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Fantasy Superhero Times ~ Character Sheets



Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Angela Queen
Alias(es): Overwatch, 'The Archer Queen'
Class: S
Function: Fighter, Stealth
Type: Sniper
Ability Classification: Peak human condition, Incredible eyesight, mute, Other
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Family Members: David and Tory Queen, father and mother (55 and 54)
Sexual Preference: Straight
Significant others: N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Infrequent
Team Size/Composition: N/A
Cooperativeness Scale: It's a bit hard to get a response from a mute when their hands are always full, you know.
Common Gear: Trick Arrows, 315 lb Compound Bow, Quick Quiver, combat knife

Arsenal: Sonic Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Smoke Arrow, Flare arrow, Tear Gas arrow, Acid arrow, Cable Arrow, Bola Arrow, Shock arrow, Net Arrow, Rocket Arrow, Sleeping Gas Arrow, EMP Arrow, Tranq Arrow, Flechette Arrow, Blazing Arrow, Freezing Arrow, Chem-Cement Arrow, Tracker Arrow, Thermite Arrow

In Depth Abilities:
Unparalleled Archer: Angela is debatably one of the best archers that's currently alive, capable of firing up to 5 arrows in the time it takes someone to fire a single shot from their gun, each with unparalleled accuracy. She's also capable of insane feats of acrobatics while utilizing her bow, meaning that even in the most insane of situations she can keep firing and moving. Angela is capable of hitting a target upwards to 600 yards with almost no loss of accuracy or skill. Overwatch is known for incorporating acrobatic feats in her combat style, and 'firing blind' at a target that she's had a fresh line of sight with, or simply off gathered information and environmental cues. She's also capable of richoteing her arrows off a surface in almost circus level fashion.
Skilled hand to hand Combatant: Angela is quite skilled in hand to hand, especially knife combat. She's far from being a master martial artist, but assuming you've closed the distance for an easy victory is factually incorrect. Her bow is also capable of being utilized as a garotte if necessary and a pseudo-kendo-stick.
Mute: Due to a birth defect, Angela's vocal cords degraded beyond usage at the age of six, meaning she is entirely mute. The most she can manage is a gasp or sigh, but she cannot vocalize anything. She is fluent in American and British Sign language and can understand Italian of the vocal variety.
Enhanced Vision: Angela's eyesight is almost superhuman, despite her having no actual superpowers, meaning she can hit her shots each time.
Marksman: While she has a heavy preference for bows and arrows, she is quite fluent with firearms and is just as deadly.
Peak Human Condition: Angela constantly trains her skill, devoting three hours out of a day to be able to keep her skills sharp. The draw strength of her bow is incredibly high, making it near impossible for most non-supers to even draw the string.

Raw Power: 15/100
Visibility: 0/100
Success: 80/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 90/100
Ranking: 100/100
Political Abrasiveness: 55/100
Property Damage: 85/100
Lethality: 65/100
Rescue: 70/100
Tenure: 18/100

Angela Queen had no interesting story to tell. No excitement to her life. No danger, no claim to fame...nothing. Born to a doting stay-at-home father and an Army Ranger for a mother, Angela's life was as routine as the day was long. This could likely be contributed to the fact that she was a somewhat sickly child, and by the age of six her vocal cords had entirely deteriorated. She couldn't laugh and talk with the other children, she stayed in bed or the family room with her father. She didn't get to run and play. She felt like she was suffocating most of her life. She begged and pleaded to be able to do something, absolutely anything. Eventually, she managed to get into Scouts, and it was better than nothing. It was a good experience for her, to be able to be a child and not be treated like a piece of fine china that'd shatter if you looked at her wrong. As she grew older she pushed herself further and further in her desires to be healthier, stronger. She found she had a love for archery, earning that scouting badge very early on. It became her claim to fame, 'The Archer Queen'.

When she was 18 she was approached by a point of contact with the armed forces. Due to her disability, she couldn't function as an active military member...but to let her capability with a bow go to waste was something they just couldn't let pass. The contact sponsored her entry as a Military Hero, and it was the jumping-off point she needed. When she turned 26, she went private, and had already made a little cult following for herself. She was quite public about her life, many people of young and old nature finding inspiration from it. She was a mute, she was a sickly child, she had no powers. But that hadn't let any of it stop her...people like an underdog story. Overwatch is still frequently contacted by military outlets for support with missions and spec-ops, even if she is her own boss by now.
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Secret Identity: Publicly Known
Name: Reilly Doyle
Class: Mage
Function: Investigator
Type: Other
Ability Classification: Arcane
Sex: Male
Gender: Fluid
Age: 35
Family Member(s): None
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Brownstone in downtown LA able to teleport to lots of similar size. Holds great vast amounts of arcane knowledge from around the world. Known as the Sanctum Magica, it only allows in those it wishes which are those it considers worthy.
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size/Composition: None
Cooperativeness Scale: n/a
Common Gear: A tan trench coat with pockets filled with different arcane focus for spells that require materials. A pack of Luckies cigarettes and a Zippo lighter.
Civilian Appearance: White Shirt with rolled sleeves, blue jeans, a pair of red Chuck Taylers and a loose red tie. Often still wears their tan trench coat.
Costumed Appearance: N/A
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
***Personal Information File***
*Secret Identity:* Unknown/public maybe?
Carinthia Belzegia
blood butcher
Fighter/jack of all trades
*Ability Classification:*
*Family Member(s):*
*Sexual Preference:*
*Significant Other(s):*
Arenike her lord and master arenike
*Hideout:* Yes
*Hideout Location:*
Numerous owned properties and mansions all around the world
*Team Size/Composition:*
*Cooperativeness Scale:*
Meh maybe maybe not
*Common Gear:*
Her sword is always with her weather in physicality or stores by magical means, a collar, yes quite literally an old metal collar she never takes off with a hem hanging from it, a red jewel made out of Arenike’s blood, the symbol of Carinthia’s complete and absolute servitude to her master.
*Civilian Appearance:*
See costumed appearance
*Costumed Appearance:*
***Behavior and Ranking***
*Raw Power* ~ 78/100
*Visibility* ~ 15/100 (How flashy is their power?)
*Success* ~ 90/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
*Out of Combat Reputation* ~ 50/100
*Ranking* ~ 0/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
*Political Abrasiveness* ~ 015/100
*Property Damage* ~ 25/100
*Lethality* ~ 000/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
*Rescue* ~ 2/100
*Tenure* ~ 000/100

The mighty Belzegia name, one while not her original was forced upon her. Though not as a name of power but a show of servitude. Years long past she was a servant to the lord Arenike. A weak and feeble creature worth nothing more than to be the vampire lords play thing and tool. A stool to rest her feet on and a punching bag for her anger to be put out on. Despite the way it sounds she loved it, like a cultist follower she willingly did anything and everything Arenike would ask. Though that all changed when Arenike disappeared one day. Awaiting her return the castle rotted around her and the followers demolished till there was only Carinthia awaiting her masters return. As the years passed she grew though, forced to fight for survival in the hopes her master would return one day as Arenike descended Carinthia perhaps did the exact opposite, growing to easily her masters former levels of power if not more. Though her obsession never vanished and as time went on she grew. Having invested some of the fortunes of old into crypto when it first came out and forgetting about it now Carinthia has become one of the richest people in the world due to said investment. Taking the opportunity to grow her “enterprise” in Arenike’s name for her return. So that her queen may have suitable acomidations in this new age. After a little hibernation this cultist vampire awoke to rumors of her masters possible return and is now out to reunite
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Secret Identity: 'Publically Known'
Name: Olivine Carmine
Alias(es): Cosmic Arbiter, 'High Arbiter'
Class: S
Function: Jack of all Trades
Type: 'Master of the Mystic Arts'
Ability Classification: Magic; Snap/Channeling/Ritual/Other/Flyer/Teleporter/Yes
Sex: "Be nicer if you considered a date first. I'm joking, female."
Gender: Female
Age: 100, appears to be in her late 20's to early 30's
Family Members: Gregory Carmine, deceased. Olivine Carmine, deceased.
Sexual Preference: "It's sort of fun to watch you guess"
Significant Others: N/A
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Order of Cloaks HQ in the mountains of Everest, also utilizes 'The Arbiter's Domain' which is accessed by the Scarf of Infinity
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size/Composition: N/A
Cooperativeness Scale: "A Sorcerer is never late, nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to"
Common Gear: The Timepiece of Jeshivrina, the Scarf of Infinity, Mustaboc's Anklet, Cosmic Lens
Civilian Appearance:

