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Realistic/Modern Summer RP Search | Master Thread [2/4 Slots]

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You're a King and I'm a Lion Heart
Summer RP Search | Master Thread
Last Updated: 7/18/19
Opened up one more slot!

MERAKI (A.) | Greek
The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into your work.

  • Hello, Starshine I hope you all are doing well! My name is Hannah, but most people online call me Hanns. I am an English Major who currently works at a IT Company in Colorado Springs. Oh, and in my free time, I love to create art and write roleplays! I’ve been roleplaying for about 9 years, but I’ve been writing stories and creating characters for as long as I could remember. All of the ideas and pairings in this thread is for original stories, as original material is what I love to write about the most. But I might set up a fandom document.

    One of the wonderful things about roleplaying is that it's a chance to escape from reality, even if it is through words on a page. You create worlds and characters who love, who hate, who bleed and who can heal. You'll find I take my stories pretty seriously and I'm really hoping to find others who feel the same way!

    I don’t want to waste anyone’s time as I’m sure you’re here to roleplay! Thus, I’ll try to make this document’s rules and guidelines brief. I’ve got a table of contents set up below, for easy access and clean assortment. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!

Writing Samples & Roleplay Examples

Below, I have provided some writing samples that I think best exemplify my writing style. If you are able to send a writing sample, you'd be my best friend! I always ask just because it really helps me gage your writing. Honestly, anything that lets me know what your length preference is as well as your writing style. It’s not mandatory, but it will help me a lot!

  • The door opened without a sound. As if the maiden's invitation were already expected. And already welcomed. But the Wolf did not follow her inside - his paws rested at the threshold of the forest clearing, where the shadows' edge met the sunlight. He need not go any further. He need not burn within the light of the sun.

    Among the scent of the old willow wood, the most curious of smells were enclosed within the small willow hovel - their scents finally freed by the opening of the large door. Sweet, soft jasmine petals mingled with the firm, crimson essence of elderberry wine. Cinnamon, hot and seasoned, prickled with tart lemon and mingled slowly with slow dew of fresh honey. And all around these wonder auras, the glow of dancing candle light within tiny lanterns were scattered all over the tiny, single bungalow.

    Crystal vials and rose glass bottles were lined up as far as the eye could see - made up of all sorts of wonderful colors and hues, that glowed and twinkled at the candle's glow. Their caps were tied in silk ribbons or tiny hemp cords, with labels written in a beautiful black ink. Between these marvelous creations, opalescent crystals and the tiniest of gems scattered about the wooden shelves, keeping company with the delicately tied bundles of wild flowers. All about was clutter - but it was a witch's clutter. Up upon the window's bannister, a sandy coon cat was cleaning her paws against her sharp, white whiskers. On a nearby shelf, a cat as white as a winter's frost reclined between two large bottles of a clear, sparkling potion - his tail twitching this way and that as yellow eyes lazily turned to gaze upon the hovel's latest visitor.

    'O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
    'O' willow waly' till my lover return to me."

    A voice came from the hearth, where the fireplace crackled and popped - the cauldron's skillet bubbling with a delicious smell of fresh buttered cornbread and a sizzling stew. Someone was bent over the cauldron, stirring the pot softly with a wooden ladle. A dog, with a wiry snout and scruffy ears, laid at her bare feet - raising its head to stare with beady, inquisitive eyes at the maiden.

    "We lay my love and I beneath the Weeping Willow.
    But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree."
    Singing O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
    Singing O' willow waly' till my lover returns to me."

    Her hair was as red as a rising fire - redder than the crimson leaves of the fall forest. Loose curls, tied up in a messy bun that looked as if it were ready to unfurl itself. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were soft and thin and blushed in a tulip pink. She tapped the ladle before cleaning her hands with the end of her ivory apron.The dog's tail thudded against the wooden floor as his realized that the maiden in the doorway was, indeed, a guest. He rose from the feet of his master, brushing the ends of her skirts as the beast trotted over to greet the strange traveler. A cold wet nose nudged against her hand, his ears floppy about as the dog requested a pat on the head - his stubbed tail wriggling about.

    "Oh! Another visitor. Welcome, welcome to my apothecary." The lady with the red curls had turned to face her now - the glow of the fire's hearth dancing about her ivory skin and rosy cheeks. "And what is it you need, traveler? A healing ointment? Perhaps some peppermint to freshen up?" She tucked a few strands of wild fire strands behind her ear as she surveyed her newest visitor. It would appear, based on the maiden's appearance, she was a peasant from the village. Perhaps a beggar, looking for a single ounce of kindness to last through the night. The poor child.

