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Realistic or Modern street racing ocxoc? (open)

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If this looks ugly, it ain't my fault. I'm on mobile

I shouldn't be searching for more rps yet, here I am.
Hey I'm vanitas, I go by they/them to people I don't casually converse with and I'm 22.
I prefer rping with people 18+, no hard feelings kiddos.
300 - 1000+ words | been RPING for well over 10 years | no sexuality nor gender preference and I prefer a partner with a similar stance
My discord is also available if you'd like faster DM responses.

Now to the GOOD BIT.
I've been playing NFS Heat so my street racing muse has grown 10 fold. The plot-ish idea I have is based off the game but honestly, you don't need to know anything about the game past vroom vroom.

[Insert city name] is car racing central. The city had practically been built on its amazing car scene as people came far and wide to watch the races; or maybe even compete in a few races themselves. All the hot shot street racers lived HERE. There's daily racing events are held on close circuits so you can make some good cash but if you want to get big on the scene, it's all about the late night races. These are out on the open road and completely illegal. As illegal street racing became more and more rampant, the city had enough and funded The Speed Squad. The Speed Squad is a branch in the local police force. Officers driving souped up sports cars, cars able to keep up with the beasts of the night. The number of racers are thinning and crews are disbanding. Unbeknownst to the public, the squads chief is a corrupt man, going as far as killing racers in order to "send a message"...

TL;DR RACERS, I WANT STREET RACERS. I specifically want Racer x Speed Squad Officer
I have a female racer I'm kind of conjuring in my brain rn, no preference for the officers gender AND, I prefer doubling up for this one because I would LOVE to make a mismatched crew sort of deal. For your half, you can play any gender, with any sexuality pairing. You can play a racers or an officer, the character you'll be playing against can be either or as well, your half is up to you!! I just like cars and drama,,,
Also, for once, I actually prefer realistic faceclaims for once!!

So if you're at all interested, hit me up!!

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