Costumed Appearance:

Equipment Descriptions:
The Timepiece of Jeshivrina:
An ornate golden pocket watch with ivory inlays The Timepiece of Jeshivrina is an artifact piece that was acquired from Time in a bet or gamble, and is uniquely linked to such. The means of acquisition are unclear and the texts damaged, though it is known it was acquired by Jeshivrina, for whom it is named after, who held the title of 'Harlequin Arbiter'. By utilizing the Timepiece, one can gaze into the timestream with unmatched precision and mastery, both into the far-reaching past and multi-branching future. One can also 'Turn back the hands of Time' and 'alter the flow of Time' through the Timepiece, but even the most skilled of the Arbiters agree it is it's own form of danger to interact with Time.
The Scarf of Infinity: Woven from a fabric of Space after a successful bet or gamble, it is also to the credit of the Harlequin Arbiter that this artifact gives its existence to. Jeshivrina had a unique habit of getting involved with powerful entities and concepts, and there are whispers among the Cloaks that they were naught but one in disguise. This beautiful crimson scarf is sapient and sentient to a degree, capable of acting as its own entity. It can also 'swallow' its wearer and others to transport them to a pocket dimension that can only be utilized through it to a Space known as 'The Arbiters Domain', a uniquely powerful sanctum exclusively utilized by the High Arbiters. Within it is lodging and equipment, and rumored to contain the 'High Arbiter Vault', a collection of ancient and powerful artifacts to invoke in times of need. The scarf also functions as a weapon with a cutting edge, capable of winding and dancing around the wielder or the field like a serpent, slicing and cutting through opposition.
Mustaboc's Anklet: An anklet owned by the First Arbiter among the cloaks, aptly named Mustaboc, it holds a gestalt consciousness created by replicating the mind of each Arbiter that has worn it since that day, and grants the wearer incredible power, with the caveat that the wearer must have sworn allegiance to the Order of Cloaks and that they continue their own research, studies, and duties. The anklet is temperamental and has been known to spontaneously combust the unworthy who would steal it from fallen Arbiters.
Cosmic Lenses: While there is a great variety of spells that those with enough skill in the mystic arts can utilize to safely perceive that which would be harmful to the human mind, they all require time to cast or unique and rare ingredients. As her contribution to the ' High Arbiter Vault', Olivine crafted a pair of contacts on her 99th birthday. Not only do they correct any eyesight defects present on the wearer, they also allow them to safely observe and interact with the otherworldly and worldly beings and objects that would pose a severe threat to the human mind. They also can change color for aesthetic purposes.

Ability Descriptions:
High Arbiter
: Olivine is the current reigning High Arbiter of the Order of Cloaks, a secret society of mages and non-mages who exist to keep reality at large stable and safe. The High Arbiter is the most powerful of the Cloaks, and will only be replaced upon their death or if it is seen that they are actively working against the Order of Cloaks and have committed the utmost betrayal. Even without her equipment, Olivine is an incredibly powerful individual, but with it, she is a force of nature to encounter, a true Arbiter- the person who has ultimate authority on the matter. With this position, she is expected to handle the internal politics and needs of the Cloaks, as well as her own personal duties and needs.
Master of the Mystic Arts: Olivine's understanding of the mystic and the arcane is in a league few can claim to be a part of.
'Publically Known': Olivine makes no outward effort to conceal her identity or her name, and is often known for answering whoever may inquire. In spite of this, almost no one would have heard of 'Olivine Carmine', almost as if the woman beneath the robes simply does not exist.
Tempered Will: While not on the untouchable leagues of L.A's 'Detective Marshall', Olivine's willpower and mind are tempered and honed after decades of service in her position.

Raw Power: 1.5/100 appearance-wise, 100/100 magic wise
Visibility: Varies
Success: 95.3 repeating/ 100
Out of Combat Reputation: 75/100
Ranking: 100/100
Political Abrasiveness: "I couldn't honestly care less about the ongoing machinations of the outside world"
Property Damage: Varies
Lethality: Varies
Rescue: 95.3 repeating/ 100
Tenure: 78/100

Olivine Carmine was born in 1958, in years consisting of fears of the rising Communist Menace, the Vietnam War, and paramount political and worldwide tension, to Gregory and Olivine Carmine. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father gave her the name to carry on in life, citing she had her mother's eyes. Her father, heartbroken over the loss of the love his life, spoiled and pampered the young girl with as much love and time as he could afford her with his busy factory worker job, assisting in the manufacturing of equipment for the ongoing war in Vietnam. Olivine, for her part, was otherwise content with her run-of-the-mill life in New York City. She had good friends, studied hard, and kept pen pals when her friends moved away. It was a simple life, and she couldn't really complain about much. When she turned 21 she was accepted into Columbia University, one of the nations leading Universities, in New York no less. With a heartfelt and tearful goodbye, she left her father behind to depart on her own journey through life and to the dorms, with aspirations to get into politics.

It's somewhat funny, how fate doesn't always give one what they expect. Walking her way from her small apartment near the dorms one evening, Olivine was victim to the case of 'Wrong Place, Right Time'. Rounding the corner she was suddenly sucked from the streets of New York into a domain of floating mountains and shifting grounds, the sky a deep purple and her entire body hanging upside down in space from the piece of rock she was standing upon. Naught but a few feet away she glimpsed what appeared to be an assortment of soldiers clad in all black with red armbands, sporting equipment of supernatural and scientific marvel sense. Not able to question what on earth was going on, she was struck by a stray blast of energy that sent her sprawling away and coughing blood, her vision blurring. The last thing she saw in those moments was a figure in a hooded cloak appearing from nowhere and decimating the soldiers that they had been engaged with a sweeping wave of their arm.

When Olivine awoke she was wrapped in gauze from her collarbone to her waist, under the attention of figures who were mumbling soft things under their breath. It would later be revealed that these figures were the only reason she was alive, and that she was very nearly a causality in some Wolfensteinesque assault upon their reality. Brimming with questions and untold of amounts of pain, she slipped in and out of consciousness for the next week. The individuals who had saved her, the Order of Cloaks, had much debate over what would be done with the girl. Mindwipe her was the final tally until a single voice silenced them all, the current High Arbiter making their thoughts known. She would be given a choice...none had the power to oppose a decision, though they were curious as to what may have motivated it.

Olivine was offered a choice by the current High Arbiter, a man referred to as the Swift Arbiter. She could return to her dull life, possibly become a politician or even a housewife, and continue as if everything never happened, or she could be given tutelage among the Cloaks and make a difference on a scale she could never make even on a federal level of politics. After a sleepless night to consider the offer, she accepted the Arbiter's offer. The training was terrible, grueling, and a unique brand of soul-crushing as she worked to tap into the so-called 'well of energy' she had within her. Through constant practice and study, Olivine began to master the Mystic and Arcane arts at an almost unprecedented rate, quickly making a name for herself. When her mentor, the Swift Arbiter, sacrificed his life to prevent the collision of three realities into one, the position for a High Arbiter was left vacant. After the entirety of the Arbiters convened to decide who would take the mantle, it was Olivine who took it, and has faithfully served as the head of the Cloaks since her 30th birthday.


"It is the duty of the Cloaks to maintain the safety of reality itself. We shall travel through shadow, so others may bathe in light."

