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I forgot to add the bio sheet xD here it is:

Superhero name:
Physical looks:
Casual wear:
Superhero costume:
Costume abilities: (If any)
Any enemies/nemesis?
If you're making your own location, please include it here
Pets, friends, summons, etc...
Do you pledge loyalty to the rp master?

That's it! If you need to add anymore information you feel is important, go for it!


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Top Secret

  1. Wintry
    Superpowers: Can freeze the air in an instant, being able to drop temperatures around her constantly. However, she cannot control her own body temperature, meaning she could freeze herself.
    Costume abilities: Wintry's costume was designed by her father. It allows her to use her powers freely without her body temperature getting affected. It also has resistance to low caliber bullets and heavy impacts. Her helmet allows her to keep track of her temperature, heart rate, gps and can recieve phone calls. It also has an AI she calls Bestie, however it is not that far advanced, since her father never finished it and G has not been able to make much adjustments.
  2. Elizabeth Elric
    Background: She got her superpowers at the age of 9 and trained with her father to control them. Unlike her dad, she is not a technological genius, however she tries to keep up, currently studying a degree in programming at Pi University. Her mother still lives in L.A, there is no evidence Elizabeth has ever visited her mother since she left for university. She is a popular streamer and model, using it as income. She has at least 15,000 Subscribers on her Twitch channel and over 30,000 on her Instagram. Her income varies from 20,000 USD to 25,00 x month.
    Personality: She is known to have three different ways of behavior. In front of her fans, where she calls herself G, she is very energectic, outgoing and popular. When she is wearing the suit, Wintry, she is more quiet and straight forward. It is unknown how she behaves as herself, Elizabeth.
  3. Enemies
    Cornelius Long. Former right hand man of Elvis Elric. When Mr. Elric passed away, he took over their company, Long Industries, using his ex-business partner's legacy as his own. He doesn't know Elizabeth was born with powers and therefore uses the name Techno to promote himself, saying he used to be the famous superhero.

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Heck, what the heck, man! My bio next to yours looks like someone wrote on a piece of toilet paper and placed it next to a professional job application. How'd you make your bio do that?

Name: Laiyur Pansofier
Superhero name: Laughing Jack
Age: 23(April, 1st)
Gender: Male
Birthday: April fool's day.
Hometown: Cut and Shoot, Texas
Parents: his dad is six feet under, and his mom is in prison. Not really. His dad faked a gruesome death, and his mom is serving time behind bars. His dad is somewhere running a crime syndicate under an alias.
Personality: He's a compulsive liar and an actor at heart. His personality can seemingly change on a dime. One minute he's an unhinged lunatic, and the next, he's cold calculated and emotionless. He'll oftentimes react in an over-exaggerated way, whether he is greeting someone or expressing shock/disbelief.
Physical looks: from first glance, he's a relatively tan caucasian male that stands at 5'9 1/2 ft. He's fairly muscular due to years of gymnastics. His face features high cheekbones and a chin that comes to a near point.

Across his face lies five scars of varying length. One scar curves around his right eye in an arcing motion, almost as if someone did it on purpose. The second and third are small cuts on his chin and left cheek. The fourth is a large vertical on the left side of his nose. The fifth is a horizontal cut above his right eyebrow. (When asked about his scars he just lies and tells a different story each time).

His hair is pale blonde, combed back in a similar shape to a lion's mane. Dyed on the side of his hair are a red heart and diamond, as well as a black spade and club. clean shaven face. His eyes are a dull stone gray,

Casual wear: He wears a pink silk dress shirt with button up top, unbuttoned. A silver chain with a small hollow dagger(1 inch) and filled with salt. He wears dress pants that are black with white spades and clubs on the pockets. He wears red socks, and black suede dress shoes with the dr scholl's massage gel insoles cause he's jellin like a felon. He wears a silver watch with a middle finger inside the watch.

Superhero costume: He dresses like a jester. He wears a tunic that's black/white checkered on the left side and red on the right side with small pointed tails on the tunic like a jester would. Red pants with white hearts on the pants. He wears a red leather belt with small metal plates on it. Long black boots with silver bells on the toes. a long patchy coat originally red and white diamond checkered coat with black fur along the edges now features various patches on the outside and inside. the patches consist of random colors such as green, blue, orange, purple and magenta. inside these pouches contain various containers filled with needles. On the back of his coat is a hood with various bells on it. He wears a silver masquerade mask with the left side being a look of anger and the right side being a look of joy. He wears metal bracers around his wrists to store various throwing knives. Five per bracer.
Superpower: Telekinesis. He is capable of moving things with his mind. He is also capable of feeling the emotions of people he uses his powers on.

How'd he get his powers? Him and his brother were subject to all sorts of experiments involving mutant DNA. His deceased elder brother had mental domination before his untimely death.

Weapons: throwing knives(10), needles(40), and a sickle shaped like a smiling crescent moon that he wears on his from his belt.
Costume abilities: (weapon storage)
Background: laiyur grew up with a gang leader for a father. His father led a syndicate named Odinumetuan. A reference to the latin phrase (Oderint dum metuant - Let them hate so long as they fear).

Drug smuggling, blackmail, gambling rings, protection fees, and a few other things that bring in revenue. His mom was just a college dropout that took a job as a bartender at one of Laiyur's father's gambling locations.

She caught the eye of his father, and for a while everything usually ran smoothly. Usually because his father was always a cruel man who tended to have random outbursts. They had two kids. His older son. Laiyur's older brother was raised to take over the family. Laiyur was trained to be an interrogator. Torture and manipulation would have been Laiyur's main weapons had everything not gone south.

By age 19, Laiyur had grew jealous of his brother for a while. Laiyur began acting like a clown at work, if only to spite his father. At this point he had not dressed the part of the jester yet, but merely acted it. This was also his most cruel sadistic point in his life. I will not go into detail on his torture methods.

Skip a year later. Everything is going smoothly. The crime syndicate had been slowly gaining control of rival territories when Laiyur's older brother was assassinated at his home in retaliation.

Their mother was the only one in the family to seem to show remorse for her eldest son's death. She wasn't the mastermind her husband was, but she had a few contacts with corrupt police officials. She used those contacts to snitch of various crime dens. Laiyur was willing to go along with it because it was an opportunity to mess with his father.

