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"Oi Mate! Stop Procrastinating"
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Hey there! I'm looking to hold a dystopia au rp based off of the district 9 MV. There will be seven people beside for me in this rp one for each of the stray kids members so once it reaches that number it will be closed. You will have to pick one member to rp as so pick who you are most comfortable with but also read the bios before you make your choice as I have given them each a backstory. I will happily accept changes to any of the bios with in reason. There will be slight dark themes covered in this rp but I won't go too deep. let me know if you wanna rp on here or discord I don't mind either.

Plot: Teenagers of the low and poor families are sent off at the age of 18 to be come workers for the rich and powerful. The ones who resist are brought to a facility to be brainwashed into being obedient citizens of the country. In this facility lays eight teenage boys who tried to start their own rebellion in order to rise up against the nation but were caught when a traitor ratted them out. Now they lay brainwashed in the facility or are they???

Bang Chan (Open)- He is the oldest and the leader of the group. He is very protective of his friends and will do anything he can to protect them. He always makes sure his friends are in front of him as he doesn't want to lose any one. He was tasked with keeping the others in line when he worked in the facility.
Lee Know (Open)- He knows his way around machinery and can help the group fix things with ease. When he was in the facility he was tasked to work around machines to help "improve" the system. Even if he comes off as not caring about others he always makes sure to listen if anyone needs anything.
Changbin (Open)- He was once able to be around computers and thus gained the ability to learn how to hack into them and turn off any security system. He has a strong moral compass and is always around to cheer up his friends if they ever feel down.
Hyunjin (Open)- He and his family were once raised to be entertainers for the leaders of the system and thus learned how to sneak and hide in harder to see places. He can blend in and do espionage for the group. He can sense and use body language to help determinize how someone is feelings and can use it to his advantage.
Han (Open)- He knows more about the interworking of the system as his parents were rich. He also feels the most will to help in the rebellion as he personally saw what would happen to those that even after working in the facility were difficult. He is driven mostly be emotions and can do anything he sets his mind to given he has the time and resources to learn it although he can very easily push himself to far.
Felix (Taken)- He seems to know more then he lets on and has the tendency to seemingly appear and disappear out of nowhere. He also has no memory of his life outside of working for the system and was vital in helping the rebellion have an impact as for some reason he is important to the system.
Seungmin (Open)- His family were soldiers fighting for the society and he was trained to be numb and fight with weapons. He then used this gained experience and knowledge to help his friends learn to fight easier. Even if he is very closed off and reserved he always knows when his friends can use a helpful hand or a joke.
IN (Open)- He was once taken from his home before he came into the rebellion and was tested on for unknown reasons. He came into the rebellion at a younger age then the rest because he had run away from the experimentation. He was once said to have seen a clone of himself though no one knows if it's true or not.

Be 17+ as I am 17 myself
Follow all the RPN rules
At least be able to write one paragraph
Make sure everyone gets a post in
Make sure not to stray away from the plot
No romance
Be nice to everyone
Make sure to post at least once a week or at least be active

Note: This is a first come first serve group rp I will be leaving this on here till I get all of the members. But if I haven't got anyone by 8/14 I will be posting it elsewhere.

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