The Order of Cloaks is a secret society of Mages and non-mages with the sole purpose of the protection and safeguarding of life and reality from the seen and unseen. Not necessarily understood or outright trusted by any of the other Magical Societies in the World, it is an unspoken agreement that the Order of Cloaks shall not be impeded if they are encountered, and as such have a 'Freedom of Action' clause with bodies such as the Magic Council, among others. Their forces are perhaps not as numerous as other organizations, but their skills have been spoken as of legend with a variety of myths and tales sprouting in regards to the Arbiters, and elaborate myths pertaining to some of the more well-known High Arbiters. The Cloaks have four distinct individuals among their ranks. Faces are lesser magical individuals, or those who have no magic affinity, that owe a debt or allegiance to the Cloak society, often given housing, food, hiding, or working as eyes and ears on matters. Arbiters are the magically inclined and powerful of the group and typically function as field agents, powerful individuals shrouded in enigma who come and go as they please. Intercessors are the Arbiters to be, the trainees, typically assigned to less significant threats or dangers. The High Arbiter is the leader of the Cloaks, and has been since time immemorial. They alone have final say in matters among the Cloaks, and many have left their mark on history in legendary fashion, even if others do not know it.
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Secret Identity: Public Secret
Name: Tessa Ledo
Alias(es): Grave Speaker, The Witch, The Shadow
Class: S
Function: Jack of All Trades
Type: Other(Primarily Magic User and Acrobat)
Ability Classification: Primarily Arcane Magic - Ritual, technically snap since it uses later rapid activation, Otherwise Spread Out
Sex: F
Gender: F
Age: 48(Appears 16)
Family Member(s): Reth
Sexual Preference: Pan
Significant Other(s): Aaron
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: In-Between, a city of spirits in Limbo
Cooperation: Frequent(Aaron, Reth, Misc Spirits and Select Spirit Professionals)
Team Size/Composition: Phantom(Aaron), B Class
Cooperativeness Scale: She's very cooperative if she can be convinced it would be helpful, though this can be difficult, and she doesn't take orders from the unproven well.
Common Gear:
Spiritseeker Blade: blink teleports, portals, size alteration, soul stun blast, well trained by Dietrich in all its lengths. Though technically a knife, its triblade design makes it function more like a blunt weapon. The blade or handle can be extended or widened independently and individually.
Blur Mask: blurs her shape and details especially, shows possible futures such as her moving left instead of right, allows her to heal a wound done within 10 seconds if there’s a timeline where it didn’t happen, allows her to pause the progression of basic disease and wounds, requires twice the charge time it is used
Spell Deck: a deck of extremely magic attuned cards that store spells. They are usually customized to specific encounters, but the "generic" deck involves mostly illusion, binding, and crippling cards, with a few heavy force cards.
Magic Shield/Psychic Shield: resist either physical or mental/spiritual assaults, though it can only be set to one at a time
Force Aura: absorbs force with increasing intensity based on diameter for up to fifteen seconds with a thirty-second cooldown, can then store and use that force
Flying Broom: creates a bubble of fresh, clean, comfortable air, with a bag of holding magically bound to the end by a long strap that can change length, capable of up to Mach 2.5. This is dangerous however, as she doesn't have the ability to think that fast.
Healing Tattoo: a simple but effective damage negation and reversal spell, effective against only simple, non-persistent type wound
Oh Shit Button: a gas cartridge store in her hat that when triggered releases a potent hallucinogen that slips most filtering, and comes pre-loaded with illusions, while greatly assisting with casting both illusions and summons.
Force Emitters: a set of boots, gloves, as well as elbow and knee pads, these can emit a large amount of force in short bursts. They can be used for near infinite jumps, though they can only be continually active for up to four seconds at a time, then needing eight seconds recharge.
Silver Hexwire: inspired by Blessed Death. A silver wire that is coated in salt, it is designed to be conductive for spells from Tessa like telekinesis while resisting the spells from others. It is coated in a strong but soft rubber that makes it less efficient as a whip, but suitable for binding living targets.
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:
1643802574811.png(How she's seen by the living)
1643802621196.png(Military work outfit)
1643802872385.png(How she appears to spirits)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 95/100(varies based on current deck build; 75 by default)
Visibility ~ 5 - 80/100 (varies)
Success ~ 92/100 (Her work is mostly private)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 95/100 (Rude when pushed even a little, but not overdramatic or evil, mostly popular because of her mystique and connection to popular heroes)
Ranking ~ 100/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 52/100 (Has generally socially positive opinions but states them in a non-polite way)
Property Damage ~ 85/100(Mostly caused by the spirits in question)
Lethality ~ 95/100 (Next to never. The only exception that she absolutely wants to kill is Glass[and Kali, whom she sees through due to seeing her spirit and talking to her victims])
Rescue ~ 98/100
Tenure ~ 20/100(Got a license and started doing "hero shit" after three years of intense magical and spirit study, only got a license so she wasn't bothered by cops)
Threat Level ~ 75 - 95(Depends on how much she knows about the target. If can build a specialized deck and equipment, she's very dangerous. For the few occasions she does "villain shit" for Chronos)
Backstory: As a little girl, Tessa was always attuned to spirits and had a curiosity about them. When she found a creature dying in the savanna, after running off from a safari with her parents, suffering from a curse and close to fading, she knew she couldn't help them medically, so she did as she could. She offered her body as a vessel. The spirit took her up on this and possessed her for some time. When it was in condition to survive well enough on its own without full possession, it partially left but made an offer; it could bind to her, protecting her as she protected them. In return, she would offer her partial access to her body so they could rest and keep up their energy. She accepted, and the two bonded closely, at a mind level.

Only got her license because she got in trouble for diving into a building to rescue people who were trapped, causing thousands of dollars of damage in the process.

This spirit (Reth) was that of a violent outcast in a past life, who chose instead to reincarnate as a hippo. In life, he was a known serial killer who suffered from mental illness in the 1950s. Possessing a magical dagger that allowed him to teleport, he had a massive kill record to his name until her was eventually shot by a police officer taking the law into his own hands. He suffered from paranoia, anxiety and anger issues, which compounded into a strong social stigma against him, forcing him in his delusions to kill more. Especially once it became known who he was. The knife belonged to a wizard whom was killed, and he stole it from the pawn shop it was sold at, as the killer didn't know what they had. The blade is made of high grade steel and self-recovers quickly, even when wholly destroyed. Its primary power is to teleport itself and its host, but has been enhanced by Tessa over time.

When she was working on the rumors of a spirit causing trouble in a village in the Amazon, she discovered an underground temple to an unknown deity. Upon searching this temple, she eventually found a trapped spirit who could partially project themselves. Being deceived by this spirit because of her inexperience, Tessa freed her, discovering her to be a sorceress who turned herself into a lich after being worshiped as a goddess. However, in the midst of this, one of the members that were helping her had a brain aneurism, and couldn’t participate in the final sacrifice, so his soul was not properly trapped. The ritual failed, and she was put into a deep rest state that her soul eventually woke from but her body did not. Freeing her, the sorceress consumed the souls of everyone in the village in a rushed attempt to complete the ritual, but this failed and made her essentially implode. This was fortunate since Tessa didn’t stand a chance at the time.

Later, in an attempt to open a portal directly to the spirit realm, she discovered she could access Limbo. She began constructing a home and town for those who would be willing to go there so she could keep an eye on them and they could help her rehabilitate violent spirits. It eventually grew to the point that it became a settlement unto itself, and now thrives with spirits seeking community.

"I choose to believe in the just nature of dark places and things. A gift was given, peace and security was received."


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Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Name: House of Cain
Alias(es): Too many to Count. But all Include Cain
Ability Classification: Chaos Artifact
Sex: Its a building
Gender: Its a building
Age: Unknown

A building with no place on a map. A store who only chooses its customers. The House of Cain goes by many titles, but it may be summed up by that one. It is a building of chaos and malevolence that resides in the void between realms. Any door may lead to the house, and only those it chooses may enter. The house is a store, and chaos is its currency. It hears the resentment, the desperation and darkest sins and thoughts of regular people, and welcomes them through its slave to offer unto them an item that will complete their desires. A tool to bring back the dead, a necklace to make one loved, a ring to make one wealthy, these articles of chaos most always end in ruin, creating chaos and destruction wherever they end up, and when the ashes settle from the turbulence, The house sends its slave Cain to recover them. Cain is but a living part of the house, Cain will always exist so long as the house does, when cain dies, a poor victim shall wake through the door, and be cursed as the new cain. It does not matter the age, gender, or race of the victim, for they are but simply cain, The knowledge of the house they are permitted to know engraved upon their very soul as they assume their unwilling position.

The House's interior

The current Cain as of this posting


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Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Public
Alias(es): Glass
Class: A
Function: Rescue/Assassin/Investigator
Type: General Weapons Expert/Commander/Shield
Ability Classification: psychic - Arcane - Snap/Ritual, Dead - Other - Living Lich
Sex: F
Gender: F
Age: 7,941(spent over 6,000 of that asleep)
Family Member(s): All dead, formerly her cult members
Sexual Preference: Pan
Significant Other(s): None
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Deep in the Amazon, in an Ancient Temple
Cooperation: Frequent/Common/Infrequent/Unusual/Solo
Team Size/Composition: None
Cooperativeness Scale: Very
Common Gear:
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance:
1644517885157.pngGeneral appearance in terms of skin, eyes, and hair
1644366268085.pngThis style
1644366318979.pngThese kinds of colors and patterns, but slowly moving.
This sort of body paint and jewelry, but also moving and colorful.