When several of the syndicate locations were raided, Laiyur's father faked his death. His father would need to start from scratch and rebuild his syndicate.

A year after his faked death, one of his still loyal henchmen had planted enough drugs in Laiyur and his mother's house to get them life sentences, but his mom took full blame to spare her son. During this time Laiyur had been working alongside the corrupt police officer doing bounty hunter work of sorts. Bail bond arrests. Occasional escaped criminal. At this point, he's wearing more colorful vibrant outfits, but hasn't hone full jester yet. He has however been given the nickname, Laughing Jack.

On a few occasions Laughing Jack had worked actual heroes and mistaken for a hero himself. Being the liar he is, he ran with it in those situations which was funny to him because he was just a glorified thug pretending to be a bounty hunter at this point that more often than not still resorted to violence.

Skipping ahead to current year, Laiyur is 23 years old found himself being thanked by a group of people he saved from a would be gunman. Being thanked and praised made him cringe. He had officially been an actual hero for five weeks yet still it felt weird being treated as a hero as if the term was alien to him.

Any enemies/nemesis?: none yet(subject to change)
Pets, friends, summons, etc...: A pet possum named Byte. He just kinda wanders around Laiyur's house and just does his own little thing, whatever possums do.
Do you pledge loyalty to the rp master?: No yes maybe


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Name: Hugo Holmes
Superhero name: Ghost
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 3rd
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hugo is a bit of an enigma as a lot of his personality traits seem to contradict themselves. He has an exceptionally sharp mind, especially excelling in all fields of science, though his first impression is often a bit air headed and ditsy, with glimpses of his depth and intelligence coming to those who put in the effort to get to know him. He possesses a profound curiosity for all aspects of life and dives headfirst into new experiences, trusting his strong senses of wit and compassion to navigate him. In large social settings or around strangers Hugo can get a bit overwhelmed, acting shy and relying on others to draw him out of his shell. While he often feels the pressure to try to act perfect, both in regard to academics and perceived "coolness," the childlike nature within Hugo is very strong and he enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a group of his closest friends and letting his unadulterated goofy nature take the wheel.
Appearance: Hugo stands at about 5’11.5 (though if you ask him he’ll always round out to 6’0) and weighs 170. He has toned enough muscle to do whatever is needed, but isn’t so muscular that people walking by would ever take a second look to notice. His half Korean heritage shows through, giving him tanned skin, dark brown hair that messily swept to the side above his bushy eyebrows and matching almond shaped eyes on his fairly round face. He tends to try to shave each morning but it’s not uncommon for him to get lazy or not have time due to running late, allowing for a shadow of stubble to form. Outside of work, he typically dresses in an oversized shirts and hoodies along with sweatpant joggers and white high-topped sneakers (replaced with timberland boots when it’s snowy or wet). In the hospital, his signature look consists of quarter zip sweaters over Oxford shirts, chino pants, and suede loafers. He typically prefers to wear his brownish-olive rectangular framed glasses, though depending on the day he may opt for contacts. A white gold watch with a navy face- a gift from his uncle- is a staple in his closet and is worn almost every day.
Superhero costume: 1663264456277.png
Hugo’s youth was hardly significant. Like many US children these days, he grew up in a split home and with plenty of step siblings. Childhood was… alright. Despite not having a typical “cool” personality throughout elementary and middle school, Hugo’s innocent, unapologetic, and friendly disposition made it easy to get along with people of every social group. He’d go from the advanced classes in school to football practice right afterwards. However, tragedy struck at the end of his 8th grade career when during the walk home from school, Hugo witnessed a car crash into a student that was biking. Frozen with fear, he stood there helpless as people rushed to the site and watched paralyzed as they loaded his limp body into an ambulance. The realization that he had helplessly watched as a peer died sent him spiraling into a depression. He missed weeks of school at a time and never made time for social activities for over a year. It wasn’t until Red, an old family friend and doctor, gave him a taste of tough love and told him that his useless self-pity wasn’t helping anyone, and that if he actually felt guilty he should grow up, accept responsibility, and become someone who could help out so he’d never have to be in that position again. Inspired by those words, Hugo turned his life around and slowly grew back into his old self, though with the burden of responsibility and guilt weighing on his shoulders he strived to always be his best, afraid anything less could result in someone else suffering. With this in mind he went on to be the top of his class and got into the exclusive University of Wyoming- Pi City on a full ride scholarship where he made the dean's list all four years and was even admitted to the prestigious Peach Clinic's MD/PhD program in which he is currently in his first year.

During his time at UPi, Hugo often worked in an internship at the Peach Clinic and grew very close with the founder, James Peach. Together, the two had finally found another they considered an intellectual equal in the field of medicine and worked together frequently, publishing a plethora of research papers and case studies together. It had seemed the two were destined for a bright future as partners that would revolutionize the industry, but during Hugo's senior year, a tragic expression of a unique family disease claimed the elderly mentor's life. Hugo spiraled after that, and for months he was not seen in class or with patients, spending all his time in the research lab aimlessly trying to develop a revolutionary stem cell treatment that would prevent any repeats of the same tragedy in the future. Hugo had sworn to himself that he would never allow death to defeat him again, and in doing so created one of the most incredible powers science had ever seen: stem cells that could revitalize dead tissue and, in some instances, had the potential to reverse death. Most likely for the better, his creation would never be known to anyone other than himself. He left the laboratory at about 3am that night and carried with him a vial of the stem cells in his breast pocket, though before he reached his apartment a gunshot and a bone chilling scream diverted his attention. Hugo was filled with fear, he was perhaps carrying the most valuable resource to the world of science, the most logical thing to do would have been to flee to safety for the good of the world, but for some reason his feet disobeyed. Though he wanted to run away, he found himself sprinting towards the danger, overcome with the notion that his fight against death was more than just a war fought within hospital walls. If he truly wished to defeat it, he had to be willing to face it wherever it came. He reached the scene, finding a woman bleeding from her arm as she tried to pry herself away from a group of thugs. Hugo stood no chance. He was out armed, outnumbered, and out matched, and his choice to attempt to fight the group resulted in him succumbing to death as well as they shot him through the heart and he died an insignificant death.

