... he had little idea what he was actually looking for. He was trying to think if he had ever been in a hardware store before... and he didn't think so. Back home, other people would have done the shopping for the family. Here, he had no reason to. He was about as lost as a pup - curse the nickname - and wandered around for far too long before eventually finding one of the items on their list. A collapsible shovel.

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Aia paid careful attention to the boy as he stood up and walked with him to the car. When the medkits started to pop up they startled Aia. Jumping a little and hugging the child closely as she barked defensively at the boxes. Growling and hissing viciously at them to try and scare it away to protect the child. Watching her mother push them away like they weren’t an issue Aia cautiously climbed into the seat. Reaching for the child she gently grabbed him and sat him in her lap all while watching the boxes to make sure none of them where harmfull to the child that she held in her arms. Slowly pulling the seatbelt down over them like met mom taught her to do. Then her attention was caught by the red woman with 4 arms. Aia was curious beyond belief as she stared her down. Her tongue gently sticking out of her Louth at the lady as she sniffed the air wondering what she was.​
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1593538787161.pngLots of People at the Hospital
As Anne and her van of people arrived, so too did the portal carrying Shade, Jenny, and Jupiter.

Scile had opened one of the first aid kits and it disappeared as she did so, the pixels of light that it created surrounding her and absorbing into her skin. It filled her with a brief warmth, and any scratches or soreness she might have had disappeared with it. The boy was just confused about the whole thing, his little brow furrowed at the med kits, furrowed at the snake lady sitting him in her lap, furrowed at the big demon lady. This whole situation was weird and concerning and scary. "Those kits are from one of my games," he explained to Anne, "I dunno why they're here though. It's a video game, so they aren't real... or they shouldn't be real. I was just thinking about my momma and that she could use a medkit right now. If they're good, can we take some to her?" He didn't quite make the connection that he was the one that created them, but he considered their appearance in line with all the other strange things that were happening right now.

Jenny was doll-like in the shower. If he hadn't helped, she would have stood under the water for who knows how long. All the same, she did seem more relaxed after the fact. Jupiter had opened the portal to the hospital with a small prick on her finger and it made short work of the trip. "After all this is said and done, I think I'll need to make a report to the city about that building being lived in despite its abandonment. They hadn't even turned the water off!" she grumbled, watching Jenny to make sure she didn't trip coming out of the portal.

The van with the demon on it caught her attention as both groups arrived... How wouldn't Scile have caught her attention? She was large and bright red with multiple arms. Friggen demons, man. They came in so many shapes. She glanced at Shade and Jenny, then motioned them forward, "Should be fine. Let's go inside. Biggest risk from her is just that she recognizes I'm using blood magic. She doesn't feel very negative at all." Weirdly so, in fact. She had heard of renegade demons that were opposites of normal demonic culture, but hadn't met any before.

The boy was eager to get out and start looking for his momma. He knew the basics of how hospitals worked, interestingly enough. He knew you had to go up to the desk and tell them your name and who you were looking for. "Daddy had been in the hospital a lot!" he said, pushing down the button to release the seatbelt with both hands, "You gotta go up and tell them my name and my momma's name." He turned and wrapped his arms around, expecting to get picked up since she had been so protective, "I'm Louie Robin Villin! My momma is momma... um... but her last name is like mine. I think other people call her Vera? I don't though."

alexander daughter.pngJupiter walked up to the counter and explained just a little of their situation, "Hi! I have a rescue coming in and she needs checked out, but there was her daughter that came in with a relative of mine first. Amy Oscalia. She brought in Angela... erm... I actually don't know your last name." She glanced at Shade, then back to the receptionist, "This is Jenny." The receptionist took down their information and asked them to wait, saying it shouldn't be long before a nurse comes.

For the group with Louie, it was much the same, and they were asked to wait, that Vera was being seen by the doctors right now and it would be a moment before they could go in.

Ten minutes later, both groups got to come back, and happened to be in rooms right beside one another.

Angela was swinging her legs off the bed as a nurse took her blood, and it took all her strength not to hop off and run up and hug her mom and dad. "You guys are okay!" she shouted, then immediately cupped her mouth with her free hand and looked at the nurse, speaking in a hushed tone, "Sorry! Is mom gonna get looked over here too? They're gonna do some blood tests and stuff. Amy can explain better than me. They already took some, but they wanted to take some more."

Amy, who was sitting nearby looking like she was already about to fall asleep, picked her head up, "Mhm. They said some values are off but they want to double-check it. Since we're minors, they were waiting for you guys to show up to talk about any results."

On the other side of the wall, Vera was conscious, with a big bandage wrap around her head and a line in her arm, looking more than a bit out of it, but alive. She gave her son a weak smile, "Oh sweetie you're okay... good. Are you guys heroes that rescued us? Thank you so much for making sure Louie's okay."

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"Well then, we can both be lost together, yea?" She gave a confidant grin at his complaints about not knowing the mall's layout. "I'm going to have to take you out more often so you can see the city and not have to worry about getting cuffed." Following him around the mall, she shoved her hand into her jacket pockets, eyes wandering the stores around them, other hand still clutching the bag that contained their clothes. "Nah, I'm all good. I don't really need anything, so get what you want." Following him into Lows she glanced at him, listening to him rattle off what had to be a dozen questions. So curious, it was sort of cute, like an excited kid asking his favorite person about their life.

"Let's see here. Nope, manifestations of our will, think of it that way." Our being the operative term, as it was both her and Agas doing work. "Don't have to fuel it or anything, driven by our desire and thought. Don't have to clean it, if it gets dirty I'll simply get rid of it and manifest it again, good as new. If I hit a bird, it basically gets run over and I keep moving, doesn't bake. It doesn't burn actual things unless I want it too. Don't have to clean my skull, that stays fine. If I go underwater, I stay burning, it's not normal fire." She leaned over a bit, dropping her voice a bit. "I love you're asking questions, but try to keep it down a bit when we're in public. Food courts okay, too damn loud to hear anything but your own conversation. But a store is a bit quieter. I'm public secret, yea?"

Following Darren through the store, eyes wandering over supplies and shelves. Nothing really she wanted, let alone needed. When one can manifest whatever the hell they want or need with hellfire on duty, it was easy to pack materials. Hell, even her clothes got a costume change, so handy. Glancing at the shovel in his hand she nudged him on the shoulder a bit, flipping her hair back a bit behind her ear. "Right, check that off the list then."
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