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i don't even know what this even is anymore lol
you can post on here to I don't mind just through throw your feelings out there.

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11.gif 11.gif you are precious
you are so so precious
you are the most beautiful thing that happened in this world
Love your self
Do you know why guys do that kind of stuff like that
Guys do that because we don't know our self worth so of course they won't know your self worth
And that isn't narcism but confidence in yourself

Know your self worth so the people around you know it
By: c o n
To: There are so many girls I know who put them selves down for what? For a guy? A guy played with you and left you?

Why? There are so many other guys, don't put yourself down for him, don't hurt yourself for him.
Your expensive, you are costly.

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11.gif 11.gif In our whole life, we won't know the taste of sugar if we don't taste the bitter salt
At times a person has to have an opponent so he can conduct the quote "Know who's your friend and who's your enemy."
If life kept going on the same scale
In our life, there will never be pleasure
And in our life, we will never learn anything
and we won't know the worth of the object in our hands
If there is no failure there is no success
If there isn't hate there isn't love
If there is no salt there is no sugar.

By: c o n
To: to everyone who feels conflicted, to everyone who has given up, to the ones who are at a low point in their life
i want to tell you it won' t last.
In your life there will always be positives and negatives, highs and lows.
This is the part where the hero of our story has given up hope but he always finds a way.
Believe that things will get better.
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11.gif 11.gif we all have problems
I have problems a lot this big --->
but I laugh
and have fun
and dance
and accept
and i try to say that..
tomorrow is definitely better than today
and even if today is pretty tomorrow is defiantly going to be prettier
love and choose right
choose right
get married and have kids
and life..is not Rosie like they say
but it's not ugly
love is a choice
Happiness is a choice
Decision is a choice
and life is a choice
and you are a choice
YOU are a choice
chose if your going to be happy
chose if your going to be ambitious
and hopefully, hopefully
your going to happy and content

By: c o n
The choice is always yours

21.gif 21.gif
I am not interested in the art of PRIDE and EGO
Because I am a person from mud and water
and my
FATE is death
BEWARE you give me the look of pride
because definitely, you will find that my ego has reached the
by: c o n
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12.gif 12.gif
Curse me as much as you want
for the silence against the wicked is an
not lacking an answer
but the
LION does not respond to the dog

by: c o n
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12.gif 12.gif

Behind every brilliant woman is HERSELF
And when she loses herself... it's her mother
and when she loses her mother... it's her sister
and when she loses her sister... it's her friend
And when she loses all she returns to herself
behind every brilliant woman
her heart
that's you
be sure that you are the most beautiful thing that happened in this world

by: c o n

12.gif 12.gif

The world doesn't stop for ANYBODY
and if it stopped it's not going to stop for a guy
the world stops for the mother and father and that's it

and we're going to draw a line under it
by: c o n

12.gif 12.png BOM!
I missed you a lot
as big as the world
good morning
good morning with love
good morning with happiness
good morning with everything
Good morning to my mother
Good morning to my friends,
to my neighbor and my sister
Goooood Morning
Hopefully, you will have a great morning and I hope this somewhat made your day.


we are HUMANS, not angels
I can understand that I love my mother
BUT I also love myself
You put your mother in a retirement home
you're going to go every 3 to 4 days to visit
and then you're going to go every week
and the week turns into 15 days
and you're going to get married and have kids
Life gets in the way like it always has
nothing new
if you sent your mother to a retirement home and she
DIED after a week would you be happy?
this is the
SAME WOMAN that when you had diarrhea she wasn't grossed out and she stayed with you
this is the SAME WOMAN that woke up 6:00 in the morning every day for 10 years for you

this is the SAME WOMAN who took from her mouth and gave to you
this is the SAME WOMAN you're trying to put in a retirement home
Take your mother to the treatment home sign the papers
but also your name without her knowing
And see her in the morning when she wakes up if she's going to be happy or not
see her when she staring up at the sky and saying so after all those years this is what happens to me
this scares me to imagine you raising your kids all those years and when you're old...
what do you think will happen to you if you did that to your parents?

