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Fandom Super Smash Brothers: The Ten Pillars

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Robin smiles at Pichu. “Hello again little one.”

Chrom tells his men. “Search the rest of the castle just in case.” They salute and do so, leaving them to talk with the group. “Now then. What exactly are you all doing here?” Chrom asks the group. They weren’t exactly expecting to find a bunch of friends in the middle of a rundown castle like this.

GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow

Juri sees the arrows coming and cartwheels to avoid them before sending a kick at Pikachu, but the pokemon was moving too quick, her Feng Shui engine needed to recharge before she could move as fast as she had again, but she wasn’t going to tell them that. She does a spinning fan like series of kicks toward Pikachu until she hears dark pit speak. She smirks and sends a rocket like psycho wave toward him. Powering down her Feng Shui engine for the moment.

Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- Ploegy Ploegy GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow Gears Gears SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15

Haydens’ search for treasure eventually takes them to the Kokiri village. They stare in awe of the scene before them. A green dinosaur? A bunch of jacked apes???? A tall man in a way too tight outfit?????!!!!!! “Uh……well….if there’s a chance one of the lost crew is here, then we have to take a chance!……..as soon as I go get some Purple Pikmin.” They declare and turn to leave.
Noctis and Prompto
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Noctis and Prompto were finally done eith setting up the camp. A tired Noctis was the first to sit down in one of the csmping chairs.
Looking at this sure brings back memories." Noctis replied,looking around the campment.
"You miss the camping nights we had with Iggy and Gladio,right?" Prompto asked. "You bet I do,Dude!" Noctis replied."Though now,we're with new ftiends." The two boys watched as Ann and Rin prepared the meal. "Can't wait to taste your new recipeh!" Prompto said,mimicking Ignis's voice.
"That was a goid impresion!" Noctis replied. Their conversation was interupted as a newcomer arrived.
"Whoa,is that an Octoling?" Prompto asked. "Inkling,is that a friend of yours?!"
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Fawful chuckles. “Ehehehehehehe. Such persistence you are having. Ehehehehe. That is good. You are all simply here by my good graces. However, my good graces only go so far.” The chair turns around to show Fawful. He was wearing a red hood that somehow perfectly shadowed his face, except for his swirly glasses and toothy grin. “I am having…..a need. A need only your unique skills can help me with. You see, I’ve had my eye on a particular gem for some time now. In fact it is why I am here. The Zora things have a blue crystal hidden below their hovel. And I wish for you 3 to get it.”
The remain soldiers of the base regroup together as they begin to salvage what they can from the base.

From video surveillance and the personnel records they learn that the lower layers of base and the bunkers were not breached at all, meaning the scientists and their experiments where still intact.

"Alright, the Citadel is moving North-ward. Everyone, regroup back to base. Survey all damage and casualties and take headcounts of everyone and everything still on-base."

"Should we call back the deserters?" One soldier asks

"No. Let them be. Things aren't going to be pretty here and some of it is going to be better of being heard second-hand. Run diagnostics on every Upper Layer of the base and see what the damage is." The soldiers decide to split up and search for the base's storage facilities to see what they can find and do anything else they can.

Suddenly, the Chief Scientist began to approach the commander. "Commander!"

The commander sighs
"Yes, Doc...?"

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Regrouping and assessing the damage, sir. Y'know. The logical thing to do." The commander remarks half-heartidly

"While Sephiroth has made off with Jehovah's head?! mobilize all the troops and head after him!"

"We couldn't even keep him from entering the base and we couldn't keep him from leaving the base either. Face it, Doc. Sephiroth is going to have to be someone elses problem, cause we're going to have a lot more soon enough."

"This is not up for debate! We need to coordinate a response, now!"

"That I can't do sir."

"Are you disobeying a direct order?! This is bigger than you or me! We've had too much bloodshed already and more is soon to follow if we don't apprehend Jenovah and eliminate Sephiroth immediately!"

"Yes, sir, I know. We're just doing what we think is best."

"Now get the troops ready to head off, we're going to need-"

Another soldier approaches the commander and the head scientist.
"Sirs, we have picked up an incoming rotorcraft heading this way."

The Chief Scientist eyes widen "No...It couldn't be-"

"Yes sir...It's the President."

"Nooooo...! No, no NO! Not now!" The Chief Scientist laments.

The commander shakes his head
"Well, let's not keep him wait, Doc. The music isn't going to face itself." The commander looks to the soldier. "Round everyone up and head to the landing pad." The commander tells the soldier as they both begin to leave while the Chief Scientist continues to stand in abject fear.
A helicopter can be seen arriving from the distance. The commander and the remaining soldiers at the base begin to head towards the landing pad at the site of the incoming helicopter, already fully armed. They stand at attention on opposite side of the landing deck, facing each other as the helicopter slowly descends on to the landing pad and the blades slowing to a halt. The side door of the helicopter slides open and a tall, suited figure steps out of helicopter.

"Welcome aboard, Mr. President!" the Commander shouts.

"Skip the part where you waste my time with pleasantries. Where is the Chief Scientist?" The President asks in an agitated tone.

"He should be in the Main Control Room, waiting for you, sir"

The President moves past the commander and as he makes his way off the deck, another individual steps out of the helicopter. And then another, And another, and another, until eight other individuals step out and follow the President; walking between the column of soldiers as the make their way inside the base.
In the main control room, the Chief Scientist was pacing back and forth, nervous of what all the President would say to him. If talking was ALL that would be receiving... The door opens and the President steps in with the eight figures still being shrouded in shadows as for spread out on opposites side behind the larger man in front of them, the lights of the computers revealing his face to be large, muscular man with bronze skin, short platinum blonde hair and single jewel at the center of his forehead. "President
...! We are honored that you could join us...!"
Eight Silhouettes.png

"Not honored enough to kneel, I see..." President Urien's stern demeanor did little to ease the Chief Scientist's anxiety. He swallowed hard and replied, "I apologize, Mr. President. I was merely...preoccupied with the situation at hand."

Urien's cold, calculating eyes scanned the control room before settling on the Chief Scientist. "I've been informed of the dire circumstances here, Doctor. Reports indicate that Sephiroth has breached your facility, and Jenova's head is missing. Explain."

The Chief Scientist took a deep breath and began to recount the events leading up to this moment. "It all started with the breach of our outer defenses. Sephiroth, a highly skilled and dangerous individual, infiltrated the base. He was relentless and nearly unstoppable. We lost many good men trying to contain him."

Urien listened intently, his expression unmoving. "And Jenova's head?"

"We have no concrete information, Mr. President," the Chief Scientist admitted. "It seems Sephiroth had a specific objective, and that was to obtain Jenova's head. The security footage suggests he was after it from the very beginning."

Urien's gaze grew more piercing. "And what do you intend to do about this, Doctor?"

The Chief Scientist hesitated for a moment before replying, "We are assessing the damage and taking stock of our resources. Our priority is to secure the base and its remaining personnel. We believe Sephiroth has left the premises and pursuing him now may lead to even greater losses."

Urien's expression remained stoic, but a hint of frustration crept into his voice. "Doctor, you do realize the gravity of this situation, don't you? Sephiroth with Jenova's head is a threat not just to this facility, but potentially to the entire world. We cannot afford to let him escape."

"I understand, Mr. President," the Chief Scientist replied, his voice trembling slightly. "But our troops are depleted, and the base is in disarray. We need time to regroup and plan a coordinated response. We will do everything in our power to recover Jenova's head and neutralize Sephiroth."

Urien seemed to mull over the Chief Scientist's words for a moment before finally speaking. "Very well, Doctor. You have one chance to rectify this situation. I will provide you with additional resources and personnel to aid in your efforts. But remember this: failure is not an option. If Sephiroth and Jenova's head are not recovered swiftly, the consequences will be dire."

The Chief Scientist nodded solemnly. "We will do everything in our power, Mr. President, to ensure that doesn't happen."