For Hugo, he experienced an eternity. He had reached the afterlife, was reunited with all those he had lost. For the first time in his existence, he truly felt peace, there was nothing more he could chase. He wished to stay, but remnants of his time on earth came back to haunt him. While walking amongst a sea of clouds, he spotted a familiar face: the woman from the night he died. In the distortion of time, he had almost forgotten her memory, his past desire to save her, but she looked scared. She had died just hours after the boy, killed just a few yards away from his own lifeless body. For her, death was not the relief it was for Hugo, and she wept for those she was leaving behind. Hugo was overcome with guilt, in his time in the afterlife he had grown content with his own happiness and forgot his duty and resolve to help others. While he learned death was not necessarily the enemy he had thought it was, but a life ended while unfulfilled was an evil he wished to eradicate. As fate would have it, Hugo was granted his wish. Though he had been shot through the heart, the vial containing stems cells had too and spilt into his open wound, eventually replicating and regrowing the heart Hugo had lost. He was being pulled back to the land of the living, though his revival did not come without a price. For his defiance of the finality of death, a curse was placed on Hugo and his existence was to be plagued with an eternal limbo. He could no longer truly live nor die. Days would pass, but time had lost its flavor to someone who had tasted the eternal. The scar that resembled a seven-pointed star would remain on his chest, a reminder of his curse and newfound responsibility to both the spiritual and physical world.

Powers: Hugo's return from the spiritual world came with three new abilities
- Phantom Phasing: Hugo can turn parts of his body intangible. When they are phased away, they obey the physics of their last known trajectory (if he was running forward, he would reappear wherever his prior velocity would have brought him). A future ability he will learn based on this is dubbed "shadow boxing" where he is able to fight at a distance by phasing his arms to the location of his foe.
- Soul Sensing: Hugo is able to detect the presence of all living things around him. While it is beneficial in low light situations, it can often overstimulate him in crowded areas, and in areas of high crime rates Hugo is unable to shut out the sounds of suffering.
-Spirit Hosting: Hugo is able to use his body as a vessel to host the spirits of the deceased, thus granting him the skills and knowledge they had while they were alive.

Tech: (He may not start with all this tech depending on how far along other heroes are)
Da Vinci's Glider: with the help of Da Vinci's spirit, Hugo constructed a glider that expands out from a small pack on his back and magnetically connects to the bands on his arms and shoulders.
- Tontrium Gloves and Boots: Utilizing the coveted superconductor of Pi City, Hugo worked together with multiple genius spirits to build gloves and boots that are incredible conservers of kinetic energy. They absorb the recoil from every punch and kick Hugo throws and that energy can then be released in high powered bursts for enhanced attacks
- Bouncing Bullets: Built for dealing with large group of weaker enemies in a non-lethal manner, Hugo has constructed a gun that shoots modified rubber bullets with great bouncing capabilities, allowing him to make shots from a wide variety of angles
- Nunchaku: Though not his preference to use, Hugo keeps a nunchaku at his side as per Bruce Lee's spirit's request to aid in combat against armed opponents
- Filtering Scarf: Along with concealing his identity, Hugo has modified his scarf to filter out poisonous gasses
- Neural Linked Googles: The hub of Hugo's suit, the googles automatically adjust brightness to a desirable level, are able to activate his other tech, have a built-in radio for communication, and can provide trajectory mapping for Hugo's bouncing bullets
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    Odori Noya
    Female (she/her)
    date of birth
    May 17th
    san francisco

    Odori is 5’2 and weighs 120 lbs. Odori has a small frame. Her silhouette is rather slim, slightly tone as she did mercenary work. As for her skin tone, she is fairly neutral with an olive-like tone. Odori’s face is rounded with a balance in width with her forehead and cheekbones. As for her eyes, the iris is brown and monolid. Her eyebrows are curved and mostly thick. Furthermore, her nose is fairly wide and upturned. Her lips are thick, mostly on the upper lip.
    She has a beauty spot on her bottom right lip followed by a scar across her lower left cheek.
    Odori has piercings on her head as well. Her left ear has an industrial, lobe and a helix piercing. Her right has a conch and double lobe piercing.
    As for her hair, her hair is kept at shoulder length. She mostly ties the top half back in a ponytail or bun, leaving half to hang around her shoulders.
    Throughout her body, she has a few scars, some on her forearms due to blade play and one across right shoulder. Also, she has a bullet wound close to the waist.
    Odori has a few tattoos scattered around her body, some with meanings, some for fun, and others to cover her scars. Starting from her neck, she has a geometric fox on the left, missable due to its size. The fox is a representation of who she feels she is with its reputation as a trickster.
    Her right arm has a sleeve that starts from the shoulder down, covering the scar across her shoulder and the few down at her wrist. The sleeve is a scenery of a cherry blossom tree extending down to her forearm. At the bottom, petals are gathered up with a fox laying on its back, it’s eyes closed as it rests amongst the petals. The tattoo was an altered version of a tree based scenery. The fox was added in at a later time to take up the empty space at her wrists. The cherry blossoms pay homage to her cultural identity as well as the fox.
    Two butterflies occupy the back of her right hand, moving up to her forearms. One is also perched on top of the fox’s nose. This was an add on to her sleeve, covering up the blank spots and some scarring she had on her hand.
    On her upper left arm, she has three distorted smiley faces, running down to her elbow. Though it lacks any meaning, that tattoo is significant to her as it was a birthday gift from her girlfriend.
    On her left forearm she has a portrait of her girlfriend who was killed in an assassination attempt on Odori. She picked up the tattoo a few months after the death of Ashley. It pays homage to her, noting that she’ll always be apart of Odori. This is also the side she always wears her promise ring on.
    On her hip, she has a portrait of a horned woman smoking, crying tears of blood with rose thorns wrapped tightly around her neck, piercing her skin with blood trickling down her neck. The tattoo was picked up shortly after the death of her girlfriend. Meant to cover up the bullet wound mostly, the tattoo is a representation of her state after the incident.

    casual wear.