    "Oh my. You must have come a long way to get here, haven't you." Her voice was kind. Yet, buoyant. Full of spirit. Her face and her voice were youthful, but her eyes were old. An elder's - blue and clear perhaps, but ancient. Perhaps, even wise. And they were not swayed by the maiden's haggard appearance. "Well, you are just in time for supper. Come, sit, sit!”

Table of Contents (Cravings & Ideas)

Don't have any big ideas quite yet with these - they're more of character relationships and pairings (romantic & platonic) ideas that I think would be really fun to do! If there's any that you like, let me know - I'm sure we can come up with some plots together.

  • Character Archetypes:
    • Black Knight / Lawful Evil
    • Charismatic Outlaw
    • Dark Lord
    • Femme Fatale
    • Gentle Giant
    • Gentleman Criminal
    • Innocent Maiden
    • Kind Protector
    • Lovable Rogue
    • White Knight / Lawful Good
    • Alternate History
    • Fantasy (Both High & Low)
    • Modern Fiction
    • Political Intrigue / Thriller

    Romantic Pairing Dynamics:
    • Big Scary -x- Small Sweetie
    • Chaotic Evil -x- Elegant Evil
    • Cute Pink Softie -x- Intimidating Punk
    • Gentle Giant -x- Gentle Smol
    • Opposites Attract
    • Protective (Dominant yet Sweet) -x- Very Shy
    • Reclusive Optimist -x- Bold Pessimist
    • Reclusive Pessimist -x- Bold Optimist
    • Reincarnated Lovers / Past Lovers
    • Shy Noodle -x- Protective Beef
    • Villain (with a soft side) -x- Hero's Love Interest

    Platonic Friendships/Family Dynamics
    • Cinnamon Roll -x- Hot Head
    • Grumpy with bad past -x- Supportive Sweetie
    • Guardian -x- Defenseless
    • Sweetheart -x- Literal Demon
    • Touch Starved (But Didn't Realize It) -x- Most Cuddly Person on Earth
    • Ultimate Evil -x- The one thing with a heartbeat they actually care about.

    Group Dynamics
    • A classic fantasy fellowship that goes on adventures, raids dungeons, saves villages, hunts dragons and then celebrates at the local tavern to tell their tales.
    • A group of test subjects on the run from a dystopian government, with only each other to trust.
    • A 'Game of Thrones' type universe, except with our own original characters, kingdoms, situations, etc.

Table of Contents (Short Romantic & Platonic Ideas)

Honestly, this area is just for random pairings and ideas I've thought of but don't have any significant plots to (yet) - but I ultimately think they'd be lots of fun to do! Maybe these are something we could brainstorm with if that's something you'd like to do. I'd put a star rating system. Straight forward explanation: the number of stars there are, the more interested I currently am within this pairing. It's a little disorganized and unfinished for now, I don't have many ideas yet - but I plan to update this regularly with any new ideas I come up with! I've organized them by genre for easy access. Some of them I have tiny ideas with them and some I don't. I'd love to hear your input either way!

    • [✓] Kidnapped!Princess -x- Future!Dictator (MxF or MxM) ✧✧✧
      • I don't know if this is fantasy or modern (could be either I guess), but I'm just going to throw this here: So we've got two kingdoms/nations. One has a princess as their future queen to an economically rich kingdom while the other is being prepared for the son of the country's rather eccentric and scheming chancellor whose country is rising in military power. Eventually, the two nations must come together for a peace treaty and while the two youths seem to get along fine, the rest doesn't got exactly to plan. One thing leads to another and before we know it, the princess' kingdom is being held by the power hungry chancellor who seems set in turning it into a legacy of dictatorship. Now it's up to the princess and the dictator's son to set things right, the two forming an unlikely friendship and perhaps something more.
    • [✓] Royal -x- Warrior!Royal (MxF or MxM or FxF) ✧✧✧✧
      • Two civilizations have a tangled history with each other. One kingdom is a clan of concurring warriors, known to raid their neighbors in the name of glory to their gods. The other kingdom relays more on economy and relays heavily on the reaping of a nearby enchanted forest, in which the warring kingdom has come to revere as sacred. After years of conflict, the two kingdoms eventually come to terms of peace. The warring tribes will offer their services to the crown if their neighbors promise to leave the enchanted woods alone. Thus, the deal is sealed with the arranged marriage of children from both sides. Both royals are the children of this arranged marriage, now grown up and sent to meet for the first time. One is the the big, stronk beef who is versed in the art of war while the other is the shy little noodle who comes from a more sophisticated background.
        • Human Royal -x- Elf/Dark Elf Royal: In this case, perhaps the warrior's culture is a bit more sophisticated so, instead of being warmongering barbarians, their clan/kingdom are more civilized warriors. This could be interesting in regards to political intrigue - maybe even a secret plot to take over the princess' kingdom!
        • Human Royal -x- Creature Hybrid: The first idea is where warrior comes from a clan/tribe of hybrids half creature / half men, giving them a beastly or other worldly presence. Could be any creature! Wolf, Bear, Dragon, etc.

