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Fantasy ●°Stuck inside a ANIME world°●


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Helloooo whoevers seeing this ٩( ᐛ )و.
SO this roplay was created with the help of my friends brains ;-;
y\n was watching anime all night till they just fell asleep but then they suddenly wake up very good feelinging and calmly but soon as they open their eyes....your not home anymore.
and nobody knows how it happened
(Lol this part was funny-)
Here is 1 rule:
If your fighting someones oc or character or killing you can not Roplay them dying because its their character
Example if your confused:
*stabs them and they bleed out and die*
You can not do that when they want to perish then they perish and they do it on their own. I hope you understand im not that good at explaining things ◝(*'◡'*)◜

M A N D E L A,Sunsmiter,Mishu
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And RNGesus said: "On the Seventh roll, death."
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" ANOTHER ONE." YAYYYY SO EXCITED ! okay so do you have a oc or character?
Probably just a character. Would it be okay if I play a character originally in said world cause I'm not really good with OCs?


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Its a all anime world its all animes that exist together its the "ANIME WORLD" and yes canon characters are allowed ANYヾ(*゚ー゚*)ノ
In speaking of which, what type of anime world is this?
are we allowed canon characters? /j

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