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Multiple Settings Sup y'all. I'm new


Can we pretend that airplanes are shooting stars?
Hi guys, the name's Jester

Roleplay Stuff

I've been roleplaying for about three years now, and I like to consider my writing fairly decent. I am a sucker for floofy love stories, a good plot, and ginormous posts. As you probably guessed by now, I LOVE a literate partner, who will go into depth with their character and actually put some work into the backstory and personality.
Some turnoffs: Roleplay partners using all lower-caps, not having proper grammar, not using a capital 'i', confusing there, their, and they're, your and you're, overformatting...the usual stuff. Also, refusing to rp with me because of my age tends to get me pretty upset.
Some of my triggers are suicide, self harm and refusing to eat/sleep. No, this isn't me being a butterfly. Reading that stuff can destroy me mentally. So I avoid it. Also, I tend to steer away from rps which involve pedophilia or incest.

Some turnons: Faceclaims for characters, detailed sheets, for you to be a better writer than I, so I can learn from your style, good setting and a well defined personality for your OC.

I'm looking for lit, long term rp partners who don't mind waiting a bit if life decides to mess with one of us :) While I mostly write romance, I'm willing to do anything if the plot is good enough!

Outside of Rp Info
1. I'm 15
2. Like all teenagers, I ain't got the best grip on life
3. I'm totally a dog person
4. Slytherin and Dauntless
5. I've got an emo aesthetic, but I'm cheerful as hell around people
6. Really, really, really, really depressed.
7. Taken
8. My favorite authors: Cassandra Claire and Brandon Sanderson
9. I'm Canadian, but I immigrated from Romania when I was 9. English is not my first language.
10. Ice caps, Hamilton, SIX, dyed hair, floof, beanies, huge hoodies, plaid/flannel, and eyebrow piercings for the win.


Can we pretend that airplanes are shooting stars?
Absolutely! Just nothing canon please :) Can we do like a "the kids of" kinda thing?

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