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 90/100
Visibility ~ 25/100
Success ~ 83/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 95/100
Ranking ~ 96/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 95/100
Property Damage ~ 53/100
Lethality ~ 12/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 85/100
Tenure ~ 18/100

Born to an ancient culture as a lowborn commoner, only a generation or two out of slavery, Glass was a magical prodigy in a society that only allowed magic among the clergy. Fortunately, her natural talents and power had her drafted into the clergy during her early teen years instead of sold into being a wife of clergy or executed for heresy. But despite her best efforts and clear ability, she was ignored and passed over due to her status, and eventually was sought as a wife by a powerful member of the temple.

She used what rights she had because of her position to rebuff him repeatedly, but eventually he petitioned their god for the right to her hand as a reward for a military victory. Being granted such, she could no longer refuse. Though she hated the man, both her faith and sense told her to bide her time, and so she did. Other women forced into marriages, especially those with magic power, came to her for advice and knowledge... a social group she utilized to slowly plot not only the death of her husband but also a coup of the leadership itself.

When she was struck by her husband in front of one of her followers, they flew into a rage and attacked him. This was punishable by death, and it was at this point that Glass snapped, having cultivated her power and follower base in secret for many years by that point in time. The fight began, and it started off swinging. Glass and her allies killed a large majority of the clergy and major government leaders, but upon slaying the "divinely appointed king", the deity themselves came down from the mountain upon which they lived. Glass fought this minor deity to a standstill, but her lack of actual combat experience eventually showed through, and she was defeated. However, impressed by both her social and personal power, the deity gave her his blessing before exiling her with a core group of followers; enough to survive in the jungle and eventually form their own society that may properly provide a challenge to his own.

Most of her followers were captured as slaves, however, and this drove Glass to try again soon. Attempting a forbidden ritual she had learned of in secret, Glass with the assistance of her followers began to attempt to achieve Lichdom. She would fall upon this deity like an avenging goddess and strike him down with the power growth she would experience, slaying him with his own power and claiming his domain of war and freedom for herself.

However, the struggle of the fight followed by such a complex ritual was too much for one of her oldest followers, who had a heart attack and died mid-ritual. This locked Glass into a coma-like state, leaving only her soul aware. When her followers attempted a drastic breakout to free their kin and were similarly captured, Glass knew nothing of it. It was only many, many years later that she discovered how to separate her spirit and guide others to free her.

Eventually this trick worked, with Tessa Ledo, also known as Grave Speaker, being led there and breaking her free. Initially grateful, she soon found herself in combat with the young Hero once her violent intentions became clear. This went poorly for Tessa, but Glass spared her for releasing her. Upon learning the fate of her followers, Glass went somewhat mad and vowed to dismantle society from the top down, determined to continue her rampage for justice. This was only amplified when she learned that not only did the god still exist, they were praised as a hero.

This half-dead state has resulted in several complications that, though not dangerous, leave her in constant discomfort or fear thereof. The most problematic of these issues are repeated biological deaths; up to several times a day, she may experience sudden biological deaths like heart failure and the sort. This doesn't cause issues, but is extremely unpleasant. Aside from this, a slew of minor biological errors leave her in continual discomfort. Glass addresses these with magic, but this doesn't solve all associated issues.

The ritual was completed enough she can come back from obliteration, but this is done all the way in the temple it was performed in. Moreover, he incomplete state has her very ill and weak after resurrection, resulting in an inability to resume fights quickly after failure.

Founding an underground group focused on secretly assassinating what evil influenced society secretly or openly, her targets began to slowly change with exposure to heroes, as well as contemplation of what her followers would have actually wanted. Having been cautious to never be connected to her killings, Glass eventually was only killing the worst of villains and evil heroes, and capturing what villains would see punishment before the system. One day, she decided to get a license, and has since become a hero proper herself.

Possessing a broad but classic suite of powers, she most publically uses a heavy but creative elemental powerset including generation and manipulation of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. However, in truth most of her real powers are psychic in nature, preferring to manipulate, trick, and deceive her foes with her false display. These mostly include illusion, thought implantation, telepathy, telekinesis, and This is only if she's not able to make it so there's never a fight to begin with, making her foes allies, or getting them to a state where they could be assassinated.

The blessing she received from the deity has turned out to be a mixed bag. In particular, it includes a steady increase in power, durability, and speed as she fights, but also creates an addictive element that makes her crave violence.

As an aside to her hero work, she also operates a prison intended for those with super powers. This is mostly a rehabilitative facility, since keeping such personnel is very costly, but she tends to work with those considered too dangerous for most prisons. The kind where they throw away the key. She gives them decent conditions and tries to rehabilitate them genuinely, but no small part of what she does is as a cover for a particular activity.

The organization she founded aside from the prison, The Hand of Erasure, has a heavy emphasis on seeking out cults. Once they've tracked them down and been able to capture the members, most are put into a program to deprogram them of the deep mental influence cults can have. The other function is to separate the soul of the cult leaders into a stasis, and puppet their bodies in an attempt to both dismantle the cult behaviors and prepare the bodies in specific exercise and dietary routines to complete her transformation into Lichdom. This is done in secret, but the prison is otherwise squeaky clean.
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A star can't shine without darkness
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Rygilya Semtek
Alias(es): Phantom
threat level 3:
mob boss/assassin/fighter
Type: run and gun/swordsman
Ability Classification:
nature - lightning manipulation - physical enhancement
Sex: m
Gender: m
Age: 25
Family Member(s): parents(dead)
Sexual Preference: straight
Significant Other(s): none
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location:
Cooperation: Frequent/Common/Infrequent/Unusual/Solo
Team Size/Composition: large
List each super/powered/non-powered and their class Cooperativeness Scale: lightning cloak - Ry surrounds himself in lightning which augments his physical attributes. speed, strength, reflexes, durability, and awareness all get buffed to an extreme.
lightning projectiles - Rygilya can fire projectiles from his lightning cloak
Speed: 7
Strength: 6
Reflexes: 7
Size: 1
Invulnerability: 6
Awareness: 7
lightning cannon - creates a large ball of lightning with a huge blast radius.
Common Gear: Rygilya wears gloves. The left glove stores his SMG and the right stores a katana
Civilian Appearance: 18ee4770-5795-4ea0-a353-4518abd46461.jpeg
Costumed Appearance: N/A

Raw Power ~ 80/100
Visibility ~ 80/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 80/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 90/100 Rygilya is known through the criminal underworld. While most have never seen his face, many know the name Phantom
Ranking ~0/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 0/100 doesn't involve himself with politics unless he can gain from it.
Property Damage ~ 40/100
Lethality ~20/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~0/100
Tenure ~60/100

history: Rygilya's mother died of an illness when he was young. His father was killed by a non-powered out of spite. His father didn't fight back. Ry swore he would never be like his father. For a time Rygilya was a orphan. Growing up on the streets taught him to fend for himself. Still some nights he went to bed hungry. His powers manifested one night while running away from a group of bigger kids that wanted to use him as a punching bag.

Eventually, he joined a gang called Talon. They were a new gang but were quickly growing in numbers. At first Rygilya did small things like keeping an eye out for cops during drug deals. As he got older he found himself being the dealer, participating in robberies and murders. Ry first killed at age 13 when a cop had him cornered. He used his abilities to slit the cop's throat.

Rygilya quickly became the favorite of his boss. He was the boss's trusted man and Rygilya was glad for it. He felt he own his life to Talon for taking him in. At then age of 22 he witnessed his boss get caught by the feds. Since then Rygilya has become the leader of Talon. He has made a name for himself in the criminal underworld. He alludes the police at every turn. Rygilya only cares about running the gang smoothly and staying on top. He is arrogant and feels as if he is untouchable. Rygilya lives by one motto: Loyalty to Talon.
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Secret Identity: Unkown
Name: Bojax Varuja
Alias(es): None yet
Class: None yet
Function: Jack of all Trades
Ability Classification: Magic/Divine; Snap/channeling, Demigod, Tech; cyborg sort of, Flyer(actually pulling); Magical
Speed: 4
Strength: 4
Reflexes: 4
Invulnerability: 5
Intelligence: 6
Awareness: 8(can sense and feel through all metal within 150 ft of himself, plus minor super senses, is a 5 if the target is wearing no metal)
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 35, appears 16(not that he's kept track)
Family Members: Former faction members, in another world
Sexual Preference: Uncertain
Significant Others: N/A
Hideout: None yet
Hideout Location:
Cooperation: Unusual
Team Size/Composition: N/A
Cooperativeness Scale: "Other people are unreliable. Only accept help if it's something that must be done and you cannot do or learn to do on your own."
Common Gear: Living Metal Prosthesis; drains energy, roughly as strong as tungsten/steel alloys, stores enough to cover his whole body if needed, uses metal manipulation to turn it into all kinds of crude tech formations. The more of it he uses at a time, the more power it drains, which limits his use of other powers.

