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Fandom Superhero 101 [Closed]

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Canisters of teargas landed in front of the assembled crowd, their contents spewing into the air. Several of the protesters in makeshift gas masks and protective gear surged forward to try and douse them before they filled the air with its caustic payload. They poured water on them or kicked them back to the officers standing vigil over the controversial Pro-Enhanced demonstration happening in Downtown Chicago. Cries of outrage filled the night as the protesters demanded their voices to be heard.

"Send in another volley," Captain Titus said, looking to his officers. "Let's send these freaks hom-"

His sentence was cut short as one of the canisters slammed into his helmet and knocked him prone. The officers shouted in surprise, several of them leapt forward to try and rouse their dazed Captain, while three others looked for whoever decided to throw that. It was a quick search as they realized one of the people of the crowd was heading straight for them.

"Contact!" One of the officers shouted as he fired a rubber bullet at the charging figure. Whoever it was they were a mountain of a person, at least six feet tall, black hair under the hood from his sweat shirt and worn denim jeans.

The projectile slammed into Thane's chest and fell impudently to the ground. With a growl he slammed into the officer and sent him flying backwards into the vehicle behind him, leaving a body sized dent in the hood of the car. Thane roared with rage and brought his hand up to the barrel of a gun another officer was pointing at him, stopping the bullet with the palm of his hand. The officer was shocked, Thane didn't even pause. He punched that officer in the nose and blood began to pour down the man's face.

"Freeze!" Six officers all leveled their guns at him, screaming orders at him, insisting on his obedience.

"Let's do this shit-heads!" He slammed his closed fists into his chest, "You're nothing!"

"Thane Wilson!" The voice came from overhead on a loud speaker. Thane looked up to see a hovering Quinn-jet above them. "You are in violation of the Sokovia Accords as an Enhanced acting without authorization from the United Nations. Stand down."

"I'll be with you in a second." Thane shouted, putting his fists up to the officers.

They leveled their guns again and opened fire just as something landed between the officers and Thane. The ground shook as the bullets bounced off of the green back of Bruce Banner's and landed on the ground behind him.

"Ah, what, no!" The Hulk shouted, turning his head and grabbing the back of his suit, "Guys! I just had this made! do you know how long it takes to make these?" The massive body suit he was wearing with the Avenger's logo was sporting a dozen small holes where the bullets had hit him.

Thane took Banner's momentary distraction and lashed out at the Green Giant with a punch to the jaw to no avail. The hit did nothing to the Strongest Avenger. He looked at Thane with kindness in his eyes. "Come on kid, don't make this more difficult than this has to be."

"Screw you!" Thane tried to kick Banner in his knee, only to have his leg grabbed tight in his massive fist. He was picked up and held upside down face to face with the legendary Avenger.

"You knew this would happen, we told you and told you. You have got to get your head out of your ass." He looked to the officers, nodded his head, and then leapt up to the building to their right where the Quin-jet was waiting to allow them to get on. The jets on the craft flared up and it disappeared into the night sky toward Upstate New York.


Gabriela Price sat at her kitchen table with her head in her hands as the police scanner squawked at a low volume. Her parents weren't home yet, despite the late hour, but it wasn't anything she wasn't used to. Their late hours at the station was normal. She was bored and ready to give up when she heard something that made her perk up.

"Robbery in progress, Eighth and Broadway. Suspects are heading north towards the Freeway in a White SUV with a blown out back window. They are armed and dangerous." She reached up and switched it off. She held out her hand and from the back of the couch in the living room a purple piece of fabric flew to her. It was a roughly made cape that she tied around her neck and walked toward the door off her house. Just as she was about to open the door the handle jiggled and her eyes went wide. She opened her mind and used her mind's eye to see who was on the other side of the door.

It was her parents. They were home from work, earlier than usual. She withdrew her senses and bolted upstairs, tripping as she went up. She heard the door open and her mother called out to her, "Mija, donde..." Gabriela cursed herself when she realized she had left the Police scanner on the dining room table, right there where they could see it as they came in. They knew what she was doing, so she had no choice. She went into her bedroom and slammed the door shut. Her window opened as she reached out with her telekinesis and she leapt from her home, lifting herself into the air she flew away, north toward the action.

It took her only a few minutes to eat the distance between her and the high speed chase that had taken itself to the interstate. Someone in the back of the SUV was firing at the police in pursuit. She could tell it was some sort of powerful gun, because it was shredding the cop's cars if they got too close. She watched as one of the cruisers lost control and flipped suddenly as bullets tore apart the tires. Her heart leapt out of her chest and she pushed herself downward, toward the car. She knew she wasn't strong enough to lift it, but she hoped she could cushion the fall. She placed her hands together and imagined a bubble under the vehicle. As the car came down it slowed considerably, and she felt the strain on her body as she set it down as gently as she could manage. It slid across the road for a few seconds on its side before coming to a halt. She landed in front of it and ripped the windshield out with her powers.