"Be sure you do. I'll be watching your every move from here on out...I'll let you get your bearings before you relay to me the full account of what has happened here." With that, President Urien turned and left the control room, leaving the Chief Scientist to grapple with the weight of the world's expectations and the urgency of the task at hand all while the silhouettes stand there, leering at him with their shrouded eyes.
"I suppose the latter. Here I'll show you."
Peregrine jumps into the air and begins to levitate in mid-air. "I can't exactly explain it, but it does come naturally for me!" He calls down to Cyan as he begins to fly around in the air. Peregrine continues to glide through the air, his movements graceful and fluid. "It's just something I discovered I could do one day during my younger years with the Zenith Knight. It feels completely natural, like breathing. I've never met anyone else who can do this, though. It's... well, it's my little "secret"." Peregrine swoops down and lands gracefully beside Cyan. "If we do so this way, we'd be in the Badlands in less than several minutes. Unless you'd prefer to walk there on foot. I wouldn't blame you for it is a lovely day today. What say you, Cyan?"
Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat
Just as Peregrine asked the question he didn’t need to think about his decision as he wanted to get to know his traveling companion better, getting the impression they’ll be working together for a while. He thought Peregrine should be conservative of his energy anyway. Cyan trusts in his skills. “ I think I will go walking the rest of the way. It's a beautiful day like you said plus I want to get to know you better. You should think of conserving your energy. I'm of the impression you will need it.” He talks from experience on his travels with his friends recalling countless monsters on their travels or escaping the threat of the imperial army hot on their tails. “ I’m not trying to underestimate you I’d rather not see a good man get hurt..” He looks over to him smiling.

Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters-
yra / ythra

Location: Futopia | Interactions: GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow Darklord95 Darklord95
Mythra briefly glanced towards Pit as the froggy chair croaked out and her brows flattened in a combination of disgust and doubt. Since when did chairs make such sounds? Casting such disbeliefs aside, her eyes shifted back towards Fawful's chair as he began to speak at them. His voice was... rather obnoxious. She could hardly stand it, but she made no comment on it.

Taking in his words, a snarky chuckle rumbled from the back of the aegis' throat. "Yeah okay.. Your good graces may only go so far, but so does my patience"

In that moment Mythra watched as Fawful's chair began to turn and after a few seconds she was greeted by his hooded figure. His face was shadowed beneath it, only revealing his swirly glasses and a toothy grin. It made her uneasy. Her eyes narrowed as a huff escaped her lips. This guy was looking to be punched, she could feel it deep down, but she held back such an urge. Violence now would only cause them more trouble than it was worth. Still, she could stand the look on his face. It made a low growl slip from her lips, although it was barely audible. However, before anything else could happen, she heard his request. That changed everything.

Abruptly, she stood up, anger boiling onto her face. "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS...?!" she erupted, all notion of remaining calm going straight out the window. "You have to be insane making such a request! And for what in return?! Our freedom?! HA!" Her head shook quickly before she dared to let the crystal on her headpiece begin to glow brightly. While she didn't have the strength to actually call upon Siren in the moment, she would make her following words seem as legitimate as she possibly could. "I think you need to think of the position you've put yourself in... you drag us here and request us to retrieve some crystal, but offer us nothing. Don't think we're safe just because we're so far underwater. At any moment I can call Siren down here... or maybe I'll have it blast a hole straight through this place..."

Mythra's irritation was clearly speaking for her, but who could blame her. She was tired, overworked and soaking wet. All she wanted was something kind of understanding, not some mission thrown in her face. If she had to use threats to get that, then so be it. Her lips twisted into a scowl and she pulled a hand from its place across her chest and pointed towards Fawful. "If you understand, then I suggest you give us a place to rest before making such demands towards us. We aren't made of unlimited energy after all."

Pausing again, she made an effort to intensify the glow around her crystal and narrow her eyes even more. "But if you don't... then I guess I'll have to make you understand."
Professor Layton & Luke
Where: Battlefield Fortress
With: Byleth & Sora ( Ploegy Ploegy ), Pichu ( SheepKing SheepKing ), Chrom & Robin ( Darklord95 Darklord95 )

Professor Layton blinked once as Pichu carefully examined him, the electric rodent stroking his chin in contemplation. Though he didn't understand what he did to earn the little fellow's scrutiny, he responded with a pleasant and polite smile. He soon got his answer as Luke quite proudly answered the Pokemon's query on his behalf.

"He is an esteemed professor of archaeology, Pichu! He is also a brilliant puzzle-solver, and True Gentleman! One day, I, too, will become a True Gentleman, just like the Professor!"

So that was Pichu's inquiry. Layton looked from Pichu to Luke. "Ah, yes. I've forgotten you have a special way with animals."

With a proud smile still on his face, Luke addressed Pichu, Byleth, and Sora. "Yeah! I can talk to animals. That's my special talent! I understand everything Pichu is saying!"

The pleasantries were cut short as Luke spotted the approaching army. As Byleth stepped forward to address the legion, Layton instinctively stood before the boy, a protective arm outstretched. He didn't answer Sora, frowning as the Keyblade wielder instructed him and Luke to flee if things got dire. It wasn't that the Professor doubted Sora and Pichu's fighting capabilities; they were members of the esteemed Super Smash Brothers, but the thought of a child defending him from danger didn't sit well with the gentleman. It is the duty of a man to protect children, not the other way around. No child should have to take on the responsibility meant for an adult! He may not have a choice, however, given how woefully unarmed he was, and picking up another weapon from the ancient battlefield will likely end the same way it did when he fought the Lizalfos.

Thankfully, it didn't come to violence. The apparent leaders of the army seemed to recognize the three members of the Super Smash Brothers and immediately ordered the troops to lower their weapons. Both Professor and Apprentice were greatly relieved! Standing back and out of the way, the two remained politely silent, smiling as friends and allies reunited.
ora & yleth

Location: Battlefield Fortress | Interactions: SheepKing SheepKing
GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow Darklord95 Darklord95
Sora didn't take much notice to the silence he received in response. He simply figured the pair understood and silently agreed to his orders. That was enough for him to keep his focus aimed ahead as Byleth awaited his answer.

No direct response would come though. Instead, one soldier called out towards the back of the armies ranks. Such an action made Byleth tense up and instinctively move his hand to hover over the hilt of his blade. There was no telling who the soldier had called out to and he didn't dare throw caution to the wind. Letting down his guard now would only open them for attack, and while he was confident one flick of the Sword of the Creator could handle any immediate frontal attack, there was no telling if there were others, or what these people were capable of.

It was a long moment for the stoic professor, and it was no better for the young keyblade wielder behind him either. Both fighters were steeling themselves until a pair came walking through the middle of the army. It was hard to mistake their faces. Instantly Sora's own features lit up and his keyblade flashed away in a quick burst of light before he threw his hand up to copy Pichu's gesture.

"HEEEEYYYYYYYY!" he laughed out happily. It was as if all at once his childish charm came flooding back. It was as if everything before had quickly blinked away and he was once again his happy-go-lucky self.

Byleth on the other hand didn't react as positively as his fellow Smash Brothers. While his hand did drop from his weapon's hilt, there was no change in his expression. In a way, he was still wary, or rather curious. Sure, he was happy to see the likes of Chrom and Robin, but questions had already been popping into his head the moment the two appeared among their armies ranks.

"I could say the same for you," Byleth remarked as he let the tension leave his shoulders. "You act as if you didn't still wind up finding a merc in your search. Perhaps not the kind you intended, but one nonetheless."

There he went again with his attempt at humor. The joke certainly didn't ring out with Sora, who simply cocked his head slightly to the side while being mindful not to tilt too far and cause Pichu to fall off. Byleth didn't pay much mind. Instead, he remained focused on what was at hand. As Chrom went on to ask why they were at an abandoned location, he gave a small shrug of his shoulders as he slowly turned to look back at the group standing behind him.

"I woke up here not long ago... I have no clue what brought me here... I presume some odd magic," he stated plainly before his gaze settled upon Layton and Luke. "Not long after I awoke, I ran into the Professor and Luke, who were in a pinch. I helped them and learned they were brought here because of some strange letter..."

"Letter..?" Sora interrupted, his curiosity clear piqued.

Stern eyes quickly moved to the boy, and an apologetic look crossed the keyblade wielder's face as he let out a meek chuckle. "Yes... it wasn't quite an invitation like the ones... actually you didn't receive one did you, Sora?"

Sora shook his head. "Nope! I was summoned here to help fend off the darkness! Came through a giant keyhole thanks to Mario!"