Powers Electricity Generation: Jax can generate massive amounts of electricity, and can throw lightning accordingly. He can throw it in a bolt, spray, or charge a ray for three seconds. A bolt costs a medium amount of energy, the spray costs a high amount, and the charge costs next to none, but cannot charge for less time.
Metal Control: Jax can control metal in terms of temperature and density, spreading out or shrinking it. He can also make it move and fly to a similar power as his strength score, and convert metals from one kind to another, though the last is a separate magic and a relatively new trick, so it takes time.
Thermal and Electricity Resistance: Jax is able to shrug off electricity and heat up to natural lightning, arctic temperatures, and molten steel.
Thermal control: a newly discovered power, he can create or reduce heat near him to a substantial degree, generating flame or frost. He finds frost far more difficult than flame.
Demigod Biology: A distant relative of his world's Zeus and Hephaestus, Jax has superhuman speed, strength, toughness, sensory perception, and intelligence, though the last has had a hard time showing due to lack of education.
Metal Sense: Jax can sense and feel through any metal within 150 feet of him as though it were his own body. This includes exact location. He can manipulate any metal he can sense, though the further it is, the less influence he can have, and he can only convert metals with a touch.
Storm Control and Generation: A power he hasn't yet discovered, the touch of Zeus in his blood allows Jax to alter the weather to prove favorable to himself.
Chronal Manipulation: After being hurled through time, a more ancient and powerful part of his heritage has awakened within him; Chronos. This only manifests as speed and strength early on, but has great potential.

Self-Learned: Since his world had little by way of education, everything he's learned outside of basic life skills, Jax had to learn for himself. Despite his hyper intellect, this has set him back substantially.
Poison: Though tough, Jax doesn't heal faster than most from what damage he does take. As such, he doesn't fight poison any better than most, except for necrotic effects.
Anti-Divine: Though diluted like his bloodline, Jax has some of his divine toughness reduced by weapons meant for gods.
Strong Emotions: Much like the gods of his heritage, Jax is prone to obey emotions and emotional mental effects.
Persistent Intuition: Due to the brutal environment of his birth, he has a strong belief in his intuition until it is proven wholly wrong. This makes his first impressions often his only impression, something easily abused.
Sensitive Senses: Due to his biology and rough life, he pays keen attention to his senses. This leaves him vulnerable to bright lights, sonic attacks, extreme smells, etc.
Limited Range: Outside of his inventions, he lacks ranged options beyond metallic targets within 150 ft., as his lightning quickly loses potency.

(Not a hero yet in this world; stats reflected here come from his previous life)
Raw Power ~ 70/100
Visibility ~ 65/100
Success ~ 70/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 0/100
Ranking ~ 0/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 0/100 Fought his political rivals to the death due to being forced, which is quite abrasive
Property Damage ~ 30/100
Lethality ~ 40/100
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 0/100

History: Born in a world pushed past the brink of destruction, Jax was a native member of a faction of a fascist dictatorship. This was par for this course in his homeworld, and when it was discovered he had incredible physical traits, he was immediately drafted into military service. This thoroughly trained him in a combat role, but this was only the beginning. One day, when he was on a mission to assassinate a revolutionary at 19, he was forced to flee from an unexpected encounter. Taking the only cover he could, he tried to force down a metal rolling door that was stuck. Unknowingly, he activated powers over metal and pulled down part of the frame as well, taking off part of his hand. Returning to base for treatment after staunching it, they wound up removing the rest of his arm from the elbow up as infection had set in over the days of journeying. During recovery, he was treated by an undercover rebel, who managed to persuade him subtly to abandon the cause of the government. During this time, he'd managed to work out his metal powers, and discovered electrical ones to boot, assuming it to be magnetic in nature. After he fled, he crafted his own prosthetic arm from a fluid metal of his world, only later discovering its energy-draining and toxic nature. His nature as a demi-god with a heritage in the lines of both Zeus and Hephaestus, of which he knew nothing, protected him from these properties. He eventually decided to stop running, claiming territory in a little fought-over area... until oil was discovered in the area, and it became a hotbed of violence. Since then, he had been fighting anyone who served the nations militarily that disrupted his life of creating simple machines from scrap and scrounging for food.

Eventually, the warring factions became determined to rid themselves of this nuisance and came after him in force. This left him with little choice but to fight back, eventually surviving the encounter with some injury. Deciding enough was enough, he started a one man war against them, killing any officers in charge and leaving terrifying rumors in his wake. Soon he was a myth of the area, with few knowing the truth of the matter of his true strength. But he was far from the strongest in this world, and he wasn't the only demi-god, as he was soon to learn...
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Secret Identity: Unknown
Name: Lexi Mais
Alias(es): Syssel
Class: Vigilante
Function: Crafter/Jack
Type: Other
Ability Classification: Super-intelligence, advanced technomancy
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Family Members: Unknown.
Sexual Preference: Bi
Significant others: None... yet
Hideout: No
Cooperation: Common
Team Size/ Composition: Varies
Cooperativeness Scale: Tends to be cooperative with people when necessary, and doesn't mind it, but doesn't exactly have a set group. Prefers privacy.

Powers Explanation: Can digitize herself and invade and manipulate technology. Is moderately super-intelligent, able to keep up with some of the best in conversation, but not a very crafty person herself. Can manipulate technology both at a distance and up close, but it is much much easier if she's in contact and then easier still if she's in digital form. In digital form, she can enter into technology and manipulate it from the inside, making it more difficult to stop her unless your firewalls and other defenses are rather strong. Most often she just uses this to travel long distances or to alter some data about herself.

Backstory: Lexi, otherwise known as Sys or Syssel, has had for the most part your average upbringing. Her parents loved her, weren't abusive or anything and her grandparents are sweethearts too. She's pretty close with them and likes to visit them whenever she can. Her powers manifested early in life, when she was around five, and were more impressive off the bat than her mom and dad's. She moved out when she was sixteen, thanks to graduating really early and getting a nice job, and moved to LA. Her parents stayed back in San Diego, but that was no big deal - with her powers, that was a tiny distance!

When she got to LA, she decided she wanted to keep her privacy. She erased most of her existence from the web and from databases. She didn't really have anything to hide, but there was no reason for the government to know that anyway. Nowadays she's a white-hat hacker vigilante on the side and still works at a nice software company for her salary.

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Kameron Esters-

Fear my godly wrath!
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Personal Information File
Secret Identity:
Public Secret
Name: Kyu
Alias(es): N/A
Class: Bounty Hunter
Function: Fighter/Investigator/Stealth
Type: Melee (Martial Artist)
Ability Classification: Kyu has no real powers or abilities of note to speak of other than his abnormal durability and stamina (and his uncanny acquired ability to go almsot a whole hour without oxygen). He's a very adept martial artist, having adapted most of his moves from foes he'd been defeated by through-out his delinquent career. Plus with additional training from an actual karate master, Kyu is so far an adept martial artist. Having mastered streamline martial arts including Karate, Tae Kwon Doe, Muay Thai, and Judo.
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: Early to Mid 20s
Family Member(s): N/A
Sexual Preference: Straight (might be Bi-curious)
Significant Other(s): N/A
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: Suburbs
Cooperation: Frequent/Common/Infrequent/Unusual/Solo
Team Size/Composition: List each super/powered/non-powered and their class
Cooperativeness Scale: Moderate
Common Gear: N/A
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Appearance: N/A
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power
~ 10/100
Visibility ~ 0/100
Success ~ 0/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 10/100
Ranking ~ 0/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 20/100
Property Damage ~ 30/100
Lethality ~ 30/100
Rescue ~ 0/100
Tenure ~ 1/100

Backstory: Kyu grew up in a poverty stricken home. His family didn't have much money to put him through school so Kyu would spend most of his time in the area around other poor kids and small-time gangs. Eventually, the prospect of him not having a future due to his current living conditions and making money to atleast feed himself and his family was enough to convince Kyu to get involved in the criminal underworld. Over the years since then, he's done a variety of jobs for different assortment of criminal organizations from being the look out, from cargo hauls, to running defense, to making collections, to getting rid of disposing of potential foes, to undercover work, and the like. But despite all thee, they still presented their fair share of troubles from taking the brunt of most beatdowns from the forces of good to being underpaid by his bosses for all his hard work. Having finally decided that he was finished being a lackey to others with nothing but pain being the pay off, he decided to strike out and make a business in hero work. Where he's his own boss and can at the very least get paid for his efforts, even if they're somewhat unorthodox.
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Join the skeleton war, bois
Name: Dr. Anya Westfield

Secret Identity: Secret

Alias(es): N/A

Class: C

Function: Investigator/Therapist

Type: Melee, other

Interviewer notes: Subject is a Master in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art based on dancing. It is unknown where she learned this style or from whom.

