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Realistic or Modern Superhero Dystopia

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Hi there!

Today I'm looking for something specific. A more dystopian take on a superhero world. Since everything's going to hell anyways, might as well roleplay it out!

I'm looking for literate writers who can give me at least a paragraph worth of substance and I will do the same in return. I also expect good punctuation and basic grammar skills. You don't have to respond 20 times a day but if you could manage once a day that would be nice. And please let me know if you're not going to respond or if the idea isn't for you. I'm tired of coming up with cool ideas and then people ghost me.

I'm also looking for people who generally play Male characters because I generally play Female characters.

As well, you should be 18+, I do not roleplay with minors considering.

So I'm thinking in this world people have superpowers but the government doesn't like the idea of these people having free reign so the make a law that all super beings have to be monitored and catalogued. They must live in government housing and follow government protocol. Most people agree to this but there are some that believe that it's a trap and will do anything to keep from being catalogued. My character will be one of the heroes that runs. Your character can be whatever you please! Just make it interesting!

*Where the heck am I going she thinks to herself as she runs through the woods, lungs burning, feet pounding. She had been running for what felt like days...no...weeks. Always on the run, never stopping. Don't let them catch you, that's always been the motto. Once the government knows about you it's too late. People born with powers are meant to be catalogued and used for the government's pleasure. They assign you a number, give you a suit and expect you to perform. And oh do you perform. You save lives, you rescue cities. The people love you. But when the day's over they lock you up out of sight out of mind until they need you. They treat people with powers like animals that need to be caged. Well f- that she thought. She was not getting captured, she'd been running for too long for that. She was going to make it in this world undocumented and free or she was going to die. Those were the only options.*

I'd love to hear your ideas or feedback! Can't wait to write with you!

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