"Right.. besides the point, I suppose..." Byleth sighed, realizing he had taken things off track. "Anyways, the Professor received a letter much like the invitations many of us have gotten. It entailed a friend having fallen into madness and searching for Pillars of Creation and Destruction. They sought the help of our friend here."

'Wait..." Sora blinked a few times. While none of that information had been presented to him, it seemed to oddly align with what he and Pichu had learned from Meemee. "So that's what's going on..."

"Is something wrong with that, Sora?"

"No, but that explains why Pichu and I encountered so much trouble before we made it here! We learned there were some bad guys up on the Citadel we fell from, but had no real information beyond that."

"So our enemy is in that Citadel?"


Taking in that information, Byleth pursed his lips before his head turned back towards Chrom and Robin. While this small tangent gave him much to think about, he still had matter to address. He didn't want to leave people waiting on him, though admittedly, he was growing rather socially drained from all the talking he had done since his arrival. That could wait for now.

"Putting that thought aside for now, that should be the gist of why we were all here: I woke up here and encountered Layton and Luke who had been brought here via a letter, while Sora and Pichu came falling from the sky. A wild tale, but true nonetheless."

It certainly was a lot to take in, especially given the information that had been dumped, but Byleth was sure that someone like Robin could easily wrap her head around it all. She was a brilliant mind from what he had experienced in his last visit. It was something he could respect.

"But what about you guys? Why are you out here? And why did you bring an entire army?" His last question was the one he was most curious about. It wasn't unusual for such things to occur, but unless they already knew trouble was afoot, what reason would they have bringing troops with them? It made Byleth rather curious.

The smile on Isabelle fell as Guards swiftly pooled into the room, weapons raised and aimed towards them. Roxas swiftly summoned his keyblade and shielded the young woman, fury burning behind his eyes. But, Despite the ghastly dread that washed over her, the secretary went to put herself between the boy and the army instead, not unlike a loyal canine guarding its human. Such an act of bravery went undermined by the way her body shivered with her and how her tail nestled itself between her legs. She was terrified, not just of going back to that horrid place but also of what cruel intentions these men and women may hold for the blonde boy as well. She couldn’t let him go through what she had or see the things she’d seen down there. And so, Isabelle stood rigid between the two parties, eyes squeezed shut as she prepared for the worst.

But, as she hesitantly pried open an eye, Isabelle was more than surprised to see them all suddenly lower their weapons, turning to discuss amongst each other. At the mention of her own name Isabelle froze with fear, yet against both her own and the other soldiers’ expectations, the captain of the group didn’t order them to detain her. Quite the opposite. Even in her state of surprise, Isabelle didn’t dare to so much as speak a peep, worrying that such a decision would immediately be undone.

The captain went on to elaborate. It seemed in the grand scheme of whatever horrid things were going on here, the containment of Isabelle wasn’t a high priority within the grand scheme of things. In their very own words, they had thousands more like her down in the Inner Levels.

“T-thousands like me?” Isabelle breathed out in alarm.

Isabelle pictured the room she’d awoken in, walls lined back to back with empty cages. In the frenzy of her escape, she didn’t exactly have the time to consider the possibility of there being more captives being housed. But now? She felt foolish for not assuming otherwise. Were there other villagers, other poor scared and confused creatures being used for nefarious schemes?

Revelation aside, that in of itself wasn’t the only reason for their release. If it weren’t for the blonde boy’s involvement in fighting off Sephiroth, Isabelle doubted that they would have been so “kind” as they were acting. But strangely enough, an unfamiliar name was included alongside the boy. A “Lunaris” if she’d heard them correctly.

The cheering from before, had it been for this Lunaris person as well? If Isabelle ever came across them, she’d surely have to thank them for their efforts. Perhaps mail them a gift basket when she gets the time? But something about this mystery person was frankly rather odd, dare she say even peculiar. Someone that powerful must have at some point caught the attention of the hands. Maybe Lunaris was even a new fighter? A possibility of course, though it would be strange to be adding more people to the roster when it was simply a reunion party, not a full fledged tournament in of itself. Or maybe he wasn’t a newcomer, and was simply a hero passing through. Either way, Isabelle didn’t have any means to confirm or deny, especially since there wasn’t any chance of her asking the military men about it. With how the situation was, Isabelle didn’t have much of a choice but to take things at face value, so long as it meant she and the boy would continue to be permitted escape.

Still, as the boy pulled Isabelle close and pushed up into the air, Isabelle found herself looking down at the army below, thoughts still occupied by the “thousands like her”. If that really was true, then as much as the notion made her blood run cold, she couldn’t just stand by and not do anything. No, it was undeniable. This wasn’t an escape, it was a temporary retreat. Whether it’s sooner or later, it would be a moral failure on Isabelle if she didn’t do something. But for now, with the boy in his fragile state and herself emotionally devastated, more than anything the two of them needed to cut their losses and recuperate.

It wasn’t long until the two finally breached and surfaced, Isabelle greeted by the sky above. Such a sight certainly should have taken her breath away, especially after hours spent running about the dark, muggy, cramped recesses underground. And yet, any awe in her eyes fizzled at the unfamiliar object looming in the sky. A flying castle, foreboding in all its opulence and grandiose.

“Is Lunaris up there?” Isabelle questioned herself, but based on how the boy began to lower downward it was time for a proper landing.

As Roxas set her onto the ground, the boy crumpled in on himself, as Isabelle herself quickly rushed beside him, eyes filled with worry.


The little secretary anxiously hovered beside Roxas as he gulped down breaths of fresh air, entirely unsure of what to do. It was clear that he was still recovering from the prior battle, and surely carrying Isabelle had put even more of a stain on him. For that Isabelle felt a pang of guilt. If she hadn’t been caught off guard she could have simply used her balloon swing to float out of there. But now, all the little secretary could do was wait it out.

Eventually the blonde would be able to gather himself well enough to sit back up. And with an extended arm, introduced himself. Returning his small smile back, Isabelle reached out with her own paw and softly shook hands.

“It’s nice to meet you Roxas, and let’s do our best!”


But…what to do now?

As Isabelle removed her paw, she gave a passing glance to the nearby area. They were on the outskirts of the area surrounding the base, hard asphalt and dirt beginning to melt away to soft grasses. But still, the base was well visible from a distance as she could even spot a helicopter landing on the building’s roof. Isabelle squinted at the exterior, tilting her head as the cogs in her brain began ticking. Call her crazy but she could have sworn she’d seen something like this before. No, wait-

Her eyes went wide. She had been here before! Being stuck in the lower levels and all of the destruction had made it nigh unrecognizable but now she was outside the memories began swiftly piling in. The base had been one of the pit stops on the way to defeating Galeem and Dharkron, housing the fearsome Galleom in its walls. That was enough to give her a general idea of what was nearby.

“I think I might know where we are. If I remember right, there’s a jungle north of us and mushroom platforms should be eastward....”

Isabelle pulled out her Nookphone to confirm or deny her suspicions, only to still be greeted with an out of service notification and the files she had downloaded earlier. With a sigh and shake of her head, she quickly lowered her phone as she looked back to Roxas.

“If I got some reception I could try contacting some of my friends to figure out what’s going on. Maybe one of them might know where Sora is! But where would I get reception…”

Isabelle scratched her chin in thought. Neither the Kongo Jungles or Mushroom Platforms were likely to get good service but if she remembered right, both paths eventually led to somewhere that definitely would.

“If it’s alright, maybe we could make our way to Console City? Both the jungle and platforms have routes that eventually lead over to the city. It’s a bit of a walk from but once we get there I’d be able to make a call. And I’m sure we could ask the locals for help too!”

“-We Smash Fighters are quite well known in this realm, so I’m sure someone would be willing to lend a hand.”
Isabelle bashfully admitted with a nervous laugh.

It seemed like a decent plan in her eyes, although…Isabelle remembered the mysterious cloaked figures’ words of caution in relation to the state of the overall realm. ‘A terrible imbalance has caused the forces of both darkness and light to wreak havoc here’ just as they said. If they were right then who knows what happened to Console City, or the state of the realm in its entirety for that matter. Whatever they were dealing with, Isabelle doubted she could expect everything to have stayed the same. A lot can happen in a year, but unfortunately Isabelle didn’t have much else to go off of.