Ability Classification: Psychic, natural

Interviewer notes: Subject has the innate ability to control and manipulate the production and function of neurochemicals upon physical contact (skin to skin). Additionally capable of telepathy (upon touch) and telekinesis (unrestricted).

Addendum: Subject expresses intense aversion to using her abilities to do harm.

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Family Member(s): Henry Westfield (brother, younger), Lila Westfield (sister, younger)

Interviewer notes: Subject has no known living direct relatives. Both siblings appear to be individuals the subject grew close to at the orphanage at which she was raised.

Behavior and Ranking:

Raw Power - 65/100

Visibility - 0/100

Success Rate - 82/100

Out of Combat Reputation - 100/100

Ranking - 40/100

Political Abrasiveness - 80/100

Property Damage - 0/100

Lethality - 99/100

Rescue - 60/100

Tenure - 0/100

Personal Information:

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Significant Other(s): None

Personal History: Anya Westfield, born to Clara and Bruce Westfield. Orphaned at six years old after both parents died of unknown causes.

Addendum: It is strongly believed to have been some sort of overdose after a thorough autopsy was completed three years postmortem at the request of REDACTED. Subject seems to be unaware of this development.

Raised in an orphanage, Anya displayed no interest or aptitude with any of her abilities until the age of thirteen. A missing persons report for Anya was filed upon her fourteenth birthday. Anya reappeared in society eight years later, attending university for psychology. The eight year gap is still unaccounted for.

Interviewer notes: Subject went on to talk about her life after the age of thirteen, however she described herself as being raised still in the orphanage until adulthood. Discrepancy has been flagged. Request has been filed for further investigation into Subject.

A personality test revealed no abnormalities in cognitive function. Subject appears to be a bright and positive individual with a strong moral compass.

Hero information:

Hideout: No

Hideout Location: N/A

Cooperation: Frequent

Cooperativeness Scale: 100%

Common Gear: Several wearable nanotech capture weapons. Smoke grenades. First aid kit.

Civilian Appearance:
Therpaist idea.jpg

Costumed Appearance:

Hero outfit.jpeg
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Secret Identity: Publically Known
Name: Sable Rose
Alias: Lady Death
Class: S
Function: Assassin, Stealth
Type: Sniper
Ability Classification: Ghoul, Champion of Death, Strength 3, Speed 3, Invulnerability 3
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 119, appears 16 physically
Family Members: Mary Rose (Mother, deceased), Charles Rose (Father, deceased)
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Significant Others: None to speak of as of currently
Hideout: No
Hideout Location: N/A
Cooperation: Infrequent
Common Gear: Her family's M1C Garand rifle and 1911 pistol, which is well cared for and treated with love, the rifle is scopeless. 'Rations' of questionable origin. 'Memento Mori' calling cards. An assortment of .30-06 and .45 ACP ammunition for killing both the living, dead, and undead, including 'Death Rounds'.
Cooperativeness Scale: "Shhh. I don't mind if we work together, just don't be noisy...Want a snack?"
Civilian and Costumed Appearance:

Ghoul Anatomy: As a Ghoul, Sable has a collection of skills that are not natural for human anatomy. Her jaws are unnaturally strong, and her teeth likewise predatory in nature, ideal for rending flesh and crunching bone in her jaws. Her physique is much improved, deceptive given her skinny and youthful appearance. Sharpened claws can also flex from her fingers for rending through clothes, flesh, muscle, and sinew. It is also difficult to charm or seduce them, given the fact she is indeed undead, as well as a higher pain tolerance. She also has a heightened sense of smell, likewise predatory. She can subsist on minimal 'food' and water, and as an undead she does not crave air...she'll fake breathing though, to be polite!
Sniper: Sable is quickly making a name for herself as a master sniper and marksman, content to stay in a single place for hours or days at a time to nail her marks. One of her boons from Death also makes her rather apt for picking out a target even from a severe range.
Pistoleer: Sable is rather apt with her handgun, if absolutely neceessary.
Champion of Death: Among the blessings from Death includes the capability for Sable to go invisible as well as intangible to touch. As well as this, Sable can look at someone and identify how long they have left to live, and when 'their time is up'. Given her inclination to long-ranged combat, Death saw fit to bless her with the ability to 'enhance' her eyesight to 'zoom and focus' on a single target as needed. Sable can also infuse her rounds with her own soul energy to create 'Death Rounds', ammunition that is otherwise guaranteed to kill upon being nailed with one. However, the process is time-consuming and somewhat tiring. Sable can also freely travel between the realms of the Dead, the Living, and Purgatory as she sees fit. Sable is also omnilingual, able to understand all languages given she speaks 'soul'. On the subject of souls, Sable is able to identify someone's identity when she looks at them, for such information is engraved upon the soul as well.
Noble disposition: Less a power and more of a disposition, Sable is a gentle and soft-spoken woman with a polite disposition, preferring to not get caught in a scuffle if she can help it. As well as this, Sable could be considered somewhat altruistic, often putting the needs of others before her own, which puts her in good standing with both the living and the dead.

Raw Power: 66/100
Visibility: 100/100
Success: 85/100
Out of Combat Reputation: 95/100
Ranking: 100/100
Political Abrasiveness: 50/100
Property Damage: 100/100 (None, typically.)
Lethality: 45/100
Rescue: 88/100
Tenure: 100/100

Sable Rose was born in Washington D.C in the year 1939 in the latter years of WW2 to a pair of adoring parents who could only fawn and adore their bouncing baby girl. Her mother and father worked humble jobs, as morticians at her fathers 'practice'. Unfortunately, before she was a year old, her father was drafted to the ongoing world war leaving her mother to juggle raising their daughter and managing the 'family business' to the best of her ability. Thankfully her father returned home from the war with a few scars, but alive and well. Raised as a 'proper young woman' by both of her parents, Sable developed a strong sense of self-worth and desire to help others in altruistic fashion. Always the friend one could lean on to cry, always the ear who was willing to listen, the first to rush to the scene to help others. Sable knew who she was while everyone else was still trying to decide her future. However, it is perhaps not surprising in the slightest that Sable developed a more...gothic dress code with a pair of morticians for parents, preferred dull and muted colors, blacks and whites that poorly reflected her otherwise sunny disposition. From an exceedingly early age, Sable not only respected the dead, but cared for them as if they were still living. Helping ensure cufflinks and ties were proper on the deceased men, and blouses and dresses neatly pressed and smoothed for the women, always one to ponder what sort of life they may have lived.

In the year 1955, the Vietnam war broke out, and her father was too old once again sent overseas as a 'civilian worker' at a base camp. Safe, but given the thankless duty of being a mortician to mountains of bodies that are built each day. Unfortunately, it would be the last time he would see his daughter with warm flesh and breath in her lungs. Shortly after her father's departure, Sable had been investigating a local cemetery when she heard screaming one evening, something inside of her brain demanding she rush to investigate and to help. How things may have turned out if she didn't go to that cemetery. The last thing she distinctly remembered was a male hunched over the corpse of some sort of animal, a deer maybe? The gaze that settled on her, it was terrifying. She tried to run, but she found herself face first in the ground. She didn't even have a chance to scream, the feeling of cold creeping over her body as jaws clamped down at her neck, the last thing she heard was gunfire and screaming.