Table of Contents (Original Prompts)

You're going to find out that I put a lot of description, love and care within the stories I make. These prompts are very close to my heart so I’d love to find someone who can enjoy them too! I firmly believe that stories can have multiple genres and most of my prompts do as well. There is the central genre that shapes the story the largest, which eventually opens the door to other genres as well. I hope this helps with some of the confusion! Some prompts may be closed due to it already having a partner or even to the fact that it’s something I’m not craving at the moment. Note that these are just prompts. They can be re-written to fit our own needs. So if you have an idea or a craving, don’t hesitate to ask me! I may say no but I may be able to work something out. You never know until you ask!

  • _9__by_lexiconicy-db31boy.png

    Genres: Drama, Vintage, Action, Adventure/Quest
    Optional Pairing(s): Optional (Something we can discuss)
    Brief Author Notes: I put Historical Fiction (?) because it is inspired by 1930s-1940s Europe, however we don't have to exactly follow those time periods if that makes sense. We can discuss it! I'm definitely looking for someone who is ok with playing/managing multiple characters. I will probably use multiple characters myself.

    The small country of Ghanivia has just closed a bloody chapter in their history - a civil war between their centuries old monarchy and a fledging multiple party union. With the throws of war over, the winning monarchy sought to rebuild this small republic back to it’s former glory. But that was before a radical fascist party known as The Black Mamba seized control when Ghanivia was at it’s weakest point and still recovering from war. Their leader Josef Windsor is cruel and ruthless and, after overseeing the assassination the the royal family, initiates the construction of a new nation state where their fascism can fester.

    Medical institutes are established to 'rehabilitate' those who cannot conform. Prison camps are on the rise and fascist tabloids spin rumors to blind the public to the true sinister nature of the Black Mamba. Those who still support the monarchy are executed. Those who cannot conform are condemned as criminals. On this war path, Ghanivia will become a totalitarian state.

    But two years after the Black Mamba rose to power, rumors have begun to spread of a child from a backwater mountain town who is said to possess the the fire of life and is believed to have the power to bring the dead back to the land of the living. And now, she's been captured by the Black Mamba, who is trying to bring the assassinated Josef Windsor back to life so that the fascist that solidify their hold permanently.

    The country's sole surviving monarch, who now runs a successful underground gambling ring to fund an uprising against the dictatorship, assembles a team of outcasts (mercenaries, criminals, spies, ex-military, supporters, etc.) and will pay them by whatever means to find the girl. The task is simple. Smuggle the girl out of the country and in the process, ensure that one of the century's most bloodthirsty dictators stays six feet under.
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You're a King and I'm a Lion Heart
+ 2/4 Slots Open +
- Renovated some of the thread layout
- Added some ideas to the short plot ideas
- Added a few more pairing ideas!
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mysterious boy
hi i love your style and am super interested in writing with you!
would you be interested in merging the Windsor Awakening plot into like a steampunk/cyberpunk genre?
i could send you more details about my own self/writing style etc if you like


You're a King and I'm a Lion Heart
hi i love your style and am super interested in writing with you!
would you be interested in merging the Windsor Awakening plot into like a steampunk/cyberpunk genre?
i could send you more details about my own self/writing style etc if you like
Hi! Shoot me a PM if you’re still interested c:


You found me in a constellation~
I’m interested in rping with you! I love your writing style, and am okay with most everything you’ve listed.
Will pm you for more details as soon as I can, so keep an eye out for that 👀

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