111.gif 111.gif

Put your HEART under your feet
and your
BRAIN on top of your head
not in it
And have faith in your god
God notice me
because I worked a lot
and I tried a lot
and I withstood a lot
and I have
else but you

ezgif-5-33ae87b8403f.png ezgif-5-33ae87b8403f.png
if your skin was cut right now
it's going to HEAL
look at your heart when it gets hurt
it's going to know how to heal

give yourself time
For your skin to heal it needs the time
which depends on the injury
there's is an injury that heals in a week
there's is an injury that heals in 10 days
a big injury can heal after 10 years

it might leave a dot
it might leave a black spot
it might leave a scratch
that injury is going to help me when I move
I move correctly
so even when I get hurt next time
I get hurt on something that's worth it

not anything and adios

tenor (1).gif tenor (1).gif A girl is supposed to cherish herself
and a girl is supposed to not let the other person who doesn't want her
know that she is fuming and angry
no honey
I'm going to put leg on leg and you are coming coming
Get Prettier
and lose some weight
and change the style of your clothing
and make your self busy
and show them that you are busy
not open
"Hi, how are you doing sorry I don't have time-just 5 mins -5 mins-ah"

bye bye

1.gif 1.gif Dance, dancing is the best thing in this world
make your self happy
and be selfish....sometimes
and make the choice of people around you
a smart choice
all the people who have a negative energy towards life
are going to infect you

and believe
believe that the things you want are going to happen

12.gif 12.gif If you really love someone
but at that same time your thinking of someone else
then it's neither of the two
As long as theirs two in anybody's life
or in their mind
or it's our imagination that he's insides our hearts
then it's neither of the two.

How can you think of two?
How can you love two?

How can your heart go to TWO?

12.gif 12.gif Do you know why we L I E?
I'm going to tell you
It's been approximately 2 years since I stopped lying
Because I
r e a l i z e d why we lie
We lie because we have a
w e a k p e r s o n a l i t y
So when I'm unable, to tell the truth, and I wanna hide it:
I want the person in front of me to trust me
so I lie
I want the person in front of me to love me so I lie
You sell stuff that isn't in my personality so I lie
I made a huge mistake so I have a weak personality so I can't tell, I L I E
we lie because we are w e a k
we lie because we don't want to confront the truth.
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---.gif ---.gif Love is a partnership, not ownership
Love isn't 30 phone calls in one day
But only 1 phone call he's going to talk to me he will be there 24 hours
Love is me needing him and telling him I need him
he won't tell me I have a party
he won't tell me I have work

Love is when he falls
I don't hide my diamonds and jewelry
I give them to him and tell him to start over from the beginning

and my hand in your hand

1.gif 1.gif The world doesn't stop for anybody
and if it stopped it's not going to stop for a guy
The world stops on the mother and father
ONLY and we're going to draw a line under it
NOT going to wait for someone to notices us
and were
NOT going to wait for a guy to pick up the phone
and say, "Baby why don't you ask about me all day?"
He won't ask!
I finished talking...
Get used to changing the chairs
Get used to
INSTEAD of him telling you I'll see when I can come to see you-
you tell him I'll see when it's right for you to come

If my SOUL is for him
And I would DIE for him
And I die for the
DIRT he walks on
And he came and told
ME I'll date you but only if-
He won't finish his sentence
He won't finish it
I would have
He doesn't
Don't let ANYONE give you conditions
Don't let ANYONE change you

Don't let ANYONE push their personality upon you
Because it's not war
It's called support and compassion
"Sweets if you lost a bit weight I believe you're going to be much prettier."
I'll lose weight."
"Honey your voice is sweet and beautiful so when you yell I'm scared you're going to ruin it."
Yes, sir."
"Sweetie your style is marvelous, but if you wore this you're going to be even prettier."

"If you want me to be a nun, I'll be a nun."

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