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Multiple Settings Summoning all nerds for a long-term, advanced RP. Fantasy, futuristic, and fandom - all you want and more!

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Hey all, I'm chernaya-koshka and I'm looking for a few more long-term roleplay partners. I'm a 22 yr old woman and recent college grad, currently working in a neuroscience lab. I've been RPing on and off for 12 years and my replies usually range from 400-1200 words. Reply length will of course vary depending on what the RP demands at the moment, but I love substantive replies that help bring our world and characters to life. I try and give my partners a lot to work with, and am seeking a partner that will do the same. My reply frequency also varies, ranging from twice a day to just once a week. I'm understanding and flexible with this and am ghost-friendly.

I tend to use (realistic) character design art as a face claim, and I play male and female characters. I'll do any gender pairing, and platonic or romantic relationships. I also love to double/triple up on characters - these characters can be background characters, or main characters in their own right. Additionally, I'm big on world-building and can easily get carried away with this. If you like to obsessing over the details of world-building - from describing how the magic and technology works, to creating cultures and political systems - then I'm your girl. And while it's not a requirement, I love OOC chat and think it's a really important factor in creating a long-term RP. Let's talk about our characters, share ideas, art, playlists, mood-boards, etc.

Also, please be at least 18 years old :)

Now, onto the settings, themes, plots, and pairings. These are by no means comprehensive, so please share your own ideas.

Old West
Space fantasy
Anything Star Wars, LOTR, or anime inspired

Epic adventure
Superpowers, magical powers, aliens, magical beings
Enemies teaming up
On the run
Clash between opposite worlds (man vs machine, nature/magic vs technology, etc)
Hurt/comfort, whump
Anything dark and angsty - I don't really have any limits
War - soldiers, spies, and assassins
Monster hunting
Samurai, ninjas, and warriors
Forbidden knowledge, terrifying/mind-bending discoveries
Rebellion, revolutionaries, and tyranny
Hard science RPs

Highlighted roles are my preference.

Clash of Worlds: Cyborg x elf/fairy/other magical being
Don't have a specific plot in mind for this one, only general ideas that are open to change. I'm imagining this as an epic adventure in a futuristic fantasy setting. I think a mix between cyberpunk and high fantasy could be pretty neat. In typical cyberpunk fashion, humans have built a dystopian, hyper-technological world where vast concentrations of wealth are centered in the hands of a few individuals and corporations, while most of humanity lives in city slums. Elves/fairies/some other magical species have, by contrast, acted as protectors of the natural world. They've done all they can to prevent the environment and their own civilizations from being steamrolled by humanity's ever-creeping technological advance, but perhaps now their way of life is in serious peril.

Through some sequence of events, the cyborg and elf/fairy/etc. are forced to team up. But their relationship is fraught from the start. The characters come from opposite worlds -- the technological vs the magical --, have long been taught that they are each other's mortal enemies, and really have no understanding of the other's point of view. So they are immediately and intensely distrustful of each other, but they must overcome this if they want to survive.

I'd play the cyborg. I imagine this character as a young human male, raised from birth to be a weapon, an assassin. Over the years, much of his flesh has gradually been replaced by machines, to the point where he feels fundamentally divorced from his humanity. I have two idea in mind for how he might meet your character - either he is sent to kill them, or he breaks away from his masters for the first time in his life and tries to assume some new identity.

Forbidden Knowledge: Archeologist x mercenary

A mysterious and wealthy individual hires a Muse a, an archeologist, and Muse b, a mercenary, for an expedition to find a long-lost treasure. While the true nature and identity of the treasure is unknown, it is rumored to contain the knowledge of ancient and powerful spirits. Eager to uncover the treasure’s secrets, Muse a jumps on the patron’s offer, asking nothing of his intentions. For Muse b, the treasure holds a different allure – the promise of great wealth. During the long and grueling journey, the eccentric archeologist and the gruff mercenary will have to overcome their considerable differences in order to survive and uncover the treasure. But upon finding the treasure, they discover its destructive nature and the patron’s evil intentions.

The Hunted: Fugitive x farmer

Muse a, a farmer, is down on her luck. Her husband has passed away and she faces constant threats of extortion from the local militia/outlaws. Struggling to make ends meet and desperate for some help around the farm, she allows weary traveler, Muse b, into her home. In exchange for shelter and food, Muse b works. Little does Muse a know, Muse b is a dangerous fugitive. Over the course of the next few months, the two develop a close and intimate relationship. Having developed a soft spot for Muse a, Muse b is desperate to hide his/her criminal past. But when the militia/outlaws swing by the farm to take Muse a for what little money she has left, Muse b is forced to make a decision: defend the farmer at the risk of revealing his/her true identity or cower away.

Notes: I see this as having Old West/Space Western themes. I'm open to different pairings, but would LOVE for this to be fxf.

Insurrection: Rebel x Captured prince/ss

The revolution has arrived. Society has slipped into chaos and civil war, and embittered by their poverty and suffering, the people demand a new government and the death of the old royal family. Muse A, a hardened revolutionary and a member of one of the most deadly and brutal militias, hunts down and captures Muse B, the prince/ss, who has spent months on the run, trying to escape the fatal hand of the revolution. Muse A must lead Muse B to his/her execution in the capital city, but first they must cross hundreds of miles of harsh, war-torn terrain.
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Soul Reaper
I would love to do The Hunted and I am more than down to do as FxF like you are looking to do. Only thing I'm not a hundred percent is being old west themed- I'm not really good at doing that time period sort of setting. I think a sort of futuristic dystopian thing could be really cool and fun to do it in, it would hit more hard with struggling to eek out the necessary things to survive. At least, it does in my opinion
I would love to do The Hunted and I am more than down to do as FxF like you are looking to do. Only thing I'm not a hundred percent is being old west themed- I'm not really good at doing that time period sort of setting. I think a sort of futuristic dystopian thing could be really cool and fun to do it in, it would hit more hard with struggling to eek out the necessary things to survive. At least, it does in my opinion
Cool, I’m down to do The Hunted in a futuristic dystopian setting.

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