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Realistic or Modern Strongly Held


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Quill Connors is a gamer who often plays online real-time strategy (RTS) games with his friends. However, he has recently been garnering a great deal of emotional stress due to his hobby. He usually plays matches online with his friends, often playing a medieval-themed castle builder and economic/military simulator called Keep 2. He is pretty good at the game, one time causing a fully-fledged marine to uninstall Keep 2 after Quill completely destroyed his castle. One match, he also caused the player with the strongest castle, Lord Raythus, to quit the game during a siege. However, he often has to put up with playing matches alongside a bully and gangster known as "Tommy T", who is often assisted by his mute sidekick, Mick (who he also hates sometimes). Quill Connors is repeatedly harassed throughout the matches of Keep 2, making his sacred pastime ever more stressing.

"You're so boring to play with, Quill."

"Why don't you just DO something?"

"You just spam your towers with bowmen and arbalests."

"You're a dumb jew, Quill."

No matter what he did, Tommy T. would harass him for the entire match, and burn down his fiefs with flammable wagons.

One fateful night at 4 AM during an intense Keep 2 match, the Keep 2 server headquarters is struck by lightning, transporting all the players into the virtual world of the game. Now Quill needs to team up with someone to defeat Lord Tommy T. and restore peace to the land.

This RP calls for either,

a) A new player that happened to be playing Keep 2 before being transported into the game.
b) A character from the game that has come to life.
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