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Fandom sunshine daisies butter mellow [hp search]

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Harry Potter, Romance, School, Slice of Life


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hi guys i'm emma ! normally i go all out with the coding but i just​
i'm very tired and i don't feel well, so i'm going to try to be brief before i like take a nap or something dsjkhkg​
so if i seem blunt - that's why ! sorry ! i'm more personable than this i swear​
i'll bold the important stuff incase this is incomprehensible​
i'mm emma, 25, i write in third person and i'm past/present tense adaptable​
normally i can write a lot but i've been feeling shitty for a few months so i'm asking for a sort of 100 - 500w rapid fire laid back low pressure kind of situation​
i might not always respond, unlike usual i can't promise a consistent posting schedule, please have some patience!​
at this time i'm only looking for private message or email roleplays / correspondence, sorry​
my limits are non negotiable.​
my limits are: tobacco / drugs / vaping / alcohol / sexual abuse / sexual assault / incest / pedophilia / bestiality / terfs /etc​
sorry there's so much but that's just how i feel. i don't like talking about these things.​
i prefer canon x oc, m/f, or f// for my side but i'm happy to do any orientation and any mix of canons and ocs for yours​
i'm looking for a slice of life marauders era harry potter roleplay​
i have thoughts and opinions about extending their schooling to college years bc i love hogwarts and want to spend a lot of time there if possible, plus i don't like the idea a lot of the working force in the wizarding world was dumped into their life long careers at 17​
i am looking for you to play sirius black against my oc.​
i would love to play remus against yours! he's my favorite! but other than that i'll play anyone for you except for: severus snape, peter pettigrew, voldemort​
the only exception to this is if you let me rewrite severus however i like. like if ur that desperate for alan rickman and are okay with me fixing his character so he's not..... like that then we have ourselves a deal​
i think? that's it? sorry this is so cut and dry aksjdfgh​
alright ttys byyyyyiiiee​

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