"Are you okay?" She asked, holding out her hands. One of the officers was dead, she could already tell by how mangled he was. The other seemed hurt, but alive. She quickly unbuckled the officer and pulled her out of the wreckage, where she laid her on the ground as another car pulled to a stop next to them. Two officers got out, guns drawn and they were shouting orders at her. "I'm helping!" She cried, taking a step back.

They didn't seem to care. They kept their guns trained on her as more cop cars pulled up and got out, pointing weapons at her. "I'm not the bad guy, they're getting away."

"No they haven't." She heard an accented voice behind her and turned to see the Scarlet Witch walking up behind her. Red energy flowed from her left hand as she twisted it in the air, and Gabriela saw that the people who had been firing at the police were hovering in the air, disarmed and crying out in pain. The car had been completely disassembled and was in pieces across the interstate. "You're coming with me, Gabriela." Above the Quin-Jet that was hovering turned on its spotlight and illuminated the scene between the two.

CaptainMarvelous CaptainMarvelous


Magician's Judge
Valerie glanced around the alley she was in to make sure the coast was clear. There was no one else in the alley for now, but someone could show up at any moment out of any of the doors that emptied out into this alley. She held up her hands as a shimmering opal snake in them she gave it a little nod and send it slithering under the door. She kept an eye out as she waited for the snake to do its job and in a few moments she heard the lock on the door click and the door swung open. The snake came slithering back to her, up her leg and all the way back up to her arm. "Good job," she smiled. The snake curled up around her shoulders as she stepped inside the building.

The building she was in was an apartment building for those high class residents of New York City. She'd discovered that one of the residents was going to be away on a business trip for some time meaning the apartment was empty. It was the perfect heist for Valerie. She'd planned everything out, how to get in, what to grab, how to get out. Her plan was perfect and she was the best at sneaking about and she had never been caught.

Valerie made her way up the stairs to the floor the apartment was on and peered out the door. The hallway was empty, but Valerie didn't want to be standing out in the open for so long. Any of the other apartment residents could walk out and see her. She didn't exactly fit in at a place like this and someone was bound to ask questions if they spotted her in the building. She sent out her snake friend again to the door to the apartment. She waited to see the door swing open before entering the hallway. She quickly made her way down the hall and into the apartment shutting the door behind her.

All the information she had gathered had said that the apartment would be empty of people. The owner was away and they had no one coming to look after it while they were gone. So Valerie was startled nearly out of her skin when she turned away from the door to see someone standing in the shadows of the room. A light flickered on and she saw Captain Marvel standing before her with her arms crossed.

"Looking for something?" the woman asked. Valerie's eyes widened, the whole thing had been a set up for her. Word on the street was the Avengers were rounding up those Enhanced persons who hadn't turned themselves in already to submit to the Sokovia Accords. Valerie hadn't been one of those people and now they had come for her. She turned to the door ready to throw it open and make a run for it when a blast from Captain Marvel's hand exploded the lock. The snake that had been sitting on the floor beside her vanished in sparks. There was no getting out of this situation, there was no way she could fight an Avenger. "I'm going to have to ask you to come with me."


Bullies had always been a problem for Ashton, ever since he was little. He was a scrawny kid and then when he'd gotten older he'd become a bit of a nerd inviting the taunts of the bullies even more. Then he, along with many other people all over the world, had gained these abilities. And then those people had to follow the Sokovia Accords as part of having those powers. There were a lot of people who didn't like these new people with powers. There were a lot of people who discriminated against those people. So when Ashton found out he had powers, he hid them as best he could so people wouldn't look at him any differently and so he wouldn't give the bullies another reason to pick on him.

Of course, that didn't really work out for him. Since he gained his abilities, there was an increase in the number of blackouts in his town. Computers he was around would shut off or sometimes randomly turn on. He was usually able to pass those things off as coincidences, but he got the feeling that there were people beginning to suspect that something was up with him.

Ashton walked down the halls with his hood up trying to avoid being seen by anyone. That never seemed to work, the bullies always managed to pick him out of the crowds in the halls at school. The next instant, he was pushed up against the lockers by one of the guys on the football team. "So my buddies and I think there's something weird about you. There's a lot of weird stuff that happens when you're around," the bully started. His name was Michael, he was the real bully while his friends just stood by and watched. "You one of those freaks with powers?"

