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Fandom Sunny High BNHA (Looking for new people to revive this)

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Action, Adventure

Sunnydale is a suburb of Beverly Hills, which is located near Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Sunny High is California's biggest hero school. A new class aims to rise up and become big time heroes in California.

Beverly Hills is a world full of media stars, surfers, actors, musicians and superheroes.

Beverly Hills is thrown into Chaos after California's #1 hero is killed in a fight against the newly risen Hollywood Parade, a sinister group of super villains who aim to destroy the popular media worship of California.

A alliance of the school and the Beverly Hills Association, the foundation that funds the school, which is operated by some of the richest and most famous people of California is formed, with the aim of maintaining public peace and the destruction of the Hollywood Parade.

The Descendants of Pop Stars, Actors, Surfers, Billionaires and Superheros descend to attend Sunny High in Sunnydale, unaware of the ensuring battle that is to come in their area.

After joining the school, the info of the death of California's #1 Hero is released to the public, and the students quickly realize that the school is not what it seems. Teachers hide secrets, public events are manipulated by strings attached to rich people, and The Hollywood Parade threatens to end the "Starlight of California"

- Beverly Hills Weekly, found in the ashes

Beverly Hills
A growing city of 40,000, Beverly Hills most notably contains the Suburb of Sunnydale, which contains the biggest hero school of the state, Sunny High.
Beverly Hills recieves a free newspaper called Beverly Hills Weekly which goes into detail about crime and superheroes, as well as weather and current events.

The most popular magazine in Beverly Hills is Glamour Louk, a magazine that goes into spicy details and hot topics concerning popular media stars and superheroes.

A group of rescue heroes who take residence in Beverly Hills, known as the Surfer Supreme are famous for being neighborhood heroes who rescue those who get lost or injured near the ocean area.

Due to Beverly Hills being surrounded by both Los Angeles which contains Hollywood, it is therefore influenced heavily by both areas. Many important or famous people from Los Angeles often visit Beverly Hills.

The Beverly Hills Association is known by everyone as "The big company that decides everything" Most city decisions are handled by votes, although most decisions are influenced by board members and investors, leading most of the votes to be faked and the reality of no citizens having any actual power.

As of lately, Beverly Hills has grown to a population of about 60,000 citizens.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many designer brands such as Versace and Louis Vuitton which are quite popular.

The Rodeo Drive is another point of interest where it's entirely possibly to meet celebrities.

The Boardwalk is another place to find arts or unusual things.

West Hollywood Contains lots of extravagant restaurants however these tend to be overly priced.

Los Angeles's nightlife is world famous, you'll always find something to do and probably a party or two.

LA is home to various sports teams such as the Dodgers and Lakers.

Hollywood is known as the capital of the movie industry and many famous movie stars live there.

welcome to sunny high. as you see, this is a BNHA/MHA school RP with a unique setting in Beverly Hills. I really recommend making students that would fall into the established flavor of the setting, but I want people to be creative.

I'm considering teacher roles or npcs but I'd really like to get a solid cast of students. I'm not a huge rules person, I don't like to restrict post orders or require people to post 4000 paragraphs a post or reject anything that seems remotely powerful. so honestly this is your chance to really just sit back and enjoy the plot and setting.

So we've started this rp but would like to grab more people. We've only actually done an entrance exam and are arriving in class for the first day.​
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Hello! I'm new to this site and not sure exactly if I'm supposed to respond here, but I would be interested in joining this RP! I would be fine as any role as I have played a variety of roles in various RPs in the past I'm a bit rusty, but I would love if you would have me join!

Thank you!

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