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Realistic/Modern sugar, spice, and everything nice <3 (romance search)

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hello all! i'm jara and i am looking for a rp partner (duh). i/ve been roleplaying for I think about seven years now and boy, do I love it lmao. as you can see, i'm looking for a romantic rp bc i absolutely loooove romance, angst, drama, and the nitty gritty kinda plots. i prefer the female role and will always be playing that role (sorry!) and i'll always let you know which Muse i'd prefer playing in that sense. obviously i'd like my partner to be literate and write at least three paragraphs or so (blah, blah, you get it). i'm writing in lowercase for the aesthetic, i promise i can write properly when rping lmfao. i loooove ooc chat and rlly like to get to know my partner so we can fangirl over our characters and be funny and shit lol. that being said, i also rlly love a partner i can plot/plan with to dramatize the rp and rlly add depth to it. communication is super important to me too so just lmk if you're gonna be gone or can't reply for a bit and i'll do the same!

role in bold is the one i prefer <3

- summer love, Muse A has always had a crush on Muse B but never had the courage to confess his feelings. During the summer, Muse B runs away from her strict home and Muse A offers her to live with himself and his older brother. The perfect chance to really get to know her, right? Well. When his older brother takes a liking to her, things get complicated. Jealousies erupt and the competition is on. (Creds to @mute)
- a fortunate mistake, A mix up in paperwork leaves Muse A attending a same-sex school for the opposite sex. The principle allows them to stay until they can transfer them fully to the correct school. Muse A soon meets Muse B, falling deeply in love with them.
- addict/abused/criminal/gang member x someone who has been living a life full of love and happiness, "you don't understand me, you're different", "i love you but you keep shutting me out, let me in, please ", Muse A is the addict/gang member who is always getting involved with the wrong people. One day he meets Muse B after he tries to rob her at gun point she pulls out her own gun. Muse A ends up falling head over heels for her and her bold attitude. He becomes pretty obsessed with her but after some of his enemies start to go after Muse B to get to him, he starts pulling away and acting like a dick. Muse B just wants to help him but he keeps pulling away and breaks her heart to get her to stay away. Years later, Muse A has cleaned up his act but he finds out Muse B is one of the most infamous mobsters and now he has to answer to her.
- special forces x doctor Muse A is a doctor that is called to work as a doctor for wounded military soldiers, she's also a pretty famous doctor that's all over the t.v. Muse B is a soldier that has a huge crush on Muse A but likes to act tough and sly in front of her but is secretly always nervous. They both meet on the battle ground and sparks fly?
- post malone {sunflower}- "callin' it quits now baby i'm a wreck / crash at my place baby you're a wreck" . This is the idea of a real toxic relationship where both Muse's know they're bad for each other but also can't get enough of one another? Maybe Muse B is completely controlling and overprotective and tries to do everything in his power to stop Muse A from leaving him for someone else?
- five seconds of summer {youngblood}- "nobody could take my place / when you looking at those strangers / hope to God you see my face". I absolutely LOVE 5SOS and the concept of this song lmao. So this could also be a kinda toxic relationship/bad boy idea? Muse A is this bad boy who is in love with Muse B but he messes up and gets in trouble, lands in prison for a few years, and when he comes out Muse B is about to get married to someone else?
- five seconds of summer {lie to me}- "
Now I wish we'd never met, Cause you're too hard to forget/And I know that you don't But if I ask you if you love me I hope you lie to me" ,(not much of a plot for this but i love the song so a rp inspired by this?)
- bed of lies , muse a is involved in crime { prostitution, drugs, a gang, etc }. their friends slowly grow suspicious of them; they never have time for them any more, they seem to have a lot of money all of a sudden, they never answer their phone… so they hire a private investigator. muse b, a PI, wiggles their way into muse a’s life, posing as a co-worker. the two grow closer, with muse a falling in love with the spy’s false identity. when muse b finally gets the evidence they needed all along to get their pay, they are faced with a dilemma; do they turn in muse a, or continue the relationship?
- a tricky, sticky, situation , Muse A is on her way home from work when she sees someone getting their ass beat by a few men and then eventually shot. Turns out, it was Muse B's men and Muse B was a mafia boss. When Muse B goes to find Muse A to shut her up, permanently, he instead finds out that Muse A is his ex that he'd dated for a long time and still loved. But, she witnessed a crime and somebody has to kill her or they'll both die.
- "you know you want me",
muse b is the “player”-type, and is known for making girls fall for him left and right! maybe he and his friends have made a bet to see if he can get stubborn muse a to look his way?
- love makes me sick, Despite having a decent social and work life,muse a has been terribly unlucky in love. soon turning thirty and having just experienced another bad breakup, muse a is ready to give up on true love. That is, until a fateful encounter with muse b proves it may change everything! muse b is the polar opposite of everything classy career woman muse a looks for in a guy…especially in terms of age. because he is younger, muse a instinctively refutes his advances, assuming he isn’t good enough as a long-term partner. despite these assumptions, a sly muse b is determined to prove that he may just be the one to sweep her off her feet! (Creds. To @honeylatte)

i am 1000% open to your idea(s) and would love to adjust/work things out with whichever plot we choose! ik not a lot of these have angst/dark/toxic themes but i'd love to incorporate them!! pm if you're interested pls!!

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Not today.
I really want to role-play with you!

I can provide samples of my style if you'd like. Having said that, from your ideas I liked "A Fortunate Mistake" and "Love Makes Me Sick", however I have two ideas of my own that I'd like to present just in case :v

Either way, I'd like to hear from you!


I really want to role-play with you!

I can provide samples of my style if you'd like. Having said that, from your ideas I liked "A Fortunate Mistake" and "Love Makes Me Sick", however I have two ideas of my own that I'd like to present just in case :v

Either way, I'd like to hear from you!
hey! can u go ahead and pm me with ur writing sample and and two other ideas? : )

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