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Anime & Manga Subbed or Dubbed Anime

Do you prefer subbed or dubbed anime?

  • Subbed

    Votes: 117 68.8%
  • Dubbed

    Votes: 53 31.2%

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I'm all for subtitles because I enjoy their original voices and I find dubbed voices awkard. It is just not the same, I also think that japanese voice actors are better at expressing feelings [dubbed anime seems kind of dull to me and sometimes even forced].


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I don't mind either or although the English dub of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure needs some help bad.


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Im on both sides. if im lazy to read subtitles, I'll do dub. If i feel like reading, I do sub XD


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If you had to recommend me a dubbed anime, which one would you choose?
Death Note. Light's English voice actor was awesome, along with many of the other characters. Compare that to something like a dubbed episode of Pokemon, or well, maybe this, I think you can see the considerable jump in quality.


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Death Note. Light's English voice actor was awesome, along with many of the other characters. Compare that to something like a dubbed episode of Pokemon, or well, maybe this, I think you can see the considerable jump in quality.

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Only watched two anime dubbed (DBZ and Gundam Wing) however for rest I go with sub for two reasons. English is not my native language and I sometimes miss more dubs to understand things but with subs I can follow them


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I always prefer subs rather than dubs except in School Rumble and Kodocha. I found the dubs in School Rumble quite good it's not annoying or bland but recently I watched the dub version of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and 91 Days it's well acted. The voices fitted the characters well.

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When I first started out, I would constantly watch dub, but I quickly came to realise that a lot of the subbed anime just sounds better to me.
That being said, I will watch dub to check it out and if I find that the accents are portrayed much better in dub than in sub, like for example, in Death Note or 91 Days like a person above me mentioned, then I'll go ahead and continue to watch it in dub.

I also learned at an early stage of my anime watching 'career' that the dub and the sub can be completely different content wise. I watched Fairy Tail in sub then I watched it in dubbed, and due to my fairly good memory, I was able to recall the lines in sub and compare it to how it was in the english dub. Let's just say, it was pretty damned different. XDD

With that said, I could care less if someone watches it in dubbed or in subbed. There are very good subbed animes and very good dubbed animes, and for people to actually devalue a fan simply because they dislike having to quickly read words flashing across a screen a mile a minute is fairly ignorant and stupid and really taints the anime community as a whole. :)


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I prefer subbed personally, but when I was real young I watched most of the studio Ghibli films dubbed and now watching them subbed just doesn't feel right.


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When I initially started watching anime I would only watch dubs. But I was young and dumb back then. My tastes have improved since then.


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I will watch dubbed anime whenever the dub is good enough, I don't understand why anyone would want to intentionally watch dubbed anime if the dub is fine. Sure it sounds more authentic, but I'm sure most people comparing dubbed to subbed anime speak English. Why would I care if something sounds more authentic to a language I don't speak?


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When I was younger I watched subbed anime just because I thought it'd make me a super weeb or some shit like that. I don't even remember.


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I always go for subs. I've come to hate most dubs except for a select few like Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and a couple others. I normally just prefer subs because the voices in them feel a lot more like how I would imagine the voices of the characters when reading the manga. Only a few dubbed anime can make me feel that.


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Subbed is hard for me because you're trying to keep up with the story and the dialogue at the time! But, I do like hearing the voices for subbed


it depends, i prefer sub but if i'm working while watching (drawing or somethin) i listen to dub so i don't miss anything

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I always watch dubbed anime. I'll only watch subbed anime, if it's new, and I really want to watch the series, or if there's only subs for the anime I want to watch.


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If the anime is set in Japan like Lucky Star, K-ON or Haruhi Suzumiya, then subs.

If the anime is set internationally like Fullmetal Alchemist, Baccano or Infinite Stratos (which uses an international cast), then dubs.


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It seems like more people watch subbed, but personally I like dubbed anime more simply because I don't enjoy reading subtitles. When you're reading the words off of the screen it feels like for a split second I could be missing something good, and although that's irrational it just doesn't sit right with me.

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