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Realistic or Modern Summer. '21. 💜✌

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  1. LGTBQ
  2. Realistic
  3. Romance
  4. Slice of Life


Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Hey guys! Check out my thread below! I made it simple and boring on purpose mwhaha. C:

-25 yr old, prefer to write with people 18+.
-Been writing on and off for 10+ years.
-No triggers.
-Write here or discord.
-Have a full time job but attempt to reply daily. Depends if my hearts really into it, ya know?
-Eastern Time Zone.
Come at me with your plots.
you read that right, send me your ideas laid out. Send me starters and I'll respond if it's something I'm in to! We can plot as we go, let's be spontaneous. ❤
Word Bank/Ideas:
"I love you, even if you're a murderer."
Age gaps.
Darker Tones (Remember no triggers.)
War Hero's.
Faked relationships.
"Hey Ma, I see death. No like we've been friends forever and now..."

message me for my discord info!
Ghost friendly.
Hoping to hear from someone soon.
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