“Hmm…what do you think, Roxas?”

Maybe he’d have a better idea for their next actions.

Interactions: Ploegy Ploegy (Roxas) Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- (Military)
Location: Military Base Exterior
Map: TBA
Toon Link & Pit
Where: Futopia (Under 'da Sea!)
With: Pyra/Mythra ( Ploegy Ploegy ), Fawful ( Darklord95 Darklord95 )

Aaaaand there it was! There was the catch: a fetch quest. Both Toon Link and Pit groaned and looked to each other, the exasperation clear on their faces. They were not surprised by that at all, but it still rubbed them the wrong way. Looking back to the grinning being on the throne, the two Super Smash Brothers gripped their weapons, hostility eminating from them. They didn't need a moment to think of their answer toward their host's request; there was NO WAY they were going to aid someone so obviously evil! Seriously, this Fawful jerk seemed determined to hit every evil villain trope and cliche on the list! Whatever he wanted with the Zora's gem could not be good, and Pit and Toon Link refused to be a part of it!

In typical Mythra fashion, the Aegis made her displeasure with their entire situation known to all, and the two boys concurred. Fawful had to be insane to think they would simply and willingly do as he requested, which, judging by his swirly eyes and Cheshire Cat grin, he probably was! As if pumped up by Mythra's outburst, Pit leaped out of the Froggy Chair and pointed at Fawful with Palutena's Bow, blue eyes bright and fierce.

"Listen well, Fawful, you don't scare us! You'll have my answer now: get someone else to do your dirty work!" He split the bow into two blades and went into a stance, fury overpowering the exhaustion he felt. "Now let us go in peace, or we'll leave with you in pieces!"

Toon Link nodded firmly in agreement with his two friends' threats. He bared his teeth and flailed his sword before him in an attempt to make a threatening display of his own. It only resulted in the little Hylian swordsman gasping for breath.

After a day and night of living hell, Pit and Toon Link were running quite low on "good graces!"

The Stadium
Joker/Ann ( Ploegy Ploegy ), Inkling ( SheepKing SheepKing ), Prompto & Noctis ( SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 ), Paula ( Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat ), Agent 8 ( A Hazy Sort of Clarity A Hazy Sort of Clarity )

Wandering Quill had been recording the history of the Smash Realm for longer than any being in the strange world of trophies could remember. It was even believed the ancient silver Chozo had existed as long as the realm itself has. It was her life's work, the task bestowed upon her by Master Hand, and even as she was imprisoned within the Stadium, locked away in the Trophy Room, she continued to put the Realm's history to paper. Though the Chozo was blind, she had a special power that made her job possible: she could see the present as it happened. That made her valuable to Lord Lunaris, who ordered his minions to apprehend every volume she completed in hopes of finding clues to the whereabouts of the Pillars. It was through one of her tomes that the Hylian sorcerer had learned of the crystallized forms of the Hands' powers.

Nurse Joy, the sister of the Nurse Joy at the Lake Shore and a prisoner alongside Wandering Quill, looked out a small window. What a beautiful, peaceful night now that the storms have passed. Rather than bring her peace, the sight made her heart heavy. How long has it been now? A year? It felt like an eternity! At the very least, unlike Wandering Quill, Nurse Joy was allowed out of the Trophy Room. The soldiers guarding the Stadium needed someone to treat their injuries, after all!

"Be at peace, child," Wandering Quill spoke, still scribbling in her book. "They are returning to the Realm. All will be well."

The sound of the Chozo's voice startled the nurse. It was very rare to hear her speak. "They?"

"The Realm's champions," the recorder specified. "There are some close by even now. We must be ready for their arrival."

At that news, hope swelled within Nurse Joy's heart. Unable to contain her excitement, she barraged the ancient bird with questions. "When will they arrive, Wandering Quill? And how? Who is out there? Why only some? Where are the others? Oh, Wandering Quill, what must we do to be ready?"

Wandering Quill continued to write. "As I have said before, I cannot see the future, only the events of this realm as they happen. The champions are unaware of what has taken place in the time they have been gone. It is my duty to inform them."

Nurse Joy's voice was full of concern. "What will you do, Wandering Quill? Everything you write is confiscated and delivered to Lunaris."

The silver bird's milky blue eyes remained fixed on her writing. "Do not worry yourself over that, young one. Keep your eyes out for them, control yourself, and stay quiet. The eyes and ears of Lunaris are everywhere."