She remembered waking up in her parents morgue, dazed and aching...and hungry, oh so hungry. She slipped off the slab she had been on placed on without a second thought, one foot after the other as she approached the slab that held an older woman. She didn't know what happened, she blanked out for five minutes...'coming to' shortly after, the corpse missing their arm. The shock, needless to say, terrible. And as any sixteen-year-old would do in shock, she cried and screamed. Her mother arrived into the morgue, confused by the situation only to find her recently deceased daughter living once again, more screams and tears.

The 'learning' process was painful, especially with a 'buffet' in the back room. Despite the constant ache and pain, Sable was good...mostly good, her will shattering every so often and her mother having to come up with some sort of explanation for a family as to why a dearly departed was missing a limb or chunks of flesh and muscle. More than once, Sable would be ashamed to admit, she craved the taste of something more 'fresh', something that still breathed. How horrid, to look at one's own mother like the Christmas Turkey. She isn't sure how she kept herself sane. Near the end of the Vietnam war, her father returned home more than a little shellshocked, kept up to date about the situation through letters from his wife.

The rest of her life is a bit of a blur, her father dying of a 'jungle infection' only years after his return home, on good terms with his wife and daughter and surrounded by those he loved. Her mother was forced to retire shortly after, unable to man the business alone, Sable forced to take up the Morgue by herself...a draining undertaking for obvious reasons. However, with age came experience, and Sable kept to her usual things as she always dead. Utmost respect for the dead, and no 'snacking' now that she manned it alone. When one becomes an 'undead', they become a bit more familiar with those of such nature as well. Vampires, other Ghouls, departed spirits. Sable took comfort in these she could visit in the very cemetery she died at those years ago, taking it upon herself to guide lost spirits in the cemetery to their resting graves once again, sleepless nights spent doing this. Now a woman of 24, though looking naught but a very skinny 16, Sable saw her life stretch out ahead of her, unsure of where to go.

Life, it seems, would answer her. She would return home from work one day to find her mother dead from breaking and entering, all of the valuables taken. Sable broke down and wept at her mothers side. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her father's gun safe, an obvious attempt to break into it. Something broke, an anger in her stomach reaching a boiling point. Spinning the combination in she grabbed her fathers Garand that had served him well in the second world war, and his pistol. How fortunate, she thought, that she could still smell the scent of those intruders. How fortunate, she thought, that they were content to joke about the aging woman they had killed while in the alleyway nearby. How fortunate, she thought, that being able to shoot them came so easy that night. And yet, despite taking their lives, Sable gave them a proper burial, read their rights, and mourned the departed.

Again, a blur in her life, signing on for hero work to help make sure others wouldn't have to suffer such a fate as she had, and put her unusual skill set to use. Serving both at home as a hero, and briefly resigning to serve overseas as a professional sniper for the military during a war. For every death she caused, a proper burial and mourning. Spirits of dead soldiers led to where they could rest soundly. At some point, late one evening, apparently Sable had done things 'just right', a woman approaching her from the shadows of her home when she returned home. She gave her thanks for the kindness she showed the deceased over and over again, the aid she'd given both the spirits and the lost undead, and the fact she'd starved herself on more than a few occasions to not cause undue respect to the dead. The woman introduced herself as Death, and offered Sable a role as her Champion, a position she accepted. Since then, Sable has taken the mantle of 'Lady Death', which is frankly far more appealing than her old mantle of 'Skull and Bones' and gave respect to her patron.
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I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
Real Name: Selene Black
Codename: Arachnidemon
Age: 12
Sex: F
Gender: F
Height: 4' 3"
Weight: 80lbs
Race: Kitsune
Body Type: Fit, child, humanoid
Status: Free
Abilities: Imagination Creation
Threat Level: Potential is high, but currently only Threat level 2


New Member
Personal Information File
Secret Identity: Unknown (but recorded)
Name: Connor Breki (erased from government files to conceal experiments)
Alias(es): (known by these)
Experiment #03
Amplifier (or Amp)
Class: Intern (Former)
Function: Assist
Type: Genetic Experiment
Ability Classification: Amplify
Able to strengthen the abilities of powered individuals through physical contact (or an established mental link, signified by a faint trail of light). These links can work within a 5 mile radius of the individual, the energy signature providing a small boon to Amp’s cover when boosting others. However, physical contact with the individual being boosted provides greater results.
Basic telekinetic abilities (can lift maybe a table, mostly used for protective measures)
Cannot amplify himself
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Family Member(s): Myrtle & David Breki (deceased)
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Significant Other(s): N/A
Hideout: No
Cooperation: Infrequent
Cooperativeness Scale: 5 (depends on the offer)
Clothing: Tattered tshirt & jeans, dirty white vans
Civilian Appearance: (see photos) tw for a bit of blood in second image
- 5'8, runner's build
Costumed Appearance: N/A
Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 60/100
Visibility ~ 20/100 (How flashy is their power?)
Success ~ 60/100 (What percentage of the time do they win?)
Out of Combat Reputation ~ ?/100 (Are they an ass or do they donate to the kitten orphanage?)
Ranking ~ 20/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)
Political Abrasiveness ~ 100/100 (How disagreeable are their opinions and how abrasively do they voice their opinions? Higher is less abrasive.)
Property Damage ~ 50/100
Lethality ~ 70/100 (What percent of the time do they NOT kill people? Higher is better.)
Rescue ~ 40/100
Tenure ~ 10/100
Orphaned at age 8, Amp spent the majority of his childhood in foster care before reaching adulthood. From 18-19 he fucked around in a different minimum wage jobs to make a living before applying to be a test subject for a pharmaceutical company in order to ends meet. This was a masquerade for government sanctioned research to force powered genetics onto normal civilians, investigating whether the traits could be cited to nature or nurture. 5 individuals out of the 100 subjects involved survived before escaping as a group. Trauma suppression omitted the majority of details from his recollection and currently Amp is keeping a low profile to avoid potential recapture, indifferent morally/politically with powered individuals & will help either for a good price.



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Artist | Forever Sleepy
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Roleplay Type(s)
Personal Information File: HERO

Secret Identity:
Publicly Known
Name: Byzanti Krysanthisisyreenkr (Pronounced: Biz-zan-tee Kris-anth-iss-sis-seh-yer-een-ker), Also known by the mononym of Zanti.
Alias(es): Vocalis, Zanti, The Voice.
Class: A
Function: Recovery/ Rescue, Assassin
Type: Commander
Ability Classification: Extraterrestrial - Psychic - Natural: Vocal Hypnosis/ Hypnotic voice. She can hypnotize people by talking or singing. (this is a controlled ability, meaning it is not “on” all the time.) Her eyes glow slightly when the vocal hypnosis is being used. Because of her ability she is immune to other forms of mind control/hypnosis. She can do most of the “Applications” of Hypnosis (through her voice) as stated on superpower wiki: Vocal Mind Control, Command Inducement, Consciousness State Inducement, Emotion Inducement, Illusion Manipulation, Subliminal Messaging, and Subliminal Seduction. As of current time: Her abilities can affect a range of 6 people at once.
Limitations to abilty: Other mind control type people can’t be hypnotized by her voice. Mindless beings can’t be hypnotized. It is very hard to hypnotize people with strong minds / awareness. It is impossible to hypnotize users of Indomitable Will. Most adept telepaths will be immune. People that are deaf or deafened by an ability can’t be affected.
Flyer - Natural, Strength :8, Speed: 9 (when flying only), size: 1

Sex: Bilogically female
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be in her 20’s on a human scale. She’s actually around 500 or so human years old.

Race: Alien- Alien race is known as the Phyr (Feh-yer). This race is born with some type of psychic ability that materializes around the age of 10. Their appearances are fairly human in proportion but there’s more skin, hair and eye colors. This race naturally comes with a pair of wings (similar in look to bug wings (butterfly, dragon fly, bees, etc.) Their wings can be cloaked when not in use so that they are not visible but they are always there in a resting position.

