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Fandom Sup', 1x1 Partner Search

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I’m the big Nothing
not realy searching rn but feel free to check in.

Hello there, I'm a newbie to the nation, but don't let that afflict your opinion of me. It's nice to meet you though, you can call me Ink or Tear. I'm pretty outta my RP element, but I hope you think I'm good lmao.​

What I'm mainly looking for right now: Legend of Zelda or Invader Zim [please look at my relationships for these 👍 ]​
What you can expect of me:
✭ Semi-lit // mirrors your posts (usually 200+ words)
✭ 2-5 Responses a day (depending). I have other RPs and school, so sorry if I'm slow.
Fandom-based roleplays only. You can be an OC though.
✭ I'm fine with multi-fandom.
✭ If you want me to join a group rp, I'm all ears. I miss those.
✭ No hard feelings if you ghost me.
✭ I have pacific time and I'm usually free, but I'll be more busy on Fridays and Saturdays.
✭ Usually okay with all pairings (i.e. mxf etc.) as long as I agree with it
✭ I really like doing canon x canon more than oc/c or oc/oc.
✭ Please don't be scared of me, suggest away what you're interested in!
✭ Lowkey kinda obsessive over male characters, so I typically wanna be them. 😔👊
✭ I generally like to talk OOC, but we don't have to.
✭ I can quickly think of plots, but the setting is difficult. (woops)
✭ I can RP offsite on Discord.
Now, time for the fandoms! I also added my preferred roles and ships/pairings. These are so you know what I'll do strictly for that fandom. Some of them don't feature OC options, and that's just how it is going to be. Sometimes OCs just don't work at all for me when doing a CC, so there you have it. We also gonna color code this bad boy, so look to the key.​
Note: Ships aren't static, so suggest away.​
KEY: Red = Most interested // Blue = Least interested​
Preferred Roles
Relationships I'll Do
Legend of Zelda (craving)
mxm / mxf - c/c​
Sidlink, Zelink​
BoTW or OoT / AUs​
Invader Zim (craving this too)
Zim, Tallest Red​
mxm / mxf / c/c - oc/c
Zadr/Zadf, Rapr​
Spider-man [Marvel]
Peter Parker​
mxm / mxf - c/c - oc/c​
Mary Jane/Peter, Harry/Peter​
Any universe works​
Steven Universe
Spinel, Steven, and Peridot​
mxf / fxf - c/c - oc/c​
Sonic (really anyone)​
mxm / mxf - oc/c - c/c​
Sonadow, Silvaze​
Adventure Time​
mxm / mxf - oc/c - c/c​
AU preferred​
Izuku, Mina, Denki​
mxm / mxf - c/c​
Tododeku, Bakudeku, Kamijirou, Kirideku (suggest)​
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Byleth (male), Dimitri, Linhardt (I can try anyone)​
mxm / mxf - c/c​
Smash Bros [Nintendo]​
Link(s), Samus, Pit, Luigi​
mxm / mxf - c/c​
AU preferred​
Miraculous Ladybug​
Chat Noir/Adrien​
mxm /mxf - c/c​
Love square stuff​
Big Hero 6 Hiro mxm / mxf - c/c - oc/c None Any
Overwatch Genji, Tracer, Mccree mxm / mxf - c/c Depends Any
Expectations of you:
✭ All I ask is that you accommodate to my interests as I do to yours and that we both can be comfortable with each other.
✭ Please at least mirror my posts as well (200+ words) with no text talk or improper grammar. I can forgive mistakes, as can anyone though.
✭ Be patient with me as well if we roleplay on here, still figuring out where everything is.
✭ Please do not godmod/control my character or powerplay.
✭ I do have a lot of other roleplays and school, so please be patient with me when it is my turn to respond. ♥
✭ If we do a romantic rp, don't be forceful with your character's feelings unless they're already in a relationship.
My current roleplays (I probably won't want another of these):
Spiderman x Oc
Steven universe double as Spinel [c/c + oc/c]
Miraculous Ladybug [m/m]
Miraculous Ladybug [love square stuff]
Invader Zim [zadr]
Fire Emblem TH
Hey would you be interested in a Legend of Zelda rp?

if we do a relationship MXM is eliminated I’m sorry I’m not comfortable with that stuff.

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