    Odori’s style in fashion is mostly casual. Practically, she wears just about anything as long as they match and are comfortable. Though, she will always wear a modified smart watch, allowing her to keep her holograms on the go. For jewelry, she wears a ring around her left ring finger. Her left industrial piercing is a silver barbell with a fox at the center. The left helix piercing is a simple silver hoop. Her left lobe piercing is a silver dangling star. Both her lobe and helix jewelry are connected with a silver chain that slightly hangs along her ear. Her right conch piercing is a silver hoop. Her right lobe piercings is a silver dangling piercing of a moon. Above it is a silver floral piercing.
    superhero wear.

    When she’s out on nighttime work, she wears tech wear fashion. She also wears black wrist guards on both wrists, both with their own functions. Her left wrist guard allows her to operate her hologram tech. The right is equipped with a grapple line that shoots out 50 meters. To conceal her identity, she wears either a kitsune mask or a blacked out oni mask, both modified to protect her from her tech as she operates. Her piercings are swapped to black and red. Her left industrial piercing is swapped to a simple black barbell. The left helix is a black hoop with a fox engraved into it. Her left lobe piercing is a simple black stud. The right ear has a similar hoop for her conch piercing with a fox engraved into it. As for her lobe piercings, she wears a dangling piercing on which is a black fox. Attached to the fox are black and red tassels that hang just above her neck. Above it is a black stud.

    Creative × With her gig as a singer and family invested in arts, creativity came along. In her creative mindset, she is able to come up with new music and different improvements to her gadgets that she may use while in the field. It continues to transition into field work, her ability to come up with new tactics, mix ups, and methods as she operates.

    Observant × In Odori’s line of work, she tends to evaluate her situations, taking different approaches into accounts before acting. She believes the smallest actions noticed should not be ignored, granted there must be a reason behind it. She makes an effort to notice everything, never missing a moment.

    Determined × When setting her mind to something, Odori focuses her attention at completing that task. Whether it be making a new track or focused on her nightly shenanigans, she ensures what has to be done is done.

    Independent × Affecting her both positively and negatively, Odori considers herself her own boss. She rather accomplish tasks and other accomplishments on her own, loathing any form of leadership and order. With this, she can perform on her own effectively but may be prone to different methods that may challenge someone’s own morals as she prefers to do it her own way.

    Overthinks × Despite her observant characteristic benefiting her in some cases, it may also be a fault. In situations, she may over analyze certain things, some that may even be irrelevant, forcing her to second guess things and reevaluate her own decision she came up with.

    Emotional × To an extent, allowing emotions to make her decisions may benefit her, sometimes help her when she’s not sure of what actions to take. However, at times, she may be too emotional, allowing her emotions to get the best of her, causing her to make irrational decisions.
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Name: Celia Scarlatti
Superhero name: Celia Scarlatti
Age: 35 (Physical); Sentience (Several minutes)
Gender: Tree (Feminine Presenting)
Birthday: Sept 28
Hometown: Central Valley, California
Parents: Ate them.


Personality: As a tree who has only very recently gained consciousness, Celia has yet to develop a defined personality. But as a fully functioning newborn, she is very curious and very eager to explore her new surroundings. She understands little about herself and her capabilities but has been slowly learning from the knowledge she 'inherited' from her parents; knowledge that, paired with her ostensibly innocuous naivety, makes her anything but harmless.

Physical looks:

True Body


Casual wear: Do leaves count?
Superhero costume: N/A


Superpower: Phytokinesis (Plant Manipulation); Plant-based witchcraft
Weapons: Branches, Toxins
Costume abilities: N/A

Background: Celia is a product of magic—or rather, a failed attempt at it. A coven of dim-witted witches and warlocks attempted to use her tree as a focus for the dark arts, using their witchcraft to transform her into an ancient Treeant, a powerful kind of magical being whom they could bind to their service and transform into a familiar. Unfortunately for them, while binding her tree to themselves the hapless group partook of her flowers and fruits. Had Celia been anything other than a Wisteria tree, the unlearned group might've survived their mistake—alas, all members of the Wisteria family contain potent toxins.

As the group choked on their own imbecile plans, they quickly became nourishment for Celia's growth and after a few years of—absorbing the fertilizer, the once mundane tree, now steeped in wayward magic, gained sentience. Now all that remains of the California coven are their scattered memories that now belong to the dryadic creature named Celia.

Any enemies/nemesis: What's that? Can you eat it?
Do you pledge loyalty to the rp master? No U


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Name: James “Laurie” Lawrence
Superhero name: Spitfire
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Birthday: Dec. 5
Hometown: Edmonton, Canada

Personality: Often described as a loose canon, Laurie is known to let his anger get the best of him and go off on his own. That said, he knows when to reign it in and be a team player when the time calls for it. He is loyal to a fault, refusing to allow the people he cares about to fail, and will do anything in his power to lift them up. Sometimes, he can come off as rude or standoffish, though it is mostly due to a lack of understanding social cues, and also his value of privacy. He is also extremely stubborn, and will not be talked out of something once he sets his mind to it.

Physical looks:
Laurie has a long, angular face with a strong jaw. His skin is pale, making his cheeks and lips appear more rosey than normal. His nose is hooked and crooked after having it broken several times. He has dark brown hair, often tousled and messy, along with thick eyebrows and a trimmed beard. His build is large and stocky, but not so much that he isn’t flexible. He also has a tattoo on his lower back of a tree.

Casual wear: If he isn’t shooting bad guys, he can be found wearing his jersey even if he’s off the ice. When he does happen to be wearing everyday clothes though, it is typically just a simple hoodie and jeans, paired with his lucky pair of red converse. Laurie doesn’t much like drawing any unneeded attention to himself through fashion or otherwise.

Superhero costume: Much like what Laurie would have worn as a child, his costume consists of tactical gear like a vest, thick cargo pants, and combat boots. He prioritizes function over style, and likes having more pockets than probably neccessary–just in case.
Abilities: Expert marksman with perfect–almost superhuman–aim. Gymnast-like acrobatics. Proficiency in most weapons, particularly ranged weapons. Also fond of poisons.

Weapons: Dual wields pistols. Several grenades, flashbangs, and other various bombs (smokebombs, stinkbombs, etc.,) are stored in his tac vest. Also carries an Assault rifle strapped to his back. Just in case.