Nurse Joy took a deep breath to steady herself. The Chozo was correct. They had to be discreet! She looked out the window once more, and for the first time since her imprisonment the sight of the twinkling stars in the night sky did not bring her grief.
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Fawful chuckles. “You see? That right there is why I need you 3 for it. If you won’t do it yourselves.” He says removing his hood. His head was black and sparkly, looking like black lightning, his swirly glasses became red swirly eyes, and his grin became more sinister. “Then I’ll have to use other methods.” His head shoots out 3 black, spider like limbs with claws at the ends that pin the 3 of them to a wall by their necks. 3 more reach under his chair and pull out helmets with his face painted on. “Don’t worry. From your perspective…..you’ll just…..go to sleep for a while.” Fawful tells them as he goes to put the helmets on their heads.
"̴I̶ ̴k̵n̸o̸w̵ ̷n̷o̷t̴ ̵y̴e̵t̸ ̶t̶h̸e̴ ̵b̴o̵d̵y̸ ̸I̷ ̴w̶i̵l̷l̸ ̷i̵n̶h̵a̵b̵i̴t̶,̶ ̸b̴u̴t̵ ̸I̵ ̵d̸o̶ ̷k̶n̸o̷w̷ ̷t̶h̸a̵t̶ ̷i̷t̵ ̸m̴u̷s̷t̵ ̵b̷e̸ ̴s̶t̵r̶o̶n̴g̸.̷ ̷F̸i̸t̴t̴i̶n̶g̵ ̸f̸o̶r̵ ̸t̶h̶e̶ ̷M̸o̴t̴h̷e̸r̷ ̸o̸f̷ ̴A̵l̵l̸ ̷t̵h̴i̷n̸g̵s̵.̷ ̷M̴a̴n̴ ̴h̴a̴v̴e̶ ̶u̴s̸e̷d̶ ̴m̸y̸ ̵g̷e̴n̴e̷t̸i̵c̸s̷ ̶t̵o̸ ̷i̸m̷p̴r̴o̶v̸e̵ ̴u̷p̶o̵n̶ ̵t̴h̸e̷i̴r̵ ̷w̸e̵a̵k̵ ̴b̶o̴d̷i̶e̵s̶.̶ ̴T̶h̵e̵y̸ ̷h̴a̸v̴e̷ ̴m̸a̵d̵e̸ ̶u̸s̸ ̵a̴n̴ ̸a̶r̵m̸y̷,̷ ̶S̵e̶p̷h̴i̷r̵o̷t̸h̶,̶ ̵b̶u̴t̶ ̵t̸h̷e̷y̴ ̷s̵t̴i̸l̸l̶ ̸h̷o̸l̵d̴ ̸t̸h̷e̵ ̷k̷e̸y̶s̸.̸ ̶I̶ ̶m̶u̵s̶t̷ ̵r̴e̴s̶t̶o̶r̶e̷ ̸p̷s̶y̵c̵h̶i̷c̵ ̴l̵i̶n̶k̴ ̷t̷o̶ ̷m̸y̸ ̶g̵e̷n̷e̴s̴ ̸i̸f̸ ̶w̵e̵ ̷a̷r̷e̶ ̵t̶o̸ ̴p̶r̶y̴ ̴y̵o̶u̵r̸ ̵c̸o̷u̶s̵i̵n̶s̸ ̷f̶r̴o̷m̴ ̴t̷h̶e̴i̸r̶ ̸g̵r̴a̸s̶p̵.̵ ̵I̸n̵ ̶t̷i̷m̷e̷,̸ ̶t̶h̴e̵y̸ ̷w̶i̵l̵l̶ ̸r̴u̴e̵ ̵t̴h̸e̵ ̵d̵a̵y̸ ̷t̸h̴e̴y̷ ̵t̷r̵i̵e̸d̴ ̸t̷o̴ ̵h̷a̶r̵n̵e̵s̸s̷ ̸m̸y̶ ̸p̶o̴w̸e̵r̷ ̶f̷o̸r̵ ̶t̵h̴e̶m̸s̷e̶l̶v̸e̷s̴.̷ ̴A̵n̵d̵ ̷o̶n̶ ̸t̷h̷a̷t̸ ̸d̶a̸y̶,̵ ̸w̶e̴ ̷w̸i̴l̷l̴ ̶u̴n̸i̸f̴y̵ ̵t̸h̶e̵ ̸w̵h̸o̵l̶e̸.̵ ̵U̷n̵t̸i̷l̸ ̷t̷h̴e̴n̴,̴ ̴y̷o̶u̷ ̶m̵u̶s̵t̸ ̴p̴r̶o̶t̵e̴c̴t̸ ̷y̶o̸u̶r̷ ̴m̴o̷t̶h̷e̵r̴.̴ ̸C̶o̴n̶c̷e̶a̶l̸ ̷m̶e̴ ̵f̴r̶o̸m̸ ̴t̶h̶e̶ ̷e̸y̴e̴s̶ ̷o̴f̵ ̸t̵h̵i̸s̴ ̷w̶o̶r̵l̷d̵ ̸a̸n̷d̵ ̴s̴c̸o̵u̷r̷ ̶i̸t̷ ̶f̷o̵r̸ ̴a̴ ̵w̷o̷r̶t̶h̸y̶ ̸h̶o̷s̶t̴ ̸f̶o̴r̷ ̵m̶e̶ ̸t̷o̴ ̴i̶n̷h̷a̷b̵i̷t̴.̸ ̸I̴ ̵m̸u̷s̷t̷ ̴n̵o̵t̷ ̴b̷e̷ ̵f̶o̶u̵n̶d̴ ̸b̴u̴t̶ ̵k̴e̷e̷p̴ ̵m̸e̵ ̶c̴l̶o̸s̸e̶,̷ ̷m̴y̴ ̷s̷o̶n̵.̷ ̶Y̵o̵u̴ ̸a̴r̶e̴ ̸t̶h̷e̶ ̶o̷n̵l̸y̸ ̶o̵n̴e̵ ̶w̷h̷o̷m̵ ̶I̵ ̵c̷a̵n̴ ̸t̶r̵u̶s̸t̸ ̶i̴n̸ ̶t̸h̴i̸s̴ ̴l̵i̷f̸e̸.̴ ̵A̵s̶ ̷y̴o̵u̵ ̶a̶l̶w̸a̷y̷s̵ ̸h̴a̵v̴e̴ ̴b̸e̷e̷n̴.̵"̵
Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat
F-Zero_-_Captain_Falcon_as_seen_in_F-Zero_GX_and_F-Zero_AX (1).pngCaptain Falcon was suddenly surprised by the sudden appearance of the Mankey Kongs as they began menacing the Kokiri "Oh snap, guys, look! Talking monkeys! I guess we really haven't stopped evolving after all!" While not disregarding the criminality he just witnessed, the pilot still figured he could salvage the situation if he could reason with them. It work's for Donkey and Diddy Kongm so this shouldn't be too much different. Atleast he hoped it wasn't. Besides, the more he talked, the mroe they'll stay distracted "Greatings common ancestors....Or successors...Greetings cousins! We're sorry to intrude on your land but we come bearing wounded and there is a giant woman who can heal them of their afflictions! Please grant us safe passage and we will not bother you! And would you mind ceasing your terroristic behaviors! Doing this will only put you on the fast-track to extinction!" Before Captain Falcon could finish negotiating with the mangy monkeys, Kirby leapt from his arms and engaged the Mankeys in combat "Whoa, what the-- Kirby? Kirby, no! Don't do it! We can't afford to go extinct again!"
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With a sudden flash of light, what was once a barren field now had all of the supplies a camper could ask for. Tent, chairs, even an oven! Inkling whistled impressed as Noctis and Prompto gratefully took the power eggs. With that in order, the topic switched to how exactly to cook the orange orbs in question, as the two boys looked over the group for any possible cooks. Despite power eggs being safe to eat raw (it was overgrown roe after all), it seemed the humans of the group were not at all inclined to do so, Joker especially showing an adverse reaction the moment she plopped the egg into his hands, asking if it was even edible.

A playful wink sent his way, Inkling bared her teeth and bit right into the raw egg, swallowing it down with a gulp and a “Woomy!”

Yet, the group still seemed pretty insistent on cooking them, so Inkling wasn’t going to protest. As yummy as they were raw she also wouldn’t mind power egg sushi, power egg salad, power egg paired with rice and so on. Just thinking about all of the delicious combinations was enough to make her drool! But their only ingredients were the eggs in question plus the berries Ann picked up along the way; they'd likely have to make something less grand in scope. Maybe an omelet?

As for who was going to be doing the cooking, Inkling crossed her arms in an ‘X’ and vigorously shook her head. The most she could do was toast bread and boil ramen, so if the group knew what was good for them, they definitely should leave the cooking up to someone more capable. Thankfully Joker, according to Panther, was apparently the best cook of the Phantom Thieves so if there was anyone up to the task, it’d definitely have to be him.

A quick thumbs up and “Mee-kyu!”, the agent left him to it. She herself would plop into one of the chairs by Paula, watching on in vague interest as Joker carefully carved into the ingredients with his dagger. Eventually her attention would wane, eyes wandering to the night sky, where far into the distance, she could spot the stadium awaiting. To think, if none of this had happened she would have spent the entire day partying it up with her fellow fighters. She’d woken up that morning excited to reunite with all old friends, and here she was amongst far more new faces than old. Not that she wasn’t happy to meet them! But still…a squid couldn’t help but wonder how all her other friends were handling everything. But she supposed it was no use worrying about it now, might as well just take it all one step at a time. And so, Inkling got up to see if Joker needed anything-




Inkling immediately swiveled her head towards the voice, unable to believe what she was hearing. Yet, her eyes confirmed it to be true. Pink tentacles, black leather gear, and Octo Shot in hand, there wasn’t any question as to who was standing before her. The others? They didn’t share the same sentiment. The group was momentarily thrown through a loop at the arrival, reactions ranging from mild surprise to well…

The dagger in Joker’s hands fell with a clatter as he reached towards his pistol, Inkling herself ready to lunge at the thief to stop him from doing anything drastic. Before the situation could turn dire, Ann’s words quickly diffused the situation as she, along with the others, quickly picked up on the visual similarities between Inkling and the new guest, each member asked her the big question. Did she know him?


Without missing a beat, Inkling aggressively nodded her head and hurriedly made her way towards the fellow cephalopod. She’d first gesture from him to the rest of the group, saying something in the inkling language. Yet, realizing that won’t work, she switched tactics. First, she once more gestured to the boy, and then silently raised up two hands, one holding all five digits and the other only three.

This was Agent Eight, and as Paula, Noctis, and Prompto guessed, he was quite the friend of hers.

An amnesiac defector of Octavio’s army, Eight had proved himself to be nothing short of a hero, and to think the beginnings of their partnership began with a misunderstanding and unfortunate plunge into an underground subway station. Yet through this chance encounter Eight went on to help Cap’n Cuttlefish escape the Deepsea Metro, break Agent Three herself out from an unhealthy dose of mind control, and most importantly, put a stop to Commander TarTar’s plans before he could destroy all life on earth. He was surely one of the greatest Agents the New Squidbeak Splatoon could offer, so his sudden arrival was definitely a pleasant surprise for the squid.

Three looked back to Eight and, after some thinking, began to speak. Although hearing the Octarian language out on the field was something the inkling had long grown used to, speaking it was a whole different beast entirely. But that wasn’t to say she was terrible at it, only that it took her a bit longer to say what she wanted, as the inkling carefully plucked out each Octarian word from the depth of her brain, laying each out until full sentences were finally formed.

“Oomi wen-mee…yemmy?”
[Good to see. Cuttlefish have sent you?]