Family Member(s): Kyr Krysanthisisyreenkr (Mother: Alive) | Leskirf Krysanthisisyreenkr (Brother: Alive) | Nefriyterr Krysanthisisyreenkr (Father: Deceased)
Sexual Preference: Panromantic Asexual.
Significant Other(s): N/A
Hideout: Yes
Hideout Location: Not shared/ Secret
Cooperation: Infrequent - Cooperates when necessary (ex. if the threat is very high).
Team Size/Composition: n/a
Cooperativeness Scale: 4/10

Voice Claim: Speaking: Yor from Spy x Family (Dub) >> Link - Link2 | Singing: Goeun from Purple Kiss >> Link - Link2 - Link3

Glowing “armor” that enhances her resistance to physical attacks.
(pic soon)

Technologically advanced throwing knives that always return to the user at their command.

throwing knives.jpg

A high tensile rope for various purposes

rope of high tensilee.jpg

Civilian Appearance: (Note: May update this without the wings since its "civilian" but it's like 3 am rn so not now - Art by me)

Byzanti-main portrait-wip.jpg

Costumed Appearance:
(pic soon)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power ~ 78/100 (Seeing how she can affect 6 people at once, I put it fairly high)
Visibility ~ 12/100 (it’s more heard than seen, unless if she’s inducing someone to perceive illusions/hallucinations.)
Success ~ 85/100
Out of Combat Reputation ~ 80/100 (Despite not cooperating with other heroes as much, she loves helping out civilians and will do anything to keep them safe)
Ranking ~ 75/100
Political Abrasiveness ~ 80/100
Property Damage ~ 8/100
Lethality ~ 80/100
Rescue ~ 87/100
Tenure ~ 6/100

Before getting into this we need to know what Zanti does outside of heroing: She’s in a band! It’s called "Sweet; Dream", her bandmates are just average humans but they are her best friends. And they are a widley known girl band too! Now onto the backstory…

Byzanti Krysanthisisyreenkr otherwise known as Zanti is from the planet known as Zsephrim. This planet is in an entirely different galaxy from Earth. Zanti’s father Nefriyterr, was a space explorer from this planet. He went far and wide on a great search for other lifeforms and finally happened upon earth in the early 2020s. He saw that the state of the Earth was rather wretched at the time so he decided to stay and help the humans keep their planet afloat. Nefriyterr shared all sorts of scientific advancements from the Phyr race with the humans which would help the humans advance exponentially along with the technology they were discovering on their own. He built up quite a reputation for himself as not just a hero, but a scientific connoisseur. Many people knew his name. However, during the events in LA in 2048, he would lose his life fighting for the citizens who he had acquired an admiration for.

Zanti heard word of her father’s demise from a longtime friend of the family who had been remotely monitoring Nefriyterr’s movements. Zanti would then set out to Earth to understand the cause of his death and to get revenge upon the vile beings that partook in it. Upon entering earth, she noticed that there were still not many of her kind on the planet as it is mostly made of humans of some kind or another. It made her feel off. How did her father manage to live here so many years ago when everything was more human? Because of the thoughts of unbelonging, Zanti decided to hide her wings, wear gloves to hide the strange bits of her skin color, and wear contacts to change her eye color. She noticed humans dyed their hair so she felt it was okay to say hers was dyed.

A few months into living on Earth, Zanti figured out the whole “human” thing with their various jobs to get money. Zanti was going in and out of various music bars one day when she found something that she could do to get money: Sing! She didn’t want to do it alone though, so she found some promising musicians to be in a band with her and that is how Sweet; Dream was formed. Throughout a year of bonding they all became best friends. Her human friends made her feel welcome enough to take off all of the items disguising her natural appearance. Not long after revealing her appearance to her friends, she would reveal it to their fans just before going on a world tour. Sweet; Dream very quickly rose to prominence thanks to Zanti’s amazing voice.

Fast Forward a few months after the tour and Zanti was ready to start making a difference for Earth. She began her hero journey. At first she started small, in between music gigs she’d go on freelance missions to detain low level criminals, slowly beginning to build a reputation for herself as Vocalis. She initially hid herself when doing her heroics so no one would know that she was actually a well known singer. However, after gaining enough recognition as Vocalis, Zanti revealed herself right after putting away a few villains which made the news, by this time she was a Class C hero dealing with level 2 threats. After the reveal, Zanti made many headlines in the media: This hero was famous the whole time!, and Zanti of Sweet; Dream is Actually a Super Right Under Our Noses! To name a few. Long story short, many people started to notice her after this. Zanti had planned this to happen because she knew that she’d get more attention as a hero if she had become famous in some way first, so that’s what she did!

In current times Zanti is employed privately by a corporation, the same one that manages Sweet; Dream. Through being both a hero and a professional singer, Zanti racks in money like crazy. Because of this she is always seen giving donations to various foundations, which further boosts her popularity in the eyes of civilians.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
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Roleplay Type(s)

Secret Identity : Publicly known
Name : KING
Alias(es) : KING
Class : Not classed yet
Function : Fighter
Type : Melee (Martial artist/Swordsman/Shielder) // Other (Commander)
Ability Classification : SCP

King's Regalia - A set of singular abilities that KING can manifest from herself, although only one at a time. The strength of the Regalia is based off KING's willpower and ignore anti-magic.

  • Sword - A cutting beam of energy that can cut through most physical matter, and can be blocked by sufficient energy of any kind.
  • Armor - An intangible set of armor made of pure force that surrounds KING. Can be maintained without a constant drain, but does not regenerate when hit.
  • Shield - Applies the effect of Armor to someone or something detached from KING.
  • Crown - Protects King against mental effects.
  • Boots - A force-propelled dash. Range and speed varies on the energy put into it.
  • Cloak - Allows KING to hide herself from senses. Quality of cloaking varies on the energy put into it.
  • Scepter - Allows KING to replicate the last elemental/magical effect she has been hit with.

King's Valor - A temporary state that allows KING to power through most damage and injuries and suffer only a fraction of the damage until the effect wears off. Does not mitigate pain.

Sex : Female
Gender : Female
Age : Unknown, somewhere around 20
Family : -
Sexual Preference : Not figured it out yet
Significant Other(s) : -
Hideout : KING's squatted apartment
Hideout Location : Somewhere on the top floor of a residential building in LA

Cooperation : Solo
Cooperativeness Scale : Prefers to work alone, not used to working with people
Common Gear : None

Appearance (All the time)

Behavior and Ranking
Raw Power - 50/100
Visibility - 70/100
Success - N/A
Out of combat Reputation - N/A
Ranking - N/A
Political Abrasiveness - 85/100
Property Damage - 75/100
Lethality - 70/100
Rescue - 100/100
Tenure - 0/100


There are some - many - who get to enjoy childhood in the comfort of a home. That means there are a few who don't; she was one of them. Given to the streets in infancy, the girl was not given the chance to be a child. Down where the homeless gather, survival was a scavenger's struggle. Either one found what they needed to live in the trash, or they had to take it from someone else. The girl was a deft hand at scrounging through the leftovers of the people who lived better lives, and a foot fleet enough to evade the racketeers. She had no one to care for but herself.

And yet - it did not feel right. To be this kind of solitary scavenger. It sat ill with her, to do nothing to help the others who suffered. So the girl began to pull off more effort, to gather more barely-edible food, more ragged clothes, whatever medicine she could find, to give to the other children of the streets. She fought, to protect the younger street rats. She bled, as she lost many times. But it felt right, to be a protector. To help those who could not help themselves.

Nobody born to the streets has a name, until they make one for themselves. The girl fought for the plight of others, so she claimed the name of KING.
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Secret Identity: Unknown

Name: raphael reeds

Alias(es): ronin

Class: b

Function: fighter/ stealth / assassin

Type: meelee

Ability Classification: genetic mutation

.hightened senses making him faster and more evasive than the average person , able to dodge most hits and reflecting the damage with marital arts .
.martial arts
.the ability to become as silent as posible
Sex: male


Age: 21

Family Member(s): living mother (samantha) and father (will)

Sexual Preference: asexual hetroromantic

Significant Other(s): none


Hideout Location: none

Cooperation: freelancer

Frequent/Common/Infrequent/Unusual/Solo Team Size/Composition: none

List each super/powered/non-powered and their class Cooperativeness Scale: none

Common Gear: armor made out of protective fabric , good for movement and for protection , a mask to gover up his face with added tubes allowing the air from outside to go inside not to block his super smell ( able to be blocked to turn the mask into a mini gas mask . two knifes with a hard hitting dull side made of rubber to knock out enemies.

Civilian Appearance:


costume appearance:

Behavior and Ranking Raw Power 68/100

Visibility 0/100

Success 70/100

Out of Combat Reputation 90/100

Ranking 65/100 (Each Rank Intern to S Class is worth 20 points.)

Political Abrasiveness 90/100

Property Damage 20/100

Lethality 98/100

Rescue 98/100

Tenure 40/100
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