Background: Laurie was born and raised within a top secret government agency. His upbringing was part of a program to engineer assassins from birth. Until his late teens, Laurie was an active agent, being sent across Europe on missions dictated by this agency. However, once the Cold War ended, the program was no longer needed so many of the agents were either terminated–or if they were lucky, like Laurie, they were sent to families within the agency to foster any of the children assessed to have the ability to adapt to civilian life.

From that point on, Laurie’s life was more stable, if not normal. Adjusting was still a struggle, and Laurie had no outlet for the pent up anger that he would usually let out during missions. As a way to combat this, his family signed him up for his school’s hockey team. He grew passionate for the sport and the training he received as a child gave him an advantage–he’s never missed a goal yet. This perfect score led Laurie to play on a professional hockey team, and while it does put unwanted attention on him, he risks it for the love of the sport.

Even though his adolescence became somewhat more normal throughout the years, Laurie never gave up on his sharpshooter training and conditioning. He set up targets in his backyard and frequently went to shooting ranges, just to make sure he would be prepared if need be. Because of this, it was no surprise that he would be recruited later on in life by his old handler. It seemed to him that even after he managed to put the past behind him, the world is always going to need someone in the shadows doing the dirty work.

Any enemies/nemesis? The KGB, probably.

Do you pledge loyalty to the rp master?
Yeah, sure why not?


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(All visuals are in a spoiler at the bottom of the post because I don't know how to use those fancy codes like some of you.)

Name: Sam Gebouwer
Superhero name: Project Shiva (alpha v. 1.12) (former), Project Phanuel
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthday: 3rd of September (former), 28th of June
Hometown: Antwerp, Belgium (former), Off the coast of Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
Parents: Father, Arnoud Gebouwer, deceased several years ago, mother, Marie Van Kamp, deceased twenty years ago

Man or Machine: Due to Project Shiva’s brainwashing and mind control, very little of the original Sam is left. Instead, some odd amalgamation of old Sam and Project Shiva happened. Sam doesn’t seem to think it’s a bad thing but then again that might just be Project Shiva doing the thinking.
Driven: Sam has a clear goal in life, ever since the incident. In order to reach that goal, Sam has had to learn to keep going, even when things seem impossible to overcome. Breaking down large problems into smaller ones, organizing them into a workable plan and then following the plan to the end goal are some of Sam’s better qualities.
Callous: The incident left Sam with a general negative first impression of people. He will actively keep his distance from them, often both mentally and physically, so he won’t get hurt when something happens to them. While this is a good mindset to have in the criminal underworld, it makes things more difficult in the civilized world. Sam often seems cruel and insensitive to people he doesn’t know and comes across as a bit of an asshole to most people.
Impatient: Once the plan is ready, Sam gets to it. No need to think it over or discuss it at length. Just go. Run. Fight. Shoot. Kill. Win. Easy, simple, follow the plan. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. A very bad trait to have when your sole goal in life is to eradicate the remnants of a shadowy cabal of mad scientists.
Introverted socialite: Behind the callousness and distant first impression hides a young man looking for companions. Despite the difficulties his new life brings to social situations, Sam enjoys spending time with others when he trusts them. Whether it is sitting in silence, watching a movie together, reading a book next to someone else, watching others be social together or just doing something in the presence of others, Sam can be social but even at the best of times, he’ll need time to himself afterwards to recharge mentally.
Curious: Having to live with cybernetic implants and a field of nanobots, Sam has gotten very interested in applied sciences like IT, Engineering, ET (Energy Technology) and Nano tech. While he’ll read up on theoretical science now and then, it is far less interesting to him. Sam can often be found tinkering with machines or doing maintenance on his cybernetic parts.

Physical looks: Before the cybernetics and scars, Sam couldn’t have been picked out of a line up. An average face with average short, dark-brown hair, of average height, neither too muscular nor skinny or fat. Nothing really stood out. However, now with the various surgical scars, battle wounds and clearly visible cybernetic replacements, that look is long gone. Aside from the many scars all over his body, Sam has visible cybernetic replacements for his right arm and right leg as well as both eyes.
Casual wear: At home, Sam will always wear loose and baggy clothes that cover up as much of his cybernetics and scars as possible. Due to the difference in shape and size between his left and right arms and legs, Sam often looks lopsided, with his clothes fitting nicely on the right side but too big on the left side. Outside, Sam wears very covering outfits which always seem to be one size too large for him. Either way, inside or out, no matter rain or shine, Sam always wears a pair of heavy, dark sunglasses.
Superhero costume: While Sam doesn’t really have a super outfit, he does have his Nano Tech Combat Armor. In its combat form it is designed to look like a full suit of futuristic combat armor with thicker chest protection and protectors for the limbs while retaining the full range of mobility on the joints. In its mobility form, Sam is transformed into a heavy-duty motorcycle, allowing him to travel rapidly across most terrain and carry up to two passengers with him.
If given the time to prepare, Sam will wear a wetsuit-style underarmor but the nanosuit has no problem adjusting to regular clothing or lack thereof.

Superpower: None, before the cybernetics, Sam was a regular guy who was in the beginning stages of developing a military fitness and physique.

Cybernetic powers: Nanofield vision and communication: Within a range of 15 meters, Sam can see everything due to the swarm of nanobots that surrounds him at all times. They convey information on everything around him to his cybernetic eyes, which in turn render a grayscale 3d image to his brain for him to ‘see’. Due to the alpha version design of the field, Sam’s vision ends in blackness at the exact 15 meter mark and he is incapable of reading things on screens or printed paper but is able to read hand written texts.
For speech and hearing, Sam uses a set of earbuds, which he can hand out to others. They are designed for combat with increased durability and adhere to the wearer’s skin, only coming off with some applied strength and a weird sucking feeling. Aside from long-distance communication up to 1km distance from Sam, they also provide him with additional vision in the form of a 15 meter cone forward, originating from the earpiece on the wearer.
Cybernetically enhanced strength, speed and toughness in the right arm, leg and right side of the ribs: After the ‘upgrades’ were done to him, Sam received a replacement arm and leg as well as 12 new ribs on the right side of his body. They are made of advanced alloys, offering increased durability and strength, allowing him to block small arms fire and crushing said small arms with his bare hand. If timed properly, long distance jumps off the right foot are also possible. Sam has to be very careful in day-to-day life not to overdo it. He has a bin full of crushed cups, bent cutlery and torn off door handles to prove a constant point to him. Due to their weight, Sam also swims like a rock now.
Cybernetic heart: While it functions entirely like a normal heart, it does so at an enhanced capacity, allowing Sam to function under increased stressful situations for longer.
Partial cybernetic brain: A part of Sam’s brain has been improved with enhanced data retention and space as well as the software for most of his cybernetic and combat suit functions. He does not have increased intelligence or otherwise mentally improved capacities but he is able to retain more information for longer than others, given time to study it all.