"N-no, I'm just normal. B-besides, a lot of people have weird things happen to technology when they are around them," Ashton stuttered as Michael held him by his sweatshirt. Michael turned to look at his friends as if getting their opinion on the situation. Several of them shook their heads, Ashton wasn't the best liar, it was a miracle he had gone this far without someone finding him out. The next moment a fist was coming to swing at his face knocking him to the ground. Ashton curled up into a ball wanting to just disappear.

That's when the lights flickered and turned off. Everything in the vicinity turned off, people's phones included as if the power had been drained from them. "Hey, back off!" a voice shouted. When Ashton forced himself to look up he was terrified to see the man known as the Winter Soldier standing over him. "Woah, hey. It's alright, I'm here to help. You've got powers right kid? We're going to help you out with that okay? Just come with me." Ashton wasn't a fighter as evident by his cowering in the face of his bullies, so he could do nothing else but agree.
"This is for your own good kid." Banner said, securing the cuffs on Thane in the portable holding cell, "And, fun fact, this is modeled after the device used to contain the Winter Soldier. How fun is that?"

Thane just glared at him.

"Tough Crowd." Banner said, turning away.

Thane twisted his wrists in the bindings, searching for a weakness or way to get out of the containment to no avail. It was designed for people much stronger than him, so he had no choice but to sit and wait to arrive at the Avenger's Compound.


Gabriela stared in surprise at the Avenger standing in front of her as heat rose to her face. She rushed forward to Wanda and squealed, "I knew it! I knew if I stuck with it long enough you would invite me to join!" She pointed at the officers and whispered, "Tell them we're together, that way they don't try to arrest me."

"I'm here to arrest you, Gabriela." Wanda said, bringing the her prisoners down for the police to handle. "You have gone out as a vigilante over and over, ignoring our orders to wait until you turn 18."

"Umm...what?" Gabriela took a step back and raised her hands. "I'm helping people."

"Last week your "helping" got a child sent to the hospital." She held up her hands and red energy danced across her fingertips. "This is for your own good." Gabriela experienced a flash of red light, and the next thing she knew she was in a concrete room with a large metal door. The room was furnished, with a couch and a few chairs, as well as a small kitchenette and breakfast bar with stools. As far as holding rooms go, there could be significantly worse accommodations. She realized quickly she wasn't alone in the room. On the back wall, opposite of the large metal door, was a odd looking pod inside of which someone, a boy not much older than she was, sat strapped down and immobilized in a chair.

"Where are we?"

[[I figured that this way you could either have your characters come in at this moment and meet the two of them, or you could have it where they're in the room but she hasn't noticed them yet.]]


Magician's Judge
Valerie didn't put up much of a fight after Captain Marvel's display of power. She knew she wasn't capable of fighting her way out of this one. While she had powers, Captain Marvel was sure to be a superior fighter. She was someone who had had years of practice fighting, Valerie had only gained her powers a few years ago and didn't usually use them for fighting.

She was still put in handcuffs to prevent her from trying anything and brought to another location. Valerie sat in the vehicle she was in still fuming over how her raid had turned out to be a trap. She had thought she was more careful than that, though she'd never tried going up against someone like the Avengers. Once they arrived at their final destination, she was brought to a room, deposited inside, and locked in.

It didn't seem very much like a holding cell, more like a waiting room. Though the pod with a teenager strapped to a chair certainly didn't help the atmosphere. Valerie gave the kid only a passing glance as she walked over to the kitchenette. Before she could begin looking through, two other kids were brought in to join them.


Ashton had originally been terrified of following the Winter Soldier out of his school and into a black van, but he also knew there was no escaping him either. As the two drove to whatever destination they had, the kid started to relax a bit. The Winter Soldier, or Bucky, as he told Ashton to call him was surprisingly pretty nice.

"We've been watching you for a while. We knew someone had to be causing those power outages and we eventually traced it back to you. No harm done, of course, but you clearly don't have control of your powers, so we want to correct that," Bucky explained to him as they drove. "Don't worry, your parents have been informed and you'll be well taken care of." They arrived at an airport where Ashton was brought aboard a quinjet and they flew to another location further away from his hometown.

There, he was put into a room where there was another teenage girl, another teenage boy strapped down in an odd looking pod which definitely didn't terrify him, and almost at the same time he arrived another teenager was dropped off as well. She was unconscious when they brought her in, but she soon started to rouse.

"I assume the Avengers compound, their correctional facility for those like us with powers," the first girl replied to the other as she began going through the cabinets looking to see if they had been left any food. If they were going to leave them in a nice enough place like this, surely they would have bothered to stock the kitchenette.

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