Interactions: A Hazy Sort of Clarity A Hazy Sort of Clarity (Agent 8) Ploegy Ploegy (Ann & Joker) Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat (Paula) SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 (Noctis & Prompto)
Location: Plains near stadium (Map TBA)
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  • Min Min
    The Brawlin' Ramen Bomber


    Min Min tried to get her head on straight as she trudged upwards. These lands...she unfortunately was not at all familiar with them. Due to her being a very late newcomer from the last Smash Brothers gathering, she had quite little sense of direction and self-assurance that she wasn't going to get herself lost. She shook these worrying thoughts away and tried to think clearly. If she went to the top of the mountains and the gathering wasn't there, at least she could get a better understanding of her surroundings. Maybe she could get an idea of what her next move should be...

    Feeling slightly calmed down from the idea, Min took a bracing breath and increased her pace.

    After a few more minutes, she slowed down once more. In the distance, she saw what appeared to be another individual. Perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her from how desperate she was for any idea of what was going on...Min Min decided to proceed with caution.

    As the ramen bomber closed the gap between them, she was able to make out more details about the person ahead. It was a boy dressed in hues of red and purple. She squinted at him. He appeared to have blonde hair and turquoise eyes. He looked very familiar.

    The boy had apparently seen her in turn, because he raised his hand in greeting and shouted. "Over here!"
    Min Min let out a sigh of gleeful relief. That voice was familiar too! The young man had to be a veteran, a fellow fighter! She quickly hurried the rest of the way over to him. She skidded to a stop in front of him, adjusting her beanie, her swirly green eyes scanning his face as she tried to match a name with it.

    "*你好呀...uh...." She hesitated for a second. There were so many fighters that it was hard to remember them all, especially compared to the ARMS league. However, Min Min had a feeling in her gut that this boy's name was Shulk. She decided to take the chance. "You're Shulk, right? I'm Min Min. I don't know if you remember me...or maybe you have a better memory than I do."

    The ARMS fighter grinned meekly before asking, "Do you know where we're supposed to be going? I'm lost. My portal just dumped me off right here."

    *"Hello there..."

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    Location: Mountain Falls

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yra / ythra

Location: Futopia | Interactions: GrumpySwallow GrumpySwallow Darklord95 Darklord95
While it was no surprise that both Pit and Toon Link seemed to agree with her outburst, it still did bring a wave of relief over Mythra. It was good to know she wouldn't have to stand alone, though such a thing would only be known by her. She'd never outright admit to caring about such a thing. It'd only make her seem weak, or at least that was how she viewed it.

Pushing the thought aside, Mythra watched as both her companion readied their weapons- Pit breaking his bow in half to become two blades and Toon Link flailing his sword around in an attempt to be threatening. In that moment, she should have summoned her own blade to hand, but instead she stepped closer to Fawful as he spoke and the glow of her crystal became stronger. Her threat still stood. It seemed Fawful had no care for that though. All he cared about was pushing his own agenda and nothing else. All words were useless on him it seemed.

As she was prepared to speak up again and reiterate her threat, the villain made his move. As the hood fell back, Mythra had no time to react, even foresight didn't kick in to aid her given her relatively tired state. Within seconds she felt a hand gripping at her throat as it forced her back against the wall. That was a mistake on Fawful's behalf. Even with the aegis struggling against the spider-like limb, her heightened emotions only made her crystal's glow radiate ever brightly. It wasn't Siren reacting though, it was Mythra's own innate power resonating with her feelings. Without much sense of control, energies of light begin to form around her hands and she brings them up to grip the limb around her neck. The light becomes stronger as it burns against the arm, forcing it to release her before Fawful could near her.

Gasping out for air, her eyes quickly narrow as she glares towards Fawful, her eyes full of fire. It was then her sword manifested and its ether seemed to flow ever brighter. "You've done it now..." she hissed under her breath before she sliced her blade through the limbs holding Pit and Toon Link. "I gave you a chance, but clearly you need to be taught a lesson."

Mustering up what strength still remained within her, Mythra raised her sword once more and swiftly pushed herself forward. While it wasn't her full speed, it was still only a few seconds before she reached Fawful and knocked the helmet from his hands with the blunt edge of her weapon. "You will not be controlling us! I'll make you beg for your life before you EVER can do that!"

Her hostility was through the roof and her gaze matched that. She wasn't going to stand by and let some creep mind control her or her friends, especially in order to do his own dirty work. No way in hell would she ever let herself stoop to such levels. She'd fight to her final breath to assure no one ever could control her powers at their beck and call. It would only cause chaos and suffering. She knew that. She'd seen the destruction Malos had caused, and even the problems she had caused long ago. To let herself be controlled was to open the door to that possibility, especially when it was someone as clearly evil as Fawful.

Pointing her blade at the devious creature before her, Mythra left little room between the tip of its ether energy and his face. "We'll show you the real power of the Super Smash Bros."
Toon Link & Pit
Where: Futopia, under the Sea
Interactions: Pyra/Mythra ( Ploegy Ploegy ), Fawful ( Darklord95 Darklord95 )

Toon Link and Pit were taken aback by Fawful's true appearance, giving the villain the split second he needed to act. The air was choked out of them as long, black limbs grabbed them by their necks and pinned them to the nearby wall. Weapons clattered to the floor as both angel and Hylian grabbed at their captor's limbs in an attempt to break free.

Pit was much stronger than his cherubic appearance suggested. Holding the spider-like limb in a vise-like grip, he was about to tear it apart when Fawful's words reached his ears and he felt a helmet being forced onto his head.

"N-NO!!" He gasped, thrashing and flailing about desperately in hopes of throwing the helmet off his head and breaking free from Fawful's evil grip. Almost immediately, Pit felt his consciousness begin to fade and his will being drained away. His mind screamed out for Lady Palutena, hoping that, somehow, his goddess would be able to hear his silent pleas for help, but no divine aid would be coming. The angel's thrashing slowed, then ceased completely.

As Pit hung limp in the dark limb's grasp, deep in the recesses of his mind a tiny spark of consciousness still struggled against the overwhelming darkness that sought to consume it. Pit cannot allow himself to be controlled! It has happened before, the first time when the Chaos Kin used his soulless body to murder innocent humans, and again when Galeem took him captive after the disastrous first stand against it with the other Super Smash Brothers, and then a third time when he succumbed to the Ghost Ship's curse just a few hours prior. Pit determined that he will never again be used for evil purposes; he'd rather be finished first! If it came to that, so be it, but it shall never happen again!

"No," the angel captain muttered, "Not this time... Never again..."

Baring his teeth in a snarl, Pit's eyes snapped open as he forced himself back into consciousness, sheer willpower overriding the helmet's mind-control effects.

"NEVER again!"

Mythra's blade severed the limb pinning him to the wall, and Pit wasted no time in retrieving his blades and joining the Aegis at her side. Unlike Mythra's eyes which blazed with fire, Pit's eyes were like sleet. There was no pre-boss fight rallying call from the angel, nor any sassy quip or pun, just a silent promise of death as he approached Fawful.

Toon Link also struggled against the claw holding him. Fortunately for Toon Link, the helmet wasn't designed to fit a Toon Hylian's head, and as such was much too small for him to wear. Unfortunately for Toon Link, the claw's aggressive attempts to force the helmet onto his head was very painful for him, and the boy let out choking cries of distress in response. Thankfully, Mythra's quick action freed him from the limb, and after shaking his head, Toon Link jumped back onto his feet and charged at Fawful with a high-pitched war cry, the Blade of Evil's Bane raised in preparation for a strike.
He looked over his shoulder just as the meteor exploded into pebble sized pieces guessing his plans were never meant to be. His blood boiled at the thought of someone interfering in wiping out evidence of his raid through the military base. It’s not Cloud or the meddling flower girl whoever they are they’ll pay. To think whoever they are they destroyed the ultimate space magic. He has to think of contingency plans to keep things running smoothly. His mother explained her psychic link to her genes had been severed; it explained why he couldn’t force his will on the Jenova clones; it made things easier as he could extend his reach everywhere without sullying his hands. Although her next words stunned him. “ My cousins? No..” He hissed loudly it certainly angered him his DNA had been messed with it feels violating. He balled his hands into fists thinking ways of revenge some ideas were horrible than the next, but first getting his mother a suitable body superseded his thirst for revenge. “ I’ll find you a proper body that will be worthy of you and your expectations you don’t deserve any less, mother.” He thinks scoping out the person would be the more difficult part than immobilizing them.