Costume abilities: The Nano Tech Combat Armor was designed to combat supers on an even playing field. It gives the wearer increased physical aspects (strength, speed, durability, stamina) and allows for a range of rapid response changes, or transformations, depending on the situation.

While all that sounds great, Sam’s version of the NTCA was only an alpha test build and lacks many of the end-design features. While his suit provides him with increased physical aspects, it isn’t specialized and most of its forms, or transformations, are missing from the alpha build. Currently the NTCA only has two forms, one for combat and one for rapid deployment. While transformed, Sam’s Nanofield vision is stretched out to 100 meters but provides much less detail, allowing him to fight and respond to situations clearly but giving him little to no information on whether the solid block of cover he’s hiding behind is made up of delicate marble, stacked cardboard or bulletproof steel.

In its mobility form, the armor transforms Sam into a heavy duty motorcycle meant for rapid deployment through super combat zones, ignoring most terrain, rubble or eye-laser created craters. Sam can carry up to two passengers comfortably but has no combat abilities in this form, rendering him offense less while transformed. His nanofield vision is adapted to driving, providing a 300 meter forward cone of vision and shrinking his surrounding field vision down to 5 meters. Like in its combat form, the details provided are less for larger structures or distant objects but the focus is mostly on the state of the ground ahead to avoid mines, large cracks, caltrops or other anti-vehicle devices that might be lying around.

Weapons: In its basic combat form, the NTCA provides Sam with two heavy duty hand guns designed after the desert eagle but improved upon in every way. You can never have too much stopping power when it comes to supers.

Sam was just a little lost, young man in his late twenties when he found a way out of his rubbish life into something better by joining the military. It provided him with a place to live, a goal to aim for and, most important of all, a stable, constant source of money. Even though he never really stood out during training, Sam enjoyed the challenge and structure it provided.

At the end of his first year, Sam had planned his leave with a vacation in Southern Asia, visiting places in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. While the first two countries provided him with a relaxed vacation, Cambodia ultimately turned into hell for him. During a regular day out, a large explosion occurred in a nearby mall. After the initial confusion, Sam’s training kicked in and he jumped into the burning building. Screams, smoke and blood filled his eyes, nose and ears as he started looking for others to help.

Things sort of blurred out then as he fell back on training, helping out those he could and stepping in line with the police and firemen as soon as they arrived to help. He never really figured out why they let him just help like that but in a situation like that but maybe in that situation, those firemen and police weren’t too picky about the help they received. Later on, as things started to get organized, he realized that he’d been working almost non-stop for three hours on pure adrenaline and buckets of water.

Taking a short moment to himself in the quickly erected field hospital down the road from the building, Sam’s luck ran out then. Or someone had it out for him. Either way, things got worse. A series of smaller explosions, clearly aimed at the field hospital, went off, one of which was near Sam’s little corner, throwing him across the street. He blacked out almost as soon as he hit the ground.

He only remembered the rest in small, disjointed pieces here and there. There were flickering lights and people around him in white outfits. White walls, white masks, white gloves, white lights. When he awoke next, he felt heavy and stuck and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t move as he wanted before someone in all white put a plastic mask over his face, putting him to sleep. Next he awoke standing in a shooting range to loud blaring sirens with a gun in his hand. People were running around him, away from him. He only had a moment to realize he could see it all happening at once, all around him in some colorless circle, before a large figure rushed into the circle and into him, knocking him out.

After that, the memories came quicker, more connected. He stood in line with several other people, watching someone with a large hat and indiscernible face hand over several bags to the now greyscale looking doctors. Somehow he knew what was in the bags. He tried to ask about it but nothing came out so he stepped forward. Immediately alarms went off as the hatman looked in his direction, face unseen, but the scientists obviously looked terrified before the others in the row next to him jumped him, ending the memory.

The last memory never ended, as Sam woke up in a weird storage room where several people were standing in weird pods set up in rows to fill the room to capacity, Sam being one of them. Most of them were unmoving, but a few here and there seemed to twitch or fall over as Sam passed by them. They looked like they were sick or dying. Upon exiting the room, Sam could see several more doors like the one he’d come out of, more weird pods behind all of them.

He walked down the hall, vaguely aware of loud, buzzing noises ahead of him, mixed with louder, blaring noises all around. He walked out into a room full of panic as several people were frantically tapping away at computers while others were running around with documents or trying to get somewhere. Then the room, almost as one, turned to him and the source of their panic changed from whatever it was before to him. One of them tried to jump him but unlike the previous memories, Sam stopped him with his right hand, grabbed him by the collar and effortlessly threw him towards the loud buzzing noises he’d been hearing the entire time.

Like an angry swarm of bees suddenly released, the buzzing exploded into the room and Sam was almost overwhelmed by the mass of little tiny consciences that battered his own. Suddenly aware that they wanted him, he tried to run from the mass but it filled the entire room in seconds, converging on him and wrapping him into a black cloud of consciousness. Then the cacophony of buzzing around him stopped as the cloud hardened into a solid form, almost like clothes, or rather, like armor.

It took a while for Sam to adapt to how normal it felt to have this hardened cloud of conscience draped over him. When he realized there were panicked people in the room with him, bullets were flying and plinking off of the armor. Almost on instinct, he reached for his hip as part of the cloud formed into a large handgun and Sam began returning fire.
He didn’t really take stock of time passing as he fought his way through this maze of unknown rooms and hallways until he came upon a large open hangar of sorts that he recognized. This was where he’d seen the faceless-hatman before. He didn’t have much time to think about it as bullets started flying past again. One impacted him in the shoulder and ricochet upwards out of his sight. Then a moment after, a large body of water suddenly sprayed down, pushing Sam to the ground.

