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Futuristic Sunset Horizon

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


Happy Necromancer
Welcome, and thank you for choosing Ysrendele Cruise Line for all of your relaxation and vacation needs.
Our top of the line space cruisers are as if you are in a hotel floating in space, taking you from one pleasing vista to another.
Our well trained crew will be able to respond to your every need and desire to make sure that you have the time of your life and memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome aboard the Sunset Horizon and please enjoy your stay.

Written on an electronic pad found in an escape pod....

The Sunset Horizon was a cruise ship that was traveling through the Vega Delphi System. It contained all sorts of luxurious amenities for all different social strata. Different sections of the ship were closed off depending on the package that you purchased being Extravagant, High, Middle, and Low Class. The ship was large enough to accommodate all these factions without having any collide unexpectedly (Unfortunate lawsuits abound the last time that had happened). The Ysrendele Company prefers to maximize profits and makes sure that everyone is happy within their own clusters with plenty to do.

While on a routine flyby of the planet Vega Delphi Prime within the system, a planet that is known to have hostile animal life on it, but makes for good tours in small shuttle crafts for the passengers, something happened. We don't know what, but it was called for all hands to abandon ship and we did. Shortly thereafter the ship fell out of the sky and ripped into pieces. Some of the larger pieces actually landed intact on the planet surface.

Who knows when we'll be able to get help. But all I know is that once we make sure that we survive, I'm going to figure out what happened with the ship, you can count on that.

Vice Accounting Manager Gregory Daniels


Hello everyone and thank you for reading this little intro story, or just jumping down to the tidbit down here that tells you what this is all about.

The year is 2236 and humanity has spread to the stars. There have been ups and downs in human history, but here and now, you have come to relax. No matter if you are high class and low class, it is time to vacation on the space cruise ship Sunset Horizon. The ship has been in service for 10 years and every mission has been successful....except this one. Something went wrong while the ship was nearing Vega Delphi Prime in the Vega Delta System, causing all hands, crew, and vacation goers to abandon ship. Now, with your fellows, you must work together to survive, or compete against each other for resources. Some of you might hate each other, the rich hating the poor, the poor hating the crew, or something else inbetween.

This roleplay will mostly take place on the planet after dealing with the initial crash, but as there is also a mystery and major roleplay aspect, there will also be flashbacks, ala LOST to explore character backstory and major plot.

Current Player List:
Kal Rekkin- robbybobby93 robbybobby93
Giulia Gatti- Frozen Thyme Frozen Thyme
Tucker Leicester- FireFlare FireFlare
Leo Cadogan- CaptainSully CaptainSully
Vera Arleth- StaidFoal StaidFoal
Joun Maron- Knightrider Knightrider
Halligan York- FortifiedBunker FortifiedBunker
Richard McCarth- thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
Kayin- DapperCat DapperCat
Robin Willson- BrightStar BrightStar
Ash West- Winona Winona
James "Jim" Weaver- Rusty of Shackleford Rusty of Shackleford
Sandra colts- Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3
John Dacre- Funeral Funeral
Maerlon Elexyiad- Just_a_loneley_pilgrim Just_a_loneley_pilgrim
Astra- Specialist Specialist
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Happy Necromancer
Wonderful. With so much interest. I'll try to get a character sheet and OOC page up soon. :-)


Happy Necromancer
Character sheet page up. :-D
Interested! Would someone part of a research group, sanctioned by the Ysrendele Cruise Line, dedicated learning more about Vega Delphi Prime be allowed? She'll have knowledge about the planet's animals and geography and whatnot.


Happy Necromancer
Interested! Would someone part of a research group, sanctioned by the Ysrendele Cruise Line, dedicated learning more about Vega Delphi Prime be allowed? She'll have knowledge about the planet's animals and geography and whatnot.
Absolutely. You'll probably also get secret information that I'll send you once I properly work on the lore. :-D

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