She states she needs to rebuild her power and that’s by restoring the cut link between her genes of course. “ I'd like to see the day come when those monsters beg on their knees for forgiveness for their transgressions against you. Although it won’t do them any good anyway I’m far from the forgiving man everyone thinks I am.” He was the kind of person before learning the truth of his origins if it weren't for Genesis’s hacking skills he’d be blind to President Shinra’s lies and greed. No more. He closed his eyes thinking on how he could restore mother’s energies although faint he could sense traces of the planet’s essence, which feels similar to the life stream back home. Magic was blocking all his six senses, which annoyed and angered him. It explains why he could hardly feel anything except a glimpse of the core’s essence. Magic Pillars? What? He doesn’t have time to destroy those things, perhaps let the smash brothers do the work for him with no reason to dirty his hands whereas returning his mother to her fullest is the prime directive.

He kept on going eventually coming across an abandoned hermit’s shack. He raised an eyebrow as everything was left behind for him to loot; it felt too good to be true. He kept his guard up. He turned over everything in hopes he can find something to hide his mother from prying eyes and the black wolves jumping on the chance to take her back for future research. It will be a cold day in hell before he will ever give her up without resorting to violence. It was like a never ending need to shed blood. But he’d rather make a tactical retreat as mother is in no position to withstand more battles, a dutiful son indeed. Needless to say, he thinks it’s for the best. He poked around with a frown. He found a steel box large enough to fit his mother snugly. “ This should do I hope.” He whispers. The anger still in his tone. He did not like at all whoever was behind destroying the meteor had one up on him. He would let them live in their false sense of security until she’s whole again. Just as he stepped out he stared at the sky.

To think the meteor was destroyed without those avalanche bastards throwing a cork in his plans is incomprehensible at least to him. Using the black materia is pointless as it needs time to re charge and using its destructive magical force will be pretty stupid. Destroying the planet will come at a later time where no one will step in. Holding the steel box closely, he kept on going unsure where he would go. Bathing in the planet’s essence seemed like it’s the first thing he should do, but those pillars jamming all his six senses is another hurdle on his list of objectives. Maybe looking for a body for her will be next. “ I’m glad for your continuing faith in my and my capabilities.” He was still apprehensive that those shit heads won’t leave them alone long enough for him to put some distance. His masamune never failed him nor did his superhuman strength, but keeping her safe weighed on his mind. He grits his teeth going on edge. Be calm and collected like always it helped keep his head for sure. He relaxed just as he took powerful strides onward.

Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters-

  • Agent 8
    The Rogue Octoling Soldier


    Perhaps Agent 8 had been a bit tactless in the way he approached the group.

    The Octoling soon found himself at the end of a weapon! He let out a yelp, and his first instinct was to raise his own weapon at the individual in return, until a voice cried out. It was a female, talking to the male consolingly. The pair of them looked like those human things that had roamed the Earth before sea creatures took over...but then again, this was a different universe, so the human race was probably still thriving here. The female that had stopped the attack and the male who had threatened Eight seemed to know each other very well, and the Octoling lowered his weapon slightly.

    The pair of them lowered their masks that they donned, and the girl in the red leather began to approach him slowly. Eight backed away, clearly still hostile after being face-to-face with the receiving end of a gun. His teal eyes darted between her and the boy with dark hair and equally dark eyes. She asked him something, and the agent took physical clues that led him to the guess that she was asking about Agent 3. Instead of answering her, Agent 8 edged slowly around the duo towards Agent 3, who he clearly was the most comfortable with after his near-assault experience.

    The Octoling looked around at the rest of the group. The rest of them also seemed intrigued at the fact that he knew the Inkling that had apparently been accompanying them. Three met him the rest of the way, and the hostility of the Octoling seemed to melt away as he glanced at his friend as she explained who he was.

    Agent Three, the first field agent of the Squidbeak Splatoon. He remembered their first of many encounters, including the times Three had crashed through the ceiling to save him and Cap'n Cuttlefish from getting blended, as well as when he had to save Three from the clutches of mind control. The Deepsea Metro, fun times...

    Agent 8 opened his mouth to say something, then stopped. He and Three didn't really say much to each other, mostly because of the language barrier. He had promised himself once he made it to his new home of Inkopolis that he would try his best to learn the ways of the Inklings, including their language, but he had never really spoken much to an Inkling before, and what he did say didn't sound quite right to him.

    Thankfully, he was spared from having to start the conversation, because Three picked up the slack. Her Octarian was broken, but it wasn't half bad. The soldier cracked a small grin and replied, "*Memeddy. edye oyamee...oomy?" he looked around at the group of people the Inkling had partnered with.

    Good to see you too, and no, Cuttlefish did not send me...who are these people?"
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    Location: Plains near Stadium

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Location: Mountain Falls | Interactions: A Hazy Sort of Clarity A Hazy Sort of Clarity
A smile crossed Shulk's lips as Min Min seemed to recognize him and hurry the rest of the way over. As she greeted him, in a language completely foreign to his ears, he let a weak, yet awkward chuckle slip out. How was he supposed to respond to that? Even for how smart as he was, it wasn't as if he knew languages beyond his own, or was he entirely socially adept either. Fiora always had scolded him for being such a shut in after all, though that had long changed since that fateful day the mechon attacked Colony 9.

Luckily he wouldn't have to slip into the memories of it. Min Min's voice kept his mind from doing such. Giving a small nod at her assumption before listening to her introduce herself, claiming she was unsure if he remembered her or not. Another chuckle slipped from between his lips as he shook his head, quietly dismissing such a thing. "I do remember you. If I didn't, I think the other's would start believing I've lost my usual sharpness."

Being one of the fighters looked to for his intelligence and wisdom, it would be rather embarrassing if he forgot something as simple as a name. Perhaps he was feeling too prideful over such a thing, but it was how he felt nonetheless. Pushing it aside for now, he continued to listen as he went on and asked him if he had any clue where they were supposed to be going. It was no surprise that she wasn't as familiar with the world as he was. She had shown up rather late during the last meeting and likely had little time to explore like the rest of them had- or rather were forced to do thanks to Galeem and Dharkon. It certainly had been an experience, one Shulk wanted to forget for the most part due to his own failures.

"I do know where we are and where we should be..." he mused as he rubbed his chin in thought. He briefly pondered over the fact that her portal had also seemingly malfunctioned before continuing on: "As for how we get to the Stadium from here, well... that's a bit more complicated."

For as brilliant as he was, even Shulk had his limits. Sure, he knew the general direction, but with the Realm ever changing it was hard to say that it would be exactly how it had been a year ago. Even then, it wasn't as if he knew the exact route by heart. It wasn't as if he had traveled to the Stadium from this very location before, despite having been awoken here during the events of the past tournament. Such a thing hadn't been a necessity.

Pursing his lips, the visionary gave a small shake of his head. "Given the circumstances though, I'd assume something is wrong here... I don't think the portals would malfunction... well... I assume at least. The Hands could always be having some fun."

It was a troubling thought, though Shulk had no evidence to go either way. If there was a time for a vision to occur now would be the time, but he knew that wasn't how they worked, or at least that wasn't how they were supposed to. There was no telling how they worked now given the realm itself had gifted him such a power back. All he was certain on was Zanza wasn't forcing such things upon him. As much as he wanted to explore the possibilities and think over them, he knew now wasn't the time. It'd be rude to make Min Min stand around and wait on him to work out his own issues.

"No matter what the situation might be, our journey to the Stadium won't be a quick one," he stated before lifting his head and taking a step towards the east. "We should be able to eventually reach the Stadium by going east, if things still line up like they used to... Problem is, I believe we'll hit a body of water. Crossing it might be difficult."

Is that how the world connected together? Shulk was sure it was, but even he couldn't claim he knew the exact geography of the realm without the help of a map. His brain could only hold so much information and with everything that had occurred back home in the last year, it was a wonder he could even remember as much as he did. It didn't help that his lack of proper sleep was making his mind a bit more sluggish than usual. If only he had finished the coffee Fiora had given him before rushing off. It would have helped.

