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Fandom Super Sonic Tamers [A Sonic x Digimon Crossover RP]

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime


Transient Gundam ready for battle!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for another person to join this crossover RP. There’ll be a total of 3 people in the RP, so there’s one spot still open. Below is a summary of the plot.


A month ago, a new toy hit the streets of Grand Metropolis and took the city by storm. They were called V-Pets. After their release the citizens quickly took a liking to their new pixelated pets. Everywhere one looked they'd see Mobians of all ages raising, training, battling, and even competing against one another in tournaments! But who was responsible for bringing this hot new toy to the citizens of Grand Metropolis? It was none other than V-Bot! A cheerful and energetic robot, who was known all throughout the city as the CEO and Mascot of the company behind V-Pets.

While the world may seem largely at peace, everything isn't all fun and games. The 8-bit pets the citizens of Grand Metropolis have come to know and love, are in reality living beings called Digimon. And thanks to the scheming of Dr. Eggman and his Digimon accomplice, the Digital World home of the Digimon is now under threat. Unable to defend themselves because of technology capable of De-digivolving even powerful Megas back into their Rookie stages, very few Digimon were able to mount any sort of resistance to oppose Eggman's force. In virtually no time at all, the entire world was conquered and placed under the control of the Eggman Empire. And if anything isn't done soon, then it's practically a given that Mobius will be next! In order to combat the evil forces which have taken over the Digital World, a new generation of heroes is desperately needed. And who better to thwart ol' Egghead's plans, than the blue blur and his pals? Join them as they explore the colorful and vast Digital world and fight to reclaim it from Eggman's clutches as the newest Digidestined!

=If this interests you, here are some things you can expect while RPing with us.=

-You don’t have to be literate/detailed in order to join.

-It's best to use a device which is template friendly while roleplaying with us. But if you can't see what's on the templates then please let us know. We can roleplay without the templates.

-It's totally fine if you haven't seen every season of the Digimon anime/read the manga or Sonic X. But, it's best that you either have seen at least one season of Digimon or played a Digimon/Sonic (excluding Classic Sonic) game to have a basic understanding of the characters and the world they live in.

-The RP will take place in PMs.

-Since we’re a small group, we’re all responsible for keeping the RP going. While certain events which are important to the plot have already been planned out, we're looking for someone who is not afraid to add their own twists.

-When joining us, you have to play as any of the available Digidestined characters and their Digimon partners. This also applies if you choose to play as an OC. When it comes to canon Sonic characters, you can play as many as you can keep up with. Available Digidestined characters are Tails & Sparrowmon, Silver & Veemon, and Blaze & Kudamon. Classic, Boom Sonic characters, and humans (including canon characters from any season of the Digimon anime/manga) will not be a part of the RP. Exceptions to the rule of Classic characters are Fang, Bark, and Bean; they are available.

-There will be character death scenes.

-Since the RP is mainly about the action/adventure, the focus on romance, if any occurs at all, should be kept light.
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