Wherever he was, it was now flooding. Several of the large hangar doors were beginning to close but heavy gunfire kept him from reaching the dryer, possibly safer, other side of them. Finding no way out back where he’d come from, Sam dove into the only other door he could find and found himself in a quickly flooding elevator. Panicked, he started pressing buttons as the water continued to rise in the large elevator. The doors seemed to close ever so slowly but once they were done, the elevator shot up quickly, surprising Sam with its speed.

Only moments later, it came to a halt and the door opened again, the water flooding out into a dry hangar. Gunfire immediately erupted in response to the doors opening and Sam took cover, reaching down with his empty hand for another gun that formed as soon as he needed it. Relying on the armor’s ability to stop bullets, he walked into the new hangar and began shooting, firing both guns with ease at targets hidden behind cover. Some of them died as their cover got blown away, others died when they thought he’d run out of bullets and the last few remaining died when a stray bullet hit some container somewhere and blew up most of the hangar, throwing Sam clear from the building out into the open.

All of that happened two years ago. Since then Sam has learned that the few memories he's retained since the explosions span a time of ten years. He's worked hard to master his new abilities and has recently set out to track down what remains of Project Shiva and its mysterious backers.

Any enemies/nemesis; The organization that started Project Shiva and the hidden cabal funding them from behind the scenes. Sam has very little information on them, aside from their existence and the fact that they are global groups with seemingly unlimited funding. While Sam doesn’t have a specific nemesis, there is the mysterious black hat-wearing man who he spotted on some security footage who brought the funds for the project. He’s Sam’s only link between Project Shiva and its mysterious backers.

Personal Locations: The underwater base where Project Shiva was being designed and tested, which connected to a small island off the coast of Preah Sihanouk in Cambodia. Most of the island was engulfed in an explosion when Sam escaped but aside from some flooding, the underwater base remains largely untouched.

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Nano Tech Combat Armor (NTCA)
NTCA Mobility
NTCA Mobility.png
NTCA Guns.png
NTCA Comms
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Sam's Cybernetic Eyes
Sam Cybernetic Eyes.png


Roleplay Type(s)
Name: Asher Averruncus
Superhero name: None
Age: 22-23 (estimated)
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'9 - 5'10
Hometown: Space Colony Research Station: Delta
Parents: Unknown possibly eastern European, Norwegian, or Scandinavian
Affiliation(s): Nemesis Core (Former)
Personality: Generally aloof, shy, and sometimes awkward around strangers, this was due to his youth being only in social contact with a very limited set of people that he had always seen as close family or friends. As a result he forms strong bonds with those he considers friends or allies. For those that know him, he is patient and methodical often times sitting back and thoroughly assessing situations before springing into actions. Oddly despite his attachments and closeness to people close to him he does understand sacrifices made for the greater good.
Physical looks: Asher has shaggy pure white hair that ends slightly past his light violet eyes that glow when he uses his powers. His skin is fair and on the lighter side with a small pointed nose, and well toned but not overly muscular build with soft features.
Casual wear: Asher dresses in a light grey high mandarin collard long sleeved shirt complete with cufflinks in the triangular Delta symbol, the only design on the shirt are two black stripes around the upper right arm of the shirt. He also wears a pair of matching unassuming slacks, black leather shoes, and a simple black leather belt.
  • Gyrokinesis
    • Basic to semi-advanced levels of Gyrokinesis
      • Attraction / Repulsion
      • Increase / Decrease gravitational forces
      • Change directions which gravity pulls matter
    • Manipulating personal gravity- Asher can manipulate his own gravitational field and generate gravity
      • Enhanced Strength
      • Enhanced Speed/Agility/Mobility
      • Gyrokinetic Flight
  • Regeneration / Healing Factor
    • Asher able to heal wounds caused to him, the speed of regeneration varies depending on the severity of the injury and the complexity of the part being regenerated. Asher's body has built in parameters to prevent him from becoming monstrous when regenerating or adapting, Asher will always retain his age, physique, weight etc with slight deviations.
  • Rapid Physical Adaptation
    • An odd ability that allows Asher to adapt to changes in his surroundings such as temperature, gravity. atmosphere, or light to name a few, negating potential environmental based disadvantages he may suffer.
  • Very High Skilled Close Quarters Combatant
Costume abilities: Regenerates as he does, and covers his entire body with an invisible nanomesh grid that protects him from lesser projectile and physical attacks, susceptible to energy based attacks and weaponry to temporarily disable its regenerative and protection abilities.
Background: The disaster of the space colony research station: Delta was one of humanity's darker and hidden secrets along with its sister research stations Epsilon and Lambda. Located on the Moon, Delta station was at the forefront of genetic research into superpower genetics. Their noble goal was to catalog every known superpower genetically recreate them and sequence them in a way so they may be used to be recombined with one another and implemented into embryos to create a new superior breed of superpower beings like nothing the world has ever seen simply named Project Genesis. Calling the facilities as colonies was simply a coverup for them actually being massive research stations.

Asher was created as part of Project Genesis along with Ani Humeri, Aerona Nightingale, and Jayse Roswell. They were created as a team of four Supers, each was designated with a special purpose and their given powers along with the intensity of their supplementary powers. As Delta was the research facility for genetics and superpowers, Lambda was the facility dedicated to researching future sustainable energy and resources via interdimensional research. Epsilon was the research center that developed weapons, gear, and other experimental technology.

As Delta's project was successful, Asher and the rest of his team received years on intense training in their powers and various weapons, martial arts, and firearms. They were then equipped with the most advanced equipment and weaponry, custom made and tailored for them from Epsilon to explore the strange worlds and dimensions that Lambda successfully connected with. Asher and the rest of his team were sent to explore these discoveries, forced to establish footholds, take samples, and even combat some of the strange and often times monstrous native fauna. Often times their bodies would be ravaged by unknown pathogens and contagions, unable to die they were forced to suffer until their bodies would naturally adapt. As time went on the jobs got more difficult, the four created Supers grew increasingly more powerful, and more resentful of their creators until one day things boiled over.