"So, I suggest we head down the cliffs and make our way east, unless you had another idea." Turning his head back towards the other fighter, Shulk quirked a brow curiously, wondering if she had any ideas to throw out, or if she simply wanted to trust his assessment of the situation and follow his lead.
Dark Pit & Pikachu
Where: Forest, near the Lake Shore
Interactions: Juri Han ( Darklord95 Darklord95 ), Corrin & Tetra ( A Hazy Sort of Clarity A Hazy Sort of Clarity ), Sheik ( Forevermore Forevermore )

Dark Pit saw the Psycho Wave come at him, just as he anticipated! He ducked, and the wave struck the tree behind him. The tree rattled from the impact of the attack, and a hive fell out of its branches. Wasps buzzed noisily, worked up into a frenzy by the disturbance of their nest. The reflection snatched up the hive and ran, leaping out of the brush and shoving his hand forward to smash the hive into Juri Han's face. The woman's attack upon the hive already marked her as the target for the wasps' wrath; Dark Pit just wanted to add insult to incoming injury!

Whether he succeeded or not, Dark Pit didn't slow down or even look back. He ran as fast as he could, the loud buzzing of enraged wasps filling his ears. Pikachu's ears perked up and upon seeing the swarm of wasps heading their way, she let out a startled squeak and shot after the raven-winged angel, quickly catching up to, and then getting ahead of him. Hopefully the stinging insects will distract Juri enough that the two Super Smash Brothers can make a good get away!

Angel and Pokemon ran, and ran, and ran. Pikachu skidded to a halt as Dark Pit, completely out of breath, dropped to his hands and knees. Pikachu ran back to her companion and looked up at him with concern. Gasping for breath, Dark Pit's eyes met Pikachu's.

"I-I think I overdid it... A little..."

Pikachu whined and licked Dark Pit's forehead. The dark angel was pale and sweating, and his eyes were squinted. He must not have been fully healed from his injuries, and he had over-exerted himself. Dark Pit shook his head, stubbornly dismissing Pikachu's concern as he got back onto his feet.

"I'm fine. Let's go."

"You won't be going anywhere, Super Smash Brothers!"

"What now?" Dark Pit growled as he looked in the direction the voice came from. In the branches of a tree to his right was a swarm of little purple mice wearing black bandanas, Mousers. Decorating their bandanas, between the rodents' eyes, was a small emblem of a silver and gold grinning mask.

"If you know what's good for you," one squeaked threateningly, "you'll surrender without a fight! You're outnumbered!"

Dark Pit narrowed his eyes at the purple rodents. He huffed scornfully, then turned and walked away from them. They weren't worth his time.

Insulted by the angel's blatant disregard for them, the Mousers hurled angry threats and taunts at his back. Dark Pit and Pikachu got about ten paces in when another Mouser leaped out from the trees and landed right in their path. This one was different from the others in that he wore a black bracelet around his waist as a belt. It was adorned with a single round stone the size of a large marble. It held the colors of the rainbow, and within it was a black leaf-shaped marking with horizontal stripes running through it.

"Pikachu!" the electric Pokemon shouted. She recognized that stone! Pikachu looked to Dark Pit and pointed to the bracelet. "Pikapikachu! Pika!"

"Hm, so that's important?"

"Super Smash Brothers," the Mouser leader shouted as he drew a tiny rapier. "Thou hast made a GREAT error in underestimating us, and now thou shalt pay with great loss to thine dignity! Have at thee!"

Dark Pit summoned his Silver Bow, but the Mouser leader was a tiny purple blur, zipping behind the angel and stabbing him in his backside. Dark Pit yelped and immediately clapped a hand to his smarting rear, rubbing it as he turned to sneer at the rodent. "Oh-hohoho... You are SO dead!"

He separated the Silver Bow into two blades and attacked with a double horizontal slash, but Mouser was faster: he leaped over the blades, dashed up onto Dark Pit's head, grabbed his cowlick and tugged. Dark Pit let out a dismayed yell as his upper body suddenly lurched upward. Mouser laughed triumphantly and grabbed a spiky lock of black hair and tugged. Dark Pit punched himself in the face. The Mousers in the trees hooted and hollered as the Mouser leader controlled Dark Pit's body like a puppetmaster, forcing the dark angel to punch himself over and over again.

"Cease hitting thyself! Cease hitting thyself!"

Pikachu was at a complete loss as she watched the absurdity of what was playing out before her.

Mouser kept tugging on Dark Pit's hair, and the reflection kept punching himself, his eyes becoming more unfocused with each blow. He finally managed to gain his wits and flexed his bicep, stiffening the arm and preventing Mouser from forcing another punch. As Mouser called out in confusion, Dark Pit ducked his head and loosened the flex. His fist shot over his head and right into Mouser. A pained squeak escaped from the purple critter as he was sent flying off Dark Pit's head and into a nearby tree trunk, then fell onto the forest floor with a light thump. As a woozy Mouser sat up and groaned, Dark Pit walked over and grabbed him by the tail. Mouser shook the stars out of his head and found himself hanging upside-down and staring into a pair of murderous red eyes. Mouser gulped, then grinned disarmingly at his captor. "Er, thou art an angel, yes? Surely thou can find it in thy heart to show mercy, yes?"

Dark Pit smiled. It only made the Mouser leader's blood run cold. The rodent swarm in the trees began squeaking with fear for their leader. Without a word, the angel began walking in the direction of the Lake Shore, gesturing with his head for Pikachu to follow. Still holding the Mouser by the tail, Dark Pit twirled him like one would a rope, until Mouser was a purple blurry wheel.

"Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Thou art making me queasy!"
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Interactions: Kaiju Cat Kaiju Cat (Sephiroth)

Akuma could be seen walking through an unfamiliar land, searching for potential foes to engage while also ensuring his own survival. It had been weeks since he found himself transported to a parallel world through mysterious means, right in the middle of a battle with Ryu, only to be abruptly interrupted. He hoped to find a way back to his own universe, whether through a portal or some other means. Once back, he intended to resume his fight with Ryu, with the ultimate goal of defeating him and becoming the ultimate warrior. However, it might take years to figure things out, and only time would tell. It was an unfortunate turn of events, to say the least.

Suddenly, something caught his attention, something that felt out of place. It was Sephiroth, holding what seemed to be Jenova's head, though Akuma had no knowledge of who that was. Out of curiosity, he decided to introduce himself, hoping to befriend this stranger if possible. However, if diplomacy failed, he was prepared to fight.

"What an interesting head you have there. Would you mind sharing your exploits?" he asked, curious about the severed head. The stranger's response?
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    The Elusive Sheikah
    Location: The Forest By the Shore
    Interactions: Tetra
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    The Sheikah was a bit startled as the blonde girl pulled out her gun from down below. "Calm down, I am not your enemy. My name is Sheik, and I promise, I am not aligned with evil" Sheik assured her. She jumped down from her perch on the tree and landed almost silently in front of her. For some reason, the girl gave off a strange vibe, almost as if Sheik was connected to her, somehow...

    "Newcomers are what we call the people that, well, are new. You've never been here before, right? That means you're a newcomer. A rookie." Sheik stated in her usual blunt tones. It didn't seem like she was trying to be rude, but her words simply sounded as such. "And I apologized for almost falling on top of you. Now, can we please put our differences aside? We're in a weird situation, and it may be more dire than you realize..."

    Sheik's red gaze surveyed their surroundings. If she remembered correctly, there was a lake nearby, and she had caught a glimpse of Samus Aran's ship from the skies above. That seemed like the best way to start. The Sheikah looked down at the pirate and said, ignoring Tetra's irritation, "Come with me. A friend of mine is most likely nearby, and there's a good chance she can help us. Her spaceship is nearby, we can make it there quite easily, I believe."

    Sheik turned towards the direction she was sure the lake resided, but suddenly stopped. Her ears picked up a sound approaching nearby. She scanned the nearby treetops- there were peculiar little creatures that resembled rodents. They all had their attention focused on something else, though. Yelling and squeaking ensued. It was the unmistakable sound of a fight.

    Quick as a blink, Sheik hoisted Tetra up over her shoulder in one smooth motion. She didn't care if Tetra would kick and scream at her, there was no way she was going to let a youngster such as herself wander in what clearly was a woodland full of danger. Sheik quietly broke into a sprint, heading towards Samus' ship.


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