The leader of Asher's team of Supers was named Aerona, their team was named Nemesis Core. After the loss of their teammate Jayse, watching him gruesomely and slowly die in another dimension as they escaped was the final straw. That night, a massacre took place that would never be recorded or documented anywhere.

By the time Asher was released from his room due to the facilities lockdown procedures, the floors of the facility looked more blood than floor, the walls were smattered with gore and body parts. It was a sight that has haunted Asher ever since. As the destruction of the three facilities was completed resistance was quickly becoming overwhelming. To save her remaining teammates, Aerona launched Ani and Asher back to earth. Aerona was eventually captured, encapsulated, and imprisoned within a new facility that was constructed among the ruins of Delta, Epsilon, and Lambda simply known as the Zeta facility that now only houses a single prisoner.

It has been years since Asher had entered the earth's atmosphere as a bolt of flame along with Ani streaking across the sky. The people all the none wiser. it took nearly a day of agonizing recovery for Asher to get back into shape, and when he arose Ani was no where to be found, he didn't know if she had landed near him or if she veered into another direction higher in the atmosphere. The two of them falling towards Earth was the last time he had seen her.

For years now Asher has lived in relative peace, haunted by his past memories, afraid to get close in fear of losing them again, doing odd jobs as he traveled to get by. The government embarrassed by what they had created and the possible ruination of their image and trust of other Supers for what they have done stayed out of Asher's way instead simply keeping an eye on him. It was an unspoken truce for them to stay out of each others way. Aside from that, Asher's old teammate Ani had resurfaced, reaping massive amounts of havoc before simply vanishing only to reappear elsewhere with seemingly random patterns, but Asher knows that she's looking for him, and he didn't blame her.
Any enemies/nemesis? Ani Humeri (Kinda)
(Most are just passing mentions)
Space Colony Research Station: Delta (Destroyed)
Space Colony Research Station: Epsilon (Destroyed)
Space Colony Research Station: Lambda (Destroyed)
Space Colony Maximum Security Detention Center: Zeta (Might be visited at some point)


Name: Ani Humeri
Supervillain name: Goldilocks
Danger Level: SSS
Age: 21 (estimated)
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5’5 – 5’6
Hometown: Space Colony Research Station: Delta
Parents: Unknown, believed to be a combination of Russian and Japanese decent
Affiliation(s): Nemesis Core (Former)
Personality: Ani has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanor; always smiling, and acting very friendly and even polite with everyone hiding much darker undertones. Ani is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way often puts her at odds with others. She easily becomes bored and will look elsewhere for things to entertain her by whatever she deems fit.
Physical looks: Ani is a very attractive young teenage girl of medium height and a small-ish frame, how much of her looks are natural or were genetically tailored is unknown. She has extremely long blonde hair that appears to have a light pink hue to it, styled into two long tails which're further braded into multiple braids that hang to the middle of her thighs, with smaller locks framing her face. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue that seems to emit their own glow/light.
Casual wear: Ani wears a richly adorned backless white, violet, and purple Lolita-styled dress with matching platform boots (the platforms resembling skulls with fangs), fingerless gloves that ends half way up her forearms, and a small sing purse that looks like a large bow tie. She accentuates the outfit with a large a violet colored hair bow and a large violet bow at the small of her back on her dress, with the centers being fanged skulls, a collar, and earrings, all with the same fanged skull designs on them. She is also frequently seen with a matching violet and purple colored parasol.
  • Superhuman Physical Prowess
    • Despite her medium sized height and small-ish frame, Ani possesses immeasurable strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and endurance. Some notable traits are her strength and speed, often her speed is mistaken for an ability to instantaneous teleportation signaled only by strange sharp whistle noise when she moves at such a speed. Ani is able to handle herself exceptionally well in physical combat often times easily overpowering her opponents with raw power or outlast them with seemingly endless endurance.
  • Rapid Regeneration / Healing Factor
    • Ani is able to rapidly heal wounds caused to her, the speed of regeneration varies depending on the severity of the injury and the complexity of the part being regenerated the more severe the faster the healing / regeneration. it is not uncommon for Ani to tear off or get rid of parts of her body that is too badly damaged in order to regenerate new parts. Ani's body has built in parameters to prevent her from becoming monstrous when regenerating or adapting, Ani will always retain her age, physique, weight etc with slight deviations.
  • Rapid Physical Adaptation
    • An odd ability that allows Ani to quickly adapt to changes in her surroundings such as temperature, gravity. atmosphere, or light to name a few, negating potential environmental based disadvantages she may suffer
  • Master of Close Quarters Combat
Weapon: Violet and purple parasol (Developed by Epsilon with interdimensional materials and extremely advanced technology)
  • Ani's parasol is much, much more than it seems. in addition to being Ani’s primary and iconic weapon it’s indestructible to any attempted methods of trying to destroy it (made from a material not found in our dimension), in addition is has the ability to cancel and/or nullify anything the canopy touches, even temporarily disabling another's powers if they are hit bay it (Technology, now lost, developed by the formerly living researchers of Epsilon). It also functions as a high-powered energy based gun, holding a maximum of 6 shots at a time in a revolver-like chamber canceled along the shaft before needing to reload. Reloading is simple, eject the empty shells and the parasol will loads itself with 6 shells it creates with a micro matter converter that's been structured though the entire weapon. The projectiles it fires varies in strength ranging from knocking someone off their feet and disorientating them, to blasting apart the heaviest of military ordnances.
Costume abilities: Regenerates as she does, covers her entire body with an invisible nanomesh grid that protects her from lesser projectile and physical attacks, susceptible to energy based attacks and weaponry to temporarily disable its regenerative and protection abilities
Background: ???
Any enemies/nemesis? Asher Averruncus (Sorta, but not really)
(Most are just passing mentions)
Space Colony Research Station: Delta (Destroyed)
Space Colony Research Station: Epsilon (Destroyed)
Space Colony Research Station: Lambda (Destroyed)
Space Colony Maximum Security Detention Center: Zeta (Might be visited at some point)
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